Frequently Questioned Answers II

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I’m sorry! I forgot! I told you I’d have a weekend post with the next installment of the “Frequently Asked Questions” series from 2002. And I forgot. Well, this afternoon I remembered, and here it is.

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  1. Well today didn’t go well. Remember at noon minions had not come in at all and I gave up and took a bath alone sitting on side of tub. Waiting for cpap machine they were supposed to be bringing from donation boxes that were supposed to have taken to missions but didn’t. So an hour ago they showed up after their uncle my contractor called them.

    They didn’t know anything about coming in. My neighbor was there visiting, the one who said in 20 years I had never told a lie and she was squirming at the young man’s explanation that I had NEVER said anything about working today. As my lawyer says, if you aren’t sane will more crazy clients show up in my office.

    Uncle and I had been over this with them repeatedly, nephew quit and slammed off in anger, taking my really capable young house keeper with him. Who I wanted to work. Heck, I’d have kept him too if he’d show up.

    This sounds like Debbes hen house. Worse part is they “borrowed” got advance of $1500 of salary but had pled for me to wait until after Christmas to begin paying back. Worse part is they used my sympathetic nature and fact uncle worked for me for two years to get me to let them have money which I know they won’t pay back.

    Hate drama and so does uncle, this isn’t going to end well. I also hate people who lie and aren’t even remotely reliable. And who scam people like me who are generous.

  2. Yep. So, the second uncle is off road driving until after Christmas and will fill in for manual work. He isn’t lazy and I will hire him whenever around. He has no problem with shovel and wheelbarrow. Doesn’t do laundry.

  3. “would be”

    Debbe got a new monitor; Ghost needs a new keyboard. Perhaps I should speak to Santa, since he wouldn’t have to bring me a Windows 8 machine now.

  4. Renter lives there free if charge including utilities and cable, wi-fi.
    He is visiting his mama in OKC, sister in law just died of MS day before I went into hospital. Calling one of other two cardiologist groups in Tulsa to try and get sleep lab testing before Valentines. I mean two cardiologist groups I use.
    Can’t find motor half of newer cpap and minions forgot they were to bring me old machine so didn’t look for it or.bring.

    I have two others nagging me to hire them. I can’t drive so that’s issue.

  5. Repost (He got me!):

    on 19 Dec 2015 at 7:28 pm #
    Marie is home from the hospital! Yay! If they tried to keep her another day, I would be linking you to the live news footage of her break out. She was going home today NO MATTER WHAT! The infection is under control, and no MRSA. She still has to keep her foot elevated, so she is unhappy with that, but, being home is fine enough compensation.
    Something has set my allergies off something terrible. Hopefully the allergy medicine kicks in, and I get some sleep. Back to the grind. Who knows what awaits me there. Off to bed, 4am comes awful early.

  6. Boy I really enjoyed the FAQ strips. I actually saved them on the hard drive. When I am having a bad day, I love to look at about 50 strips that I have saved.

    I am having some trouble following some of the posts above. It’s not anyone’s fault, but I think maybe I should go to bed early tonight with my CPAC. That and the fact that we are moving <2 weeks makes focusing difficult.

  7. Daughter said not to call if surgery went bad but to text. Other one will probably never see again. One said I could load grandson’s parts for his slide and tower in van and drive them there or ship them. One is a rock stairs on front deck.

  8. Have not seen, only one will speak to me and briefly. Debbe they wanted money and I put it in trust for two grandchildren to educate. It was always my money, not theirs or dads but they got a lot until now. Houses, cars, college degrees, weddings. They are very suburban housewife soccer moms.

    Don’t worry, I will be OK, there are about 4 or five cats in here, adventure Dog and two middling largish dogs in breezeway to bark. One of neighbors is here across street this weekend. Good news is two elderly dogs got their own dog house done enough to move in and it has padded cell floor and heat working . Kyle my workman says they can get out of doggy door but he closed big door to heat it and he’s worried they won’t figure out how to get back inside.

  9. As the MBH is now sleeping, I opened the box and was delighted at the intense colors used for the shirts. Oh, the pink is somewhat paler, but that is the nature of that color.

    Did ascertain the likely source of the delay: while the Iuka people placed the correct zip code on the box, the PO clerk keyed in the wrong zip code, using an “8” in place of a “3”. I suppose the barcode on that stick-on label included that 8 and found it confusing with the written address and town. However, 4 days for something so simple?

  10. Almost hit “Like” button on that one, Sand. Or at least an emoticon.

    Guys I am fine. It’s the first anniversary of my mother’s death last December 18. I am an only child and only had one mother although I had several fill ins who did the best they could with the material given. I lost one of those too right ahead of Mama.

    It’s an emotional anniversary. Dickens and I are doing best we can.

  11. Me too. For some reason I remember playing a keyboard and actually singing this in a church play wearing a beard and black suit? That is far more bizarre than me playing Salome in a supposedly Christian Passion Play one Christmas with a “professional ” traveling company where Jesus wore lifts and had b.o. And told stage director to lose the up staging witch,

    Disallusioned I was at the tender age of 14. I didn’t think anyone could upstage the Lord at Christmas,

  12. Regarding today’s “realtime” comic:

    Family “secret” hot chocolate recipe:


    1/4 cup Hershey cocoa powder
    2/3 cup sugar
    1/8 tsp salt
    1/3 cup hot water

    3/4 cup evaporated milk
    1/4 cup heavy cream
    3 cups milk
    3/4 tsp vanilla

    Mini marshmallows

    1) Mix first dry ingredients in 2 quart sauce pan over medium heat
    2) Once well mixed, add hot water.
    3) Continue to stir until chocolate begins to boil
    4) Add milk, condensed milk, and cream
    5) Stir frequently while heating
    6) Add vanilla, continue stirring until hot.
    7) Serve in 10-12 ounce mug with mini marshmallows

    Serves 4 (9oz servings)

  13. Good morning Villagers….

    Day two of not working…..I’m going nuts.

    Looked at two different weather predictions over the next three days. calls for 100 percent rain tomorrow, and Accuweather says slight chance, maybe 60 percent, but the good news is it is going to warm up to the 60’s by Wednesday. My ‘chick’s won’t freeze, some 76.000 will be coming in starting tomorrow….I am excited.

    And I love this flat screen. GR 😉 thanks for the prayer for the friend…he needs it, he’s about half nuts, talks a hundred miles a minute, and can be a nuisance. Like last night over at Andrew’s house. Andrew was asleep, and he asked Rachael if she washed her pants in Windex because he could see through them…..stupid, stupid, stupid. Now Andrew is in a punching mood.

    Those poor girls at the swim meet in Indy… really have to have your heart in it to swim in 31 degree weather…but I am sure the pool was heated.

    Jackie….how are you doing this morning. If I was your daughter, I’d be there in a heartbeat, I would have even been at the hospital. Oh, how I miss my Mother. First Christmas without her. I feel sorry for your daughters in that they don’t know how special their Mother is.

    going to start crying…..gotta go

  14. I’ve been catching up on the comments and you guys have been hilarious. Keep it up. Please. I also watched SNL online. It was funny for the first in 30 years. Their version of the debates was great, and half of their lines were things that were actually said.

  15. Speaking of mothers and “hot chocolate”, my mom taught me how to make my own for breakfast when I was about six or seven, making it the first thing I ever prepared on a stove. Although David’s recipe sounds delicious, hers was a bit more simple and unstructured, but also delicious. And her mother taught her how to make it.

    Some cocoa powder
    Some granulated sugar
    A dash of salt
    A little water
    About a cup of milk

    Put first four ingredients in a small sauce pan over medium heat, stirring until well mixed and bubbly. Add milk and stir until heated. Pour in cup and drink.

  16. And speaking of beverages, I noticed that today is National Sangria Day, so that we can make some more bouillabaisse and have something with which to wash it down, while trying not to think about the origin of the drink’s name.

    Oh wait, that would be like having red wine with fish, wouldn’t it? 🙂

  17. National Sangria Day? Who drinks that stuff anymore? Personally, I think it should be National Wild Turkey Day with Honey 🙂 Very rich and smooth going down. I treated myself to a small bottle of it on payday, keep it in the freezer, and before bedtime….just one shot. Moderation is the key to all sins 🙂

  18. Good morning, Jackie is up and drank a V-8 six ounces, half way to American consumption of daily vegetables. Going in to cook grits, I must want to sharpen my daily gritty personality to deal with today’s rocks in path. Going in for a banana as well.

    It must be the flannel or something ingested but backs of legs are itching along with more geography. Taking bath unsupervised is on goals for today.

  19. I am late to the fray this day. Did notice my lovely half already put in an appearance.

    So many ways to make hot chocolate. Mine is simple. Place order with Starbucks. Drive thru. Pick up hot chocolate. Sip and drive away.

  20. Some of us don’t do cocoa, not even sugarfree, or especially sugar free. Have not gotten off Diet Coke again.

    Have been out in yard chasing Adventure Dog who has apparently doubled his weight and feeding cats, pi cking up cans and trash. Yard is disaster. I pay for this?

    Memo to self, I pay for this by the hour and $2 per hour higher than fast food, restaurants, stores or groceries at their highest rate in area. I know, managers of said businesses tell me. And unfortunately I don’t check police records or drug check because I know what I will find. I venture that 90% of rural eastern Oklahoma could not pass, no matter age or sex. Or any other criteria.

    Sad comment on the heartland of Bible belt.

  21. These days the answer would be different. All kinds of cartoonists do their work on Cintiq model touch screen monitors or Microsoft Surface computers.

  22. sandcastler ™, if we gave a Bronx cheer in honor of Russia’s president, would that be a Ras-putin?

    Steve in Royal Oak, MI, Of course it had a slow start. How long has it been between the last of the original series and this one? Lot of catching up to do. Personally thought it was the best since the first one in 1977. Consider the 3 prequels George Lucas’ bad dream and forget them. Liked the ending of this one. Can’t say why, because the other people here might not have seen it yet. To those who saw the original movie and liked it, go see this one.

  23. Mark, good one!!

    Taking my date to Star Wars on Christmas Eve. Sure we will enjoy it as much as the first one. I am a big fan of Star Wars, wife leans towards Star Trek. Swash buckling capitalism versus socialism?

  24. Mark, you are getting good with those puns!

    Sand, I am sure you are right . I have been told and read that China’s now wealthy are buying back Chinese antiques at extreme prices because of the nostalgia wave there.

  25. Jerry in FL, the way George Lucas described it, the original Star Wars movie was number IV in a projected series of IX. The following movies were V and VI. Then he went back and made I, II, and III, which are the ones I said should just be considered his bad dream and ignored. The latest movie is numbered VII in the opening credits. So between The Return of the Jedi VI, and now The Force Awakens VII, 32 years have elapsed in real time, and the moviemakers did not ignore the long gap. As I said, a lot of catching up to do.

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