Far Out Cat

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The A&J series that is running in newspapers this week about syncing wireless technology is based on true events, as was the lizard episode a few weeks back. You are right: I’ve not been leading a very exciting life of late. As for the lizard sequence, one commenter somewhere kept coming back day after day to snort (if one can snort online) derisively something like, “What’s the big deal? It’s just a harmless lizard.” I didn’t say anything then, but I would like to say on my—I mean Arlo’s—behalf that when a skink, a rather large and aerodynamic lizard, is running loose in one’s underwear, it becomes a matter not of fear but of urgency. Anyway, ponder Felix the French space cat. There seems to be some debate about whether the first French space cat was Felix or Felicette. If you’re truly interested, it’s an easy search. Sadly, a second French space cat was sent in suborbital space flight similar to Felix, or Felicette, but did not survive the recovery. Apparently, its name is unrecorded.