Breakfast Roast

Breakfast Roast

Today’s classic strip is from fall of 2009, 10 years ago, and it’s in living color. Just the other morning, I made the classic bone-headed play of setting up my drip coffee maker and turning it on, forgetting I’d rinsed the filter basket the night before and left it in the dish drainer. Talk about grounds everywhere. Almost every cartoonist does more than his or her share of coffee jokes in one form or another. Coffee is essential to the production of cartoons.

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  1. That’s why I like the cone filters my coffee maker uses. With that shape it rarely manages to sag enough to let grounds escape. In case you don’t post again this week, Jimmy, Happy Halloween.

      • You’re welcome, Jimmy. You’re not sporadic, like the rest of us you have a life outside work. And look up Topeca coffee. They own their own coffee plantations and roast their own coffee here in Tulsa. It is some of the freshest and best tasting I have ever had, and you can order online.

  2. Jimmy, just an FYI – your RSS feed is working in MyYahoo! for the first time in years! Not sure what you did, but both my wife and I thank you!!!

  3. I’ve made my share of coffee sans filter basket. I’ve had coffee makers where this became a disaster but my current unit just makes the coffee faster (and weaker.)

    The real problem begins when I forget to put the pot under the basket. There is a stopper at the bottom of the basket that prevents (most of) the water from pouring on the counter and floor but the basket is full to the very brim with coffee slurry. Placing the pot in at this point relieves the basket of the load but what comes out isn’t drinkable.

    Need coffee to wake up. Need to wake up to make coffee. Morning catch-22.

    • When developing the computer for Artillery Tables during WWII
      the war ended before they finished because they kept finding places
      they could make it better.

  4. [This, from someone who can barely “draw” a period at the end of a sentence!] My apologies, in advance….

    In panel 2, there’d be greater clarity in having the arc indicating J’s hand movement continue below A’s hand towards the cup position. In the same vein, the start of her hand movement was probably not adjacent to her hair.

    No jokes from me about her cup size, but same seems to vary from panel to panel.

  5. I never have a problem making coffee…as I neither make it nor drink it. As the old joke goes, I’m waiting for them to come up with a coffee that tastes as good as it smells brewing.

  6. c x-p: [From emb, who got B’s in Betty Burckmeyer’s [sp?] drawing courses at Cornell U.* but has drawn very little over the last few decades, save for the skull drawings in “The mammals of MN”]. Pretty perceptive re panel 2. Have never done action drawings, but those would be improvements. Cup size? Not enough detail to judge except in panel 4, and a robe doesn’t tell us much there, except that Janis has not ballooned as Blondie has since her A-cup flapper days. JJ wouldn’t do that to us, I hope.

    *You should have seen the A-work in Freehand Drawing, Pen-&-ink Drawing, and Scientific Illustration. Have mentioned before that realistic Drawing was taught in the Ag Coll. [now Coll. of Ag & Life Science]. “Art” was taught in the Coll. of Architecture.


  7. .My ex boss from New York once asked me to make coffee. Once.

    My ex boss from Houston asked me if I’d bring him coffee in bed? I said only if the hotel had room service.

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