Arlo & Janis, Uncensored!

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Now that I have your attention, take a look at this old comic strip from 1985, less than six weeks after the debut of Arlo & Janis. Don’t the characters look weird? But that’s not why I’m showing you this particular strip. I’m showing you this strip, because it is the only A&J strip ever changed or rejected by syndicate editors because of risqué content. United Media editors in New York struck the words “without a bra.” Apparently, other cartoonists have groaning file drawers filled with material rejected by an editor for salaciousness, and the annoyed cartoonists take their revenge by publishing this forbidden material on their own Web sites, to the delight of readers. If you believe my reputation, you would think that I would have the groaningest file drawers of all. I am sorry to disappoint you. I am at a loss to explain this.

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  1. … one early drawing with A+J sitting facing each other where a “dot” at a strategic location was removed by the syndicate…

    There may have been a dot or two removed over the years, now that you mention it. You also will recall King Features for the longest cut out Miss Buxley’s belly button everytime Mort Walker drew her in a two-piece bathing suit. — JJ

  2. Of course, the “Love Is” couple always got away with being nude…unless they were at the beach, then they wore swimsuits. Never understood that… 🙂

  3. …and then again, there are the famous “Arlo Awards” for pushing (or at least nudging the envelope. Jimmy, I hope you cherish the honor for inspiring those awards!

  4. Have you ever slipped in a risque reference that went over the editor’s heads? There have been a few times that I have had to look up a word or do an internet search to figure your strip out. I also wonder if you have ever done one without realizing the double meaning of something said.

  5. Our Humble Author can get away with a lot of suggestive material because of the open and obvious underlying affection that the two protagonists have for one another. Sonny and Cher (among others) relied on constant insult and put-down for their humor; unsurprisingly, they were divorced. George and Gracie, on the other hand, adored each other and we adored them.

    So what are the plans for the big 3-0 coming up for the strip? Personally, I find that A&J have gone from strength to strength, and provides different nuances of enjoyment as each year has dawned. There will be the inevitable clunker, but they are so few and far between that it is tempting to think anyone could do this. Then again, Larry Bird made making free throws look simple, and he merely made 500 of them every day to keep it that way. This is difficult work being done here, and being done very well, and for a very long time. I know of no other strip with the longevity, without a drop in high quality, that this one has.

  6. That’s because you are a gentleman. Your risque is more hinted at than hit you in the face. You leave much to the readers’ imaginations and let us decide how risque to make it or not.

  7. Just yesterday, while leaving Wally World, the young lady walking in front of me inspired (à la Jeff Foxworthy) the thought: “If you wear a very sheer white lace top with a black bra…you may be a redneck.”

    Of course, 86ing the bra (à la Janis) would eliminate that pointless observation.

  8. I think as someone else mentioned, you have to understand Arlo (or occasionally Janis) to know that the comic may be hinting at something risque. It’s hard to believe tha “bra” was censored… for many years the radio and TV have been saying and showing much, MUCH, worse!

  9. Some may debate the use of “worse” but, risqué or not, there isn’t a sitcom on that I will watch, including the one in which my distant cousin stars. The humor award goes to-all of us. There is never a day when I don’t find a laugh somewhere in here, even if someone (like me) isn’t happy about something. Which brings up a subject that I have been considering. Calling this the village has worked until now, but is there any interest in naming the village? It would be unofficial unless JJ wants to get on board. That’s a hint for my suggestion BTW.

  10. Many years ago, someone here observed that most people, especially those of the female persuasion, seem to have an aversion to the vulgar but an appreciation for the risqué. I have found that to be the case in dealing with my all-female staff, and perhaps that is a principle Jimmy has also discovered and used so effectively in A&J.

    In the past, I floated the idea of A&Jville as a name for this community, but that was thoroughly sunk by “the Village”, which, as memory serves, was first used by Mindy (aka Just Plain Mindy). If I am crediting the wrong person, feel free to let me know.

    And if we are entertaining ideas for a new appellation, I would suggest “Hooterville”, but that has already been used on a couple of TV sitcoms.

  11. Been tardy lately, here now. Trying to get caught up, seeing as how my SO has been flitting about in here.

    I float a balloon for, Day View, an unincorporated community. The site name is “arloandjanis”; they are the pillars upon which the community is built, and their surname is Day. Also, we get a daily view of life through their eyes. But, whatever we might name this community, we remain a village of kindred spirits (GR6 being our spirit emeritus) drawn here by Jimmy’s guiding hand.

  12. Then there’s Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, but some village in Wales is already using that.

    What we call ours doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not “Ghost Town”. 🙂

  13. I think I kind of like Johnsonville. It keeps “ville” for “village” but refers also to Jimmy, and I think it has kind of a Mayberry, small town feel to it.

  14. Once we name this wide spot in the road all kinds of bad things will begin. Elections for council members, appointment of an enforcer of council rules, taxes, syntax codes, etc.

  15. As I was cleaning out my office over the last few weeks, I got to the point of just throwing stuff in a box to be sorted later. A lot of that was folders of things I had kept to use on bulletin boards or laughs to share. I plan to share some of the better quotes here and post scans of some of the cartoons for the Facebook crowd. No surprise, my collection leans heavily to A&J and Funky Winkerbean.

    Here’s an odd bit that I cut out of an unknown newsletter – I wonder if/how much this has changed.

    “September 7, 1985 – An article by Giuliano Ferrieri in the Milan-based newsmagazine ‘Europeo’ reports that each year 300,000 Italians fall ill and 4,000 die from ’causes traceable to lack of hygiene.’

    The same article reveals that 18 percent of French citizens bathe less than once a week and that German men change their underwear on an average of once every seven days.”

  16. Jerry in Fl, Willoughby would be good, for the reasons the star of that episode wanted to move there. Was the meeting with Mr. Serling an interesting one?

  17. Not really. I tried to engage him in conversation, but he was eating and so was I, so he mostly grunted. I can’t say he was overly friendly, but I understand that I was annoying him.

  18. I know, Sideburns, but the three young ladies were skinny dipping in a 20-foot deep water tank? Consider the logistics of getting out of and climbing down that ladder from the tank (while presumably naked, or at most wearing a petticoat) and then getting dressed. Bet that would make the train run late.

    (Remember when it made sense for a network to announce that a show was being broadcast in color?)

  19. The Petticoat Junction water tank is very isolated. They are in danger of being seen only when a train is around, and they can hear it coming a mile away.

    The three daughters are somewhat tomboyish, as you might expect with names like Billie Jo and Bobbie Jo.

    In the first episode, their mother expressed her disapproval of their habit. “One day the train is going to come and take all the water, leaving you high and dry and bare!”

  20. So Mama in effect said that the girls (Betty Jo, Billie Jo and Bobbi Jo, as I recall, although I don’t recall them being particularly boyish, tom or otherwise) were skinny dipping in the tank. Good enough evidence for me. 😉

    Try to keep up, Gal. 🙂

  21. And which of the women hauled Benji up into the tank with them? That is the same dog which was in the first Benji movie. One man was training all the animals used on The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction and Green Acres. Remember Arnold Ziffel?

  22. Airbus has basically been building self-flying airliners as a way of removing human error from the equation, making the air crew more nearly passengers than they are pilots. As part of that approach, the crew cannot overrule the aircraft’s computer, which has led to some spectacular fails and is why I would never ride on an Airbus.

  23. How about Jimtown?
    Though “The Village” suites me to a T.
    That puts it anywhere and everywhere.

    Get thee to the Library — sorry “Multi Media Center”
    You may be Anonymous but you would be Our Anonymous.

  24. Remember the old joke of the recorded voice of the pilot-This airplane is operated by computer. Nothing can go wr…. Nothing can go wr… Nothing can go wr…

  25. I don’t see motion sickness as more of a problem in self-driving cars than just being a passenger in a car or any other mode of transportation. I am reminded that it was scientifically proven that the human body could not survive travel any faster than 45 mph.

  26. Jerry, my sister-in-law cannot abide being a passenger in any vehicle — she must drive or she becomes very nauseated. Her husband talked her into flying to their honeymoon spot… and had to cash in their return tickets to rent a car for her to drive them back home.

    My wife has bitter memories about little sis ruining family vacations with her motion sickness.

  27. Good Morning Villagers…..

    I like Village, my fingers just roll over the keys so easily 🙂

    I’m like Janis, there are some clothes you wore a long time ago that you just don’t want to get rid of. Like my hippie black tunic, heavily embroidered in bright yellow, red and green wild looking patterns, it was a Janis Joplin thing I loved….suited me just fine in the 70’s….ahhh, the 70’s

    GR 😉 one of my favorites….from the seventies. Did you ever see the movie “Lord of War”? The song was used in that movie.

    Indy Mindy, you doing ok today?

    Well, ya’ll have a blessed day……


  28. Oh, and I also learned something else today, from the Breaking Cat New comments….did you know there is a children’s book called “Everybody Poops”? Seriously, I even googled it….I’m going to suggest the book to Rachael, she is trying to potty train Kyler……

  29. Good morning Debbe and thanks for letting me know about that strip. I think that I will pass on the book though, in a manner of speaking.

  30. Today’s real-time strip highlights a major difference between cats and dogs. Dogs are too busy dancing around in joy at the thought that you are putting something into their food dish to hunker down over it. You could be putting in rocks, but they don’t care! Very few critters can be more joyful than a dog.

    Debbe, children’s bookstores or book departments are a blast to wander through! I began my bookseller life in the children’s department, and in retrospect (isn’t that how it always works?) never had more fun. I used to wonder how I wound up in the kids department, then one day it hit me that I looked like everybody’s kindergarten or first grade teacher. I just looked like I could put kids and books together.

    Debbe mentioned embroidered clothing. I used to embroider my jeans, and even sneakers (THAT was a tough one…only ever did one pair). I haven’t done that in years. Hmmm, maybe when I finish knitting this pair of socks…

  31. Mother Nature wired their brains so that feral canines eat like they don’t know where their next meal will come from, which, in the wild, is true. Domesticated ones, not so much, although some of that behavior is still evident. I have no idea who or what wired feline brains.

  32. Trucker, your SIL is why Dramamine was invented. 🙂

    Denise, I, too, embroidered my clothes. Never tried sneakers, just jeans and those blue work shirts. I still decorate my jeans, though now I tend towards butterfly or peace symbol appliques.

    I’d agree to naming our little hamlet Willoughby if it needs more of a name than The Village, and I’m envious of Jerry that he got to meet Rod Serling, even under such circumstances. (My claim to fame is that Harlan Ellison flirted with me for a few minutes as I was getting his autograph)

    Maybe Ghost’s Town? 😉

  33. Trapper Jean: Dramamine is ok for occasional use… but imagine having to take it every time you get into a self-driving car… and there are no longer other options?

    Old Bear: I had an unusual English teach my senior year of HS. She had applied to fight in WWII, had been frustrated that no Allied army would let her into combat. Thirty years later, she was taking her frustrations out on us!

  34. Everyone please look at the comments today on the site, someone put the wife’s serenity prayer in there, it’s perfect. Today’s is why Jimmy Johnson is such an artiste, Janis is a real person and we know what she is feeling and thinking

  35. Bonine works great and has none of dramamine’s side effects. Loon swears by bonine, she can get sick watching an Imax film.

  36. Hi, Jean dear! Bet I could have out-flirted Harlan Ellison. 😉

    When Arlo and Janis were dining out recently, someone on TDS mentioned that “Janis looks good in spaghetti straps.” (No, it was not Ghost.) Today’s “Fashion Statement from the Local Gaol” shows a younger-than-Janis female wearing some kind of top with black spaghetti straps, stylishly accented by the straps of her yellow bra.

    Needless to say, Janis looked much classier.

  37. From eMb:

    After reading comments pro and con re a name for the Village, emb thinks we should leave it. Of course, he grew up [at least part way] in “the Village”, which lies between Houston [HOW-stun] St. on the south, 14th St. on the north, Broadway on the east, and the Hudson R. on the west. Peace, emb

    (I tried posting this a few hours ago, but it didn’t seem to work.)

  38. I once went deep sea fishing on a large boat with a work group and remembered that someone had told me the way to avoid mal de mer is to get as far above the waterline as possible and fix your attention on prominent objects. Must be true, ’cause I went up to the top deck and stared at the captain’s daughter and her girlfriend as they were sunning in their teeny-weeny bikinis, and I didn’t feel a bit queasy.

  39. Mark, sounds like a great title. Could also break some brave new ground that would cause editorial staffers to cringe.

    GR6, you didn’t feel the queasy because you likely felt…… 😉

  40. emb
    Went out with a girl from HOW stun St – 50+ YA don’t remember her name any more.

    The MN town is pronounced whoston

    My MIL was 1″ too short for any of the services.

    I have been sick on the East River in NY – Dramamine puts me to sleep – not good for driving.

  41. Good afternoon Villagers….

    Checking in to see if can…check in that is….started cleaning around my ‘computer room, behind my antiquated ‘monitor”…knelt on the keyboard as I attempted to clean under all those ‘stinking’ wires;;;

    and it was payday….

    And today is also my husband’s and my 16th wedding !! Guess what I was doing 16 years ago 🙂

    ..and, my computer desk is semi- cleaned….now to clean the keys…In-put speaker wire is not pulling it’s weight. Substitute “Owen” with “Ian”….think I planned that ?)

    GR : are you still debating the ‘law department?????

    …going to hit the recliner… took me almost 22 minutes just to type this much…gotta clean the keys

    and John, ever get your peaches? (there’s a song there somewhere, something about really peaches and shaking trees!

    gonna hit submit for the evening…

    ….peaceful sleep and sweet dreams…

  42. Alive is a starting point Ms. Mindy.

    Debbe, hope y’all made up after the fight that night.

    Mark, I know the feeling. Will miss out on the Dockery Farm venue tomorrow night. Rosanne Cash and John Leventhal are performing. Sold out before I heard about it.

  43. Old Bear, I wish that I had thought of getting out of the draft that way. As for the name, I’m not an authority here but the majority seem to want to leave it as the village, non-capitalized or perhaps capitalized. What do you think?

  44. BTW, I just got an emailed picture from my contractor. He was holding a big blue ribbon and had a big smile. I’m not sure what that means.

  45. Jerry in FL, aw, Sand is such a tease. I bet you’re telling us that your newly built home won First Prize in the Parade of Homes! I think that’s what you called it. Congratulations!

  46. Fortunately he actually owes me money right now. We’ve had several people who have contacted him trying to buy the house so I gave him a crazy price that no one will pay.

  47. We hope for the best for a woman who was seriously injured at a baseball game in Boston today. She was hit in the head by a broken bat and the media is calling it “life threatening”.

  48. Jerry
    You ask me personally what I think or just us generally?

    Personally I like the Village. Lower case “the” except at the beginning of
    a sentence.

    Amtrak hit a Semi in Ill. – Media said the truck was outside a closed crossing gate.
    What did they think – the train swerved to hit the truck? Or reached out to smack it?

  49. Good morning Villagers….

    Reread my comment from yesterday afternoon….I forgot to add anniversary….geeez.

    Mark that was the song I was thinking of….

    GR 😉 I did and I can’t now ;(

    Running late, ya’ll have a blessed Caturday…

    Indy Mindy….hugs

  50. Ghost Sweetie, I have no doubt that you could out-do Harlan any time! 😉

    It’s funny that you should post the Raymond J Johnson Jr video just now, as my sister mentioned it the other day, and we were trying to remember all the names in it. And yes, 9CL is indeed insipid. I wonder why I’m still reading it.

    Mindy, as a friend of mine says, breathe in, breathe out, move on. Hugs.

  51. Thank you, Jean dear!

    Nor can I tell you why I still look in on 9CL, other than it’s possibly an example of Hope triumphing over Experience…which is what some say about second marriages, but I wouldn’t know about that. 🙂

    But seriously, how could one build a story arc around teenage sexual fantasies and make it dull?

  52. Mindy from Indy, from one who has been there, you will make it through this. In 12 years, I worked for 5 security companies. When one gets too bad, the competition takes over the contract and they then cherry-pick who gets offered a position. So I was a constant while the employers were the revolving door. I worked through one company buy-out, which took place after the head of the company assured the president of our division that we would never be sold. (That company head is now enjoying a long stay at a Federal steel-bar hotel). And some other things later that I won’t talk about here. Believe me, just stick it out and things will get better.

  53. As long as you can order delivery meals those federal hotels are not too bad. Loon swears there is even one for women that has a golf course.

  54. I saw Harlan last month at LASFS. He’s just as sharp and interesting as ever, but he’s using a walker because of his stroke. So’s Jerry Pournelle, who was in the audience. BTW, for all of you remembering D-Day today, remember that two days ago was the anniversary of Midway. Just two years and two days separate the two, and without the first, we may not have been able to assign enough resources to Europe to make the second work.

  55. I never fail to watch those guys jumping out of the landing craft into water over their head, wearing 100 lbs of gear and knowing that if they don’t drown they are likely to be shot before they got to the beach without wondering how they did that. The greatest generation is an understatement. I used to know lots of WWII vets. Now I don’t know any. Cherish them if you do.

  56. Sideburns, I’m confused by your statement re D-day and Midway. Midway predated D-Day, but your comment implies that D-Day made Midway possible. I believe it should be the other way around. Also, thank the radio intercept and codebreakers who made our plans at Midway possible. They are the ones who found out who, what and where so we could be ready for them, and even then our poor quality equipment almost defeated us anyway.

  57. On reflection, I can’t really understand why editors in 1985 would have had a problem with the phrase “without a bra” (or would have thought readers would have had a problem with it). Even prior to then, I can recall walking down the streets of San Francisco once and remarking to my companion that I would hate to have to try to make a living there selling bras. She agreed.

    Oh, but you say, that was not in fly-over America. Well, in the same time frame I can remember attending business conventions in the Deep South (which was about as fly-over as you could get at that time) and noticing that among attendees from the area the below photo is a good illustration of what was considered a proper length skirt for business attire by women well into their 40’s.

    I still have pictures I made at some of those meetings which show that at least half of the skirts were actually worn even shorter.

  58. Don’t feel as if I stop by often enough for my vote to count, but whatever you all decide, it will likely stay “the Village” in my heart.

    I am too young for WWII, just turning 65 this year (and isn’t Medicare enrollment a trip!) but I often wonder if I would be brave enough to have been a part of it. Amazing men and women who achieved miracles! They have my gratitude and respect. Two great museums in my area – one in New Orleans (WWII museum) and one in Fredricksburg, TX (Museum of the Pacific War). There’s also one in Houston (in TX we pronounce it H-You-Stun) that I haven’t had the chance to visit as yet.

    My generation was the Vietnam War, celebrating its 50th anniversary. Probably more unappreciated heroes from this war than from any other. They also have my gratitude and respect. The peace we enjoy today has a big price tag.

  59. Judy, my brother lives in the Hill Country outside Fredericksburg, we have visited the museum there twice, and there is much that we still haven’t had time to see. Well worth a visit indeed.

  60. News from Jackie! She has had a wonderful trip to BC, there will be a column about it in the magazine soon, she misses us, and I am to tell Ghost that she is down 76 pounds and still losing! Yay!

  61. Mark, I wrote that without the first, we may not have been able to assign enough forces to Europe for the second. As only D-Day took place in Europe, that implies that it was the second. Sorry if I confused you.

    I’d also like to point out that our basic strategy in WW II was “Get Hitler first.” That means that the Pacific Theater never had top priority until VE Day, but we still managed to create the biggest fleet of ships that the world has ever seen, not counting what was in the Atlantic.

  62. Judy, when I turned 65, I found myself enrolled in Medicare Plan D and funds being taken from my Social Security “check” to pay for it. I get all of my medical care from the VA, meaning that I don’t have any need for any part of Medicare. I had to go down to the Social Security office, fill out the paperwork and wait for over two months to get that stopped, and there’s no way I’ll ever get that money back. Not everybody wants (or even needs) Medicare, but it’s a matter of opting out of certain parts of it. Once you’re old enough you’re stuck with it until you complain. I know how great it is for those who need it, but I do wish that they’d ask about Plan D instead of just sticking you with it. (If nothing else, send out a form you can use to opt out, with a warning that you’ll be enrolled unless you send back the form.)

  63. Darn it all, I forgot to watch the horse race, but am glad to hear from the Villagers that the popular horse won it. Has made lots of people happy, I’m sure.

    Nancy Kirk in AZ, wonderful to hear such good news from Jackie! I am so delighted. Not having written down the Web site of the magazine that publishes her columns, can anyone help me out? Please?

  64. Charlotte, I’ve been having trouble getting to sleep for the best part of a year, and for most of it, waiting for the VA to schedule a follow-up at the appropriate clinic. It’s not as bad as it was, but it’s still not better. However, after a few well-placed complaints, I’m now seeing a sleep specialist and she’s had some interesting suggestions. She gave me a sleep diary to fill out every morning and told me not to go to bed until I’m ready for sleep, and that there should be only two reasons to be in bed, and the other one is sleep. She also doesn’t want me going to bed until at least 1:45 AM and to try to get up at about 9:30 AM. This gives me less time in bed, but I should be getting about 7.5 hours of sleep every night and spending very little time in bed awake.

  65. Sideburns, good luck to you with the sleep study. I reached a point where I would nod off whenever I was sitting quietly and my ex noticed that I would stop breathing at night. Turned out I had severe obstructive sleep apnea and stopped breathing 60-70 times in an hour. This caused me to wake enough to move and open my airway but the constant interruptions kept me from getting the restful sleep I needed. When the sleep lab tried me on a CPAP I slept the rest of the night through without problems.

  66. No, it’s not sleep apnea, it’s just that I find it hard to fall asleep, and if I wake up at night, it’s hard getting back to sleep. At one point, I was taking over an hour to get to sleep and waking up after about 45 minutes several times a night. It didn’t matter when I went to bed, I wouldn’t get more than an hour’s sleep at a time until about 5 AM when I’d finally start sleeping properly and getting up at about 11 or so. It’s not that bad any more, but I have to train myself to fall asleep in a more reasonable time and not need to spend all morning asleep.

  67. Thanks, Nancy. If you have the opportunity, please tell Jackie that I am extraordinarily proud of her accomplishment. Often, life-style changes turn out to be the most important part of weight loss, and I suspect that may be true in her case. Also, tell her to come see us sometime.

    Gloria, why am I not surprised to find that you were rocking miniskirts back in the 70’s and 80’s? 🙂 And I don’t even have to wonder about Debbe. 😉 And probably a couple of others here I could name. 🙂

    One of my all-female staff (the one who showed me the pictures of herself in the college dance team uniform that made the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders look like they are wearing Mother Hubbard’s) told me that when she was in high school (early 1970’s) the dress code stated her skirts had to be long enough to reach the point at which her fingers curled under the hem with her hands at her side. That’s still pretty high above the knee. (How do I know? I used a tape measure to measure that point on her legs.) (Don’t ask.) And she still thought that wasn’t short enough for her at the time.

    *Sigh* I miss those days.

  68. Good morning Villagers….

    American Pharaoh, not since ’78 to win the triple crown……I remember when and where I was in ’78 when Affirmed won the triple crown…..been a long time coming.

    Ahhh…mini-skirts, yup, and Gal is right, you had to watch your posture and bend at the knees to pick anything up off the floor. I attended 10 years of Catholic grade school and high school. We required to wear uniforms. The skirt length was such that when you knelt down, the hem of the skirt had to be even with the floor. Silly nuns, we would roll the skirts up at the waist to make them shorter. Never got sent home though 🙂

    Remember sheath dresses too, they had side slits up the thighs, sometimes just one slit, or both sides had slits….ya had to watch how you sat in those dresses too.

    I’m praying for a quiet day, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Husband has just about lost his mind working on his car, then he discovered that the water pipe leading into the house is cracked. That pipe is three feet down, someone ran over the saturated ground and cracked it. You can see where the truck pressed down in the grass and over the pipe. We have ground water and the pump is 200 feet down. If he doesn’t start calming down, he’s gonna be knockin’ on heaven’s door before the day is over.

    Nancy, thanks for sharing the good news about Jackie…tell her hello from me, and like GR said, drop by sometime.


  69. The CPAP machine takes a little getting used to, but it does work. When we moved about 18 months ago I packed it away and haven’t used it again. My secret is out. I don’t do a lot of things that I should, like going to bed by 11 pm. Stephen King should write a story about the seductive call of the computer.

  70. Ummm. Sheath dresses, with side slits up the thighs, and sometimes in the front or the back. I miss those days, too.

    I remember once as we were sitting in a bar waiting for our table, there was a young lady across from us who kept tugging down the hem of her exceedingly short skirt. I told my companion, “She needs to either pull it up or pull it down, I don’t care which; it’s the suspense that’s killing me.”

    Speaking of legs, it must be summer, regardless of what the calendar says…when I went to see my pneumatic and pulchritudinous hair stylist last week, she was wearing shorts. And by “shorts”, I mean real shorts, not those atrocious baggy and below-the-knee things they call shorts these days.

  71. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act? Thank God no prospective candidates for President need worry about that. 🙂 Of course, perhaps it applies only to clearing your browser history and not your entire server.

  72. Well, here I am guys. You are right of course, guys. Senior citizens can have fun too. And Ghost is right, as always, about life changes. I lost 13 more lbs. On cruise, learned to row a dinghy and steer the 40 foot yacht. And swam in crystal clear waters melted from glaciers that poured down in waterfalls from the mountains. Swam in waters 900 feet deep and still so warm you couldn’t believe it was real.

    And got a great tan with no tan lines my friends. Went days at a time without another boat or person in sight.

    And honestly, the adventures included a lot of things I would never have ever even dared hope to do. Later and missed the Village.

    Love, Jackie

  73. As Tam pointed out on her blog, “View From The Porch”, “An 18-year-old who waded through the bloody surf at Omaha Beach in 1944 is now 89 years old.”

    One reason why you may not know many or any living WWII vets.

  74. Yes, I still have a landline, because I’ve got some cool cordless phones, and why not, since it barely costs me anything above what I pay for DSL. (Plus, my smart phone does everything exceedingly well…except for providing good quality audio on phone calls.) A few years ago, I called the telephone company and told them I couldn’t justify what I was paying for voice service. They dropped the price drastically, and I kept it. Every six months, they increase the cost; I call and tell them I can’t keep it if I have to pay that; and they drop the cost again.

    I call it the Telco Two-Step.

  75. GR6
    Good for you but you’re biting into my pension every time you reduce your phone bill. Ummmm… Never mind. AT&T did that for you.

  76. Sand, I did corporate IT work related to Sarbanes-Oxley implementation some years ago. It seems a real stretch to make Section 802 applicable to ANY/ALL destruction. Title VIII, short titled “Corporate and Criminal Fraud Accountability Act of 2002” was directed (originally) as exclusively-related to financial crimes. Seems very much like over-reaching to potentially make any destruction chargeable. What happened to right against self-incrimination? Destroying my non-verbal speech should be permissible just as much as refusing to verbally testify against myself. Lying to investigators “might” be considered obstruction, but simply not speaking (or eliminating previous speech to which there is no witness available) only seems prudent. If there is a witness to testify, then use it. Otherwise, leave me alone!

  77. In otherwords, if there is evidence that I committed a crime then convict me. If not, you shouldn’t be able to convict me because I didn’t tell you what I did or didn’t do.

  78. David, many a federal prosecutor will go to lengths to get a conviction. Until the Supreme Court hears a case, section 802 makes it criminal act to destroy evidence in a case; either intentional, or not; with or without knowledge of an investigation. The American justice system, guilty until found guilty or submit to coercive force by pleading guilty.

  79. @Debbe 5:04PM 06/05 I realized a 500 mile trip with a man she’s only met a few times was a bit over the top, she hadn’t fully realized the extent of it and readily agreed to a movie, walk around a little downtown square or something similar. Upon leaving our last hike, she told me to email, I did and included my phone #, she emailed back with her phone # just as prominent and see you soon with some anticipatory exclamation points and she loves my email address (humorous play on my last name) I GOT IT BAD, I’ve lost five pounds, can’t think, do anything or concentrate. It hurts. Monday evening is another hike with our group

  80. sandcastler ™ I read the article you linked and one thing stood out to me, both people charged were involved in the commission of crimes. They were not “innocent bystanders” who just happened to be picked randomly for investigation. It says the friend of one of the Boston Marathon bombers deleted information and cleared his browser after the murders were committed. Quite likely he had something to hide and was attempting to cover it up. In the other case, the person had committed a computer crime, posted the results on the internet, and then tried to cover up his connection to it. So the lesson to be learned here is not to plan or commit illegal activities on your computer.

  81. “I had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalog–no good in a bed, but fine against a wall.”–Eleanor Roosevelt

  82. Mark in TTowm, I have been using a CPAP for the past 17 years. I find it difficult to sleep without it. I switched to nasal pillows because a nose mask wouldn’t seal very well with the beard/mustache.

  83. I am so happy that Jackie has dropped in to the Village, if only for a quick peek. Her adventures sound perfectly marvellous — swimming in water like that, rowing and sailing — I could swoon.

    To all those suffering from sleep apnea and/or insomnia … I feel so bad for you; it’s such an awful burden to bear. I have been going to bed at a late hour, but only due to laziness and procrastination; once I lie down, I go to sleep right away and sleep wonderfully. Sometimes bedtime is after 1 am … so shocking! Like Jerry in FL, I’m actually addicted to the computer and keep finding the most interesting things to read, or pictures to see (flowers, and paintings, often.) And don’t get up until after 8, or even 9, o’clock. Sigh.

  84. Hi, Jackie! Sounds like you’re in Heaven! It’s wonderful things are going so well!

    My husband has a CPAP, too. It has made an incredibly positive impact upon his life, and mine, too. He feels so much better, and we both can sleep as we hadn’t for years.

  85. It was about as close to perfect peace as I have ever been. Most days we never saw another boat and it was unbelievable to cook wonderful meals looking out a window with a new view of such beauty that changed and had sunsets that went on forever. And since both JohnW and I love to cook we took turns cooking and doing dishes, so good thing, not a restaurant for a few hundred miles. Food was incredible and I still lost weight.

    Vancouver is one of most sophisticated cities I have been to and water everywhere surrounding the city. People were the sweetest most polite of anywhere I’ve traveled, so gracious. Yes, the many markets and shopping centers with wonderful ethnic foods and clothes actually made places like Texas look truly provincial. And I don’t say bad things about Texas!

    Will report on music and flowers and more on people later, all just so memorable. Great memories.

    Love Jackie

  86. I read about a study that was done with people that complained it took forever to fall asleep and those who said they fall asleep immediately. The strange part was that on average, both groups took 15-20 minutes to fall asleep.

    That doesn’t mean that some people really don’t have a problem falling asleep (my wife being one of them).

    And Jackie, it is nice to see you posting in the Village.

  87. Decades ago, there were some studies done of people who agreed to be cut off from all clocks or other ways to know what time it was for several months. One of the things learned was that without any way of telling time, people tended to drift into a 25 hour sleep/waking cycle. (No, that’s not a typo.)

    I mentioned this to my sleep counselor and she agreed, saying that we need things to reset our biological clock regularly, every day if possible. She suggested that I try to get outside each day, preferably in the morning because direct sunlight is very good for that.

  88. Oh Mark, I love you! I am still laughing and smiling from ear to ear or is it cheek to cheek? That song just made me so happy and warm inside! Thank you.

    Have had a hard day shopping for building supplies at Lowes, two different locations, large quantities for three different big repair projects. Anyone had a happy experience doing that lately? Mine ended happily at last, the first one they sent out two surly loaders who then spotted the big basket of homemade strawberry jams on seat as we rearranged van and I tipped them two jars each, they promised to watch for me next time I showed up there and diligently moved everything in van including eight cases of Dasani water and neatly stowed a pallet of wood and stuff in a van they’d considered hopelessly packed.

    Second Lowes my recently divorced head of customer service (woman) greeted me enthusiastically and got my delivery order in with a half price delivery charge. She has my boating event on her calendar to take off from work with promise of hundreds of men and boats in my back yard. So that one went well too and they even sent a loader out for my piles of wood moldings to repair trim in house.

    But tired and needing a shower and found your sweet, sweet greeting! I missed you all of course, you’re family my friends and I love you.


  89. You are most welcome Jackie. That was the first song that came to mind when I wanted something nice to say welcome home, so there you go. By now, I’m sure you are worn out and conked out. Goodnight and glad you are back in the Village.

  90. Dang, I forgot the no two links in a posting limit!

    Trucker, I LOVE Louis Armstrong and miss him so much. I actually saw him perform this and he was pretty unforgettable. I am beginning to think I am a little unforgettable too and I thank you for the love. Love you back, Jackie

    (I will redo the account of what got me moderated later, I am just too tired!)

  91. Good morning Debbe. I woke up with a headache. Nasacort and Excedrin and I’m going back to bed until Cilla gets me up in an hour or so. I hope that things are going better at work.

  92. Good morning Villagers….

    Jerry, hope you get rid of your headache, but doesn’t Excedrin have caffeine in it? And thank you for the well wishes at work.

    What a nice surprise to wake up, and log in here and see Jackie posting again,,,welcome back, Jackie.

    Good for you John, taking tiny steps is good. Five hundred miles is a long stretch.

    Sitting here listening to the storm coming in, radar shows yellow and red.

    gotta go…..

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    GR 😉

  93. It’s a trade off. The caffeine helps the pain relief faster, I’m pretty good at self-hypnosis if I have trouble getting to sleep.

  94. In today’s real-time strip, if Arlo had said “Once I wiggle my way through the cabinet door and under the sink, I am not coming out till the job is done. I need you to hand me things, move things around up top, commiserate with my problems, admire the great job I’m doing, and remind me to wear my safety goggles.” Then Janis would have understood. (Or maybe that promotion to associate was what she was gunnin’ for.) My husband once declined assistance on a plumbing job, forgot to put on his safety goggles, and wound up in the emergency room for xrays and stitches after a falling garbage disposal impacted an inch from his eye. I remember the moment of panic and prayer I had as he asked “Does my eye look all right?” And I had to answer “I can’t tell. There’s too much blood.”

  95. Jackie – I’ll enjoy seeing you share your new life, I’m sort of in the same boat too. Nothing as exciting, just long walks and hikes, but perfect for long meaningful conversations if you find someone.

  96. Not entirely sure why Janis held out for an “associate” position. After all, it’s the associates that have to do all the work at the big box stores. (I assume Arlo did not actually have in mind to play the “Randy Handyman” game, else Janis would have been recruited to play the part of the “Lonely Housewife”.)

    Debbe 😉 I saw your “yellow and red” on the Radarmaschine picture. Looks like mostly just “green” still moving through. I hope you had a great day, hon.

  97. REALLY overslept and am running hours late! That Lowes wore me out for sure more than two weeks of travel.

    Having lunch with new boat builder and his wife in Tulsa before going to schedule my first knee replacement with surgeon. Will report on that later to you guys but yeah, big life changes coming on.

    And yes, David, isn’t it wonderful to find someone to share common interests and passions with?
    Made it worthwhile in my case to wait fifty years for that second chance to go on a date. You may not have gotten to the passion part yet, however?

    Isn’t that interesting? Fifty years with one man, never went out with another person in entire time? Never thought I would want to. Then travel over 4000 miles, so a little further than your 500 mile trip you offered. Keep offering, you may be surprised.

    Love, Jackie

  98. John in Richmond, keep your eyes open. You never know what offers may come your way. Sometimes a flirt is just that, other times it’s a cover for serious interest. And I was very uneducated about such things before i started dating in my ’30’s.

  99. John, the secret, or so I’m told, is to act interested without seeming needy. I wouldn’t know, though. I’m not particularly needy, while at the same time seeming to attract more than my share of needy women.

    Not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing, of course. 🙂

  100. Reports from Japan immediately after the quake indicated that there was little damage and no deaths. This is far from true. There are large devastated areas, fires and a tsunami washing away everything just like 2011. One news reporter said that Hawaii was under a tsunami warning but I have no idea right now if that is true. This is all very strange because I have been watching CNN today and haven’t seen anything about this. The reports online say this happened yesterday and give the date but I’m going to look like a fool if this is from the last big one.

  101. As best I can tell this is the deal, there is a mixture, sometimes in the same report, of news about Nepal, Japan and previous quakes in Japan, however, everything I said above appears to be true. Just look very carefully if you do a news search.

  102. I knew I was right….you are such a slut puppy, GR 😉

    Heading to the recliner, home alone for an hour or so…peace and all.

    Storms were not as bad as they looked at Accuweather. NWS radar, but showed all green 🙂

    Mark, have you noticed a new weather channel on D__H? Just below 214,,,haven’t seen any ‘reality shows’…and they have a show about a fat man in the….right now it escapes my mind.

    Sweet dreams…..

  103. Proving once again that you can find anything that you’re looking for on the internet, no matter how erroneous it may be. I wish that we had that delete button.

  104. Debbe, I work as a medical record coder for a hospital. Work from home using equipment provided by them. Have my own pc for my personal use. Work alone in my home office and like that for this kind of work. The fewer interruptions the better so your mind can get in the groove to concentrate. It’s the best job I have ever had because it lets me use my interests and knowledge, and when I’m off, I am really off because there are no call-ins. This is not a job for people who like to socialize on the job because you don’t see anyone. But you don’t have all kinds of folks calling you on the phone, etc, to answer silly questions.

    As for the wealth of information, I was thinking about that this morning. When I was getting close to graduation from high school my goal was to get into the news reporting business. In college I majored in Broadcast communications. Never got there. But now, thanks to the ‘net and this blog, I’m doing much of what I wanted. I get to pass along information I think is useful, music I like, and help people find out what they want to know. Weird turns life takes, huh?

  105. Mark, I think you are a very smart and gifted man whom I enjoy as a friend and value. I suspect you would have been superb as a writer or production person for broadcasts. Dont know about voice?

    Glad to have your knowledge here. I will contact you off forum?

    Love Jackie

  106. Thank you Jackie. Of course you can contact me off forum. I can’t judge my own voice, but the professor teaching my radio class thought it would be ok, with practice. That was in 1980, so I’m sure it’s changed again. Seems to be lowering with age. My accent has changed when I’ve spent enough time living outside Alabama, and returned to Alabama standard when I came back. My ex commented that when I talked to my Mom on the phone, my Alabama accent got stronger. I noticed the same thing about a lady from New Hampshire I once dated. When she talked to her Mom, her New England sound got much more pronounced.

    And you are probably right about my writing. I was good at that when in school, to the point that my Jr. College English teacher tried to get me to be an English major. I thanked her and politely declined.

  107. Debbe, sorry, I overlooked one of your posts. No, I don’t watch the various weather stations on D–h. I have a weather app on my phone and Weather Underground on the computer. Between them, I can find out what I need to know without waiting to hear what the rest of the world is doing.

    I’ve worked as a security guard, crypto tech in the Navy before that, grocery bagger and busboy during high school. Since leaving the security field I’ve been a telemarketer (hated it and quit), booked airline tickets and worked as a customer service rep for an early online travel company. I was a remote data encoder for the Postal Service, which was an easy job for me. Before they got the bugs out of the system that scans the mail and automatically sorts it, they needed people to look at images of addresses that the machinery couldn’t read. We would then key in the information the system needed to properly sort it. I would pop in a music cd or book on disc in my portable CD player and just go at it. But the Postal Service got better equipment and began cutting hours. So I ended up working two part time jobs till I could get full-time. Worked as customer service for Shop at Home afternoons and the Postal job nights. Got a better job working for an Auto Auction service that also hired out repo work from lenders. They contracted out the repo work, taking that off the lender’s hands and then resold the cars at their auction lots. That’s where I learned about skip tracing, interesting work.

  108. I have to keep preaching the benefit to my life due to my CPAC. I can understand totally why some cannot wear it, but it makes all of the difference for me. However, I still need to remember to go to bed! One of the benefits is that I know get up at 6:00 AM with the cuckoo clock in the hall waking me up. The alarm goes off at 6:15 if I miss the cuckoo. The benefit is getting on the road a half hour earlier, which in Detroit makes a 35 minute drive with no traffic to a 50 minute drive bumper to bumper nightmare. Dr says that the machine lowers BP, but I think the less stress from my drive into work helps too!`

  109. By the way, the Consumerist website has posted a couple of stories lately about bugs found in fresh fruit/veggies you ought to know about. Live black widow spiders have been found in bags of grapes, so don’t reach in and grab grapes from the bag. Dump them in a colander and rinse them first. Also a species of blister beetle has been found in certain organic salad mixes, so check before eating if you buy those. If you want to know the brand, go to the and check it out.

  110. The average age of a WWII vet is 92
    We are losing them at the rate of 492 per day by one reckoning ==3 per Minuit.
    I looked up info when I asked MPR “Friday Favorites” to play the theme from
    “The Longest Day”

    HI Jackie

    emb = that was me when he talked about a detour running over a detour.

    I’ve learned…. That opportunities are never lost; someone will take the
    ones you miss. AR

  111. Jackie reporting in that I am only 3 lbs. from the amount orthopedist deemed necessary to replace first knee. However, my caretaker has several national/major boat shows he is keynote presenter for and several boat building schools to teach and a mystery trip involving a movie crew for a real life adventure expedition sailing movie and I am not allowed to ask where the heck they are going until the big unveil next month, so I haven’t. I said those viking women just waited to see what plunder they returned with and kept their mouths shut. I am trying to employ that technique but you know me and my “smart and profane” mouth.

    Anyway, first knee surgery is in April 2016 probably between boat shows and adventures and I am to call and tell scheduler what date to put down. And keep losing weight and exercising. So, we are on for new knees to hike, trek and sail boats. And travel.

    In meantime, I travel with bad knees and steroid shots to try to keep them working (badly) But I still get to travel. Spending July in Port Townsend, WA as house guest of another Scamp builder, female, her boat is named Scarlet Woman. She is a marine biologist but just made it to finals of fiction writing for Pacific Northwest competition. Actually specializes in children’s books normally. Entire family are volcanologists, specializing in under sea volcanoes.

    How cool is that? And they own a miniature horse farm, lots of dogs and cats and gardens. I am going to another heavenly abode!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  112. Good morning Villagers….

    Went to yesterday’s comments on TDS……you tell ’em Gal 🙂

    GR 😉 . great music back then. I hadn’t heard “This Magic Moment” in ages…thanks. I had the 45 way back then…played it, and played it. I wonder whatever happened to all those 45’s we had back then.

    (I can hear Jerry saying “Mommy, what’s a 45?) 🙂

    Mark, I tried telemarketing once, I lasted 4 hours, and never went back.

    Jackie, I’m like Old Bear….don’t put that knee replacement too far off. I’m so happy for you and your life style changes….you deserve it.

    gotta go

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  113. Jerry, Breaking Cat News is reruns right now, she is on maternity leave and will be back on June 15th, her strips only come out on Mondays and Thursdays…..oh, and click on the camera to the right and you can see instagram pics of her real cats….Lupin, Puck, and Elvis!

    and GR, she’s a redhead too.

  114. I guess I am a hoarder. I have a collection of, not only 45’s, but a box full of 78’s. I’m sure a bunch of you are asking, “What are 78’s”? I don’t know what I’ll ever do with them but I do have a record player that will convert them to MP3’s, IF I’ll only spend the time doing it. One of these days! Off to the health club now.

    Blessings on everyone.

  115. Old Bear, I often note your “I’ve learned…” selections with pleasure. Are you “AR”?

    Jimmy has certainly accumulated an eclectic bunch of folks in this spot. Each day I come here, I am informed, amused, enlightened, and uplifted. (I am also frequently humbled, occasionally annoyed, and often made to consider other points of view and lifestyles, all of which are good for my sense of perspective.) Thanks from me to each and every one of this group. I wonder, if by allowing us to share Arlo’s and Janis’ lives and his own blog, Jimmy ever thought we would be sharing so many other lives?

  116. Who but Denise could put perspective into perspective so well?

    Off to see De Tooth Mon.

    P.S. I hope I’m not one of the annoying ones.

  117. it seems it wasn’t that long ago I used a CD recorder and put all my loose 45’s and albums on CD’s, now they’re yesterday’s technology. I did go ahead and buy important stuff on CD, like Beatles, Blondie, Kate Bush, Cars, Aaron Copland. Having them all on a couple CD’s is not as fun as grabbing a 45 one at a time. … ..personal soap opera update, last night at the hike, she put her arm around me first, she wants to meet just one on one Friday, not around all our group friends. Here it comes – we haven’t discussed politics yet or I don’t know enough man stuff like sports or car engines. and no you do not look like my late wife and no you are not the first woman to smile at me since my wife died. BUT we’ve only met five times and each time we’ve parted has only been better, and meeting this way (hiking, endurance training, etc) we see each other at our sweatiest most unkempt selves, so no anxiety about appearances.

  118. Has anyone seen the extended play record albums that were made for radio stations in the 40’s? They were about twice the size of a normal record album as we know it and because of the size they could not be played on any turntable that I’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen one of those records since the 60’s, even in junk and antique shops.

  119. Denise, I second what Ghost said. You are one of the two best people with words I have ever known. The other is a friend here in Arizona—and I have you thanks to the Village!

    Jackie, have you talked to orthopedist about synthetic joint fluid injections? They don’t work for everyone, but they gave me more than two good years after the steroid shots quit working….

  120. Jackie, look up Synvisc, that’s one brand of the stuff Nancy is talking about. I don’t know anything but the name, since I’ve seen it mentioned at times.

  121. Yep. Synvisc is maybe the most common. I think I had Suparz (sp), which is pretty much the same. I think there may be another that is somewhat different. Made from rooster combs (sorry, Debbe!), therefore sometimes called by us orthopedic patients and docs “chicken juice.”

  122. Been doing Synvisc since it was released, which is what keeps me on my feet, literally. I call them chicken shots or rooster shots and yes, I thought about that with Debbe and the pet roosters but didn’t want to mention what happens to the rooster combs and beaks?

    There have been times I would have shot the knees myself if I had the needles! I will tell you later why I didn’t go thru with the three times my knee surgeries have been scheduled but I am rushing off to Texas right now.

    One rheumatologist who no longer practices was doing both knees on same day, missed the space between she was supposed to hit, went into tissue and muscles and I had left the next day for a six week trip to west coast and Canada. My lordy, lordy that was pain! I went to my original bone and joint hospital on my arrival back to Oklahoma in a wheel chair and she stopped practicing, lots of law suits apparently but not mine.

    Love yall, Jackie

  123. Late afternoon dental cleaning yesterday => Discovery of loose crown => Early morning repair work this morning => Electro-surgery of gum => Rebuild of tooth base => Implantation of new posts => Replacement of loose crown => All freakin’ morning in the dentist’s chair

    As Roseanne Roseannadanna once told me, “Ghost, one time I had to have a wisdom tooth pulled through my nose. I thought I was gonna die!”

  124. Thank you, Ghost and Nancy! Your comments are appreciated!

    Jerry, I’d never even heard of the extended play radio station albums till now. What a cool idea!

    Ghost, you’re not one of them; and even those who are, aren’t always.

  125. The joint stuff is hyaluronic acid, if memory serves. I got shots for several years before having the knees replaced. Expensive stuff..and not a lot of fun getting the needles.

  126. “Last week a woman came in asking for my help to get the witches and demons to stop pinching her.” I know she didn’t include ghosts, but I have an alibi, just in case.

    So, Ruth Anne, how are you filling your time now that you’re retired…visiting the local library? 🙂

  127. Hello Ruth Anne from Winter Park, I’ve been wanting to ask you, so now I will: can you recommend a good biography of Robert Louis Stevenson? Or more than one. I live near the Public Library, although I don’t visit as often as I’d like; I have so many books here at home. They have a Web site and I can search it; also they do Interlibrary Loans. Congratulations on your retirement!

  128. Domaucan1, you are welcome. When I posted the link I was in a hurry and didn’t look beyond that first page. Now I see that he does transfer work for people who want their old records or cassettes on a CD. Sounds like a one-stop shop.

    Ruth Anne, maybe the woman with the pinching problem was having problems with government budgeting?

  129. By the way, that site Jimmy gave us for the internet wayback machine has other things too. I did some exploring on it over the weekend and found that the main site is called the Internet Archive and it has recordings, movies, books, and more for free.

  130. Mark
    Thanks for the audio link

    I thought I remembered there was a 16rpm (will see if I can find something)
    It was for V records during WWII – and voice only (Radio program transcripts?)

    No AR is :
    They’re written by the late Andy Rooney (ex-60 Minutes USA), a man who had the gift
    of saying so much with so few words.

    I try to use those with some relevance to what is said that day.
    I have not tapped Will Rogers or Ben Franklin yet.

  131. Good morning Villagers….

    Rooster combs!!!!! I can see that, maybe. The combs on my roosters are large, on George, his is so big and heavy it shuts one eye.

    John, so excited for you, keep us informed…high hopes for you.

    GR 😉 a while back, was it Denise we decided that should write our obits? She does have a great perspective, does she not. And did you ever get around to asking out the female sheriff deputy?

    On Harry Nilsson, do you remember his “The Point”. I’ll get back to that later.

    Ruth Anne, those were pretty funny requests, and rather daring on some. I’m surprised that GR did say anything about the stories on the right side of the article. One was on boobs 🙂 I checked out the ‘dirty’ words that were used a long time ago that a link was posted on your library questions site…

    Indy Mindy….give us a shout out.

    TR…the tail on that cat was definitely ‘fluffed’ out…

    gotta go….hot and humid today, Ugghhhh.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    Miss Charlotte, if I’ve ever annoyed you, my apologies. Sometimes I do get carried away.


  132. I have only flown through Atlanta about 4 times and each time the flight arrived in late afternoon in the summer…So every time I have been delayed. I hear that it is the same in many other Southern cities.

    Yesterday I flew in and got to my gate in ATL thinking that I was in for a completely stress free connection. Then I looked out the window and it seemed like a fog had rolled in. Except it was not fog, but a HUGE downpour. At first it was 15 minutes, then an hour, then 2 and quickly cancelled. I then had to go to the other end of the terminal, scan my ticket, where they rebooked me for today. I then had to stand in line for an hour, waiting for my hotel voucher.

    I had some amazing conversations with strangers. A couple guys were talking and I eavesdropped, realizing that they worked at my last employer. The lady in line at the ticketcounter lives in Leon MX (where I am headed) and gave me great advice on where to go and where NOT to go. I am going for business, but I will need to find a place to eat. Even the trip to hotel was fun with a guy that now lives in Bancock traveling with his family. His wife asked if we were co-workers and we laughed. No, we just had a lot in common, even though at first glance no one could tell.

    Lemons into Lemonade. Apples into applesauce…and for some of you on this blog, Grapes into wine.

  133. That cat’s reaction is closer to hysterically funny, TruckerRon!

    Old Bear, you can’t go wrong with Rooney, Rogers, and Franklin. Or Emerson and Thoreau, either, in a different vein.

    Mark, I’ll have to check out the Internet Archive you mentioned…sounds interesting! Somehow, I missed Jimmy’s mention of it. Thank you!

    Debbe, if I declare I write no obits, could I say I write nobits? 😉

    Ghost, I’m planning to steal your “…time to renew my Compliments Fishing License” line. Just so you know.

    I was thinking about old movie serials, and “The Perils of Pauline” came to mind. Around here, we have “The Adventures of Jackie”!

  134. Charlotte: I’m sorry, but I’m not familiar with any good Stevenson biographies and my usual sources weren’t much help. Have you tried the good folks at your local library? Florida has a service called Ask a Librarian; maybe your state has something similar.

    Ghost: So far my time has been spent with the usual summer routine, catching up on housework and doctor appointments. I’m continuing to sort the junk I brought home (some of which I may quote here or, in the case of old A&Js, post on Facebook), making to-do lists, taking naps, etc. Yes, I have visited my local library for a fresh supply of pure pleasure reading.

    Debbie: Glad you enjoyed the article and its tangents. I missed the one on “dirty words”. You might want to check out her non-library humor too –

    Steve: Reminds me of the old saying that no one, especially in the south, goes straight to heaven – they always have a stopover in Atlanta.

  135. Debbe 😉 The boob article was in the HuffPo, and I don’t normally waste my time reading anything that the HuffPo publishes, but I read what Ruth Anne linked to because I trust her judgment when it comes to something to read. So then I went back and read the boob article, but it was all from the female perspective, and was therefore something about which I did not feel qualified to expound upon. Other than the general comment to women, “If they make you happy, they make me happy. And if they don’t make you happy, they probably still make me happy.” 😉

    My life has been too busy lately to include Deputy Darling, but who knows what the future may bring.

  136. The last …. whatever this adds up to … hours from June 7: Go to work, fight and lose to paperwork – again. Type up detailed instructions, as best as I know, for book work for my day off. Leave at 5:30p to make mad dash to Fort Wayne to attend some of aunt’s sister’s viewing. Leave 9:30p to return back to work to get “absolutely required to submit book work tomorrow” counts complete (no one knows where to put them, not “required” to close bookwork. !!!!! ) for book work girl. Fall into bed 2am. First phone call at 9:30a – To quote “bookwork girl” – “I’m stupid, I can’t read/follow [color-coded and numbered!] instructions. What am I supposed to do with this stuff?” Muffle annoyed screams. Housework. Bed at 10p. Call from second store at midnight that my third shift girl had been robbed, again. At store until 2a. Go home. Sleep two hours, come back. Dash out an order, lose to paperwork. Work until 5p, go to bed, go back in at 2a. Work until 2p. Come home and turn I to vegetable on couch. Current.

    About the robbery – for the second time, the same girl never acknowledged persons entering store, nor looked up until gun was pointed between her eyes. I cannot impress upon her that her inattentiveness has gained a reputation, and she now is actually part of the problem. I would love to be shut of her, but unfortunately, have not found a suitable replacement.

    I have put in a request for a pair of retired K9 officers, each “on duty” for 12 hour shifts getting 24 hour coverage (preferably with blood-stained muzzles and low tolerances for stupid people ?).

  137. Denise, that is so true. Although one time I escorted a customer to Japan and he told everyone in our group that he finally met someone that talked more than his wife. I immediately started to get very self-conscious about my talking until he told he ” Oh don’t feel bad, at least you usually have something interesting to say”

  138. I am in Leon Mexico on business. When I was in Italy, I had no issues with my cell phone but basically I could not get the signal to work when I landed in Mexico. Wifi allowed me internet access but my phone wouldn’t let me call using Wifi. So I turned that option off and suddenly my cellular service is working. Ate at 6:30 AM and had 2 bags of peanuts on the planes. I am still at the plant at 7:00 so hopefully I can eat in the next half hour or so!

  139. i like the way you reason, I really like you.The best thing about you is that You’re different from other women.You look just like your mom.You are the smartest girl i ever dated..As long as you’re with me, I don’t care where we go”.
    Everyone Knows that you are Gorgeous , but only few people know that you are so much Interesting.

  140. I knew you were pretty, but I didn’t know you were so deep…I wonder , how you carry yourself with so much maturity.
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