The Shipping News

I know I’ve shown to you this not-so-old A&J from 2014. I just hope it wasn’t in the past couple of months. If so, I apologize; I feel as if I’ve been chasing my tail since before the Kickstarter thing early this past summer. Speaking of that, there are a couple of things I want to mention today, and that is one. The Kickstarter rewards promised for October are shipping. Some of you will get a package today. Other rewards haven’t yet been shipped, but we’re working hard to get everything that was promised for October in the mail before Halloween. Thank you for your patience.

The other thing: that Web site make-over I keep talking about. It is on hold and, for once, for a very good reason. GoComics is in the process of seriously revamping its own site. You know, that’s where you go for “Today’s Arlo & Janis.” I don’t know the details yet myself, but supposedly the changes will not be totally cosmetic. There will be a new structure that affects not only you, the reader, but people like me, the creators. So, for now, it’s a good excuse to take a wait-and-see approach.
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