The Coming Upheaval

July 28, 2008

Indeed, just as many of you have suspected, there is a coming upheaval. To be exact, it will be July 28, but don’t worry: it will be in Canada only. I know! Canada! I’m talking about the “Day of the Commemoration of the Great Upheaval.” The great upheaval in this case was the forced removal of settlers of mostly French descent from English-controlled Nova Scotia, particularly the area around the Bay of Fundy known as Acadia, in the 18th Century. I won’t go into it in any further detail, but it is a sordid story with uncomfortable refrains. “Day of Commemoration of the Great Upheaval” is a relatively new observance for our great northern neighbor. It shows all nations have a past with which their modern citizens are left to grapple, even those mild-mannered Canadians. (They hate it when we say things like that!) I mention it now, because I needed something to mention, and it gives you plenty of time to stock up on holiday supplies. Why July 28? I’m not sure, but probably because it coincides with the day known in Canada as “summer.”