Cat-Like Reflexes

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I said I would come in today, on Saturday, to tell you a little more about the A&J T shirts that will be available soon, and so I have. To make things easier for all, you can go here for detailed information about the short-sleeve shirts and go here for information about the long-sleeve shirts. The official Gildan Web site will give you the technical details about the shirts, as well as the colors. (Remember, the short-sleeve shirts are available in Carolina blue, charcoal, military green, natural and sport gray, and the long-sleeve shirts are available in black, gold, light pink, red and sand.) There also is a size chart available. The handsome young men are not included.

I thought I would give you my general impressions of our product. These are Gildan’s “Ultra Cotton” line, the best they offer. They are 6-ounce cotton shirts, about the heaviest basic T generally available. All are from 100% American-grown cotton, except the “sport gray” version which, for some reason, is 10% polyester. However, I’ve seen it and felt it; it’s a good shirt. I have worn these shirts around for several weeks and washed them—of course. These shirts fit. When I say that, I mean they are neither clingy nor baggy. I wear a large T shirt normally, and the large Gildan is comfortable. Maybe I shouldn’t encourage you to purchase the wrong size shirt, but if you like your shirt really comfy loose, as many do, you might consider getting a size larger than normal for you. The actually colors of the shirt don’t always match up with the corresponding colors on the Web. Oddly, the shirt colors tend to be more vivid, I think. And remember, you can see the artwork on the shirts by clicking on the link at the top of this post. I’ve said about all I can say about T shirts. Now I’m going to watch the Auburn/Alabama game. War Eagle!!