April 1, 2002

Illness and weirdness are nothing new around here. This is a series that began on April Fool’s Day, in case you might otherwise miss that. There were no “comments” to speak of when this first appeared, thank goodness. I must shuffle off prematurely today and draw something. Wish me luck.

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  1. I’m glad that there was dialogue. I might not have noticed that it wasn’t Arlo. I would have thought it was some role playing that they were doing from the night before.

    Good luck with the drawing. There is a lot of funny stuff out there and we need to hear it!

  2. Having been born 4/1/56, I tired of “April Fool’s” many decades ago – but I liked that one! (Just wish the gator had been Albert……)

  3. I didn’t drive northeast into New England often past our NJ terminal in Sayreville. Our “local” drivers out of that terminal handled that when possible… especially for stops in NYC. So I was also startled to see my new Telrad finder left Montague NJ with its first stop in Nashua NH. And it took 2 days past the “label creation” for it to be picked up for a 2-day delivery. USPS certainly isn’t the fastest at picking up shipments! But with it being picked up yesterday, that means it’s gotta be on a plane soon if it’s to arrive by tomorrow evening. Right? Or does USPS use a different calendar?

  4. Don’t bet on it Trucker. I ordered something from Ebay on 3/22. The in-between service announced they picked it up on 3/29, a week later. Then they hung onto it for 4 days before giving it to the USPS to actually deliver. And it arrived yesterday, the day after I had complained to the seller that although I had taken economy shipping, I didn’t know they meant by wagon train.

  5. Ghost & JJ
    The plural of Virus could be Virus like Sheep & Moose
    (the plural of Moose is not Meese as you might have heard. Like Goose & Geese)
    Isn’t English wonderful?
    Singular (1) Plural (2+)
    aircraft aircraft
    deer deer
    fish fish
    moose moose
    offspring offspring
    sheep sheep
    species species
    salmon salmon
    trout trout
    And maybe other fish

  6. This baboon in this tree is pretty constant, sometimes w/ co.
    This morning, there was a goose w/ 2 eggs in charlo. URL above. Now empty. Prob MDNR did it. We had a fresh inch of snow this morning, & it was still snowing at 0900. Gone now, except maybe on N side of berm. If you listen to MPR’s Friday Favorites [3-7 pm, KCRB, 88.5 FM here, other data available / MPR Classical online], you may hear a Gustov Holst item in honor of a newborn named Hayden [her parents had no idea of what Hayden connotes to geezers from NYC, especially those who grew up in the AMNH. Admission to the Hayden Planetarium was then a quarter; I think $20 now gets you in to both the museum and the new planetarium.]

  7. Went on several class trips to the Hayden in 50s.
    Another good one is at the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury VT – had a show for 4 people
    when we were there.

  8. Speaking of comments on the GoComics site –

    I have noticed that all of the strips from just a few years ago and back no longer have the comments.

    Does GoComics automatically delete the comments after a period of time?

  9. This morning I was advised my package had suddenly and inexplicably arrived in OKC (a 2-hour drive from here). But the projected arrival date is now 4-19-20.
    Sill much better than my estimate (based on its progress through Kansas) of around the first of June. ?

  10. This morning I was advised my package had suddenly and inexplicably arrived in OKC (a 2-hour drive from here). But the projected arrival date is now 4-19-20.
    Sill much better than my estimate (based on its progress through Kansas) of around the first of June. ?

  11. One thing is how severely her eyes are so vertical in panel two–wow, for Janis–and how horizontal they are in the next panel, along with her tall standing and short sitting. Man, is this funny.

  12. I just read that the Gubbermint “stimulus checks” will be rolling out “soon”, both electronically and by snail-mail. Hopefully, mine will be sent via the former rather than the latter, since I also read that the US Postal Service says it is about to run out of money, and I would dearly hate it if they subbed delivery of my check to FedEx (see previous posts), and I didn’t receive it until Christmas.

    On a semi-serious note, I was wondering if any of you have made plans for what you will be doing with those sweet, sweet greenbacks the Gubbermint is so magnanimously sending you.

    “Wait a minute; where did the Gubbermint get those greenbacks it’s sending us?”
    “Shut up.”

    Remember, people, the idea is to get out there and spent those bucks to stimulate our economy, along with, presumably, the economies of China, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, and, don’t forget, Elbonia. (With election season nearing, we’ll probably be needing the mud.) Those economies apparently won’t get stimulated if you do something responsible with the money, like save it for a rainy (rainier?) day. Plus, that would be dull. I haven’t decided how I’m going to be a good citizen and spend mine, so I would like to have some suggestions from all of you.

    (Pro tip: $1200 wouldn’t buy you love, but it will rent a fair portion of it.)

    • I’m planning on putting it into my savings account so it’s available when the next rainy day rolls around. That way I’ll have it when (not if) I need it, and until then, it won’t be contributing to inflation.

  13. I will donate mine to the DNC. Don, I need more please, please. What is the plural or possessive of Jones? I prefer for possessive Jones’ and for plural Jones and definitely not Joneses.

    • I thought “Jones’s” was the possessive, although “Jones’ ” may also be correct. And for plural I’d probably try to get away with “the Jones family”. 🙂 “Joneses” does look weird.
      Then there’s “Jonesing”, but that’s an entirely different matter. 😀

      • Now this is something I teach for a living. Associated Press style says: Joneses for plural and Jones’ for singular possessive. This is unlike American Psychological Association, Strunk and White, or others that want Jones’s for singular possessive and Joneses’ for plural possessive. Nothing wrong with your

        “the Jones family”.

        for a neat plural, except that, all over America, the comma goes inside the quotation mark. No exceptions, not in AP, not in APA. One never sees it here.

        I just know that Jimmy studied Chuck Jones’s cartooning!

  14. Ghost: At least part of it will go to our favorite servers at the neighborhood restaurants that we frequent and at Bob’s afternoon hangout bar. We’ve been keeping track of the tips we haven’t been able to leave; they’ll get that and more.

    • Very good choice, Ruth Anne. We’ve missed seeing our favorite servers at various places, although we have been leaving full tips on those occasions when we’ve picked up carryout orders.

      • Same here; it’s not their fault we can’t come in for normal full service and the decor. Our favorite smokehouse has on its wall, “Vegetarian: Native American term for lousy hunter.”

        Another wise thing to do with the “free” money is to save it for the inevitably higher prices that expanding the money supply causes.

        • Jackie loved the sign, TR. As much as she used to travel, I’d of thought she’d seen that, but she hadn’t.

          The Blow Fly Inn in Gulfport MS has a sign on the front door that reads…
          WE’RE OPEN!

  15. Most of mine will go to my dentist to make the upper plate I need after having my upper teeth removed. By the time the stimulus gets here, my mouth should be about ready to have the impressions taken so the plate can be made. By the time the restaurants reopen I hope to be able to go in and eat there again!

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