Ready for some stuff?

Today’s “old” A&J strip is from 2014, and speaking of stuff: I wish I could be more authoritative, but I think those of you who pledged during the fund-raising campaign and selected a reward will be receiving a “survey” from Kickstarter. That’s what they call it, a survey, and it only goes out once, so fill it out carefully. It should tell me what reward you selected and where to send it. In the case of shirts, it will be your opportunity to specify size and color. You will notice that I built in some wiggle room for myself. Most rewards are promised to be delivered by the end of October. Hopefully, most will arrive well before then. The book, however, will not be out until November. That’s pretty certain! I will address this process further when I, myself, am more familiar with exactly how it is going to work. Remember, though, you can always email me with any concerns you might have. Those of you who donated outside Kickstarter, I have an email record of your requests and will be in touch. Bear with me. This could be something of an adventure. I guarantee, though, that everyone will get their reward before we’re done.
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