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Jan 5th 2016 Meet the New Year…

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I am of two minds about a new year. On one hand, it is an entirely arbitrary concept, for the first day of January is no different from any other day. It just so happens that in the system we have developed in the western world for keeping track of our solar progression, that particular day represents a starting place. You’ve got to start somewhere, right? For most of human history and in some cultures now, the day which we call January 1 doesn’t represent even that. On the other hand, I think a day to be reminded of time’s ephemeral nature is not a bad thing. To pause and reflect, to remember, to resolve to improve and do better: this is not wasted wool-gathering. If by some fantastic construct the Gregorian calendar had no annual renewal, I think it would be wise to invent a holiday devoted to the promise and the peril of the concept we call time. I suppose that’s exactly what we’ve done, and that’s my point.

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