And During Quarantine

March 3, 2008

This series has run here before, but I thought it might be appropriate these days. You can view the week-long sequence by clicking on the date above, as usual. And in the Where Do You Get Your Ideas Department: the current Arlo & Janis strip (which is a repeat from 2015) literally came from real life. There was a dog on one of our favorite walking routes who did the exact same thing as the dog in the strip, with a few glaring differences. The fence was a chain-link fence, the gate was the width of the driveway, and the dog was a snarling German shepherd and a big one at that. Every time we walked by, he’d meet us in the near corner of his front yard, barking and slobbering and lunging against the fence, the only thing between him and the sidewalk, and us. He would continue in that state, keeping apace with us until he reached the open driveway. Then, he’d politely trot alongside us, across the driveway, until he’d reached the fence on the other side where he’d resume his assault until we had passed beyond his jurisdiction. We became quite used to this behavior and trusted him to play by the rules. We’d speak to him in a friendly voice, which would drive him to higher paroxysms of gleeful fury. What I don’t recall is, how we ever worked up the courage to walk past him the first time.