Everything Must Go!!

As promised, the T shirts are on sale! We’re going to start knocking down some walls at this Web site soon, and we’ll need the space. The T shirts, all styles, are on sale for $15. That’s half price, and shipping is included. It is a clearance sale, though. Colors and sizes are limited to what’s in the inventory. When these two ground-breaking designs are gone, they’ll never be back. They are good shirts. Ask those who paid twice as much as you will. Just click on the gaudy banner above to shop. The art sale will begin this afternoon or Saturday. I’ll work on that this morning. It’s a good day for it: winter has arrived. We’re under a winter storm warning for the remainder of today.
(Haberdasher’s note: The T-shirt sale will continue until the end of the year, but selections will never be better than they are as you read this!)
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