Above us, only sky…

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I said I would address comments about the boat Arlo and Janis are supposed to have, the boat bequeathed them by Gus, and I will—sort of. First, I want to clarify something. While some of the comments over at the A&J GoComics site tend to be crankier than most here, it isn’t because I moderate in advance the comments made on this site, as was suggested in Monday’s comments. I don’t. A lot of readers post nice things on GoComics, the syndicate Web site, but I regularly get lambasted there for one thing or another. That’s what comments are for, I suppose. And someone asked if the “Schooner Cartooner” survived Hurricane Katrina. Yes, it did. The owners evacuated it from Biloxi in time. Now, about the boat. You know, it’s a much deeper subject than simply the boat. One reason I stepped away from the subject of Arlo’s obsession was that reader comments and “likes” led me to believe a vast majority of readers don’t particularly respond to the subject matter. I cannot stress enough what a terrible method that is for directing the creative process. But there it is. It is so much a part of what we do these days, especially as readership gravitates from print media to digital media. I’m trying to learn to live with it. Of course, the proper thing to do as a cartoonist would be ignore all external influence, but Hey! We have so much fun here, don’t we? So, will the boat show up again anytime soon? I think it will.

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  1. Jimmy,
    Whatever process your mind takes to give us A&J on a daily basis and to show up here from time to time to share some of the thought process…..it works for me. I’ve tried to imagine a world without A&J and I find that world to be a rather gloomy place.

    Please keep doing what you’re doing and doing so well. 🙂

  2. I had to stop reading the comments on go comics because they were so senseless and whiney. I loved the foray into Gene’s life, but man, some people really complained.

    Don’t let the comments change whatever it is that inspires your ideas, cuz.

  3. I like sharp knives, so my wife bought me a new-fangled ceramic knife for Christmas a year ago. (I’m the family cook.) It really was nice and sharp, but no sharper than I keep my steel knives, and when it dulled in four or five months, I couldn’t sharpen it. The shop where she bought it sent it back for sharpening, but it dulled again. I was very careful to cut only on a wood block. So I think I’ll stick with steel.

  4. Jimmy, as a sailor, I look forward to it! I have saved most of the various sailboat-related strips. My wife really does think you are spying on us, BTW… 🙂

    As for today’s knife incident…yeppers, I know the sharper ones are safer, but that veggie slicing mandolin thing still scars me…have a neat scar where I took a good chunk of pinkie off. I use the hand guard, now… 🙂

    Been there, done that! I didn’t think I’d ever stop bleeding. — JJ

  5. The retro strip reminds me of the Peanuts one where Lucy, Linus, and Charlie Brown are lying in the grass looking up at clouds. Lucy and Linus both see very complicated tableaus, but when they ask Charlie Brown what he sees, he says “I was going to say a horsie and a duckie, but I changed my mind”.

    I have a very nice set of Henkels knives, and we keep them very sharp, and yes, I have been nicked a time or two, but so far nothing requiring stitches. Unfortunately the professional knife sharpener we knew has left the area, and we haven’t found anyone as good yet.

    Rusty, I have a mandolin slicer, but I find my knives work just as well, and usually faster.

    JJ, I sort of figure this is your cartoon ship, and as it’s captain you can sail it where-ever you want to go. I’m a happy passenger.

    I also figure that the reason we tend to be nicer here than the folks on gocomics is that by living in our little Village we have come to know each other somewhat, and are friends. Those in the Dark Side are just people making comments. 😉

  6. Jean said: “I also figure that the reason we tend to be nicer here than the folks on gocomics is that by living in our little Village we have come to know each other somewhat, and are friends. Those in the Dark Side are just people making comments.”

    I think that’s a very valid point, Jean. I know that before posting a comment, I always ask myself, “What would the most easily offended person in the Village think of this?” Then I usually post it anyway. 🙂

    But yes, we mostly are friends here.

  7. Sometimes I read a few GoComics remarks, not often. Because I monitor/moderate a number of forums I tend to notice the “names” people go under. Maybe because for awhile I was heading off trolls? Taught me who to read, who to ignore, who to ban sometimes.

    Last night I suddenly noticed that some people commenting on A&J were on another strip, then another, then another. They are the Facebook and Twitter generation and short, headline type comments are their thing, like “Liking.” They try to grab your attention by being clever or snarky or whatever.

    Long ago I decided to be me and nothing else.

    JJ, when you are selling anything, even a comic strip which is a creative process, the buyer has to be considered. Obviously we must be your “best buyers” and you can do no wrong in our minds.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  8. wherever you lead, we’ll follow.
    arlo doesn’t really want a boat, he just likes the idea of a boat and the implied freedom it symbolizes. i can relate.

  9. I can truly say that the only A&J strip I truly didn’t like was the “Love the geezer inside one. I love the Gene and MaryLou ones and even like the cat. He is not annoying like Garfield or Peekaboo. I even like the “boatie” ones to quot a man I know who has a sailboat.

  10. I think that many share Janis’ opinion that a sharp knife is more dangerous than a dull one. I liken that to air travel vs. auto travel. While surviving a car accident is greater than surviving an airplane crash, if you compare it to the miles traveled and the number of persons that die in commercial airplanes versus car travel then air travel is much safer.

    My Father-in-law taught me the importance of a sharp knife. As long as you’re careful there is less chance of injury. However a dull knife can slip much more easily even if you are careful.

  11. A&J is YOUR canvas, JJ, and we just enjoy whatever you decide to do with it. Any decent artist will tell you the best way to success is to follow your heart, not what you think will sell. You’ve done that for 25 to great success and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Today’s retro is a great example of what we like about A&J- we know and love these characters and their idiosyncrasies just as if they were real people. And, your caption for the comic is spot-on funny, too!

  12. BTW, I am in favor of any kind of artist “taking the temperature” of the people who enjoy their work. How many times do we see an actor or singer go off in a direction that alienates their fans? That should never be the driver and the artist should be able to grow, but not too far. JJ has done this very well.

  13. JJ,

    I don’t often comment but I read A&J and this blog daily. From one Auburn Tiger to another: Keep up the great work and “Iligitimi non carborundum.”


    WAR EAGLE !!!

  14. During my couple of decades as a floral designer, I did “shows” to teach new ideas, designs, how to sell ideas– to other florists. I was a serious competition “floral art” designer but you sell about one of those a life, but thousands of the others. I taught people how to gather little brown eggs while waiting for the golden one.

    One Valentines I came up with an idea for men, “Fishing For Love”- it involved a Styrofoam bait bucket, an inexpensive minnow net and a bamboo pole with bobber, a hook (tip cut off) and a chain to attach the fish (Valentines Hearts). Lots of curly willow, vines, grasses, manly flowers, if any, or a plant.

    I was told that there wasn’t a Dollar General or dollar store in a six state area of the South that had any of the components after Valentines. Every florist had snatched them up!

    Art will only get you so far but sales can reach a greater audience.

    I think Jimmy combines both elements, the art and the humor, he is Arlo looking at the sky.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  15. I hope you don’t let the comments sway you too much on the content. I usually become disenchanted with television programs that seem to pander to the fan base. I think A&J is pretty perfect just the way it is. I do miss the boat and Arlo’s daydreaming of sailing and Margaritaville.

  16. I hope you don’t let the comments sway you too much on the content. I usually become disenchanted with television programs that seem to pander to the fan base. I think A&J is pretty perfect just the way it is. I do miss the boat and Arlo’s daydreaming of sailing and Margaritaville.

  17. We have/use steel Warther knives from Dover, OH. The place is fascinating, with knife production and a carving museum; well worth a visit. The founder was, indeed, a master carver. No doubt there is a fine website, too. They offer free lifetime sharpenings, and we usually take a few knives along when we visit the area for that very purpose.
    Wife has a tendency to slice fingers, sometimes multiply; I’m better off in that respect. She may get some woven steel gloves for her birthday if I can find a vendor of same. Ideas?

  18. Forgot to mention that link about the giant alligator snapping turtle was indeed our lake. They are endangered, so turning it loose into the lake was the right thing to do. Now we are all joking about keeping our hands and feet in boats. They aren’t aggressive unless you stick your fingers into one of their hiding holes which catfish noodlers do.

    Each year we do some sort of safety/rescue/boat recovery program as part of our small wooden boat regatta/festival. This year we may have trouble getting volunteers in the water for said “rescue”.

    I am trying to remember what the old folk legend was? That they wouldn’t turn loose until it thundered? Oh well, I have been trying to get some of our re-enactors to bring some cannons anyway, so we can add cannon shots for that part!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  19. Curmudgeonly ex-professor – My husband bought me a Kevlar glove to protect the hand that holds the wood when I carve. I also use it to protect my hand when I use the mandoline to slice apples & potatoes. (one glove fits either hand) It doesn’t protect too well from “poking” injuries, but it is great against slicing injuries. I think my glove came from a specialty woodworking store, but I’ve seen similar gloves in kitchen shops. It makes a thoughtful gift.

    And I must say, some of my worst cuts have come from slicing old onions. The membranes around the layers start to slide around, and even the sharpest blades seem to slip off. I noticed Arlo was cutting an onion…

  20. I’ve actually been very pleased with the set of three ceramic knives I purchased several years ago (when I had money), despite the recent incident which probably insures that the next time I’m fingerprinted for my concealed carry permit, the new set of prints may not exactly match the previous set. My knives are made by a Japanese company that also makes cell phones, leading my sister to warn me not to confuse them, lest I cut off my ear.

  21. I have cut myself so often cutting onions that I now use a fork to hold the blamed things steady when I am slicing thin. I did cut myself slicing mushrooms once. That was when I found out out the super glue

  22. Vincent van Ghost Rider 😉

    Yes, Loon and I are safely back home. Only tragedy was my tablet died an unnatural but quick death. Fortunately, Loon’s smartphone lived to tell the tale. Now if we can get rested up life will go on.

  23. The Boat is like Loodie. Some of us like/have cats and can relate. Some of us have/want boats and can relate. I don’t have much interest in boats, but, on the other hand, I don’t loathe them, don’t desire to destroy each one on the planet, and don’t vow to stop reading the strip every time a boat enters the story line. That’s one difference. Keep doing what YOU do, JJ!

  24. Jackie, another use for the cannon based on Tom Sawyer, they believed that it would cause drowned bodies to float to the surface.

    On your art story. I would say that some art touches the brain and some touches the heart. Yours and Arlo’s is of the second sort and will have a longer-lasting and more well-remembered effect on the viewer.
    And that is the kind that does not depend on tax-forced public subsidy to exist.

  25. Ghost, you have seen my pics on FB. Even a shrunk sweater wouldn’t help me

    Mark, we have a dingus that looks kind of like that, but it is always stuck away in some drawer when I need it, so I just prong the silly things.

  26. If we are going to talk blood and gore here, florists AND chefs cut themselves a lot because they are working fast and under pressure. Florists knives and scissors are like chefs’ sharp and dangerous, the scissors are the same ones chefs use to cut through bones. (Not the ribbon scissors which you get hung for if you ruin their edges)

    One enormous wedding (we’d do up to four on a day) my daughter got her finger and a head designer her palm with scissors. Caring mama said, “hold your hand over the trash can under the table and don’t dare bleed on the bride’s bouquet.”

    Driver took everyone to emergency room for stitches and the weddings got delivered on time and set up. Matrimony and angry brides wait for no one!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  27. Thanks all.

    GR6, Loon and I have different versions of the tradgic demise. Both versions are semi-true stories, just that our alcohol levels differed at the time. On my defense those half litter beers go easy.

    Yesterday, or was that two days ago depending on time zone, the counter attendent in Russia who issued us boarding passes forgot to put me on the flight manifest. Immigration Services and I had fun sorting that out upon arrival on Houston, here I am trying to enter country. Double stamped out of Russia, boarding passes stamped through, just no Lufthansa record indicating I flew.

  28. I have a gadget make by a company called Tormek that has jigs to sharpen just about anything. I can keep my cooking knives razor sharp with it, along with scissors and about anything else that cuts. I bought it to sharpen my woodturning tools. I like things sharp and will set aside a tool as dull that others would think is sharp. I learned to sharpen a knife the old school way with stones and can still demonstrate correct technique for Scouts, but I prefer this as it is fast and repeatable. It’s a great toy, but before you go looking be prepared to spend. It costs over 600 bucks for the machine and jigs are about 50 dollars and up. I don’t want to think about how much I have tied up in jigs alone, but as the say the difference between men and boys…..

  29. I hope my son in law doesn’t ever read this blog! His basement is full of woodworking tools and if he doesn’t have this, he would love it! Mike says he builds boats and houses with a dull Boy Scout knife.

    He is kidding of course. But his tool collection hardly rivals my son in laws toys.

    Sharp is essential. Dennis, do you build furniture? Custom carpenter? Houses?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  30. I forgot to mention my son in law builds and designs artificial limbs and other prosthetic devices. The woodworking tools are a hobby, not a business. But they do live in a super historic home with more wood than I’d ever seen, so it is applicable. He can replicate any missing moldings, parts, etc. Talented young man and compassionate.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  31. Lily, that is because in actuality you need no “help”. Your bust-line (if I may be so forward) very much reminds me of that of one of my all-female staff…a bust-line that her husband describes as “perfect”. (He’s an ex-Green Beanie guy, so certainly no one is going to argue the point with him.) My point is that (as is the case of most things), it’s your point of view, and that of those who are about you, that counts. No one else’s matters. But I’m sure you’ve already figured that out.

  32. Jackie, here’s a funny for you: It’s the heading a nursery put on their online ad.

    We are so excited it’s Spring “WE WET OUR PLANTS”

    With a picture of a sprinkler watering once you got to the page.

  33. Ghost, I am not ashamed of my figure. I am not trying to attract anybody nd I plan on staying single till I die. I work hard for my legs and waist and am not the least ashamed of showing them off, but that is just because I like to feel attractive and good about myself.

  34. Lily, you certainly have no reason to be ashamed of your figure, judging by what I’ve seen of it. I was just concerned that you might be, which as I said, you shouldn’t be. And there’s nothing wrong with remaining single; I have been my entire life.

    And as far as my figure, I’m working on it also. Doing 5K six days a week and some weight work, and I’m closing in on my goal of 195 pounds. I’m sure I’ll never make it to your level as a runner, but then, I do have a few years on you. Make that several. 🙂

  35. Debbe 😉 Didn’t have time to find you tune tonight, hon, but I’ll make up for it later. I hope you have a wonderful Friday.

  36. Good morning Villagers…..

    Thanks GR 😉 it has to be better than yesterday….drama day started here in the morning. My nephew-in-law is a very angry young man…has a big chip on his shoulder and I want to knock it off and tell him this is life, get use to it and it’s up to you to use it.

    Other than that, yup, it’s payday……

    Putting in a long weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, high school kids are off. But if one wants anything done right, you do it yourself.


    ya’ll have a blessed Friday

    Oh….Sandcastler AND Loon together….in Russia, would have loved to been a little mouskie.

  37. Strip of 05.16.14:

    Last summer, I nearly sliced off the tip of a finger with pruning shears.

    My wife no longer lets me do any yard work.

    My plan worked.

  38. Debbe, you can probably buy tapes if any of our rooms were bugged. Have JJ send me your email address and I will link you to our Pinterest trip board. Just be forewarned it is family friendly.

  39. As far as the boat thing goes, it has been Arlo’s dream. My husband also dreamed of owning a boat, in his case a motor boat. We would go to a lake two hours away every summer and he wanted his own boat very badly. People he would talk to in the area would say things like “The two best days in a boat owner’s life are the day the buy their boat and the day they sell their boat”. They would tell him that they were money pits, there was always a problem with them, etc. He didn’t listen. He just wanted a boat. Well, we got one three years ago. It sat in our backyard for a month while we waited for our vacation. He went out and started it every day (yes he had the motor in a tub of water). It would start right up and run beautifully. We were both looking forward to this particular vacation. When vacation time came we went to the lake, launched the boat, and road it the short distance from the boat launch to the motel dock. We also took it out a short distance that evening, but it was really too late to go on a long ride. That was the last time it ever ran right. The next morning we were all ready to go out and the boat wouldn’t run. It would start, sputter and die. We had to have it serviced. Parts had to be ordered. We were three days of our 9 day vacation without it. We got it back and it ran long enough to go out to the middle of the lake and then messed up again. And so the story goes. We tried to enjoy it that Memorial Day weekend after having left it with a boat mechanic after our vacation was over. We never were able to enjoy owning a boat. Everyone was right. They are money pits. We no longer own the boat. It is more economical to rent one believe it or not and far less frustrating. I envision Arlo having similar problems even though his boat doesn’t have a motor. That may not be what you have in mind, but I just thought that I would put in my two cents.

  40. One approach would be to put an e-mail address in the print version — a *different* address from any online version. That way, you can tell what the paying customers like, separated from the opinions of the non-paying customers.

  41. I think Janis’s obsessive insecurities of 10-15 years ago were far more grating in the long run than Arlo’s occasional sailboat fantasies. Still, plenty of comics these days take cues from what the readers respond well to, like the crocs in Pearls Before Swine becoming a greater presence, and arguably the entirety of Dilbert (Scott Adam’s blog regularly describes his efforts and savvy in trying to figure out what will be popular with readers so he can do more of it).

  42. Mary,
    I am sorry you all had such a bad experience. There can be problems, that’s for sure, and things can cost money. I have owned/restored/sailed a series of sailboats since the mid-80s. We are currently on number 5, which we plan to keep until we get too old to sail comfortably, then I guess we’ll make the transition to “stink pots”. 🙂 That said, it’s all a matter of what you enjoy, and your level of experience, etc. For casual, once-a-year use, or use in a location far from home, renting/chartering makes a lot of sense. I personally enjoy tinkering with the boat and making sure everything works well, and have never subscribed to the old “best two days” thing. I like knowing MY boat inside & out, knowing how it has been maintained, and knowing that she is waiting for me at the marina whenever I want to go sailing again. YMMV, and once again, sorry you had such a bad first experience. 🙁

  43. I am with Ray on Janis, that phase she went thru was more than a little annoying. But I have little sympathy with insecure women with body images. That is not because I have a aged but awesome body but because it is what is inside people that really counts, not the outer shell. (Those were tasty knights weren’t they dragons?)

    My husband once sold boats to the half million range (which was about as bad as it usually got in those days) Now we happily play with little plywood boats. It isn’t the shell, it’s the inner peace you get, no matter what size.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  44. I’ve always liked the “What’s done is done” cartoon. For some reason.

    Hey! Tan inspector…a possible new career track for me.

  45. Arlo is actually correct. I have a female friend, in her early forties, who “laid out” and used tanning beds for 20+ years, who is paying the price now. The price being melanoma.

    If you must get a tan, I’d suggest you get it the way Lily does.

  46. My friend is half Asian and not fair complected, so it can happen to anyone. Not cool to be the one in the morgue with the best tan.

  47. Someone is off work…and I bet I know what she’s doing. 😉

    I called The Phone Company this afternoon to order a simple change in service. It required talking to four different people and 43 minutes and 52 seconds of my time. At one point, while on hold, I began to imagine I was trapped in the movie “Brazil”.

    Harry Tuttle: “Listen, this old system of yours could be on fire and I couldn’t even turn on the kitchen tap without filling out a 27b stroke 6. Bloody paperwork.”

  48. Oh, and GR, remember Lily Tomlin’s skit from “Laugh In”….we’re the phone company, we don’t have to care….one ringy, dingy 🙂 snort, snort…..

  49. Jackie….have you seen the field for tomorrows race? As of this morning, Califorina Chrome’s odds are 3-5….in a field of 9 horses. Sloppy turf, as this rain has headed East……..heh, did someone mention Head East?????

    Never mind them….who remembers ‘Humble Pie’????


    Did I ever mention that I have ocd or add when it comes to music? And I make no apologies!!

  50. Debbe 😉 I was gonna top you with something by The Fugs, but I couldn’t find any of their songs that wouldn’t bet me fussed at…or worse.

  51. GR6, no aircraft sightings this trip, unless you count those rotting off the taxiway at Domodedovo airport. If you go to Google Map, search on Domodedovo, then go to satellite view you can see them sitting in the grass south of the terminal. Still surprised at how close we could get to the Kremlin helipads. Actually, they are just inside the Kremlin wall next to the Moscow river.

  52. Yeah, sand, I’ve seen sat photos of some of their bone yards. I’m sure the Russian armed forces are hot stuff…in Ukraine.

    Glad you like that one, Lily. 🙂

  53. Lily, your German Shepherd is beautiful, too. I had some interaction with a deputy sheriff/K9 officer this past Monday. (No, I wasn’t the perp.) Her partner was a dead-ringer for yours. What’s his/her name?

  54. Since Lake Eufaula has been in the news now for two days with our giant alligator snapping turtle, I thought I’d share a particularly funny song by James McMurty, “Choctaw Bingo”. But his version on video was better but way too dirty for a family comic strip blog. So I settled for Texas song writer and singer Ray Wylie Hubbard’s version, not quite so bad.


    This is not exactly bedtime music but every word is true to some degree about Oklahoma!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  55. Oh pooh! That link is not good! If you don’t know the song, google “Choctaw Bingo” on youTube by either Ray Wylie Hubbard or James McMurty.

    Not to be confused with Larry McMurty the award winning novelist.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  56. Good morning Villagers…..

    TR….loved the show WKRP, especially Doctor Johnny Fever…thanks for the link

    Mark…Uriah Heep…good one

    Sandcastler…lots of pics, lovely couple….will view more later…thanks

    GR 😉 The Fugs? Gonna have to look that one up

    No time….later

    Happy Caterday everyone

  57. Unlike sandcastler I am not an early bird. 😉 Plus my emoticons work fine and though they are not Google’s latest. 😀

    Debbe, thanks.

  58. Debbe 😉 Good morning, hon. When I get rich, I’m going to fund genetic research to develop a line of chickens that only lay Monday through Friday. Just for you. Although it would probably cost less just to send you enough money to retire. 🙂

    Gal, I guess Mindy and Ginger and Shelly and Virgin Mindy don’t love us anymore. 🙁 Of course, I don’t think Virgin Mindy ever loved us.

  59. sand, cool photos of Russia!

    Gal, I’ve been wondering about Mindy & Co too. I hope they’re all okay.

    WKRP is a show dear to my heart, especially the Great Turkey Drop episode. I remember when the *real* turkey drop happened at Lennox Square Mall in Atlanta. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lf3mgmEdfwg

    Back on the sharp objects topic for a minute…micro-plane graters! Those suckers are SHARP!

  60. This is for all the birdwatchers among us, especially eagles. Yesterday driving back from hospital we took the scenic route over the dam. When we got across dam road to opposite bank we looked up and there were literally dozens, maybe a hundred eagles whirling and swirling and riding the currents. It was mesmerizing.

    My daughter pulled off on the overlook and we were only ones there except two “youths” who were trying to make some kind of repair on a truck motor. Not too quietly.

    We watched for awhile, having commented already about the eagles and my mother age 93 said, “There must be something big dead down there, look at all the buzzards!”

    It’s what you see, like Arlo.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  61. I know. Sillies send drinks to our table. Like that’s gonna help them. Like spreading deer feed around, but I know the blind is set up somewhere. . I’m there to take a break, not get a date. I’m done with all that.

  62. Well, I’ve got to admit that a lot of guys can’t face the fact that some women find them resistible. Me, I got over that a long time ago. 🙂 Besides, the sea of full of tuna.

  63. Lilyblack, you said you like to read. Have you read any of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden novels? If you have the Kindle app you can buy the first 7 books in the series from Amazon for $1.99 each, today only. Since you like to game, you might like these.

  64. Regarding today’s current comic, it isn’t so romantic when your spouse HAS to help you bathe. After a fall in December that destroyed both knees and currently has me in a wheelchair I found that ONLY being able to take a shower (sitting down) with your spouse’s help removes all adventure from sharing the bath/shower. : (

  65. Wooohoooo….two of my three came in….now, who want’s to take me to the Belmont Stakes??

    I’m so excited California Chrome finished first….could there be a Triple Crown here….I would love to feel the excitement…been a long time….1978.

    Loon…you are very welcome…still have more pics to look at…..love the one called ‘framed’. So glad you have time to share, time to care and the fare 🙂

    GR 😉 you are the sweetest….cluck 🙂

    out of here tonight……

    say goodnight Debbe….in the words of Tigger……I am ‘t’ double ‘r’ ‘d’…..tired….I love you all.

  66. Good morning Villagers…

    Tis a Sunday morning coming down….

    Jackie, I loved reading your story on the sighting of the soaring eagles….must have been awesome to have seen such a regal sight.

    Well, came home Friday after work to find Andrew’s things packed….and he left. He also took Brooklynne Rose’s little toy chest I put together for her…her coloring books, crayons, etc. I will miss them both, especially Brooklynne….the young man has some issues he needs to work out. But you just don’t show up for work and quit on me. So I am on person short in getting ready for this inspection and anxiety is coming upon me.

    But today, I will have two of my “slave boys” working with me, along with Ian repairing stinking cages.

    GR 😉 you are such a sucker for cleavage….I don’t have any, gravity has taken it’s toll on me 🙂 But I will leave you with a classic from days gone by. Use to play this while driving on Padre Island when I lived in Corpus many years ago with Ian’s father.


    Heh….Indy Mindy…are you gearing up for the 500???? Never been, not much of a car racing fan….but love those ponies 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed Sunday

    =^..^= today’s real time is a good one too.

  67. So this weeks A & J is eerie! Arlo cut his finger on Thursday, was rewarded with ice cream on Friday displaying his left hand index finger fully bandaged and on Saturday his left arm was enclosed in a plastic grocery bag to keep it from getting wet in the shower. So what is so eerie about this? My wife and I find so many of the doings of Arlo and Janis so descriptive of what goes on in our home. This week topped them all. On Monday shoved my right index finger in a router bit while making a graduation plaque. That bloody stirred up finger had to rush to the ER and left there with a big big bandage just like Arlo displayed. Thru the week I nursed said finger, doing what the doctor said which included keeping it dry in the shower. So Arlo’s bag covered hand was a picture of what took place at my house. So reading this weeks A & J brought a lot of laughter and fun to this accident experiencing household. And by the way my first name is Ludwig!

  68. Welcome, Ludwig – you sound like one of us!

    Can’t say I do a lot of mechanical stuff, but I do have a past history of fishing, a history which incudes far too many cases of having a finger really nailed by a barb of any small catfish/bullhead/whatever. My “research” revealed that those punctures do leave scars and might cause a trip to an ER (one night when I realized that my tetanus shots were well out of date, after having been stung).

  69. I hate to pee in JJ’s cheerios, but it is perfectly all right to get a properly sutured finger laceration wet the next day, provided you dry it thoroughly afterwards. I have done it many times. Also a good idea to peroxide it and reapply triple antibiotic ointment afterwards, but I have omitted both and had no problem. It is far, far worse to leave a wet dressing on it.

  70. Lily: Lovely metaphor, but will have to be careful where I use it.

    Some of us prefer Wheaties, or even sardines on toast

  71. Thanks for letting us hear from you, Ludwig. (A comment I never expected to see myself post.) It just occurred to me that I don’t believe I’ve even seen a comment here from an Alro, a Janis, a Gene or a Mary Lou.

    I once had to take a phone call from my counterpart at another company. Her name was Janis Day. I had to fight the impulse to ask, “How’s Arlo?” In retrospect, I’m not sure if I was concerned she wouldn’t know what I was talking about, or that she would.

    The Dictionary.com Word Of The Day is “adret”, pronounced “a-DRAY”. I use the WOTD to increase my vocabulary, but I expect to have some difficulty working that one into a sentence.

  72. Ghost: for free

    I smiled as I stood on the adret
    It was a lovely Swiss summer day,
    But as I warmed my bootie,
    I remembered my duty
    And regretfully went on my way. went on my way.

  73. Congratulations on the new machine, emb.

    I first heard that expression at work from one of my fellow managers. I told her I thought that was something a male might be more likely to do than a female, for biological and mechanical if no other reasons. She told me she thought that I was a male chauvinist @$$#&!*. But she used to tell me that all the time, anyway. We got along fine. 🙂

  74. Debbe – Not big on open wheel, I’m more NASCAR. Did go down and watch the 500 the year St. Danica got 4th. (Sorry, something about her personality irks me.) No call, no show on a relative (with an inspection coming up?) That’s downright hateful. Is it okay if I hex him with a really itchy case of athlete’s foot?

    Ghost – Once upon a time, I worked with a Paul McCartney and a Kenny Rogers (Junior to be precise), met his son, the III in a completely unrelated encounter.) Just this week, I met a Willie Nelson.

    Both Arlo & Janis and 9 Chickweed Lane featured cute kitties. Went to YouTube and watched cute kitten videos – there isn’t a whole lot cuter footage than watching a tiny kitten heroically fight (and lose to) sleep. Warm fuzzys. Related warning: Do NOT, I repeat NOT search for rescued kittens (or dogs). You WILL tear through a box of tissues.

    Thinking of adding to the cat picture madness. Might start an instagram feed or something so I can show off my fuzzer-kitty.

  75. Many years ago we were visiting a friend who worked for a radio station in Newport News, VA, and got to go to a promotional event they were having where the attendees all shared “famous names”. I can honestly say I met Stephen Foster (who looked more like James Taylor), Alice Walker, and Julius Caesar!

  76. At work, we used to keep a list of customers with famous and/or funny names. For instance, we had a Mr. East and a Mr. West; and a Mr. Best and a Mr. Wurst. My personal favorite: Mr. Meister.

  77. Yes, Lily, technically that was one long sentence, but I’d still call it a poem. I only write love poems (yeah, I know), and it’s hard to work the side of a mountain into a love poem. Although I’ll have to say that being in love is sometimes like having the side of a mountain fall on you.

  78. Ghost, I wouldn’t know. Sexual love is the undiscovered country as far as I am concerned. I never have have been interested. I just love my family and my dog as much as I can

  79. Lilyblack, are you part of a group that does face-to-face gaming or are you online-only? i used to play various role-playing games from the late 80’s to the late 90’s (played AD&D when it was the new game in town). But I can’t seem to get into that type as on online pastime. Before I got into role-playing I was playing board wargames and they are still my favorites. And I have found I can enjoy them on player vs computer nearly as much as I did with a human opponent. Big plus, no setting up and putting away hundreds of counters and the cat can’t knock the board off the table.

  80. One of my HS history teachers was Gene Tierney, and I knew a Jane Russell.

    As a native English-speaker, I always found foreign names intriguing and, occasionally, interesting to pronounce properly. Alex Trebek I am not, but I think it courteous to try for correct pronunciations of names.
    Most [transliterated names] from the Far East or Middle East are OK for me, but some Polish or Lithuanian names have been difficult. Even some Swedish letter combinations can be a challenge.

  81. Mark, the one and only computer game I ever bought was many years ago, and would, I’m sure, be laughable compared to what is available now. It was an F-16 simulator, and being a pilot I was good at take offs and even landings (when I remembered that a Fighting Falcon burns a lot more fuel than a Piper Aztec). And I could really blow $#!+ up on ground-attack missions. But enemy bogies were a lot harder, because they didn’t just sit there like ground targets.

  82. c ex-p, I went to high school with a young lady whose last name was Przybyszewski. She was a lot prettier than her surname. BTW, it’s pronounced “Pshebeshevski”. If that helps.

  83. Lily, this will undoubtedly get my male chauvinist permit suspended or even revoked, but I’ll share a secret with you…sex is not the most important thing in the world.

    Mind you, I’m not saying it’s unimportant. We (humans) wouldn’t be here without it. 🙂

  84. When I was on the road, sex wasn’t important at all. I’m afraid I once upset a young woman who approached me at a truck stop while I was hammering on a faulty pin release mechanism and asked if I “wanted her.” I screamed “No!” and continued hammering. Of course, whenever I made it home, its importance increased dramatically and was almost always at the top of both my wife’s and my lists of things to do.

  85. Good morning Villagers…

    Thanks Mark for the tune…really liked the (I’m assuming it was) oboe instrumental…bookmarked it under Tangerine Dream…getting to like their music.

    Sandcastler…what’s in a name…thanks, interesting reading. I study the horse, the jockey, and when I’m at the track, the racing form is my ‘bible’…no disrespect there. I picked 3 out of the 4 that finished the Derby 🙂 The Belmont stakes could prove to be some ‘dirty’ racing as there are those who would do anything to keep CC from becoming a triple crown winner.

    Indy Mindy…Andrew show up with the boss’s son-in-law yesterday…so I guess he’s coming back to work…didn’t show up here last night, so I’m assuming he’s staying with the boss’s daughter and son-in-law…which I’m fine with, as long as I get to see Brooklynne Rose this weekend.

    Well, my other nephew-in-law showed up last night and told me what my two surprises were…..a 1998 Baldwin Spinnette upright piana (I took 5 years of lessons from a nun!!) and a c-3 Hammond organ with a tone cabinet. I’m going to take the piano, but does anyone here know of someone who would like Hammond Organ??? Otherwise, they’re going to burn it….both came out of a Weslyan church.

    Thanks Lily….you’re a sweetie 🙂

    today’s grin: http://cheezburger.com/8185859328 (loved the lynx one TR)

    gptta go…

    GR 😉

  86. GR6, your flight sim story reminds me a Cobra pilots comments after a productive day over Laos.

    As to today’s strip, our cats have us trained too. 😉

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