Mea Cuppa

Do you remember the above “old” Arlo & Janis comic? You should; it first appeared in newspapers and on earlier this month. What you probably don’t remember is the strip below that first ran November 30, 2004. I obviously didn’t!

I ran across the 2004 version this morning, while rummaging for something to post. I’ve been drawing Arlo & Janis for a long time. I’ve always suspected things such as this happen, but I’ve never stumbled upon such damning evidence. I looked up comments here and at GoComics from the day the recent version came out, Nov. 3. It was with mixed emotions I discovered no one else caught it either. I have to admit, it isn’t a joke one would remember 13 years later. I did notice both cartoons were from November. I suspect they were the result of me stowing away on the overbooked Pumpkin Spice Latte Train.
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