So far, so good…


A message from the cartoonist: don’t take anything you might have seen here today very seriously. Or the next few days, for that matter. Think of me as a student driver. I’m just learning to push buttons and stay on the road in preparation for the day I can actually go somewhere worthwhile without doing any serious damage. 

After a shaky beginning to the Web-site update, it’s been a good 48 hours around here. For one thing, the primary objective has been achieved. This site was being assembled using a very old version of WordPress, and I was told by the good folks at Earthlink that I’d have to upgrade my WordPress software by the end of the year or risk having the site crash. That’s been done. However, the old site’s code didn’t work at all after the update, so I’ve had to adapt another WP “theme” and re-educate myself in its customization and operation. That’s the phase I am in now, and I’ve made some progress. You will notice, though, the new site is looking much like the old. That won’t last much longer. While the iron is hot, I’m going to forge ahead and introduce an entirely revamped Web site. That’s the next phase and the hardest, because it will require me to actually be creative, i.e. draw and write. I won’t go into that further, because I really don’t yet know what the result will be myself. (This is a good time for your suggestions!) I do think it is certain the red sports car logo will be history. All good things must come to an end.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"