Cat Days of Summer

(Cartoonist’s note: another old post from 10 years ago to wrap up the work week. I stand by my comments of a decade past; I have always relied heavily upon you, the reader, to interpret action that actually occurs off-camera. That is why I am known as the ‘dirty’ cartoonist.)
It amazes me the quality of the humor that originates in the mind’s eye. A lot of people thought this cartoon was a hoot, when really they were providing the action with their own imaginations.
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  1. We – that would be “me”, specifically – had a pet wolf spider named “Farquhar” during our Florida years ’74-’80. It lived between the top front door frame and the cinder block wall material. Often it’d be just sitting there awaiting food, I guess. As I liked it LOTS better than the roaches and ants also present, it felt good to capture a roach and toss it into the web. Farquhar seemed pleased as it grabbed the victim and dragged it back into the wall for snacking.

    Research-wise, we discovered that the ants and the roaches kept each other’s population down, possibly by nibbling on their eggs. At least it seemed so. When I got the roach numbers down, we found that outside ants became inside ants. They had a certain utility, though. Our floor was terrazzo – good idea in a hot humid place to avoid wood – with its inherent “busy” design. When either of our young kids spilled a small amount of food, often we could not see the dropped food against the design. However, the ants found it and made a readily visible line between the food and wherever the ants lived. We’d see the line of ants and follow same to the dropped food!
    Those ants also loved a bag of modelling clay the MBH stored in the space above the kitchen cabinets. We had no idea until we removed the bag and found the holes made and the hole-makers inside with the clay.

  2. Steve fRO
    It seems the best of the Old Movies did it that way.

    IIR the scariest parts of Them the Ants were not seen – just the sound.
    Many others the same.

  3. Started to search “koala tea,” then it dawned. Is that just a pun or a punch line. If the latter, please post it.

    Re that gorgeous [really: look it up] spider and the other videos, I got “an error has occurred” after 1-2 seconds of each. Maybe it’s this laptop.


  4. emb:

    Yep. You found a version of it.

    I first heard the joke about 40 years ago from one of my colleagues. At that time, the setting for the joke was France, hence the spelling of “Merci” instead of “Mercy.”

  5. Put the flooded shoes back on this afternoon. Given our 95F and heat index over 105F, the fact that they still felt a bit clammy was welcome. Now they are airing out again – their slightly earthy aroma is OK, but unnecessary.

    I, too, wonder about how the music in 9CL can possibly have the effect it supposedly does.

    Your normal activities may now be resumed….

  6. When our shoes (especially sneakers) got wet, we would put them in front of the refrigerator, lying on the side with the inside of the shoe up against the grill under the door. That’s where the warm air exhaust or outflow exits. It takes a lot longer to dry the shoe than putting it in the dryer but they rarely shrink.

  7. Tonight was a great night up the nearby canyon for stargazing. We had good views of Venus as it set in the west, Jupiter and all 4 of the Galilean moons, and Saturn with its rings visible even in my little 4-inch refractor. Then Mars rose and, as reported in the news, it’s a vivid yellow now… and then the moon rose and washed out the stars on the east side of the sky. It’s still 92% full.

  8. Rick in Shermantown, I’ve seen some in Tulsa this year. Even had one in my apartment. They were plentiful in Alabama before I moved away.

  9. Last time was Oct 2016. I was born there and have moved back and forth at various times. Rural Tennessee was well-stocked with lightning bugs too.

  10. Good one, Mark. However, I imagine it dates to when the first English-speaking person heard of those ancient Greeks! I heard it before 1950, myself, and, I’d guess, others herein, even earlier.

  11. Heard it first from Elaine’s father Paul; not sure whether it was before or after we wed, in ’52. Also from him: FUNEM? YSVFM. FUNEX? YSVFX. LFMNX. Peace,

  12. Mark and Ron:


    My son lives in the Denver area, and he said that fireflies are not present there, either. Being west of Kansas, that makes sense.

  13. c x-p: Am guessing it originated in our home town, probably among goys imitating people who sounded [to goys] like that. After all, M is not kosher. Peace,

  14. Very likely, eMb. For others, it is a little more obvious without the initial “Y”s in the 2nd and 4th letter groupings.

  15. Am I given to understand that Impossibly Wonderful Edda was able to strip her husband’s swim trunks from his body, underwater, using just her teeth?

    Well, OK then!

    A high school buddy told me his date once unzipped his fly at a drive-in movie theater using that technique. But he was a notorious prevaricator.

  16. Eufaula’s Independence Day Parade went off as scheduled this past Saturday morning. I drove Black Jack, Jackie’s beautiful black Mustang convertible, with her riding shotgun and two of the boutique employees riding on the rear deck. Black Jack was properly attired in red, white and blue trim, as were Jackie and the ladies on his back. It was clear, windy and somewhat hot at starting time.

    It had been a number of years since I’d last driven a convertible in a parade, and I must say I quite enjoyed it. And those were mostly Christmas parades, in which I do not remember there being a single spectator wearing a bikini. This parade had several of them. Which allowed me to play “Toss The Candy Into The Cleavage”. So as I say, I quite enjoyed it.

  17. Ghost: Bob sends his thanks for calling it Independence Day rather than Fourth of July (one of many peeves). He also likes the “toss the candy …” idea 🙂

  18. It wasn’t what you might think, Mark. The parade was moving at such a sedate pace I could probably have stepped out of Black Jack; walked into the crowd and found a likely, ah, receptacle into which to stuff some candy; and walked back to and reentered the slowly moving vehicle.

  19. Ghost, I still am unclear what Edda did to cause the gaping maw in that ‘toon. Did I miss something – like men’s attire gone adrift? Maybe she bit his b-tt….

    Meanwhile, let’s hear it for those “receptacles”!

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