Bowling Along

Sorry to be late. I had some internet difficulties earlier this morning. Here are the next installments from the recent series in 2018.

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  1. I did it again. Posted a reply on the bottom of yesterday. Here it is again.

    Jackie: No pity. Understanding and empathy insofar as we can give them when we have not walked in your shoes. Taking my cue from the way you used to sign your posts back in the day—-Love, Nancy Kirk

  2. Back in the mid-’60s, my MBH and I bowled a few games on a granite alley somewhere in SW Minnesota. I hesitate to think how the unforgiving granite (as opposed to the usually-forgiving maple) would react to a lofted ball. Yes, it was indoors…wish I could recall the town name. Perhaps Pipestone??

  3. Mark forgot to thank you for help finding the used store fixture place. It was old one I used to like that closed

    Ironically her last name is Vick. She loves mannequins too, even more than I.

    She is in crowded warehouse and mannequins are upstairs stored. I want another lying down one or another seated or kneeling.

  4. More than once I have bowled in women’s league long ago. I even owned my own ball, shoes, bag, gloves and gear. I played for the Tomcats sponsored by Airforce squadron.

    That was long ago and more lives than the tomcat has.

  5. Ghost bought me some blueberries and blackberries today in Tulsa as a compromise because I wanted to go out at 7 a m Sunday to our You Pick berry farm and pick. If I can’t go back to sleep I plan to go bake blueberry biscuits.

  6. Last week I watched kids(4 to 5yrs old) bowl and I cringed when they did what Janis did which was often.
    And I thought the very same thing as Arlo.

  7. The first time I went bowling with my wife, she managed to lose her grip on the ball during her backswing. It rolled back towards the seats, not very fast, and I managed to grab it before it hit anyone who wasn’t watching.

  8. 6/15/19: The Seattle Times ran only the first two panels of today’s strip, which was a four panel strip on GoComics. Thought you’d like to know.

  9. Our Tippy was the lightest cat ever on his feet
    we never knew when he jumped on bed, others
    Running around upstairs sounds like
    elephants overhead some days

  10. Re 6-16-19 real-time cartoon:
    1. Chips and salsa: yummy!
    2: Watching golf on TV: < exciting than watching paint dry.
    3: New hammer: what, did he break his old one?
    Nonetheless, Happy Father's Day to all you guys of that persuasion. 🙂

  11. I never had a father so this holiday is not a favorite. I envy those of you with happy family memories both of past and present. I wonder what it must have been like ti grow up in a “normal” family unit? I was always a misfit from all points of view. I produced a disfunctional family of my own, having married into one as I was incapable of recognizing normalacy or love.

    Ghost had two families to love and help raise sons. He was and is a good Godfather. I hope his call him

    • According to the comment below the cam view, the flies are the probable reason that the “remaining falcon” jumped from the nest a few days ago. Apparently it survived and the parents are feeding it. Similar situation a few years ago.

  12. Thinking about this I realize I have never had a positive male role model in my life. My grandparents had a terrible marriage but my grandfather was widely loved. Never really knew my dad’s father or if he was really his father?

    My stepdad and his parents distinguished “real” family as blood descended so I was not family. Let’s just say I married into a nightmare family to try to find one that looked “right.”

    Be grateful for what you have/had if holidays leave you with warm fuzzy memories.

  13. Ghost brought me home to rest for a couple hours. Took pain meds and lying down after threw a berry pie together. I have been craving cobbler or pie. I made blueberry biscuits and ate them yesterday. May try again?

    Good news is I don’t have a blood clot in my arm. Bad news is it is still swollen and red, cellulitis?

    Ghost and I have given up and are formally joining Half Price Senior dining with chicken fried steak dinners tonight at 5 p.m I am 20 years older than their minimum age.

  14. Jackie, instead of using an s for your name, use the $. get it? Monies- $. Glad to hear you don’t have a blood clot and if it’s cellulitis, I hope they provide you a good cure. Apparently they had a Mustang owners show at the Marriott across the street this past weekend. Too bad you didn’t know, you might have found a buyer for Black Jack. I didn’t know about it till I read it on Channel 2’s website this morning.

  15. Re 6-17-19 real-time comic: So a “stand-alone” statement from Janis would be what? Like “Come here, you great big handsome hunk of a man and let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear.”?

  16. A week ago Friday, I was down in Albuquerque, having a lymph node removed for a biopsy. Wednesday, I heard from the surgeon that it’s lymphoma. That’s the bad news. The good news is that if I need chemo, I can have it done at the local hospital, less than a mile away, and the VA will pay for it. And, if it’s the right type, the VA will presume that it’s Agent Orange related and increase both my Disability Rating and my Compensation. There’s always a silver lining.

  17. Sideburns, the lymphoma is bad news, alright. Good thing the VA has the new program for community care, especially you are so far from the nearest VA facility. Good luck to you.

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