Mea Cuppa

Do you remember the above “old” Arlo & Janis comic? You should; it first appeared in newspapers and on earlier this month. What you probably don’t remember is the strip below that first ran November 30, 2004. I obviously didn’t!

I ran across the 2004 version this morning, while rummaging for something to post. I’ve been drawing Arlo & Janis for a long time. I’ve always suspected things such as this happen, but I’ve never stumbled upon such damning evidence. I looked up comments here and at GoComics from the day the recent version came out, Nov. 3. It was with mixed emotions I discovered no one else caught it either. I have to admit, it isn’t a joke one would remember 13 years later. I did notice both cartoons were from November. I suspect they were the result of me stowing away on the overbooked Pumpkin Spice Latte Train.
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  1. Haha. We ALL repeat stories. Sometimes I wish that I could recycle days like A&J does strips, but I’ve learned that each day is precious and never should I take them for granted.

    I bought a new over the hood microwave, which fortunately my daughter helped me install. Near disaster. We were about to install when we saw that the side was crushed The 2nd one seemed loose and my daughter noticed that the threads were pushed in and the screw was not attached. So she disassembled the case and located the threads and we got it in successfully. My wife fave me a Janis type ” Why are you doing this with mother here?”, but this was the only time my daughter would be home. We worked well together.

    Buying the microwave was an adventure. The clerk let everyone know that she didn’t work in the department and that with 19 years experience she should be home with her family. I really turned on the charm and realized that she really wasn’t a bad person. As we left I told her that this was the first day that I could get out due to my illness. Then I told her that our family was getting together today for Thanksgiving. Since we were all going to be havingTurkey on Thursday, my brother-in-law said that we would have tacos. When I told lady this, she said “y’all going to have tacos for Thanksgiving!* She then started to laugh and laugh and laugh. She thanked me for being her last and best customer of the day for her and I told her that’s what I try to do: make people smile. I also said that my brother and sister both lost spouses this year so it made me realize that Thanksgiving is more about family than the food around the table

  2. Interestingly, Jimmy, you just ran a series of strips here where the theme was the retelling of old stories (“Storied Past” I-IV). Life imitates art?

  3. Actually, there have been a couple of occasions over the years when I noticed you had “recycled” a gag. However, they are so infrequent I have no recollection of the details.

  4. Now I feel Jimmy has let on that he is a mortal, after I had held him up as a deity of ink and wit. Still, even a god could be excused for being smitten with PSL.

  5. I have already experienced my Christmas profanity while buying tickets for the Nutcracker, A Christmas Carole, Cinderella and Gerswin. Should have taken a tranquilizer first!

    Hate being timed out when buying performance tickets. Ruins my holiday happiness at getting Black Friday half price ballet tickets.

    Ghost says they don’t realize their audience types slowly.

  6. So, new art, new situation, same punch line… What’s wrong with that? I’m sure there’s a site somewhere that catalogs jokes, skits, and comic strips by punch lines. If there’s not, someone will create one eventually. That’s what the ‘net is for, right?

  7. $5 in 2004 for a “grande” and $5 in 2017 for a “large” – I don’t know French, but I thought those were the same size. If so, I’m impressed that there’s been no price increase for “mochas” for 13 years.

  8. We just heard from Social Security that our benefits for 2018 will rise by all of 2%. However, to pay for various of their programs, our net take will DEcrease by $134.+ each month…that’s more than 11%. Yeccch.

    I am thankful we don’t depend on SS for the necessities.

  9. Ghost went out for Shop Locally Saturday with me today, a day in which you go buy as much as you can from local companies to help keep small businesses in business. Probably first time he has done the Shop Saturday event too.

    We had fun, then went for a delicious lunch, his choice at a new deli with trendy but huge sandwiches. Ghost got up and said “I want to go to Checotah for lunch.” Carrie Underwood is from Checotah as are many famous rodeo performers.

    Best advice I have had is to do things and eat things I enjoy when I feel best. Working so far.

  10. Hey Leon! Ghost just shaved my head. I look like Mr. Clean or Jim Cantore. The follicles that were left kept growing from first round. Go figure?

    Glad to see you. Will write tomorrow.

  11. The other recycled punchline that I recall is from when Arlo is watching news on tv and the last panel says something like “I think I could be a reporter” or “I think I could be a weatherman”. I find myself saying that a lot when coming across inept people doing their job.

    I’m surprised Jimmy hasn’t recycled it with Arlo musing “I think I could be a Congressman” or “I think I could be president.”

  12. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Good evening Villagers….

    Steve, customer service is a bear, and I love the way you ‘killed’ it with kindness. Job well done, young man!

    Finally sat down an hour ago for first time today. Been slacking off in domestic duties here lately, with Dad being on antibiotics for MRSA, the extra sterilizing, bleaching (remember Clorox is your best friend, I do not buy off brands) We’re clean here 🙂

    I went to my doctor tues….(bumps started appearing on my forearms and hands, they looked like little pimples on arms..I was scared) My doctor is the kindest and gentlest soul, she reassured me I did not have MRSA, my body was releasing stress bumps. She even squeezed on one without gloves….she “renewed my ‘calming’ med 🙂 and a antibiotic ointment. She asked if they ran a culture on Dad, told her no..I shouldn’t have had to ask for one….oh yeah, that’s right…..I was dealing with a NP, which I do like.

    My doctor eased my concern about Dad, said from the way I described it, it was not typical of the bacteria and she doubted if had contacted it. More of an abscess cyst But I did take dad back into the doctor after a week w/o oral antibiotics and I wanted him on another week. You know what she said after the first time we went in….make an appt in a month….(I thought a flipping month!!) After giving her the benefit of the doubt…something was not working….we went in on Monday and I made another one for two weeks. On the positive side…it looks better….shaved his chest so it didn’t pull the hair….that hurts too 🙁

    Ian and I have been streaming movies….’American Made” *** w/ Tom Cruise job of doing his own stunts, recommend it, based on true story. (love to watch his stunts)

  13. Debbe: Sometimes this site just doesn’t like multiple paragraphs. My post the other day didn’t go anywhere, not even moderation. Luckily I was able to go back and copy it. When I broke it into two posts, it worked fine.

  14. Just finished initial draft of column ‘Threescore and Ten’ for the Th 14 Dec Bemidji Pioneer. Subject changed from ‘recipes for one’ after I started it, because worsening twinges in R rib cage said ‘take us to the ER,’ so ended up writing about that visit. Sanford ER does a good job, as do most of Sanford Health’s depts. Apparently not caused by heart problems but by low potassium [K] levels, so wrote about ER visit. Feel guilty suffering only moderate aches and pains compared to what some of you are dealing w/. Will let the column marinate for 2-3 days before sending it in. As mentioned before, a problem is that I’ve lost my copy editor. You can probably read it if you go to the Bemidji Pioneer website on 14 Dec or so. May get back to Bachelor Cuisine in Jan.

    New Sanford Joe Lueken** Cancer Center now under construction, due date next fall. Two of its Ca exam rooms w/b in memory of 2 deceased BSU grads, Elaine and a former bio major who became a noted ethnobotanist but died much too young from a miserable disease, scleroderma. She and a roommate lived w/ us for 2 yr. **Joe = recently deceased philanthropist, owner of Lueken’s Village Foods, which he sold to the employees; it is now employee owned, and seems to be doing well. Peace,

  15. My cancer complaints are so minor that I feel guilty too emb. My oncologist and Ghost say I should not feel guilt, part is due to starting out in healthier physical shape and therefore stronger to fight cancer. I hope that is true.

    Ghost and I made the decision that my cancer treatment was our job and we are taking it seriously. But we continue to have fun as much as we can.

    Fresh fruit smoothies are my main nutrition source right now. They are so delicious. Breakfast was peach raspberry orange banana and tonight’s was mango strawberry banana orange. They all have Greek plain yogurt and overripe frozen banana and fresh juice. Tomorrow I begin the unflavored protein additive as I hate the flavored pritein.

  16. Nope. It did not. Two paragraphs long and containing no words or phrases that could even remotely be considered offensive. Unless the phrase “a strikingly beautiful young lady of Korean ancestry who is a petroleum engineer and former deepwater offshore drilling rig diver currently certified as a diving instructor” could be considered offensive. I give up.

  17. Good morning Villagers….

    Still in limbo I see..won’t go into repeating the post, but I did give Steve two thumbs up in dealing with customer service…it’s hard job, as sometimes you just want to reach over the counter and go for the jugler.

    Watched some movies from the comfort of my couch on Friday…here are my critic’s review:

    American Made” *** w/ Tom Cruise job of doing his own stunts, recommend it, based on true story. (love to watch his stunts)

    Then “American Assassin” ** typical terrorist movie starring Michael Keaton

    “The Mummy” with Tom Cruise **

    “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2? **** loved the music in it…..seventies sstyle

    Then last night I watched the “The Homesman”. Tommy Lee Jones and Hillary Swank ***
    but not before I busted butt in catching up on housekeeping here.

  18. Alrighty then….Ruth Ann, I will do that the next time. I’ve seen long posts here that did not wind up in moderation…who knows.

    Jackie you’re eating healthy, staying active, and have courage to not let it beat you down….plus you got GR 😉

  19. I did notice that the same price is given in both comics, despite being 13 years apart. Which probably is because my late youth and early adulthood were the period of maximum inflation, when prices rose noticeably every year. Also, IIRC, “grande” at Starbucks *isn’t* the large size, that’s “venti”. So Arlo is actually getting more for his money in 2017!

  20. Good morning. Ghost cannot get past moderation and is frustrated by the arbitrary “rules” of the cyber monitor. I will say that when we humans can blogs and discussion groups you could ask why and argue with us.

    Jimmy of course has better things to do than sooth us. Like art.

    Saturday December 2 from 1-3 p.m. Jimmy Johnson will be at Faraway Places in Iuka, Mississippi for a gallery showing of the art of Arlo and Janis.

    About two dozen of his original strips will be for sale. Plus the chance to meet Jimmy and the original Janis. Something I have always wanted to do because I feel a compelling similarity between Janis and myself.

    When I retired (the first time) back in 1982 I opened a shop very like Faraway Places but minus the quaint historic town and building which I yearned for. I want to see how it would have turned out, done right.

  21. Next Tuesday, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is Giving Tuesday. It falls on Tuesday November 29 this year.

    Besides the big national and international charities, try to give locally.

    I try to give to the food bank. Local animal rescue groups, lots of small local groups help out people and animals in your town.

    Ghost and I like the Salvation Army because we know their money reaches those in need. This year as always I will buy Toys For Tots. Give money to buy food for local animal rescues.. Every little bit helps.

    Do what you can to help.

  22. Jackie:

    The Salvation Army is about the only organization that I still trust, and I give them a fair amount each year. I actually trust them more than the church I currently attend – I won’t go into the reasons for the lack of trust. I will say that I attend because it’s my wife’s family’s church, their membership stretching back to about the 1850s.

    Another organization that my wife and I support is Guiding Eyes for the Blind. I checked them out extremely carefully before I donated; they’re legitimate.

    Also, we had the pleasure of meeting two of their trainers and the dogs that they were training last summer when we rode the Cuyahoga Valley scenic train in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The meeting was entirely accidental, and I have to admit that it’s reassuring to know for a fact that the organization does indeed exist.

  23. I just gave to Oklahoma Regional Food Bank. They have a 4% administrative cost because mostly volunteers run them unpaid. For every dollar donated for Giving Tuesday their corporate sponsors match the amount. Yout donatio doubles.

    Most Texans and Gulf Coast hurricane survivors distrust Red Cross.

  24. Ghost and I are helping with a local nursing home to provide gifts for their residents. Most are poor and without family so will receive no gifts or family visits. I am certain similar situations exist all over our country unfortunately.

    If you’d like to help someone have a better Christmas why not look into such a gifting situation? Do not look at the “good homes” but ask if help is needed at the poorer homes providing for our nation’s elderly.

    Then there is always Toys For Tots that needs help.

  25. I remember years back in Ann Landers column G.I. s from WW2. writing about the canteens that the Red Cross and the Salvation Army ran. The Salvation Army would provide coffee and doughnut no charge,but the Red Cross would charge for the same coffee and doughnut.

  26. Jackie:

    I don’t trust the Red Cross, either.

    When the pay scandal first broke, I stopped giving to them. After I retired from teaching and began working for a company in the private sector, I have given only a token amount so that my company can have 100% employee involvement.

  27. [Anonymous on purpose.]
    Local church gets names each year from school district with first name & last initial, age, sex, and a 2-3 item wish list for kids perceived to need help in the gift realm. This year 150 kids are being gifted at $30. each. This church has only 50 or so active members, so I think the love being shown is remarkable. Gifts are transported to the district coordinator for distribution to the indicated child at the named school. The child never knows who the donor is. Don’t know how many, in total, kids are involved, but the district has some size to it.

  28. Anonymous, that is a wonderful form of giving that brings a smile and a memory. I hope it can continue through this time where there are so many concerns for the privacy of minors. I would like to think we can find a way to have privacy rules that protect from bad things, yet allow for good things. Unfortunately I do not have the answer and can only continue to hope. Glad to read your good example.

    Ghost and others, sometime around a couple of weeks ago I submitted a short story, copied from an advertisement, about a macremé time machine. I was astonished that it was posted in full. I had already divided it in four pieces, separately in a notepad document, ready to copypaste when needed. Only it was not needed.

    I also remember seeing an occasional, though not nearly frequently enough to satisfy desire for more fun prose, newsletter on orphanage events that stretched quite long. With these examples in mind, I wonder if it is not the length in character count or paragraph breaks, but the length of time elapsed before hitting the [Submit Comment] button.

    Does that hypothesis fit with your experience as well?

  29. Mark, on your link, there is a short outing highlighting engines of the Milwaukee Road. It reminded me of the items shared here before on the Iron Horse Park in Washington and the Columbia River crossing at Vantage, near the I-90 crossing of today.

  30. For privacy and medical legal limits our seniors have a numerical coding known only to staff. I tried to choose gifts as though the recipient was my own mother. I fear these ladies have little “nice”in their lives.

    Sadly in giving to nursing home residents one has to fear theft from staff. I have known and employed a lot of people over the years who worked in this particular home. Usually worked briefly but that is how they worked for me!
    Briefly, if they worked at all.

    Yes, sadly it becomes evident that we can’t do things even to help others we once did for fear of legal reprisals.

  31. Jackie, that is one workaround solution. And I am glad again that it allows for good things to happen. It raises in me a different fear of when we mark people by a number. Although this example is on paper only.

    I know that what I yearn for is that bad things don’t happen to good intentions. And I know that wishing it were so is a long way from reality. But I also feel that an eventual solution will only come after more discussion and less acceptance.

  32. My mother left a church she’s attended for many years when she realized that they were giving about $3,000 each year (several years in a row) to one family that squandered the presents. The single mom would allow the boyfriend of the day to pawn, sell, or even trash the gifts. Very little good was coming of the gifts since the children didn’t get them. She couldn’t accept that their good intentions mattered more than the obvious results.

    She attended a different church (same denomination) in a neighboring town that was less careless in its good deeds.

  33. Random realization that times have REALLY changed.

    The number of chocolate covered cherries in a box of candy has dropped from two dozen to only ten candies! In my lifetime.

    The box and size is same, just less candy. Cost to package is same or more, just less cherries.

  34. Make all that past tense. As in “she’d attended for many years.” And the pastor of the second church oversaw my mother’s hospice care during her final year, making her final days far sweeter than I could from the road.

  35. I ran across a real no calorie sweetener while trying to sweeten iced tea not long ago. When I opened the yellow packet it was already empty! Obviously quality control missed that one.

    My hospital sponsors an angel tree every year where they anonymously collect gifts for children who wouldn’t have a holiday. The card showing the age/sex of the child shows both what they want, and what clothing they need. If we want to participate we can either buy one of the gifts or send money to the department member who is the designated buyer.

  36. My daughter was once such a designated buyer for a family one Christmas for her store in her youth she was shocked to find blankets and pillows, along with food and clothing on the list, along with toys and gifts.

    She made sure the money bought it all to her credit.

  37. Gentle reminder about Giving Tuesday which can be donated today or tomorrow.

    Because I have been made aware of the many seniors who suffer I made a general annual donation and a second monthly donation that goes to seniors only. Ghost will appreciate that my giving up Diet Coke will provide 200 meals per month for seniors.

    Isn’t there something you can give up? Cigarettes? Soda? Lattes?

    Give up something bad for you and do good. That’s a winner.

  38. My 19-yo daughter, after being a night owl these past few months, had a headache and went to bed at 7:30 last night. She got twice her usual 6 hours sleep and still wants more. You can’t make up a huge sleep deficit with a single deposit! Fortunately she doesn’t work today.

  39. No idea what goes have to do with naked gracds. What I want to know is why the shaved pubic hair in all the frontal art?

    And does Melcher sit in his mother’s dark basement in front of a computer screen while he comes up with all these zingers?

  40. Classic era Greeks apparently thought index toes should be longer than big toes, and so sculpted them in gods, heroes, etc. Jean-Baptiste Regnault, in late 18th c., either agreed w/ them, or painted toes that way because the girls [or one model] represented Gr. mythology. Whatever, they’re kinda cute. Peace,

  41. Hairless pubes have been standard [but not universal] for millennia, both paintings and, since 1800s in art photos. Some decades back, you could not send tasteful nude photos through the US Mail if pubes showed. One hair got past them, in a classic photo by [horny] Edward Weston. Model became his lover, for a time, and wrote an illustrated bk about it. I’d never noticed that one hair ’til she mentioned it.


  42. Granted, “That and [amount of money] will buy you a [thing]” is a fairly common phrase anyway.

    I’ve seen folks catch Garfield reusing jokes almost verbatim too (presumably also unintentionally).

  43. Apparently shaving body parts has been around for centuries including men’s chests and other parts as well.

    Why seems odd to me honestly but is quite evident at my nudist club.

    It does nothing to “enhance” anything I have seen.

  44. Plz look up China’s new aircraft carrier. Look at all of the pictures. No it’s not real. They even show you that you can get a model with one hull or two hull’s. At least they show you the model’s. I don’t know if you can order one.

  45. That clearly was the artist’s intent in painting the nubile and very young girls for their older male clients who liked young girls.

    While I obviously am not offended by nudity I don’t find Melchers sophomoric humor funny or worthy of calling a cartoon.

  46. Jerry in FL, You had me going there. Checked and the Chinese really did commission a home-built carrier this year. And there is a hoax story that has been going around a long time that is the one you refer to. The real carrier is built along the same lines as the one they bought from the Soviets with the “ski ramp” for launching jump jets. Very similar to the UK design for launching Harriers.

  47. Jackie’s cancer treatments have made a bit of a restless sleeper of her. I commented tonight that it was somewhat akin to sleeping with one of the Flying Wallendas. (She laughed, so I guess that’s OK to repeat here.)

  48. The Harrier type aircraft are not as capable as the regular jets. Shorter range, harder to fly and more mechanically complex, more difficult and expensive to maintain. Not having the angled flight deck also makes the whole ship less capable than the bigger carriers because you have less room for flight operations.

  49. Good morning. On my good behavior, off to Tulsa to see my cancer surgeon and my plastic surgeon.

    Driven by a very good looking long legged “sharp dressed man.”

    Oops, I promised good behavior .

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