Tweets, share and the like

I’m not quite as intransigent as I make Arlo appear in this not-so-old A&J strip, but it does reflect my ambivalence about the ever-shifting online experience. I think I can say, without contradiction, that Arlo & Janis was one of the first syndicated newspaper strips to embrace digital technology. A&J was one of the first comics—if not the first—to invite email back in the heady days of AOL hegemony, and I diligently have maintained a personal Web presence for well over 20 years. (OK, I sometimes have been more diligent than other times.) I am not a Luddite, but I am antediluvian. I find myself flummoxed these days by what seems to me the chaotic array of ‘social media.’ I have dabbled in Twitter, and I have waded up to my knees in Facebook, but I’ve not taken any plunge. Still, we all know this site is getting a bit threadbare. That’s not your fault! That’s mine. If you’re reading this, I thank you, and I take it as a sign you have at least a vague interest in where this all goes. I know, I know: I’ve talked about this before, a lot, and it hasn’t been just talk. I have sought professional counsel (Not that kind, although it might not hurt.) from various sources and never found a good fit. I continue to struggle with this, I think, important issue. Perhaps I’m overthinking it. Again, I don’t want to sound as if I’m in any way discounting those of you who continue to visit this site and find something to enjoy. You’re my rock! Whatever I do, it will be built on the foundation of what we’ve been doing here for years. But one of these days, I will do something!
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