Going Out of Business!!

Do you do something like this in your home? In reality, I set the electric blanket on “2” for the cats; I’m a cheap so-in-so. Speaking of money, I’m going to get rid of some things beginning tomorrow. No, we’re not going out of business, but we’re having a clearance sale in the spirit of “The Victory Shop.” In the town where I grew up, “The Victory Shop” was a small clothing store that was continually going out of business. Year in and year out, permanent signs announced “Closing our Doors! Everything Must Go!” It might still be there for all I know. But back to our business. See the banner at the bottom of this page that says, “T Shirts?” Well, it’s about to be gone, along with the shirts themselves. Don’t buy one today! They’re going on sale tomorrow. Not all sizes and colors will be available: it is a clearance sale. Also, in cooperation with “Faraway Places” of Iuka, Mississippi, ten pieces of professionally framed original art from last Saturday’s art show will be made available. Come early for our door-buster specials.

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