Bums on the Beach

And still at the beach! Obviously, these strips were drawn as Gene was about to leave the scene for college. That was nine years ago. Now, he has graduated, married and is struggling to establish himself and his young family. I’d say the strip is moving along in close to real time.
Not surprisingly, there are those among you who know much more about Kickstarter projects than I. I wish I could have sat down and talked to you beforehand! Pursuant to comments yesterday, I do want to say that I will be assisting a non-profit organization in the raising of funds. None of the money will darken my bank account. In fact, the last piece of the puzzle involves waiting for the non-profit’s new credit card to arrive. This being 2016, a Kickstarter account must be associated with a credit card, and this 169-year-old organization does not have one. It should arrive next week; as soon as it does, the project will go live.
I am using the extra time to tweak the rewards and the fun. Thanks for yesterday’s suggestions; I will consider them—except for the one about coming to your place to take you to dinner. No offense. Some of the rewards already in place won’t surprise you. Some of them might. I’m getting excited!

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