The Mice that Roared

Speaking of literature, I guess you’ve heard by now. Bob Dylan won this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature! You go, Bob!

I saw a flat-bed truck loaded with generator-powered work lights headed toward the coast yesterday. I want to revisit Tuesday’s post, for I may have been unclear. My point was, Hurricane Matthew was a historic and destructive storm. It’s already yesterday’s news, but some flooding rivers in North Carolina have not crested as I write. There is, literally, untold damage for hundreds of miles. Amazingly, though, it could have been much worse given the unique path of Matthew. That’s all I meant by, “We were very very lucky.” I think most of us don’t realize yet how bad it actually was.

I didn’t mean to get into hurricanes again today, but after rereading my post of Tuesday, I didn’t want to be misunderstood. I had intended to give you some good news! Remember the Kickstarter campaign? Sure you do! Well, the rewards have begun flowing. Although nothing was promised earlier than October, I had hoped to get some rewards out by now. September, however, was an unusually frenetic month around here, but it’s past. We’ll talk more about the rewards and the parsonage project soon. Thank you!

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