Bringing the Heat

It’s that time of year again, that time we talk about how pleasant an outdoor fireplace would be while we search for something to watch on Netflix. As I think I have told you before, this little series is based on “a semi-true story.” I intend to run subsequent episodes over the next few days, or if you have no self control you can go to the archive for November, 2002. “Bringing the heat” is, of course, baseball jargon for a really effective fastball. Or that’s the way it’s been. Now, it might mean something else. The World Series began this week in Los Angeles, where recent temperatures have topped 100 degrees. I’ll bet the players are glad they don’t wear those wool uniforms anymore.

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  1. In my elementary school years (1950 -1958) I thought the World Series was a bunch of games played between the New York Yankees and some other team also from New York. I think Pittsburgh was in there somewhere.

    The Series took place in the first week of October. Now games push into November (including game 7 this year if played.) If not for global warming the players would have to use mittens rather than mitts.

  2. I bought several outdoor fireplaces, strategically placed around various decks, should we want to roast a weenie, toast a marshmallow or smoke our surroundings and ourselves. We have been waiting for a freeze to kill flies and mosquitoes.

    That happens this week. We need wood to burn. Ghost and I are just discussing where to place such wood piles. I hate snakes but I think cats could take care of mice and rats?

    Of course cats carry small snakes around in their mouths too.

  3. Jackie, when in Tennessee I had a wood rack outside. Never had problems with snakes, mice or rats in the winter. But when you start pulling out the wood you’ll have bugs galore. Always use heavy gloves when getting out what wood you’ll need.

  4. Are any of you Carol Burnett Show fans? Here’s some good news:

    CBS will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Carol Burnett Show with a two-hour special set for December 3.

  5. Jimmy, tell me what date to search in Go Comics to find your classic comic of Janis dashing out of, I think it is, her nightie and into a sweater. Arlo says something along the lines of “A clear sign summer is over.” or “I see fall/winter is here.” I was soooo Janis this morning!

  6. Back in the 50’s the games didn’t usually last over 3 hours like to do today. I was shocked that last night’s game ended in less than 2 1/2 hours. Justin Verlander and Rich Hill are pitching tonight, so it may be a quick game as well.

    Armando Galarraga’s perfect game was completed in 1:44. VERY few games last less than 2 hours these days.

  7. Hmmmm re recipe left here for those who copied….a typo!

    Symply goofed in the recipe! Not calcium citrate in the recipe….should be Fargone sour salt or citric acid not calcium citrate…Papa is laughing at me(he was an organic chemist)

  8. Ghost posted my surgery report over on yesterday’s blog post. I am out and not feeling so bad actually. We went in about 10.30 a.m. and got out at 5.30 p.m. I am starving. We are at hotel and Ghost is walking Dickens who has been alone all day. I was afraid he’d be too excited if I went in right now so I am out in truck.

    Ghost and I are heading for a low fat high protein protein meal for me per discharge nurse.
    Don’t feel too bad but mildly queasy. Came out laughing with the anesthesiologists and went in like that. Medicine and surgery is becoming a DIY affair, bring your own bottle and carry your own IV faster and faster.

  9. OK, I posted this afternoon’s Jackie Report on yesterday’s blog. (In my defense, I’m not used to all this frenetic posting my Jimmy. 🙂 ) So my next post will not make a lot of sense (do they ever?) without reordering mine and others in what should have been the correct order.

    JACKQULINE MONIES on 25 Oct 2017 at 8:52 am #
    Have to go. On way to hospital for surgery to install my chemo port into my heart major vessel. About a five hour procedure they said. Ghost will report. We are at hotel in leiu of inpatient with Dickens.
    Actually they only do inpatient if you’re REALLY sick with cancer nowadays. Obviously I am not that sick, walking second aid will do!

    Ghost on 25 Oct 2017 at 4:05 pm #
    Jackie’s surgeon was running late on her case schedule, so she got off to a slow start. The good news is she did OK and is now in Recovery. The bad news is I’m sitting in the surgery waiting room, which ranks above only having a simultaneous colonoscopy and root canal on my list of favorite things to do.
    Just kidding. I’m happy I can be here with her. And it’s not like I haven’t had some practice doing that. I’ll try to make my next post a bit more entertaining. Perhaps the story of spending most of yesterday afternoon in an upscale lingerie shop and meeting a female “glamour” photographer who would have been a better photography subject than most of her clients.

    Debbe on 25 Oct 2017 at 7:25 pm #
    GR ..if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it once You are such a slut puppy!
    (( -0- )) a hug for Jackie.

    JACKQULINE MONIES on 25 Oct 2017 at 9:39 pm #
    But he is my slut puppy and he got his own woman who wears the underwear. He says Rich Widow Lady took him bra shopping but he gets to breast shop with me and lingerie. And the lingerie shop was having their tenth anniversary party with champagne, strawberries, brownies, cookies and gifts. They loved Dickens and Ghost.
    Women love the Ghost.

  10. And we met the awesome photographer! I am going to Get photos done. Do I do it now with one saggy breast and one in progress? I say yes and then one with final results afterward.

    This is about empowerment and attitude and boy do you need that with cancer!

  11. Jackie is using my tablet because she’s having trouble getting her phone to recharge. So that is her post above, and I am NOT getting glamour photos made, whether my breasts sag or not.

  12. Yes, I spent about three hours here yesterday afternoon.

    Jackie went back by the shop (we were there before her surgery) to get a final fitting on the mastectomy bra she purchased then and to order another one. This time the shop owner was there and took Jackie as a customer. They disappeared into the back for a fitting and to do some insurance paper work. (Actually, it seemed to require more paperwork to purchase an insurance-covered bra than it did True Grit, the Totally Awesomely Truck.) This left me up front with four salesladies and various customers who came in to discuss their bra and other lingerie needs while seemingly ignoring me. (Did Jackie mention they were having an anniversary open house and that bubbly-beverages-that-were-not-beer were being served?) Hum.

    Guys, did you ever have the fantasy of being invisible in the girls’ locker room in high school? This was sort of a PG-13 version of that in real life. When Jackie came out, we talked to the owner and the salesladies and found them to be really nice, but still not above trying to embarrass me. Anyway, it was an interesting afternoon. And I learned some things about bras and bra fittings I never knew. As I’ve said, it’s never dull hanging with Jackie.

  13. While waiting for Jackie, I noticed a table set up with framed portraits of women; a magazine type-publication with more photos of women; and a placard advertising Voulez Vous Boudoir. I immediately realized that was a “glamour photo” business. (I’m sharp about things like that.) And when Jackie came out, we realized who I’d thought was the fourth saleslady was actually Lana, the owner of the photography business, and we chatted with her awhile about her work.

    Many examples of her work are shown at her web site. They are truly artistic and not at all salacious. If you like such things, it’s worth taking a look at her photos and videos and her blog. In case you can’t figure it out, Lana is the one with the long blonde hair and the camera. As I said, I certainly won’t mind seeing her as the subject of some of her photos. 🙂 It’s never boring hanging with Jackie…or did I say that already.

  14. So much for a quick game. I watched until Verlander lost his no-hitter, then glanced back to see the Dodgers had gone up 3-1. Had to go to bed watching Astros pull within one in the 8th. Woke up and found out that I missed an even better game. I’m not sure what the solution is, but just wish that the games could start at 6:00 Eastern so that we could at least watch the end of the games. Put them on tape delay on an alternative channel for the West Coast. Last night was a game worth watching!

  15. Checked the Birds of East Africa field guide. That was a glossy ibis; many look black, but have a colorful metallic wash in the right light. The Egyptian sacred ibis has a naked black head and neck, and mostly white plumage. Peace,

  16. Going this morning to see oncologist to Get chemo plan and schedule, post up schedule with breast surgeon and referral for physical therapy for lost use and range motion left arm, start that. I still think La Quinta beats getting an apartment here when getting treatments rather than driving daily back and forth.

    Ghost and I are going for free sushi day at P.F. Changs early when they open, then tonight to Abuelos for prime rib Thursday. We have never eaten the prime rib because they only do it one night starting at 4 p.m. And always sell out by time we get there. We are going at 4 p.m. Today!

    Ghost can tell you what we are celebrating but it is a special day for him. I agree and someday we will celebrate mine as well.

  17. That is me, Jackie, on Ghosts tablet. We are going to do something that is a first for Ghost today, visit Bass Pro Shop. My comfort zone all over America what with a deer hunting mama and family plus boating.

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