Storm Waning

I have always liked this gag, originally produced in 2004. Of course, today it appears a bit dated. Obviously, there’s the cathode-ray television set. It goes beyond that, though. While there are more “devices” than ever in our lives, their portability and versatility have made obsolete entire genres of purposely “portable” products. Today, Janis would, of course, be tracking the storm on her cell phone, which makes every storm look as if it’s right on top of you. I noticed one other oddity in this particular strip. Do you see it? In all the years I’ve been drawing Arlo & Janis, I’ll bet there haven’t been half a dozen strips wherein they both address one another by name. Well, the “Arlo & Janis Summer Art Show and Sale” has exceeded my expectations, quite frankly. Thanks to all who visited, and thanks, of course, to those who bought an original comic strip. All art will ship immediately after the sale ends Thursday. That’s right! There still are strips left to buy and time to buy them.