Leprechauns Gone Wild

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In case you’re wondering, there really is such a thing as a “clurichaun.” I mean, there’s such a thing as a mythical Irish fairy called a “clurichaun.” I tell you: the things you have to know to be a cartoonist! Mostly, you have to know how to get to the Google search page. If it seems I’m chronically nostalgic for all things pre-digital, let me tell you how cartoonists used to do things. They actually kept catalogs and files of clippings at hand, just so they’d know how to draw, say, a lawn mower. Now? Pffft! Google “lawn mower” and instantly see images of just about every type of lawn mower ever invented or imagined. Also back then, every good cartoonist’s shelves groaned with dictionaries and thesauruses and encyclopedias! Now, it’s dust and old Beanie Babies.
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