Comforting Thought

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Another balloon-free classic featuring teenage angst from 1999. Sometimes, when you’re a cartoonist, you just have to laugh. Laugh ruefully, I mean. This cartoon reminds me of another I drew a few years back. Arlo is working a crossword puzzle and is groping for a four-letter word that means Hawaiian folk dance. Through four panels, he’s stumped, and oblivious to Janis gyrating in the background, similar to Arlo in the second panel above. After the cartoon appears in newspapers, I get a snippy email from someone who writes, “I don’t know what that woman in the background is supposed to be doing, but it sure isn’t the hula.” As Steve Martin might have said at one time, “Well, excuuuuse me!” What is about comic strips that make some people so serious?

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  1. Jimmy, my Dad wasn’t a big comics fan but he once commented about how some people become so intense and involved that they become verbally abusive and emotionally knotted over a comic strip, a headline, or any of a thousand such unrelated things. [Dad was a great philosopher even though it took me years to realize the fact!] He felt that such irrationality was not caused by the comic strip, headline, etc. but by a huge trove of insecurity, anger and angst [my word, not his] in their own real-time lives. Did that make sense? I think it’s like some militant Muslims getting all bent out of shape over a cartoon of a Teddy Bear. Uh oh! Here they come with a big stake and a lot of fire! And, Ghost, that was correctly speeled with an “e” rather than an “i” so don’t get all pokey with me.

  2. Debbie, you want Ghost to change his name to Pokeyman? I thought Pokeyman was a Jamaican proctologist? What’s with the double- and non-posting? Hi, Mindy.

  3. Shelly, I believe you are thinking of Dr. Pokémon.

    What is it about comic strips that make some people so serious? I don’t know that. But I think Debbe and I do know where a lot of them hang out.

  4. “What is about comic strips that make some people so serious?”

    I’m thinking the answer is that people think what you do is easy. And while you do make it look easy, if it really was easy then everyone would do it.

    The rest of us ignore the serious ones and simply enjoy the cartoons and the ride!

  5. Not that Husband would try to teach a cat to hula, but I’m pretty sure that from time to time all our kids have thought they were growing up in a funny farm.

    Didn’t someone once say that “comedy is serious business”? If they didn’t, they should have.

    Speaking of cats, the person who was supposed to lend me a trap/cage to get the outside cats to the vet didn’t, and now we have two litters of kittens, less than a week old. I’ve counted a total of five kittens, and I hope that’s all, and might have a home for three of them with a friend who needs barn cats.

  6. “Teaching the cat to hula” has become my go-to phrase for “hanging out and wasting time”.

    Two great silly retro strips in a row!

  7. I think the people who get overly serious about comic strips are either (1) basically humorless, or (2) the kind of people who never pass up an opportunity to promote an agenda. Or both. For example, if the infamous “Arlo and the tick” series had been run this week, I can almost guarantee that someone over on The Dark Side would have said something that would have set off an acrimonious debate about whether global warming/climate change is causing an increase in the tick population. If you don’t believe that, please note that yesterday’s “gorgeous day” cartoon led to a somewhat heated (no pun intended) debate about global warming/climate change.

    I think I just got too serious. But then I thought about the “Arlo and the tick” series again and got over it. 🙂

    Jimmy, you need to rerun those cartoons here. Seriously.

  8. Ghost,
    Exactly! I try not to read the comments over there, as there sure seem to be lot of humor-challenged folks writing them. The good thing about the iPad app for that site is it doesn’t show the comments…but my app has been crashing all week, so I have to read themonthe regular website. Oh, well…at least the comments here are fun! And have seious discussions of important things, like pokies! 🙂

  9. I’m going to have to go to the “Dark Side” just to see if I should make rude comments to the people making rude comments. At least I think, judging from what is said here, that they are somewhat radical there. I’m just sayin’…

    In any case, John says that children not raised in a periodic funny farm miss a great part of the growing process and often don’t turn out right…like he, and I, and Ginger, and Shelly, and most everyone here. Nuff said. Oh, yeah, and I include the Evil Twin Sister in that, Ghost. So, Trapper Jean, odds are you have “good and normal” kids. 😀

    Today is the Day of Days…thank you, General Eisenhower…when I launch my full and hopefully final offensive against Demon Bamboo. It’s all yellow, not a speck of green, and I think hope pray beg that I’ve killed the beast and am merely going to be rooting out the roots, so to speak. John is off “moving rocks” somewhere, Ginger is shopping for supper, her turn to cook, and Shelly said that she’d stop by ASAP and give me a hand. I don’t know if I want to share the thrill of victory. God knows I’ve suffered the agony of defeat by myself…and now I hasten forward to do battle, hoo yah!

  10. Every now and again I do like to poke a stick into the eye of one or more of the humorless trolls the inhabit the Dark Side but primarily I ignore them.
    I do comment fairly regularly on both of Greg Craven’s comics, but the commenters there are primarily sane (in the same way the Villagers are sane, ie rarely doth a knuckle-dragger or troll dare show his or her ugly face) and Greg even tosses in a comment or two many days.

  11. Remember, Mindy, an ancient wise man from the Orient once said: “Do not awaken a sleeping tiger. And Mindy, that goes double for bamboo.”

    The same ancient wise man also said, “Go and venture to the dim realm of The Dark Side at risk of your own peril. And yes, I realize that wise saying is shot full of redundancies or whatever you call them.”

    Bryan, I have to say that comments on “That is Priceless” sometimes rival that of its creator for humor content. I even jump in once in awhile, when I feel like I can keep up with them, the only place beside A&J where I do that.

  12. “Arlo and the tick”- for a moment I imagined a comic titled “Arlo and the Tick”. Now THAT would have been an exercise in absurdity!

  13. Demon Bamboo had some KIA but some was lying in wait to ambush me, filthy lousy Viet Bamboo animals! I did dig out a single root, 27 ft 9 13/16 inches [not counting the twists and curves in between ends], a new record. I called Boone & Crockett but they said I’d dug it up out of season. The Ripley’s Museum in Knoxville just laughed at me. Tonight I’m going to shove the root into their heat pump. Actually, John suggested having it stuffed and mounted. I have a better suggestion for both.

  14. I love this. A man in Baton Rouge spotted a ginormous alligator snapping turtle stuck in a culvert and called a neighbor for help in freeing it. The neighbor, one Martin LeBlanc, reportedly said that when he saw the four-foot-long turtle, which had a head the size of a football, his first thought was, “I’m from Pierre Part. I was thinking dinner, no lie. ”

    For those that don’t know, Pierre Part in Louisiana was founded by Acadian French settlers after the French population of Acadia was expelled by the British in 1755. The descendants of those settlers are now known as Cajuns. And yes, they are going to release it in a safer spot and not convert it into beaucoup gallons of turtle soup.

  15. Assumption Parish. I can’t believe they let the turtle go. Although I have trouble believing a 4-foot long turtle in Lousy Anna. Still, there are stranger things in Heaven and on Earth…John is drooling.

  16. @Mindy,

    Took pix of bamboo in Jpan for you to view…will post sometime where yu can see them. Symply pleased you and the triad have returned…..Now for the Fargone part….we left Tokyo Japan on April 10th at 11:10AM and arrived in Boston at 10:45AM on you guessed it April 10th, talk about deja vu all over again!

    More when I get time…..

  17. Some people have no sense of humor, others spend their lives emotionaly detached and perpetually angry. Final possibility would be that they don’t understand comic strips or what purpose they serve. It may seem absurd, but, reading panel to panel is not grasped by ever brain.

  18. Mark, what the kitty is doing kind of reminds me of what Maria Sharapova does while preparing to return a serve. The view from behind is…intriguing.

  19. Good morning Villagers…

    …and a bamboozle morning to Mindy and Clan

    Shelly, the double posting happened because this site told me that “you have already posted this”…something like that….and I was bound and determined that I was going to get my morning ramble in.

    Yup, TIP comments are priceless

    GR 😉

    today’s grin:


    ya’ll have a blessed day…..

  20. Almost forgot…..yesterday my cell phone rang while working….Ian answered it, this guy (I love this) said “you just won price money from the Publishing Clearing House”, Ian repeated this guy’s foreign accent so I could hear….then Ian asked how much….$450,000 he replied, I’m in the background hollering “tell him to get a real job”….this guy wanted a check sent to him immediately so we could declare our winnings…..lmao……

    I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m independently wealthy!!!!!

  21. Today’s real-time will send certain imaginations wild.

    Wouldn’t you know it – my new store is full of PITAs. (Pain In The …). Had to go in and work a few hours last night. While I feel like crap this morning, I did get some things done I would have put off for late this afternoon. Maybe I will appreciate this silver lining once some caffeine hits the bloodstream.

  22. Ghost, darn it, I was distracted by other things. Don’t pick on me. It’s a bamboo sort of morning and I’m in the mood to maim and kill, not to mention inflicting physical harm. I read your initial post wrong, mea culpa, my mind was elsewhere, and if you pick on me I’ll yell, scream, cry, and send Virgin Mindy to pester you for what will seem to be forever. I may go away if you’re mean to me and never come back, not ever, until the next time.

    Hi, Debbe. From all of us. Indy Mindy, now I won’t be able to fix a sandwich on pita bread without thinking about your comment. A suggestion, if you don’t mind, but when I get in the mood you’re in [come to think of it, I am in the mood you’re in!] I sneak out and treat myself to either a banana split or a double scoop cone of one of my favorite flavors of ice cream, usually chocolate marshmallow or rocky road. Hope you can relax soon!

  23. Yes, Janis is a dirty girl. Dirty…dirty…dirty…

    The next obvious question is what, if anything, Janis wears under her clothing when she gets down and dirty in the garden. Perhaps we should ask someone who apparently does the same thing on a regular basis. Mindy?

    The big question is about their backyard, but we won’t go there…although I’d certainly like to. 😉

  24. Gotta love the way the usual suspects reacted to Janis being in her underwear under a sheet. Funny, Janis is not drawn voluptuously like, say, Jen or Brandy in “Liberty Meadows” but she seems to get the guys hot and bothered.

  25. @ Lilyblack – She’s a woman. That’s about all it takes for many.

    Since there are Villagers from all corners of this continent I am hoping someone can provide enlightenment regarding a comment from the Dark Side regarding today’s A&J. Does anyone have a clue what “dooryard” means?

  26. In East Texas, a dooryard is a grass-less, raked area in place of the front yard, sometimes enclosed. I suppose some could have grass, but I have never seen one so described.
    Webster just days “a yard into which a door opens,” but that is not how it is used here.

  27. A Maine term for front yard or driveway.
    Boy: Who drove into the dooryard?
    Girl: Its my folks!
    Boy: Oh no!
    Girl: Quick! Put your clothes back on before they come in!!

  28. It was in use in the Eastern states in the mid 19th century. See Walt Whitman, 1865, ‘When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d’

  29. Me again: low key tech to be grateful for: Moments ago I looked at the time in the LR corner of this screen. 3:11 pm. Oh, no. Friday Favorites has already started. Maybe Steve Staruch has already played my request! Went to MPR site, clicked classical, clicked Playlist, no, the second piece had just finished and neither of the two was mine. [Mine is a G&S chorus.] Nice to be able to check things like that.

    Nodak Wayne. Thanks for that info. I knew Dave was retiring but did not know the other two names. Wife used to watch the program often.

  30. Lily, how do you know there is underwear being worn under the sheet? That was why I asked Mindy what she normally wears while aerially assaulting dug-in bamboo positions. 😉

    And as far as Janis’s VQ (Voluptuousness Quotient) is concerned, remember that, at least in the male brain, what is imagined can be even more exciting than what is seen.

    Along those lines…does anyone remember what tattoo Mary Lou has…and where on her body it is located?

  31. I’m still using the word “dooryard” here in NH, and didn’t see anything odd about it. Maybe I’m behind the times … better ask my friends if they speak of their dooryards. eMb, you are right on the ball with your very appropriate quotation.
    “Little flowers growing in the dooryard,” “the small children were playing in the dooryard”. Can be front door or back … but implies a small, homey house and yard. A mansion wouldn’t have one, but a farmhouse or log cabin would, or would have years ago.

  32. Thanks for all of the dooryard info. It’s a term I don’t recall ever hearing before, coming from Midwest stock and living most of my life in the Southwest. I may have read some of those literary quotes at one time but I don’t remember having done so. But then the ole’ rememberall ain’t quite what it used to be.

  33. Ditto, eMb & Charlotte/NH; you have increased my vocabulary that much. My total time in New England falls short of a year and was composed primarily of vacation trips as a kid…and I do not recall hearing the term.
    This can be a truly eclectic site as when we swing from Janis’ underwear (or possible lack thereof) to new vocabulary….

  34. sandcastler™ –

    Indy Mindy checking in.
    How would you like to be alerted if the situation goes FUBAR?
    Indy Mindy checking out.
    P.S. Have a great weekend!

  35. Check out on Aisle Four, twelve items or less, please.

    Galliglo, I’ve played with chat off and on for several years and this is by far the most appealing and interesting. It does get flirty at times, but it doesn’t get dirty, and as often as not it’s really educational. I’ve actually seen quotes from St. Augustine in here! And I’ve learned to use Urbandictionary before showing total ignorance.

  36. I can’t believe that no one has noted the death of Archie. RIP. Who remembers the murmuration of starlings? Maybe I spelled that wrong, but it was on the weather channel tonight. Still fascinating.

  37. On the dooryard discussion. Grew up mostly in Alabama and other parts South. Outside of the Whitman poem, didn’t use dooryard growing up. Here, you were out in the yard. Could be front yard, back yard or around the side of the house.
    Silly rabbit, doors are for houses.

  38. Me backpack is much lighter thanks to e-words.
    My dictionary is much closer thanks to e-readers.
    Still I mourn the loss of many great bookstores.
    I miss browsing the shelves seeking a new treasure.

  39. Thank you Ghost! I wonder what happened to my tshirt? Lost in a move, I suppose.

    I’ve never heard “dooryard” growing up in Georgia.

    sandcastler, that’s life in the Village-SNAFU!

  40. I see Jimmy is revisiting the real-book vs. e-book discussion today. Whether or not I like it, I feel sure that printed books will one day be curiosities available only at estate sales and antique stores. Things do change, seemingly faster than ever these days.

    Case in point: I read an article a couple of days ago about five jobs that are in imminent danger of disappearing. Four of them (Postal Service Worker; News Analyst, Reporter, Correspondent; Travel Agent; and File Clerk) are endangered primarily because of the ubiquitousness of personal computers and other e-devices with Internet access.

    And I read that article from the Internet on my iPad rather than in a newspaper, so…

  41. Like it or not, Mindy, we have to adapt to changing times. Hey, maybe my future “e-career” could be “Internet-based snarky comic strip critic”. Samples:

    “Poorly Drawn Lines”: Poorly conceived humor.
    “Angry Little Girls”: ?!
    “Eric the Circle”: Circular logic.
    “Bound and Gagged”: Should be.
    “Moderately Confused”: Moderately confusing.

    What do you think?

    Note: I actually like some of the above listed cartoons, but one cannot be an “Internet-based snarky comic strip critic” without being “snarky”, can one?

  42. If the crystal ball we are using proves accurate, upwards of half of todays job classifications will vanish in the next quarter century. This era will be not unsimilar to the twentieth century which saw massive evolutionary job changes.

    Just remember, what I don’t know fills a thimble and what I know easily is balanced on a pin point.

  43. Re:eBooks. Many,many older books are not available for the lack of somebody to put them in computer-readable form, Half the bookks on Amazon are not available for the Kindle.

    Ghost, thanks for the link to Mary Lou’s tattoo. I don’t mind them if I can’t see them. But I would never date anyone with a tattoo. Not that I date any more anyway. Not since I was twenty.

  44. Lilyblack, try this link and see if any of the books you are looking for are here:

    And as for the disappearing travel agent, that is caused by the airlines mostly, being unwilling to pay a commission to someone who does not work for them. That started in the mid-1990’s as the airlines first cut back commissions, then stopped them altogether.

  45. I crossed over the line in the sand and entered the world of the Dark Side where idiocy reigns and intellect seems to be stifled by the smell of ammonia. Is there an open season on Poo Poo Heads? If so, I know a certain game preserve than needs thinning.

  46. ^°^°^°^°^ went around the mountain to the GoComics town, those town folks are strange. Staying here on my side of the mountain. Never planning a trip to the dark valley of FaceBook, hear tell all kinds of evil lurks down there.

  47. Actually, the discourse over on The Dark Side today is somewhat more thoughtful and civil than usual.

    Someone there mentioned that a disadvantage of an e-reader would be the loss of all of one’s e-books in the event of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) event. Oddly, I am currently reading (on my Kindle) a novel about the aftermath of an attack carried out primarily by the detonation of an EMP device high over the US, taking down the electric power grid and rendering most electronic devices and most vehicles non-operative. If such a thing should occur, not being able to use my Kindle would be the least of my worries.

  48. Lillyblack, I have three tats, but in order for somebody to see them it would take at least 24 hours of preparation and the assistance of a medical professional because they’re all 50 cm “up.”

  49. Lily, tell me again why you haven’t been posting much until recently. 🙂 Seems to me like you’re fitting right in.

    And please, please don’t ask sideburns “Up where?”

  50. Even worse, Jerry, would be to be younger than Meredith…and to realize your prescription was changing. The disaster wouldn’t be as swift and there would be time to suffer knowing it was coming. Shelly just called, laughing, and said she was having a pokie party. I’m sure she meant a toga party.

  51. Like I said, Ghost, I have been visiting the blog for over a year and posted occasionally but everything seemed so, um, intense that I was intimidated. That’s why I complained, and I see the “squeaky wheel gets the grease.” 🙂

  52. Really, Lily? Intense? Here? I would have probably answered you except I likely didn’t know anything about the subject on which you posted, as I am a simple man and don’t know much about anything. Well, in any case, consider your wheels greased. 😉

    Mindy, did Shelly mention how many pokies she had invited to her pokie party?

  53. And if there is anything else by that author you are looking for, here is a link to real books:*&destination=us&currency=USD&mode=basic&st=sr&ac=qr

  54. Nah, Lily, it doesn’t take long to catch up here. And it appears you already have. Besides, if you can follow music, food and pokies discussions, you’ve pretty well got it.

  55. Not the right pokies, Lily, but that doesn’t matter. Everything will fall into place. How many pokies, Ghost? More than a handful.

    I’m outta here. 😀

  56. If a “handful” of pokies is defined as “five”, I certainly hope there is “more than a handful” at Shelly’s party.

    This looked awfully familiar when I ran across it. I hope that’s not because someone else posted it here recently.

    “The Hokey Pokey” (if written by Shakespeare)

    “O proud left foot, that ventures quick within
    Then soon upon a backward journey lithe.
    Anon, once more the gesture, then begin:
    Command sinistral pedestal to writhe.
    Commence thou then the fervid Hokey-Poke,
    A mad gyration, hips in wanton swirl.
    To spin! A wilde release from Heavens yoke.
    Blessed dervish! Surely canst go, girl.
    The Hoke, the poke — banish now thy doubt
    Verily, I say, ’tis what it’s all about.”

  57. Lilyblack, my point is that the links to the books on Open Library are ebook versions. The site lets you specify if you want ebook only versions, which I did for you.
    You aren’t an SCA member, are you? That looks like their kind of reading.

  58. Good morning Villagers….

    Couldn’t log into Go Comics yesterday morning, I could log in on other sites though….oh, well.

    Lily…glad you got over the intimidation…enjoy your posting.

    GR 😉 thanks for the Lolcat….yup, I work every Saturday….have to, I have expensive habits 🙂

    later….we have Brooklyn again this weekend, she came into work with her Dad yesterday…..she asked me “how come you work so hard?” And yes, it will be a job that some day will be replaced by automation.

  59. Debbe 😉 I don’t know, hon. Someone once explained to me that building a robot that can break an egg is easy. It’s building one that won’t break an egg that’s difficult.

    You do wind sprints, too, Lily? I just did one crossing my living room. 🙂

  60. Wind sprints?? Is that anything like passing gas?

    GR 😉 yup, they have built a “better moustrap” when it comes to automation in the poultry business…..we are (are you ready for a $50 word) an antiquated, sole proprietorship business, and right now rumors are flying around about the Corp. wanting to eliminate the small man! But I don’t think they have a machine that will pull out the dead hens….may have to Bing that.

  61. Spiritus Ascensorem VI, just Googled it….my two years of high school Latin got my curiosity… I had a nice white dress for my confirmation……ya never counted on me, counted on your rosary.

    Great…think it might be a Billy Joel Day while making griddle cakes………….remember Brenda and Eddie had that kind of life…..there we are waving Brenda and Eddie goodbye…..

  62. Ghost and Debbe: Yes, I do wind sprints every Sunday morning. That’s run as fast as you can till you can’t catch your breath, catch it, panting mightily, and then do it again. Think of the scene in “Chariots of Fire” when the Scots runner falls down and then gets up and finishes the race. I’m a runner, I run 50+ miles a week and have finished three marathons, the last in under three hours.. Wind sprints build your endurance for the sprint to the finish line. And for running after patients that leave without paying their bill. 😀

  63. Lilyblack: My wife and I love Chariots of Fire, but not everyone else does. That’s OK with us because we enjoy it and that is all that matters. I ran 16 marathons with congenitally bad hips, but every Tuesday I went to the track and ran with a great group of runners. 4 of them qualified for the Women’s Olympic Marathon trials. My son was in High School at the time and their hard work (and I guess mind) helped develop a great work ethic.

    He bought a shirt and wore it to school that said Fartlek, It’s a running term. You wouldn’t understand. I told him to bring another shirt in case the administrators made him change, but he was a State Finalist and one of them was Sweedish.

  64. Love the Fartlek shirt, Wish I could wear one but the rather elementary sense of humor of some of my friends would ruin it for me. My compliments on the work ethic and the running team :cheers:

  65. Jerry 4/11 11:59 about Archie being dead, yeah DC and Marvel have all their alternate timeline/universes stuff too. There’s even Afterlife with Archie, where they’re all zombies, (people forget Sabrina the Teenage Witch is an Archie comic) they had a few years in the future series where he married Veronica and I think they’ve had him marry Betty, but they’ll always have the plain old regular Riverdale High and Pop’s Malt shop ones. Remember a few years ago DC had Superman die and Marvel has a series where Peter Parker is dead and there’s a new gay black Spiderman in Houston….. … … Debbe 9:19AM Billy Joel. So about all I listen to on Sirius/XM is the old radio (Life of Riley, Gunsmoke, X Minus One, etc) , Doctor Radio, and the music of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and now they’ve taken off the 40’s for a 24/7 Billy Joel channel, he’s all right, I can take him or leave him, but I want my channel back, it probably is temporary, they’ll pick channels at random for something special for a few months at a time

  66. Well, I leave in the am for Shands where I will have a second DBS surgery. I’ve cut off all of my hair and told my wife that I am going to keep it this way, but got a veto on that. Assuming that I don’t get a computer virus in the brain you will hear from me in a week or so.

  67. Didnt get caught up on the real time strips until this morning. LOVE the tossed salad strip. Will have to print that one.

    Jerry – I would want a USB port. Never forget anything again. You could clean up at the next family Trivial Pursuit gathering. Best of luck!

  68. I guess Janis just got her salad tossed, Arlo Symply wanting to help indeed! I just read this as I must have skipped Sunday’s somehow. JJ being Fargone hilarious again! No comments other than Mindy from Indy’s realative….amazing GR6, sand and Minnesotadon must be hanging with the loon, even the triad and Shelly haven’t touched it….

  69. DBS, my first thought is direct broadcast satellite surgery ? and chemo for your hair to fall out?, so I looked it up, yeah, good luck with that

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