A Matter of Perspective

I’m sorry I missed posting yesterday. If I had been here, I would have told you that the Kickstarter “surveys” are going out this weekend, which will be your opportunity to tell me where to send your reward and to list particulars in your case. It only goes out once! That’s Kickstarter doing, not mine. So, take care filling it out, and in the case of book inscriptions, etc., be sure and tell me exactly what you’d like. Here we go!
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  1. Trucker you are so sweet! You know us too well.

    It actually rained a few drops here, more than a few north of me where flash flooding warnings are up. I think I will read awhile or go back to sleep.

  2. Jimmy, just got my survey and completed but it only wanted my address and asked for how I wanted art signed, did not give me option of choosing anything beyond the original cartoon I had at first pledged for.

    I will write you directly or you can pick a combination of rewards as long as it includes the original cartoon and book. I don’t need any tee shirts, however!

  3. Mark, as I’m sure you know they do a ton of diagnostic cardiac catheterizations, and the risk of a major complication is described as “generally well below 1 percent”. Not that I expect that will make you look forward to yours any more, but the odds are definitely on your side. And knowing what is going on, so any necessary treatment may be performed, would seem to be worth the rather small risk involved.

  4. Speaking of t-shirts…as part of moving my mom’s stuff out of her apartment, I rented her a storage building for the heirloom items. I had rented a storage building for myself, back after Katrina ate my house, as a catch-all for the stuff I didn’t really need at the moment but didn’t want to discard. Over the years I had winnowed down the contents, so I decided to take what little was left and place it in a corner of my mom’s new building.

    I went through a sealed plastic container and found about a dozen and a half high-quality t-shirts from 10+ years ago, some plain and some printed. They were clean and neatly folded (some apparently never worn), and they will be great for exercise wear. Even better is that they all fit. (Five years ago, probably not so much.) Particularly neat was one from the 1992 Sun ‘n Fun fly-in and airshow in Lakeland FL, given to me by a friend who is now deceased.

  5. Ghost that is a great memory from a happy time and getting rid of a storage unit that reminded you of one as horrible as Katrina was good move. You have not said or I missed the comment, did you rebuild?

  6. Nope; insurance paid me the max coverage limit on my paid-for house, which was equal to or perhaps a bit greater than its pre-storm market value, and I sold the lot and walked off, never looking back. Many homeowners got screwed (personal opinion) by their insurance carriers, but I did not.

    As I may have mentioned, the storm dropped a 100+ year-old oak tree across my house and basically cut it in two, so there was no question of wind vs. water damage or anything like that, which caused problems for many.

  7. I have a friend who rebuilt on his lot and frequently posts photos of the view from his front porch across the sound.
    I think about that often.

  8. R.A., I had not previously heard that “eye roll” expression, and ironically I just ran across “causing eye rolls so hard I can see inside my skull” in an article I was reading on-line.

  9. Switched books to All Over But the Shoutin’ and it is beautifully written with words that capture the south. It is the Rick Bragg I expected to hear, having only read his columns and excerpts.

    Proof you should try another book if one some what disappoints you. Sometimes the author just uses too many words and weighs the story down.

  10. Ghostly Observation: Not all Olympic athletes look like athletes. For instance, many of the male members of the archery teams look just like the bubbas you’d meet in the woods on opening day of primitive weapons deer season. (Although their bows look like something out of a sci-fi movie.)

  11. Jackie, I just read a sample of All Over but the Shoutin’, and I was impressed. I replaced my long-lost library card about a week or so before my sister had the surgery that ultimately killed her, and I have yet to use it. This may be the reason I’ve been needing to do so.

  12. Is that where everyone is? Watching TV? I just have never cared for the Olympics, despite going to college with a passel of them. I know they devote their lives to perfecting a sport but it is not a passion I understand.

    Since I have no athletic ability whatsoever and never have the dedication baffles me. Among my friends are a number of Olympic sailors and in most cases you would never suspect.

  13. I cannot stop reading it, will read it straight through without stopping. Read until 2 a.n. and began again when I woke up. This is amazing writing and emotion.

    Read it.

  14. Ghost, thanks for the encouragement. I know quite a bit about possible complications, since I read Medicare patient inpatient charts 5 days a week as part of earning a living. But, hey, I’ve enjoyed much of my life, no matter what happened with the rest of it. I’m not worried so much about the procedure as concerned about what they may yet find. I hate needles too, and this process is one long collection of being stuck by various pointy objects. Oh, joy!

    I used to watch some sports I was interested in seeing on the Olympics. But things have gotten so political and the management and site selection process is so corrupt and a huge waste of public money, I can’t feel anything for it.

  15. Still here. A few random antedotes:

    Going to be a busy week. Will be making a surprise visit to see a couple of college friends (one is in on it) on Monday. Can’t wait. Get to cover my old store two days next week so my old assistant can testify under oath her ex-SIL is, to borrow a phrase, “bat guano crazy” and does not deserve custody of her children. Cross your fingers the judge is swayed by her testimony – those boys deserve better.

    Finally got the car in to get the tire repaired. Right rear picked up a nail. 🙁 Because I am a regular Discount Tire customer, and always buy the warranty, I had it fixed fir free, even though the tire in question wasn’t purchased there. I feel for the bay guys. The lobby takes customers right up until closing time. Which means everyone who stays to wait will be serviced before they can leave. There was STILL a two hour wait when I left just before closing.

    Ran to the bank to buy some change for Sunday, ones specifically. The bank was SOLD OUT of ones! My teller had $10 in ones. I wanted at least sixty. On a hunch, I called my old store and asked my old assistant if SHE had any ones. She did. I bought her coin change (their bank is closed Saturdays), so it all worked out.

    Grndma turns ninety on the 30th of this month. Working on a surpise open house for her and a birthday card drive for her. If nothing else, my job has taught me how to plan and excute tasks by proxy. 🙂

  16. Mark, in a way I was lucky when I had my SCA… I remember nothing from the point when I went into fibrillation until 2 days later. So, exploratory heart catheterization and inserting catheters into really sensitive places happened to someone else as far as my emotions are concerned.

  17. Mark, from what I’ve been told, they use the really good drugs for heart caths. Probably the same stuff that gets one through a colonoscopy without remembering it. 😀

  18. Lady Mindy, it goes without saying I’d always be on the side of anyone going up against a bat guano crazy person.

    OMG; I just had a mental image of a certain candidate saying, “I love the bat guano crazy.”

    Your bank ran out of one dollar bills on the weekend? Lots of strip clubs in the neighborhood, perhaps? Got to have something to stuff in the gals undies, you know. Currency, I mean.

  19. I cannot stop reading this book. Reminds me of how I used to love reading when I did read constantly. I have not felt that way about a writer in years.

    I thought it took more than $1 bills nowadays? Have never seen female or male strippers unless you count the Chippendales at a charity benefit and they didn’t take any of the little they had on off.

    Has inflation not struck?

  20. Y’know, this is the only place I have ever come across the expression “bat guano crazy”. From where/what does this expression come? I figure some of you are more reliable a source than the ‘net.

  21. Mindy: I’m sure I’m not the only one in the Village who would be happy to add to the birthday card pile. You could share the address by private message on Facebook and it could be passed along to others who are part of this group but not FB friends. Just a thought 🙂

  22. Ruth Anne – Sure, if someone wants to join in the fun, let me know.

    Ghost – As a matter of fact, we DO have several strip clubs around here. One is world famous. Guaranteed $10 lap dances forever. Posted right next to the door. Not sure what precipitated the rush on singles. Bank was caught off guard too.
    PS *execute {sigh}

  23. Ghost is using a euphemism for the bat ________crazy I have heard all my life.

    I do not know how being bat crazy originated, have heard it forever.

  24. Outstanding, R.A. And not surprisingly, I believe I have seen examples of everyone of those. I am always very skeptical of the ones purporting to use “polls” and “statistics”. And the ones that stick out like sore thumbs are those featuring subjects about which I already have some amount of knowledge.

    Many of these sites make money from advertisers based on how many people look at the site. That’s why they use “click-bait” photos, videos and headlines. Don’t waste your time to enrich them.

  25. c ex-p, “bat guano crazy” is a slightly bowdlerized version of “bat $#!+ crazy”. “Bats” is long-used slang for someone who is considered crazy or nuts, and that apparently developed into “bat $#!+ crazy” for someone that is really nutty.

    Possibly somewhat related to the expression, “She’s nuttier than a bag full of squirrel $#!+.”

  26. Lady Mindy, I wonder if that means guaranteed lap dances literally forever, or just each time one visits their club. And if the former, do they issue you an ID card or something? 🙂 Not something I’d want found in my wallet if I were in an accident, I don’t think.

    The only thing I know about lap dances was what was portrayed in the movie “Show Girls”. There they took something that sounds at least marginally erotic and made it look sleazy and disgusting. Come to think of it though, that’s kind of like Hollywood’s business model, isn’t it?

    I still have a true strip club story I need to tell sometime. Not a first person story, I hasten to add.

  27. Ruth Anne, thanks for the link. I posted it to my FB page. My ex is one of the world’s worst for posting that kind of news link constantly. I have thought of unfriending her just to get a break from all that nonsense. It doesn’t hurt to check Snopes either.

  28. Ghost – Sorry, getting a lap dance will cost you $10. They will never raise the price.

    Mark – Unfollow her. You will still be friends, but you won’t see her posts (unless you go look). Much, much better. I’ve done that with several “acquaint-friends.”

    When I started my job, there was a “strip club” down the street that was locally as legendary as the world-known one – for all the wrong reasons. Bottom-of-the-barrel and desperate don’t even touch just how bad it was. It might have been the only strip joint ever where the “talent” accepted our store’s in-house coupons as payment. I only wish I was kidding.

  29. Mark: Unfollowing does work but then you’ll see nothing, including personal or family info you might still find interesting. Another option, which I’ve used with some success, is to tell FB to hide posts from the original source that is being shared. Obviously this is more effective if the annoying person’s posts are frequently from the same source. However, after doing this to a few different sources, I think FB’s algorithm may have picked up on my pattern as I see noticeably fewer such posts – and I’m fairly certain the parties in question haven’t changed.

  30. Ruth Anne, unfortunately she does not stick to one source. She falls for everything and reposts whatever she agrees with unthinkingly.

    By the way, while on the subject of blocking annoying messages, my mom still has a home phone. Used to be on the big one, now on Vonage for half the cost. But, in spite of being on the Do Not Call register, all sorts of junk calls kept coming anyway. Her phone would ring 10 or more times a day with anonymous, private number or calls from entities we had never heard of. I had read of a service that was created to screen and block such calls for free if you were on some kind of internet phone service. I signed up for it and also used Vonage’s own anonymous number block and the annoyances have virtually stopped. Look up Nomorobo and read about it. I do not work for or receive anything from them, I just really appreciate the peace and quiet, and that mom isn’t getting all these dubious calls that might talk her into anything.

  31. Mark, I am suffering from robo calls originating in India. They use a large number of leased US lines and the internet to dial into them. Since they are offshore, and continually bouncing numbers, they are hard to trace.

  32. sand, one of the nice things about the nomorobo service is they have their own database of reported illegal calls. They scan the incoming number on the first ring, and if it’s in their database they cut the call off then. If they don’t have the number as being a bad call, they let it go on ringing and then you can answer.

  33. Mark, this group is constantly leasing short-term lines under various corporate identities. Short-term line leases are used by many organizations for fund raisers, polling, and telemarketing. This is one downside of the no call lists, it’s easy to trace a line, but harder to locate the caller.

  34. GR6, thanks. The best advice in the article is if you don’t recognize the number don’t answer. Over the last month I’ve blocked 20 numbers.

  35. Does no one here own a tee shirt that says “Don’t Make Me Roll My Eyes”?

    Just finished cleaning kitchen and back to reading. I apparently sprayed my ice with kitchen cleaner and drank some. Yuck!

    What is the two years comment about? Reference presidential election?

    Regarding those posts Ruth Anne mentioned, my newsreel said Facebook was eliminating or diminishing them.

  36. Starting to get robocalls on my cell phone now, of course. If the number is not in my call list, I let voice mail take it. If they leave no message, I assume the call is unimportant to me.

  37. Jackie, two years = when the curling events sand asked about will take place.

    At this time, there are four 92% naked (you know how I know that) young women on my TV screen. They do not appear to be curling.

    No t-shirt, but “Don’t Make Me Roll My Eyes” is tattooed on my upper left arm. j/k

  38. No, the four young ladies are not on The Booby Channel, they are playing beach volleyball as part of the Olympic coverage..or, perhaps more accurately, “uncoverage”.

  39. I have begun putting anyone I would want to talk to including businesses and doctors into my phone. I have a caller ID on my phone that says certain numbers are reported as spam or robocalls. Rest can like Ghost says leave a message.

    Those of you I have met have gone into phone and email list so I pick up my friends. Unless I leave phone somewhere!

  40. Hint: j/k = just kidding

    No tatts. No piercings. No shaved head. No ritual scarification.

    I did dress up like a Mad Max biker once, at a previous job which had a little looser culture than the current one. I had an all-female staff there, too, and they decided one year to wear costumes for Halloween. One young lady (the owner’s son’s GF, but a good worker) borrowed a HS cheerleader outfit. She was plenty slender enough to wear it, but she must have been about six inches taller than the real cheerleader, which made her already short skirt even shorter. I think it was about four PM before she realized how much showed when she bent over to pull something out of the file cabinets.

  41. Since I have never had a needle in my body except sucking blood like vampires for testing, I have given up on idea of tattooing my butt at my age. Never pierced anything but ears and I was seven years old so probably not age of reason.

    Have to get back to my book, Rick Bragg has just fallen in a canal full of alligators covering an alligator hunt. I know they didn’t eat him but it’s really dramatically written.

    Relieved you have no tattoos Ghost. I am sworn off men with tattoos.

  42. Everyone must be out campaigning for their favorite millionaire, or sleeping in after staying up late with your eyes glued to the faux news network. Speaking of that, I killed a 4 foot diamondback rattlesnake in the street in front of my house yesterday afternoon. We’ve been here for 14 months and that’s the first one that I’ve seen, but I will be more careful about walking in the woods.


  43. sand, curling is the only part of the Olympics I ever watch. I’m somewhat sports-impaired, but I do like curling and baseball. (Thank you, Japan, for bringing baseball back to the Olympics in 2020.)

  44. “… the forecast calls for 10-15 inches of rain in locations from Tampa to Pensacola through the next five days with isolated areas receiving over 18 inches.”


  45. Did something stupid which is nothing unusual. Stayed up reading all night until after 5 a.month. Now I can’t get to sleep and feel terrible.

    Tried to sleep and gave up and started reading some more.


  46. I have to use a hoe, but have beat them to death with rakes, boat brushes and once a leaf broom. May have just made that one mad.

    Ghost, while you are at library, check out “My Southern Journey” by Rick Bragg. Reading it right now. Lot of it from Southern Living where I read it but I wish they had included all his columns in one place.

    You will like it.

  47. Jackie, if you get drunk in our backyard and would stumble, you could take a swim in the bayou. You might float down to the dam and get out. Should you go over the dam your destination is the ship channel. Stay sober when visiting us.

  48. More Lewis Grizzard, “There’s no such thing as being too Southern.”

    Rick Bragg’s mama had a dog named Gizzard, named for the writer. World’s ugliest dof according to son. She apparently did not pronounce or spell the other writer’s name with the R.

    I am awash in Southern right about now.

  49. Trucker, I love those cars. Re the snake I used a shovel to cut off his head. I couldn’t shoot it because he was on the pavement and, as we know, I don’t have a single gun.

  50. Debbe, On more than one occasion I went in the office, didn’t even put my briefcase down, turned around and walked out Then there was the day I walked in and found one of the maintenance men holding a knife on one of our clerical people. Ordinarily she would have handled him herself, but she was in the midst of chemo and wasn’t up to par. Nobody got hurt and he went to jail that day You think that I’m bs’ing about saving lives, but your strongest weapon is between your ears.

  51. Good morning everybody. I will be headed to hospital for the procedure in about an hour. When I get home again I will let you know how it went.

    Have a great day.

  52. Debbe,

    Cheer up. As an old friend said, “We all have a terminal disease, it’s called-“LIFE”. Just want you to know that I help your industry by eating at least 8 eggs per week.

    Mark and everyone else in need: God bless us every one. God bless America.

  53. Mark
    You are probably in the midst of your test so prayers are in progress.

    Please do not let security people know that (Brains = Weapon) they will require
    all airline passengers to leave theirs at the gate. Surprised they don’t require passengers
    to leave clothes and wear paper jump suits.

    If you do use Pasti Dip try on an out of the way spot first. As I tell all my customers.
    I worked for us but your results may vary.
    B’ugs and stay cool.

    This is an odd date (thinking on it not that uncommon) Month and Day = Year
    this is just obvious today. While 9&7 = 16, 09/09 =18 will be awhile.

  54. Just heard from Mark who is waiting for procedure. I am supposed to get a report when he’s done from his friend or brother. Hoping it is just stints.

    Read a funny heart essay yesterday from Lewis Grizzard where he wrote he thought they waited until they needed a valve and surgeon told orderly to go pick out a pig from the pen behind the hospital and run it up fast to operating room.

  55. Do you love Lewis Grizzard as much as I do? I think he and Dave Barry are funny and I forgave all their sins, of which there were some.

    I liked that the most popular columnist had two categories, Lewis Grizzard and a second one for anyone not named Grizzard.

    I cannot eat a pork chop with a bone and not think of him.

  56. *Nine Important Facts To Remember As We Grow Older*

    #9 Death is the number 1 killer in the world.
    #8 Life is sexually transmitted.
    #7 Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.
    #6 Men have 2 motivations: hunger and hanky panky, and they can’t tell them apart. If you see a gleam in his eyes, make him a sandwich.

    #5 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to use the Internet and they won’t bother you for weeks, months, maybe years.

    #4 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital, dying of nothing.
    #3 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.
    #2 In the 60’s, people took LSD to make the world weird. Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.

    #1 Life is like a jar of jalapeno peppers. What you do today may be a burning issue tomorrow.

  57. Give a man a fish and he has food for a day. Teach a man to fish and he has to buy bamboo rods, graphite reels, monofilament lines, neoprene waders, creels, tackle boxes, lures, flies, spinners, worm rigs, slip sinkers, offset hooks, gore-tex hats, 20 pocket vests, fish finders, depth sounders, radar, boats, trailers, global positioning systems, coolers, and six-packs of beer.

  58. Haven’t heard from Mark or anyone. Did talk to my cardiologist nurse. My last tests were fine. I am in good shape for shape I am in.

  59. Jackie, I have known of cases where blockage was detected by angiogram during the heart catheterization, and then after recovery the patient was given the option to return to the cath lab for balloon angioplasty and stent placement if the cardiologist felt that was a viable option. That would take a bit longer and might require an overnight stay for additional recovery.

  60. The first angiography I had they were so certain I would have stints and balloons at least, they admitted me to hospital in advance, explaining this would take place on same day. I even got a lecture on bypass in case that happened.

    I don’t know why they expected that because it didn’t happen. There was nothing there. A second cardiologist did same thing, nothing. I no longer believe so faithfully as to agree and question every test but usually agree if they are not too invasive.

    Must have a black heart?

  61. Jackie, if there are no blockages then they will need to look more closely to find out what was causing the symptoms that got you in there in the first place. Our hearts are very complex and subject to all manner of dysfunctions, including electrical problems.

    In my case I have a Left Bundle Branch Block (LBBB) which is a fancy way of saying my ventricles don’t beat together because of an electrical problem in the nerves of the heart. That caused my left ventricle to swell up like an old, worn out balloon and quit pumping effectively (dilated cardiomyopathy) and resulted in ventricular fibrillation.

    Other people develop thickening of the heart muscles which makes them too stiff. Others have atrial fibrillation going on.

    So, if anyone needs to know what’s really going on with their hearts they need to look at the electrical (EKG), the structural (cardiogram or MRI), and in some cases the genetic aspects (family medical history). My brother (1973) and my dad (1989) died of SCAs. I had mine in 2009 in a public place near the EMTs, so I was sustained by CPR until they brought in the AED and shocked my heart back into a normal rhythm. Later the cardiologist had a CRT-D installed and I’m fairly well back to normal now.

    Too much info, I know! So if you have unpleasant symptoms go in and ask questions until they figure out what was wrong.

  62. Trucker, I do. My thoracic surgeon keeps me on as a regular patient he sees. He says I always make him laugh and smile. My endocrinologist is also a cardiologist, as is my sleep disorder physician and my thyroid doctor and all their assistants. Sometimes I feel over supplied with heart doctors since I don’t really think of myself as having heart disease.

    My daughter has what you have. That I think of as disease.

  63. Just heard from Mark. He is in hospital and has bypass surgery scheduled for Wednesday. They found major blockage and he will have multiple bypasses done.

    He has his phone with him right now and is a regular room, not ICU yet. He will be off work several weeks.

  64. Well, dang. Although I knew that was a possibility.

    No surgery is “routine” (especially when it’s done on you), but cardiac bypasses have been being done for many years now. My dad had a triple, lived for 11 more years, and did not die of heart-related causes.

  65. Second that, Trucker. It’s much better to treat the condition before having an acute myocardial infarction with the resulting (permanent) damage to the heart muscle.

  66. Mark had not seen a doctor for six years, despite working for a hospital and having insurance and VA benefits. He deserves much credit for facing all his issues and doing something positive about them. That takes more courage than many of us have.

    Wish there was something we could do more when our Village orphans need us. Worrying doesn’t seem enough.

  67. Just got off phone with Mark. They have been doing more tests all night and just came in for more at this hour. They are serious about this.

    He is in good spirits however.

  68. More prayers Mark.

    GM Debbe

    ??CALORIES (noun)
    Tiny creatures that live in your closet
    and sew your clothes a little bit tighter
    every night.


  69. Good morning Villagers…..

    Thanks domaucon, for the cheers 🙂 and eating eggs too.

    ….and Jackie, this too shall pass….

    Old Bear….we did not go that route, putting on some kind of rust oxidant, then spray painting it. Can only do a little at at time with the rustoleum, as there is no ventilation. Nothing we can do about those old cages though.

    Mark, will be praying for you. Glad you are getting this procedure done. You will feel like a new man when this is done.

    Steve, really like your list.

    Going in early..

    Ya’ll have a blessed day, truly.

  70. Good morning all. Havent read comments yet. Cath went ok, but nothing they could stent. I will remain in hospital to have bypass. Dr. Says it will n e 3 or 4 bypassses, had 99 percent blockage of the largest coronary artery. I must be blessed, because one blood clot in the wrong place and I would n i t be here. Thank you all for the prayers.

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