He’s eaten worse

FYI, a new season of “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” kicked off Tuesday night on the Travel Channel. Andrew has come a long way since he broke into our consciousness as “that guy who eats weird stuff” although he still does that. And speaking of Ludwig, the cat. You know how a cartoonist sometimes will copy a comic strip panel, usually of talking heads, and sequentially paste it, changing only the dialog, or maybe a few details to throw you off? It’s very easy and very common (and very tempting!) in this digital age. I’m not being judgmental; I’ve done it myself in a pinch. The point I want to make is, sometimes repetition serves a purpose. Take, for example, today’s A&J appearing at GoComics.com and in newspapers. The gag is built around the merciless stare of cats. Each panel is individually drawn and inked, as usual, except for the cat figure, which was copied and pasted three times. Works perfectly.

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