Tackling Dummy

I didn’t update Tuesday, because I was traveling back from viewing the total eclipse with some friends. I won’t say a lot about that, because so much has already been said, but it was a very interesting experience. The weather in north central Tennessee was perfect, and I feel lucky to have seen the full effect. I will say that I am now an eclipse snob. I have known about the coming of this solar event for several years and long ago made plans to be in its direct path. What I did not know until recently was that my own hometown and surrounding area would experience something like 95% totality. I couldn’t help thinking, “I’m driving six hours for an additional five percent?!” However, when that sun winked out completely, as if a celestial switch had been thrown, I knew it was worth it. The difference was dramatic, and I’m going to rub it in with all my buddies who thought they saw the eclipse.
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