Oct 17th 2018 Loose Ends

(I find myself unexpectedly on the road this week, away from my usual resources. I am using a very old borrowed Acer to post this old entry from 2011. I hope things will be back to normal soon. — JJ)

Baudelaire said that genius is the ability to recapture childhood at will. Now, I’m not going to claim I’m a genius; in fact, I’m going to claim I’m not, but I think I know what ol’ Bodey was getting at. When I was starting out I used a lot of my own childhood memories and experiences to write for Gene. When I drew this, I was remembering the sensation of my mother or a teacher poking in my shirttail and how unnatural it could feel. That’s a pretty small memory! I don’t think I’d draw this cartoon today, simply because so many of those vivid recollections have faded away. They’re not so easily captured anymore.
Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

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