Gullible’s Travails

Another social media-themed A&J to continue yesterday’s thread. I want to thank all of you for contributing your two cents to what must seem like a very hackneyed subject here. In reality, it’s not. Technology changes constantly, and it becomes clearer every day that the future of most publishing is digital. It’s hard to keep up! However, thanks to you, a strategy is developing. I don’t think this website will ever go away; in fact, it very well could become the center of the Arlo & Janis empire someday. Social media will be used to goose the numbers, i.e. “develop interest.” I do think this website is long overdue for a facelift and some upgrades. It will not look the same. It will include more content. It probably will depend less on me having enough coffee and time in the morning to post something. In other words, your basic, old-school Web page. It will continue to provide a forum for your carryings on. In other words, we’re going to get a new clubhouse. You have been heard. Oh, by the way, as of immediately comments will close after 14 days, up from the old seven. You have been heard.

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