Your Attention, Please

I was beset by holiday deadlines yesterday, and I skipped a post. One of the changes I plan for this site is consistent updating. That won’t require expertise in design or in code manipulation. It should be an easy upgrade, right? Speaking of coding and design, you’ll notice right away I’ve been fiddling around this morning. Don’t be too excited; serious change is coming in the new year.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

13 thoughts on “Your Attention, Please”

  1. Jimmy, I like the ending to your Christmas tree story arc. Again, thanks for reminding us of good family memories at Christmas.

    Old Bear, thanks for the information about the train show on RFDTV. Since I don’t have cable or satellite tv, I don’t get that programming. And at $10 a month for it on Roku, I’m not going to either.

    If I don’t post again before Christmas, {unlikely, but who can tell}, Merry Christmas to all in the Village.

  2. Looking GOOD JJ
    Mark – You are welcome
    Trains and Locomotives are on at 4:30 Monday (old RR films)
    RFDTV also has Hee Haw 🙂

    As I said the other day – Associates have TARDIS

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