Online Competition

I will admit, they’re not all great. Today’s Arlo & Janis appearing in newspapers and on is an example of “not great.” In my opinion, it’s a big ripe stinker. I had five daily comic strips in the can the week it was drawn, but I needed one more. Deadline was approaching, and I was coming up dry. I employed a usually reliable cartooning hack: I started drawing something familiar, in this case Janis walking, hoping to coax a punchline into revealing itself as I drew. It never did. Too often it is easy to pick out the sixth cartoon in a week of daily strips and sometimes the fifth. It happens. I’m not going to say any more about it. I’ve said too much already.
This may seem like an odd moment to bring this up, but I would appreciate it if those of you who read A&J on each day would take a second to “like” the cartoon by clicking on the little blue heart to the right. In the past, I tried to refrain from influencing my readers beyond the presentation of the actual cartoon; I thought it should speak for itself. This is the new reality, though. But for heaven’s sake, don’t “like” the cartoon unless you really like it! I do have some pride left.

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