‘Tis the Season

Are there individuals who actually make fruitcakes anymore? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a knee-jerk fruitcake basher; I like a slice or two of good fruitcake during the holiday season. It’s just that when I think of the members of my extended family who might actually bake a fruitcake, they’ve all been dead about 50 years. And where on earth do you get that stuff that goes in a fruitcake? Hobby Lobby? Is it actually in the grocery store? I do know someone who still makes fruitcakes. Claxton, Georgia, is Fruitcake Central. When I was young and starting out, my new bride and I worked for a while on the coast of Georgia. To visit “home” and our parents, we’d have to traverse the breadth of that largest of southern states. One route took us through Claxton, and you could smell the fruitcakes cooking. It smelled pretty darn good.