The new GoComics site is up

Today’s classic was a subtle—or not—plug for this blog that appeared in newspapers in 2008. When cartoonists first began to insert web addresses and such into printed newspaper comics, a lot of editors weren’t keen on the practice. They felt as if they were forced to share a property after they’d paid for exclusive rights. It was even muttered that syndicates and cartoonists perhaps should pay for “advertising.” The editors might have had a point, but, muttering or no, that horse left the barn a long time ago. What we now call “social media” are an intrinsic fact of life. What, you thought we were going to talk about the art of inking? We will, but not today. Instead, I want to call your attention to the new GoComics web site, which went live this week. I will refrain from comment now, but I very much would like to know your opinion.
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