Wither Thou Goest

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Bryan had an interesting comment on the sketches I posted earlier this week. He suggested the characters be developed into a Sunday-only serial strip. This intrigued me, because it brought back a memory from when I’d read the comics as a kid. In The Atlanta Journal, we’d see “Buz Sawyer” in the funnies Monday through Saturday. Buz had been a Navy pilot during the war years, but he was a civilian adventurer and corporate mercenary by the time I came along. His was a swashbuckling serial strip, expertly produced by Roy Crane, and I loved it. However, on Sunday, in the large color format, the strip was about the man who’d flown with him as a gunner in the Pacific; his name was Roscoe Sweeney, a bellicose sidekick who’d been providing comic relief since their flying days. By the 50s, Roscoe lived on his orange grove in north Florida, with his younger sister. The Sunday strip was titled “Buz Sawyer, Featuring His Pal Roscoe Sweeney,” but each week would be a self-contained comic happening within the Sweeney household. It was a sit-com premise that might seem a tame life for such an old war horse, but combat veterans like him literally were everywhere in those days. Domesticity and normalcy were in big demand, and I suppose this was Crane’s version. Anyway, I always enjoyed Roscoe Sweeney, and I’m happy to be reminded of him.