Silly Goose

When I ran across this Sunday from 2010, I had to choose it for today’s classic A&J, because a couple of dear friends of mine are leaving this morning for a vacation in France. I wish them a hearty bon voyage, and of course I envy them. Though, when it comes to the average passenger manifest, Janis Goose probably is closer to the truth than Arlo Goose. You’re going to roll your eyes at this next bit. I’ve talked about it on several occasions in the past, but you have to admit: some of the things I dwell on here to no apparent end do sometimes produce results, eventually. I am again/still giving my online presence a lot of thought, and I now, finally, realize this will mean a lot more than a cosmetically revamped traditional Web site. When it does happen, a lot of you aren’t going to like it at first. There are a lot of things I won’t like so much either, but social media are were creativity is headed. It’s largely there already. I do believe, however, that ultimately nothing we enjoy now will be lost, and a lot will be gained. I hope it happens sooner than later, if only because I can stop worrying about it.
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