Hair’s Arlo!

I wonder how many plays on words are attached to the name of hair-styling establishments; they seem particularly vulnerable to attempted cleverness. I thought I might as well play out this string from 1997 and show you the first image of Arlo with his then-new haircut. I hate drawing hair. There is nothing more challenging about cartooning for me than drawing hair. Long or short, I have always thought Arlo’s hair looks ridiculous, but by now he wouldn’t be Arlo without that hair. However, no one has ever complained about Arlo’s hair. But Janis! There are people out there who hate her hair and are always asking stuff like, “Why does she have a pot on her head?” I was giving a talk one time when two women in the audience got into a heated exchange about Janis’ hair. One thought it was terrible, and the other thought it was fine. I’ve always thought it looks all right, for cartoon hair. Better than Arlo’s!

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