Knock Knock Joke

Some of us of a certain age still have a problem with the phrase “turn of the century,” meaning 18 years ago. For so much of our lives, “turn of the century” meant the beginning of the 20th Century, something that happened a long time ago, even for us. Two decades on, we still stumble mentally. Which turn of the century? That’s why I say, “since the beginning of the millennium….” It doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, but you know which millennium I’m talking about. Anyway, it sometimes surprises me how little my artwork has changed in the new millennium. I tell myself and others that it’s been a steady upward progression, and it has been, just not so much as I like to think. Were it not for Janis’ hair, it would be hard even for me to tell if an old strip were drawn in 2004, as was the above, or in 2014. Janis’ hair seems to change in subtle ways that, for me, serve as a type of cartoon carbon dating. And look! They’re sleeping on the wrong side of the bed.

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