Not Just a City in Ireland

Well, I messed up Big Time. The current A&J comic strip that appeared Sunday, Jan. 1, was a poem, a limerick of which I was rather proud. Today’s strip, Jan. 2, was a limerick about cats, of which I was less proud, but there it is. Now, I can count on comments such as, “Not another limerick.” Or, “These limericks are awful.” Or “I’m bored with this poetry thing.” Actually, the Sunday strip is drawn earlier than the Monday-Saturday strips, and I didn’t realize I was putting two poem strips back to back, or I wouldn’t have done it. Because I know if I do, well… see above. So, to those commenters annoyed by this, I hope this takes some of the sting out. Having said that, I do not intend to lose any sleep over it. And again: Happy New Year!

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