You Snooze, You Lose

We still have a few paper calendars in the house but not so many, and they tend to be freebies. Once, we paid good money for lavishly produced paper calendars to grace our walls. I favored calendars of a nautical theme, myself. In fact, the changing of the calendars was a highlight of New Year’s Day, which tells you something about New Year’s Day. There I go again: raggin’ on NYD. Of course, you got the best prices in January.

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  1. I never post over on GoComics but if I did, my comment today would be that we’re keeping our landline until we trust 911 to be able to find us via our cellphones.

  2. I used to buy two calendars as Xmas presents to ourselves. One for my wife, one for me. Now we only get one new calendar a year, and my NYD chore is to transfer all the birthdays on the old calendar to the new calendar, making sure that each person is listed as one year older on the new calendar.

  3. I do still buy paper wall calendars because it’s easier to track everybody’s comings and goings. If it’s not on the calendar it doesn’t happen! For years (since my kids were small) I’ve bought Sandra Boynton’s Mom’s Calendar. It’s set up differently from standard calendars so it’s easier to track what’s going on. And this year I’ve got Georgia Dunn’s BCN calendar because it makes me smile.

  4. I’m with Trapper Jean! One big wall calendar in the kitchen which manages events for me, my husband and also dog-related stuff. Different colored markers for each “person”. Nothing is official unless it makes it onto that calendar. As an aside, you can get something called a perpetual birthday calendar which is good for all years, and helps to dovetail with the master kitchen calendar.

  5. In keeping with both strips today, I pay for an app that keeps my calendar on my phone, my desktop, and my tablet. It shows my calendar, my wife’s calendar, and either one of us can update it from any of the devices. It, however, doesn’t have pretty pictures and requires power/batteries to access.

  6. My wife does taxes for several Amish families. The first time she stopped at a home to drop off the finished paperwork, she noted how many calendars the family had hanging on the walls. The calendars weren’t there because of a desperate need to know the date at any given moment- their particular church frowned upon decorative wall hangings, calendars were allowed as they served a practical function. Prettying up the walls was just a happy coincidence (*wink* *wink*)

    We’ve learned a lot about the Amish and their practices over the years- their actual lives are often quite different than the simplistic narrative in popular culture.

  7. If you don’t mind having a calendar that goes from September to September, ask one of your Jewish friends to get you a Jewish one. They’re often free at the High Holiday services and have great pictures. And, if you’re looking for an obscure religious holiday to use as an excuse to get out of something, they’re a great resource.

  8. Ghost and I post appointments, events, dates on our phone calendars a d his tablet, computer. We still screw up and miss things.

    We bought a big blank daily office calendar to set up.

    Cancer and life is a serious business.

  9. Joke from a friend, Ghost had never heard. He knows millions

    Jim needed a hearing aid so went to mall shop.

    How much? He asked.

    Salesman said “They run from $2 to $2000.”

    Being cheap he said he’d try $2.

    Salesman put ear piece in and tucked wire into Jim’s pocket.

    “How does this work?” Jim asked.

    “It doesn’t but people will immediately talk louder to you.”

  10. I get a Peanuts calendar every year for my birthday or Christmas. My husband finds them archaic but he gets me one anyhow because I like it. I like having that paper version as there is something nice about sitting down and filling in all the birthdays and anniversaries for the year. Also, I don’t trust digital only solutions for important things as I’ve lost too much stuff to “blue screens of death” over the years to completely rely on digital. I even have a paper copy of my address/phone number lists.

  11. Something seems to have changed at GoComics. I always click from here to read the current dailies, but today I got all the framework but no funny. Doubtless altered to require JavaScript to read. I’ve got a policy about sites that require JavaScript to access content. Don’t go. Sad.

  12. Another comment on printers:

    I still do a fair amount of printing, and like Morphy, I have found the HP products (at least the Laser Jets) long lasting and reliable, although more expensive at the time of purchase. I’ve had 2 HP printers over the last 25 years. The most recent one is a color printer. The toner replacements are expensive, but last a long time. I like the crisp output of the LaserJet and the fact that unlike Ink Jet output, it does not run when it gets wet.

    The problem is that the printer is so long lasting (I’ve had my current printer for over 10 years model 2605dn). It has now got to the point that every Windows upgrade means my printer will no longer interface with the computer. So far I’ve been able to find drivers to “fix” the problem, but the last upgrade left me with using only a generic HP driver which I then have to modify with settings to get it to do what I want (such as print in color, duplex, print on cardstock or other materials). I used to be able to get drivers specific to my model which did not require modification to work. Even with the settings, I sometimes get an error message on my screen saying that it “can’t communicate with the printer” even when it is merrily in the process of printing my project. I can see that at some time I’ll have a nice printer that won’t work with my system.

    For that reason, I think I will be looking for a different brand of printer when I have to get a new one. Thank you Windows10.

  13. So wonderful to wake up and come here and find the Village square full of happy people chatting and talking and exchanging ideas!

    May the miracle and return of the Village last more than one day!

    Stay please, orphans, stay!

    Much love.

  14. A other joke on behalf of Ghost who is driving Totally Awesome Truck as usual.

    A man and his wife constantly fought.

    “Win the lottery and give me half. I will never darken your door,” she said.

    The next week to his shock he found he had won.

    He gave her $2.50 and offered to help pack.

  15. Posted ONLY to correct a technical error. On 22 Jan. at 0908, in my item #5, I wrote:

    “But that I and many others, devout and otherwise, question virgin birth and the two birth accts in toto, is theologically serious.”

    Change “theologically” to “historically”. If the birth stories are not historically accurate, we lack any reliable record of where, when, or under what circumstances Jesus was conceived or born. No county courthouse record, no birth certificate, etc. The reference to Bethlehem suggests that whoever first wanted to know looked up the only supposedly historical record that existed, scrolls now included in the Hebrew Bible, the method said to have been used by the Magi. To me, it is theologically OK not to know, but that’s all I want to say theologically.


  16. Still deciding on a printer…will need to consult the professional {son}, so this will drag out a while. I can see one or more models from most major manufacturers may do the job well enough, but they all have some proportion of dissatisfied users. Son may need to guess, too, but at least his will be an informed guess.

    Calendars: I would not dream of having only electronics to remember things. Like Ruth, I feel more secure with a tangible item. While entering important dates is a necessity, realizing that such are getting fewer as the years [& friends] pass is sobering. Can’t say I am one who goes for the overly cutesy-wootsie; they are too saccharine for this diabetic! My preferences lie with natural scenery: mountains/lakes/seashores. If the scenery is from places I’ve visited, that is a definite plus. In 2016, a long-time friend had one of her photos published in a calendar, and I kept that one, unused. Said multi-talented friend has a really great eye for composition and also the ability to get the shot’s finest details. BTW, as I only heard of her published photo in midyear, the vendor simply sent me the calendar gratis – not even postage required!

    The night is still young; plenty of time to write in….

  17. I get the New Yorker Cartoons daily desk calendar for Christmas (from the Mrs) every Christmas. One year she forgot, but I figured that was lucky because the prices would drop to nothing after New Years. Wrong — they cost 5 times as much after New Years, because apparently they become an instant collectible. So, as the cartoon suggests, it depends on the calendar. By the way, the “World’s Ugliest Kittens” calendar would be something I might buy.

  18. Once Playboy competed w/ The New Yorker for top cartoonists, but I expect that day is long gone. Some TNY cartoonists may have gotten their start there. Harris got his in American Scientist, top scientific secondary lit and bk rev j., publ. by Sigma Xi, a scientific honorary. Excellent place to keep up to date across sci. disciplines, for those who understand that the world works naturally. It’s where I and a current BSU plant ecologists keep us on what engineers are up to.

  19. Still listening to Jerry Lee. Tired as I am he makes you want to get up and dance. Shake it up.

    Loved Dennis Quiad as Jerry Lee. Two crazies.

    I grew up 30 miles from Ferriday, Jerry’s home town. He had just married his 12 year old cousin and ruined his career. He was reduced to playing any gigs he could get. I wish we’d made more effort to see him back then.

    He always gave a 150% show even when drunk.

  20. Thanks all, for bringing The Killer to mind. Enjoyed reading the Wikipedia article on him again, and have a new tab on the Million Dollar Quartet loaded. Will probably lose myself down similar links for a while. ‘Goodness, gracious…’

  21. Morphy, I recall a cartoon that I think must have been inspired by the clock chimes on Dark Side of the Moon. It was in three panels. First panel was parrot snoozing on his stand in a clock shop. Second panel was all the clocks sounding at once. Third panel was dazed-looking parrot saying “Great God Almighty!”

    I think it was George Booth.

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