Antidiluvian Art

I ran across this old strip in the archives, and in light of recent events it brought back a memory. I’ve told you this before, but it’s been a while. I gave the original of this strip to a friend in Pass Christian, Mississippi, prior to Katrina. She was something of a painter herself, so I thought she might appreciate it. Apparently she did. She had it framed and hung it in her den. However, her bungalow was flooded to the ceiling during the storm, and the cartoon, along with most of her things, was lost. I had spread several cartoons among friends and neighbors in that town, and all were ruined in the hurricane except one, which was found in fair condition a couple of blocks away from where it originally had been hung. (If you squint closely at the last panel—and I know some of you will—you can see in the broken outline of the bathing woman’s breast the hint of a nipple. Not an easy thing to get away with in the newspaper comics!)
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