Deal of the Art

I’m a little late today, but I have managed to be here every day since Tuesday. I am in a hurry, so I’m leaving you with the remaining to strips from the 1997 arts-festival series. I enjoyed drawing this series, and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing it again in its six-day entirety. See you next week!

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184 responses to “Deal of the Art”

  1. Debbe: a brief correction is in order from this morning’s post. Cavalry is/are mounted military troops – no doubt, what you meant; Calvary was the name of the hill upon which Christ was crucified.
    Hope your hens stay up to snuff….

  2. Jimmy, have enjoyed seeing this series in its entirety. Thanks for everything you do. You really do enhance life for me, and I’m sure for many more.

  3. Naked Shakespeare is intriguing. The point most nudists make is thar clothing (textiles) clothes not just our bodies but our very souls and being, concealing and conveying false messages. So it is understandable that actors would feel the costumes hide both the meaning of the bard but their very talents.

    Having said that I have to get dressed for Walmart and the post office where I convey “trendy well dressed woman” and the postal employees carry my packages out to van for me. Curbside service.

    I think I will go by new bakery and buy them some cookies. I can’t take beer to postmen.

  4. My assistance dog takes it seriously, buffing up to a whopping 11.6 pounds. He never gets far away and has spent morning licking my torn rotator cuffs. How do they sense areas of inflammation and pain in humans? They do.

    Mark, that was funny about the dog scan in place of a cat scan!

    I bet someone here can explain phenomenon.

  5. newspaper headline:


    If you don’t see the humor, think of words with more than one meaning.

  6. I noticed right away they were normal sized women. Which I approved of as well.

    Thought all the criticism over a white woman posting on Twitter about her beautiful big butt by others was the stupidest thing I ever heard. When and why have we become so socially and politically and racially correct that no one can even joke about themselves?

    Besides JLO set the bar on that years ago and she is hispanic.

  7. I take it back. The past few months were a cakewalk. IF I survive the next few weeks of work, it will be miracle. In an epic intertwining of storylines, I will be going from a trustworthy, (mostly) reliable, fully-staffed store to … more or less no one. All of this in five short days. *!#@¥¿¡#$@#*

    I need to fund a new job by Sunday so I can join the mass exodus at the end of the month.

  8. Come down to Texas and work for Buc-ee’s monster Texas style convenience store or to midwest, like Oklahoma and work for QT convenience stores and Kitchens. Two of highest paying jobs.

  9. “(One of the nude Shakespearian actresses in Central Park) is approached by a lost tourist with a map. She admirably ignores him and carries on acting her part.” If further proof is needed that modern civilization has well and truly jumped the trolley tracks, this could be it.

    “What’s this I see before me, a naked City Park Ranger? Well, probably so; this is Babylon on the Hudson, after all.”

  10. By the way, my postal employees dived into the cookies and cupcakes, going postal. I got to meet a lovely new grad of the local culinary school and see her cute bakery and lunch room. Plan to go buy not bake so I can give it away and not eat it.

    Postmaster invited me to join their garden club and come attend services at our historic Episcopalian chuch. I am one, more Anglican than Episcopalian, never attended our town church here. It has male priest and female deacon, working to be ordained. I plan to do both, put down some local roots after 21 years here.

    Maybe I am ready to belong somewhere?

  11. Where did I say I disapproved of nudity, Jackie? My point was that I question the premise that any artistic value was added to a Shakespearian play performed in a public park simply because the all-female cast took off some or all of their clothing. (And is that even art, or just attention-seeking through titillation?) I personally do not believe that value was added…unless one has a pressing need to know which of the actresses are natural blondes, brunettes or redheads.

    In answer to your query, Trucker, I would say, judging from the “line up” photo*, the Pulchritude Scores™ of the nine actresses that appeared nude (the redhead near the center appears pretty much starkers in another photo) range from 4.9 to 8.5. (I did the math. And triple-checked it.)

    *For the benefit of inquiring minds that just have to know, non-pixilated versions of those photos are of course available on the InterWebNet.

  12. NOW I understand where you stand on this particular performance if not nudity in general. I think my premise that dofting costumes freed actors for lyricism of words to over shadow what they were or weren’t wearing is valid. However, when is nudity art, say a David, and when is it titillating and porn, say a Hustler?

    This is actually a pretty valid point to discuss because nudity for nudity’s sake, like say nude bicycling or nude volleyball or walking is a crime in many states, without anything other than criminal classification. Same as someone flashing or stalking children.

    By the way, I consider the latter a serious crime so not equating.

    On a humorous note, Google cartoons by Arlo and Janis featuring underwear and you get an amazing number pop up.

  13. I think in this case, the nudity would cease to be a distraction and simply become part of the costuming after you get into the play itself. These women are obviously not doing this to titillate, so no harm, no foul, by my standards. And the sign at the entrance warned any onlookers so anyone who gets offended is looking for offense.

  14. When will America grow up? What’s obscene is those squares that obscure nipples and pubes in the second URL version of “The Tempest.” The girls look fine to me, real people. I’d be more concerned with how much Shakespeare words and plot get mangled. I’ll likely never see Gotham again, but would love to see this “Tempest.” I don’t think it will come to Bemidji.

    The Broadway version of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Pirates of Penzance” was gross, IMO, because it mangled the original. Actually, its costuming and setting was pretty traditional, but it largely buried the insight and humor of the G&S operetta.


  15. Thank you, emb. My point exactly. When a model posed for swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated wearing only paint there was more out cry against the “fat chick” model with the Rubenesque body than the nude one, both done to tittilate but who cares?

    Yes, I’d like to have seen this too but I don’t care much for New York either. It won’t play the Bible Belt.

    I for one am horrified that Rocky Horror Picture Show has been remade and updated. Are no classics safe from this assault?

    And yes, I agree on Pirates of Penzance too.

  16. Here’s a thought experiment: I don’t recall if the article mentioned the number in attendance at the nude performance in the park, but whatever it was, do you think it would have been as large had the actresses been fully dressed in period costumes? If so, why?

    Or like me, do you think the nudity was primarily a gimmick to draw a crowd?

    But it’s academic to me, as I plan to never again venture to the Socialist Republic of New York City. And I’m the guy that believes same-sex married couples should have the right to defend their backyard marijuana gardens with fully-automatic weapons.

  17. Jackie: “I don’t care much for New York either.” I do care much for the home town, and keep tabs on it regularly. I’d happily visit it again, but don’t travel as well as I used to, and wouldn’t care much for the airline hassle. Even put together a page of [mostly Greenwich Village sights] for a local couple [retired pastor and wife], who made NYC affordable by staying a Brooklyn motel near a subway station. I could post it here, but it might be the longest post ever. c x-p could probably do the same, from a different part of town.

    I’m in one of my elements in big cities: London, Praha, Beijing, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Athens, München , Edinburgh, Chicago, but also thrive in “wilderness,” as long as there’s indoor plumbing: Coast Range, OR coast, Kenya, Yellowstone, Berkshire foothills, MN canoe country, ND prairie and Badlands, Kodiak Is., East Anglia, Finnish archipelago, Blue Ridge, etc. Camping days are long gone. I’ve had my share of travel. Only locale on my bucket list is the Sullivan bank in Owatonna, MN, which I may get to this summer. Also, will happily try any new cuisine, up to moderately hot; some of you obviously can handle more of that than I. Peace,

  18. Jackie, you’ll notice no one has done (or is likely to do) a remake of Howard the Duck, Showgirls or Battlefield Earth, so perhaps that says something about The Rocky Horror Picture Show. To paraphrase Fred Allen, imitation is the sincerest form of Hollywood.

  19. Hair.

    GM Debbe
    I think you nailed it. ANY change in feed can cause a drop in production.
    Sometimes very small change – When they get used to it they come back
    but not always. You are lucky. Environment change too.

    On the the way to work a billboard – “Political Correctness Is Not Honest”

    If we were all moral no one would need to wear clothes.

    Men wear clothes to impress women. Women wear clothes to impress women.
    (I mean style or fashion on just fabric)

  20. If someone said I would have to go into NYC to collect a million $ – I would
    think long and hard about going to collect. 2 million would be OK.

  21. The thing that makes big cities good places to visit, but not so good to live in: “Animals can be driven crazy by placing too many in too small a pen. Homo sapiens is the only animal that voluntarily does this to himself.”

    Robert Heinlein (1907 – 1988)

  22. Dear Ghost, I suspect you are a stimulating conversationalist in person and one I would often agree with. I am just perverse enough to throw provocation your way to see what you swat back.

    Almost adopted some forlorn teenaged pallets but was saved from myself by someone else buying them this afternoon. Did save parts of my carport to turn into a chicken house if I fall prey unless I buy another little cottage to add to back yard village of white tin roofed out buildings.

    Good night all and good morning Debbe.

  23. Good morning Villagers……(I posted on the wrong thread)

    Arrgghhh…..washing machine broke down just as it was getting ready to drain the rinse water…..but I did find my driver’s license 🙂 Still smiling, Steve.

    I would love to see the fall view of northern MI….fall is my favorite season. The smell, the color, the crispness of the morning.

    Old Bear….the Boss is going to relay that info to The Corp man who came out and did a walk around looking for external sources for the egg drop…heh, got another 192 cases yesterday.

    Emb, I used the word Calvary rather loosely…would that be an analogy? Peace

    Going in to work today and tomorrow. Boss understands I don’t need to be home…busy hands are happy hands.

    Ya’ll have a happy Caturday…..

    Indy Mindy….you have my empathy and sympathy….let’s move to OK, I hear there’s a very kind lady that lives there and takes in strays!!!!

  24. Mark, in that one scene where Indiana Jones is face to face with a snake, I had read somewhere that the glass that separated them shows a slight lighting on the glass. I think I tried looking for it, but I can’t remember if I saw it. I own it on VHS…and who has VHS players any more?

  25. Good morning. Dog on left knee and cat on left elbow. Cat decided to stop being sphinx like and went into spasm of affection, nuzzling, head butting and rubbing in effort to wake me up.

    Wants better quarters? He hasn’t left this bed for twelve hours but neither have I.

  26. Mark, the skinny black kitty and long hair white and brown gray cats were playing on my door mat together! He is sick and I can’t catch him, he runs off. These two have moved into the porch, decks and garden happily. I am hoping others will return.

    At least neutered and spayed and vaccinated they have a chance. My yard is a wonderful peaceful place if they will, full of birds and critters. Except for the snakes. I hate snakes!

  27. I am afraid of them actually, not so much hate them. It doesn’t stop me gardening but I was traumatized by my mother who actively went out and killed them and would bring large dead snakes in to scare me with. She had a horrible lack of humor, often mentioned by her sisters as well, so life time habit?

  28. I have touched snakes like boas and non poisonous ones but used to have terrible snake nightmares, sort of like Indiana Jones in that scene. I had trouble with snakes in his movies, as well as a few other scenes.

  29. I actually encountered a small (nonpoisonous) snake in the hallway at work several years ago. Fortunately, all of my all-female staff had gone for the day, else I’d likely have suffered hearing damage from the screams of a couple of them…not to mention having to send them home during working hours to change into dry panties.

    I picked up the interloper, removed it from the premises, and released it unharmed.

  30. I turn mice loose if I can get them out of the cats mouth. Once at work we had one run into flower design room. During prom season, so midnight. Staff ended up screaming on design tables, crowded up there. Fluffy Paws ran out and snagged poor thing, I had to take Fluffy and mouse outside and hold her upside down shaking her yelling “Spit it out.”

    The orange kitties often catch these small snakes and carry them around wiggling with me yelling “Spit it out!”

  31. The drivers license wasn’t in the wash that didn’t drain? 🙂

    I remember about a month or two after my dad died, one of my co-workers who was constantly smiling came up to me (while I was concentrating on something) and said “Smile, it can’t be all bad”. I glared at him and rolled my eyes. He continued to stand over me and say “Come on”. I clear my throat throat, stared him the eye and said:

    Sorry, I can’t write it here. Eventually I told him that I can be very happy without smiling, but when I work I am neither angry nor happy…unless of course people come by and annoy me and even then I don’t stay angry. I am not totally cynical, but sometimes I worry about people that smile too much. Of course some CHOOSE to be happy and I can respect that.

  32. Next time that happens, Jackie, take Fluffy Paws outside, tell her she’s a good girl and leave her alone for about five minutes. The problem will take care of itself without any messy evidence (except for a possible blood spot or two) and everybody except the mouse will be happy.

  33. When I mowed last week, I lugged the trash and recycling out to the alley to have a clear run of the fence-line. I happened to look down just before the first bin met the asphalt, and noticed a tightly coiled garden snake – I’m guessing he was looking for heat in the road on that very yucky day. He was perhaps eight inches in length, and how he hadn’t been made a road waffle yet was beyond me. I found a stick and attempted to move him. It took several minutes and tries to get him moved into my stick pile. The neighbors across the alley must have wondered what the strange lady was arguing with in her yard. 🙂

    Hopefully have the upcoming week covered. Baby steps.

  34. Mindy from Indy, good for you! Both in saving the snake and getting your work improved.

    I am phobic about spiders, but don’t kill them if I can help it. Exception is large ones running around in my rooms. I like snakes and lizards, amphibians, and practically everything else except rats. Never met a pet rat that didn’t want a piece of me and I don’t know why.

    Have a wonderful weekend, everybody.

  35. I only attack the spiders that crawl or land on me. Those across the room aren’t in danger.

    The first spring we lived in our home our then 3 year old daughter brought us a six-inch garter snake she’d somehow picked up with a stick. It dropped off the stick, slithered into our open garage and disappeared into a hole at the base of the sheetrock. Three days later it emerged from the wall in our furnace room while I was shaving in the bathroom next to it… I caught it and put it back outside.

  36. So many good stories and witty remarks today! I’ve giggled and smiled through all the letters and my fingers keep itching to hit the “Like” button. Gee, how I envy emb all the travelling — my travel days are over too. But we did go to a few interesting places, and I am content.

    Indy Mindy, glad things are fairly okay for you. Good for you, being kind to orphan snakes!

    Ghost, Old Bear, Debbe, and Jackie lead interesting lives and write exciting stories. I enjoy them ever so much and always look forward to coming to The Village.

    Jackie, and others, a friend posted on Facebook that she hates poetry! I was dumfounded to see this — she isn’t a kid, but a highly educated journalist, about 62; pretty much retired now. I replied (very tactfully, considering my horror at her statement) and she hedged a bit, forget exact words now. Maybe she is afraid of poetry?

    Must add that although I am female I do not scream and climb up on things when critters appear. I take a scientific point of view.

  37. Jimmy,
    Great series, thanks!
    And I’m sure I’ll be scorned by the “in-crowd” on this site but…I really don’t give a hoot and will never check back to verify this fact.
    Anyway, I’d have gone with “two”, instead of “to” on today’s post.
    Picky? Of course and please pardon the frivolity, just wanted to let you know I’m still checking in.
    Please keep up the good work!

  38. Trucker Ron, you are nice to be kind to orphan snakes also. Jackie, you must be so fearless to have gone to see the Indiana Jones movie with the snakes in it! I am sensible, but I stay away from scary films.

  39. Jackie has been facing fear most of her life with little flinching. I am the one who catches other critters and cockroaches for screaming women.

    Here’s a good one involving bears and my teeth. What we in South call eye teeth, incisors. Drove famous red convertible to Yellowstone with mama, cousin and granny. Granny smashed a heavy 35 mm. Camera in my mouth, cutting it and chipping off tooth point at bear approaching car. Age 17.

    That winter out in decrepit jeep in swamp looking for lost deer hounds and a wounded deer with cousins, male. Bear appears, Jeep stalls in mud, two males leap onto roof, kicking me in mouth with boots, cutting it and breaking off other incisors tip. Age 17.

    Fast forward to last year when I repaired and replaced lots of my teeth. Do I still have those two originals or just the memory of bear fear?

  40. Opening packages of things I order is like Christmas morning as I NEVER recall buying the items. Sort of like ordering at the Dallas wholesale gift market, you think you must have been hypnotized or temporarily insane.

    Loved this one but have no recollection of buying. “Talk Southern to Me”

  41. I forced myself to see the movie Arachnophobia when it came out, because I was a big Spielberg fan at the time. But everytime the a/c blew over my bare arms, I jumped, thinking something was crawling on me. Have never seen that movie again.

  42. Good morning Villagers…..

    I hate spiders. Especially the big ones, cats seem to enjoy them. The only bad thing about the fall season is they (spiders) want to come in house.

    Mark, love the Indiana Jones facts, but the video posted “an error has occured try later”, and I will. Now I want to see the first movie and the Last Crusade…Love Indiana Jones

    Steve….cute, no I found the license buried deep in the abyss of my purse 🙂 Repairman coming out Monday morning.

    Woke up to my husband’s favorite movie last night, I think he can recite every line. My favorite two lines are: “I always figured when I got older, God would sorta come inta my life somehow. And he didn’t. I don’t blame him. If I was him I would have the same opinion of me that he does.” and “you don’t have to do this”….quick, Mark, what movie (hint…Tommy Lee Jones is in it)

    And I got 197 cases yesterday…you go girls 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed Sunday

  43. Ghost: I am a big Jim Parsons and Big Theory fan and yes, I would have used that but it happen years before the show. I think that I may have done something like that before anyway. Years after it happened, I was taking a customer to lunch and as he got out of the car, he told me to wait. Apparently my former co-worker that told me to smile was going into the restaurant and my client did not want to have to talk to the guy. So it wasn’t just me!

    willardbrook: I wanted you to know that I was never in the “in-crowd” in school and frankly go out of my way to keep from being in such crowd. I take pride in my individuality.

    Oh yeah, I have never understood poetry either. I would never begrudge anyone that enjoys it though.

  44. Debbe 😉 I’ll do better. Honest.

    Ever noticed that when someone tells you “Honest”, that’s usually not what they are being? 🙂 I will, though.


    “It’s a mess, ain’t it, Sheriff?”

    “If it ain’t, it’ll do till the mess gets here.”

    And we have a clique here?? Why didn’t someone tell me?

  45. I’ve had these 2 strips on my fridge since the day they were in the newspaper! Classic A&J. Would love to see them up for auction, JJ!

  46. Yes, cartoonists have been putting naked ladies into bath tubs for many years. Thanks, cartoonists!

    See, Jackie, no problem with nudity here. 🙂

  47. I’m home after a 3,000 mile trip and obviously tired. I got home last night and I’ll be back with more at a later time. Sorry about all I missed but hopefully you will fill in the blanks for me.

  48. Is there anything worth getting? I’ve seen that woman’s twins hundreds of times. They’re not funny, just annoying, and pathetic. God’s children, of course, so I love them, but sure don’t like them.


  49. About our “clique ” I wonder if our clique is based on being different and individualistic? The only cliques I ever belonged to were based on being alike and I was kicked out post hadte, finishing g school, sorority, ROTC, church, you name it. I am so none clique I ended up being a cool.kid by being an oddball.

    Maybe that is our clique, the oddball clique?

  50. Steve from Royal Oak, thank you for the kind words about poetry, which I enjoy and read quite often. Jerry in Fla, glad to hear you are safely back from your trip. Hope you can tell us more about it when you have rested up.

  51. Jackie, Bingo! You’ve put your finger on it. Either the others wouldn’t have us, or we wouldn’t want to be like them. Have a safe trip to Texas for the boat building session and don’t over do the manual labor either.

  52. I too always equated “in crowd” with “clique” and some degree of exclusivity. With this crowd however all it takes is to chime in – it might be an opinion, a random thought, whatever. Sometimes it’s the whatevers that start the most fun!

  53. We are so inclusive we include the trolls. Look what a pack we are!

    The orphans got rounded up from a lot of disparate places and personalities. But that is the way with orphans and homeless.

  54. Fawn, now that the eaglet is not blocking the view of its head. Wonder if it was carrion or if an adult actually dispatched it. No telling.


  55. 70+ million hits on a video of a woman in a Wookie mask? The only explanation I can posit is that every last cat worshiper with InterWebNet service has finally seen every last cat video/photo on the IWN and has nothing else to watch. Confirmation will occur if that is found to be concurrent with swine have taken flight; Hades having iced over; and a true statesperson and patriot announcing an independent bid for the office of US President.

  56. GR6, if you read Dante’s Inferno, you’ll learn that the innermost circle of the Pit is iced over. For a more modern take on the same location, read Inferno, by Niven and Pournelle and its sequel, Escape From H3!!. (The last word was modified to avoid moderation.) Both books contain sins that Dante never dreamt of, and the second explains why there’s a small area just before the second cliff that seems to be unoccupied by any tormented souls.

  57. Gary, if I’d said that moi’d all been seen as elitist members of a chick click from Debbe’s clunkers and I am too tired to be clever.
    Oddball is achievable tired.

    When did Dallas start at the Red River and expand to Waco? We are turning into Florida, at least along the intetstates. There is a Pollo Tropical next to my motel. My favorite Cuban chain from Miami, open one month. Can’t remember but maybe they do breakfast?

  58. Did a Pollo T. search. Mixed reviews, often / staff problems. All current locations way South. They may not reach here in time. Will gladly settle for Qdoba, pseudo Mex. Peace,

  59. In more than 35 years of fulltime teaching, nothing like today’s strip – and I use that word advisedly – ever occurred within my view! Supposedly, there was a short streak at one of my schools, but I wasn’t near the supposed site and also was in a class at the time.

  60. Good morning Villagers….

    I just figured the grammar police were out pa-trolling….they are two picky 🙂 Said he wouldn’t be back to check…yeah, right, human nature tells me otherwise.

    Jerry, so glad to see you home safe…and looking forward to reading about your travels. Hope you stayed warm. What did you do with your cats?

    Jackie, my Miss Prissies are in high gear….192 cases yesterday and the Boss didn’t want me to bring in the colored eggs…he doesn’t like his graph chart zigzagging…could have had at least another half a skid.

    Watching the waning moon (or is it waxing) peek through the trees. I love this time of day..quiet, peaceful and everyone is asleep.

    ….and ya’ll have a blessed Monday

    oh, love today’s real time strip…wasn’t it David Niven hosting the Oscars when a streaker ran across the back stage?

  61. Debbe: Waning. If it’s a crescent in the afternoon / early evening, it’s waxing. If it’s a romantic crescent, reflecting in the water at the end of a party in the wee hours, it’s ignorance or poetic license. Full rises in the E. as Sol sets in the W. If a crescent rises at sunset, it’s a Full in partial eclipse. Wove that into a bit of cardboard fiction that I wrote about Raki, my autistic spectrum heroine who had a Copernican moment 10,000 years ago in Anatolia [6 episodes sev. yr. ago in The Bemidji Pioneer].

    Streaking: saw the tail end, literally, of a streak, into the back door of Memorial Hall, the building next door at BSU.. 3 guys. Whoopee fizz. May have heard of some others, but nothing notorious.

    Six or more unintended pregnancies among coeds who were friends, none of whom streaked, to my knowledge. At least 3 married the guys and stayed married. One’s email bounces back, and I’ve not been able to learn details. She was in her 60s, so may have left us. As an undergrad, BTW, she was an RA in the dorms. We were at the wedding. She and her entourage all wore Empire waist dresses.


  62. I missed streaking, I was married and respectable minor socialite. Due to my late husband’s TV and movie addiction I think I saw that on camera streak, we had a TV by then over my protesting body. In fact, I had one child and a second on the way as the country song goes.

    Run on sentence. Good morning. Lowes delivery woke me up. Even on the road.

  63. So, did Janis attend art school? I remember an early (first year of the comic) episode with Janis behind a drafting board and other times behind a desk- I assumed she was a trained engineer or designer of some sort.

    I was a in middle school when streaking was a national fad; never saw a live streak but did here of a few incidents around town. I remember the Oscars streak, although some people claim it was a staged event. More recently, I’ve seen videos of streakers at Wimbledon and various European sporting events, so they still exist in the wild.

  64. The streakers were shortsighted. If they’d just waited a few years and recited a few lines of Shakespeare while running, it would have been declared “art” and all good.

    OK, I’ll stop now. 🙂

  65. Streaking past the arts dept doesn’t necessarily mean Janis was an arts student. The engineers often did things in front of the arts students just to antagonize them. (I may have mooned them but I never streaked.)

  66. Hey, nudists run 5K events! We hold one at my club. Knowing the reaction out in rural areas of anyone RUNNING I can imagine! It would be assumed you were running for your life. OK, I had some funny thoughts here which I will not post. My breasts don’t stay still in a sports bra.

    Although when Mike got stung by a Portuguese man of war while body surfing and went into shock I ran top less down the beach in front of thousands of tourists. The triangle was small so they may not have seen it. Top fell off running.

  67. Jackie, that’s an exciting story from your life that you’ve not told us of before! How long before help arrived, and did Mike recover well from the jellyfish stings? It must have been awful for both of you!

  68. Charlotte, Hawaii and living and working there was an adventure. Luckily there were medical personnel on beach and epi pen and someone with a bottle of meat tenderrizer and we got him to hospital. The ones that got him have tentacles about 40 to 50 feet long and wrap your body.

    That was a dangerous beach for undertow. I was out playing in waves another time and looked out and I was with the surfer line, way out. Ended up being tumbled head over tail onto beach multiple times before I got rescued.

  69. Last Thursday I drove 5 1/2 hours to see my younger sister who is in the hospital with stage-4 cancer (only diagnosed 2 months ago). She was mostly unresponsive but did open one eye for a couple of minutes. She passed this afternoon. The trip was mostly to comfort my mother. Parents should not outlive their children.

    I would much prefer to hear more about Jackie’s topless running.

  70. Gary and kin: courage and peace.

    So far I’ve lucked out: 55, 58, 60, all still alive, and all 3 grandkids alive. Cancer is bad, but not necessarily preventable. Several friends have lost kids over the decades, a few preventable [e.g., those caused directly or indirectly by EOH]. Most recent a one-car crash, no details available. See parent every week.

    All, like Elaine, are in Elohim’s hands.


  71. Jackie,
    That’s a scary story! When I was younger, an aunt & uncle owned a beach house ar Crystal Beach (over on Bolivar). I had a cousin who was very allergic to Portuguese Man-o-Wars, to the point that they made sure there was always an epipen handy at the beach house. I don’t think they ever had to use it, fortunately. We have the here in Perth as well, the locals call them “Blue Bottles”. You wouldn’t have raised any eyebrows running up to the lifesavers topless, though…

  72. Gary

    Parents SHOULD NEVER outlive their children. We lost our daughter forty years ago this summer to a drunk driver. Life goes on with good times and bad, but it is not the same. Let your family know that my thoughts and prayers are with them.

    Steve Moore

  73. You have my sympathy and condolences, Gary. Even after almost two and a half years, I’m still hurting over my younger (and only) sister’s passing, as is our mother.

  74. Love Josh Grobans voice and wondered if I was only one here who did? You still surprise me Ghost. Practice on opera with so.e of his selectins, not in English. They will probably be an aria.

    Gary, truly sorry for your family. I do know how that feels and it just sucks. Cancer sucks.

    Rusty, I plan to come to Australia so I can run on beach without it being a criminal offense. See you there!

  75. Good morning Villagers….

    Gary, you and your family are in my prayers……………..Amen.

    Emb, thanks for the explanation. You are such a wealth of knowledge, and I enjoy reading and learning from your posts….we orphans are blessed to have you in our Village.

    ….and that elusive colored egg is still out on the egg belts…6 lights down, ran 198 cases yesterday.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.

  76. Debbe: ‘You are such a wealth of knowledge, and I enjoy reading and learning from your posts….we orphans are blessed to have you in our Village.’ Couldn’t remember what explanation, so scanned: the one re crescent moons. You’re welcome. Glad to be of service; some of my students would rather have watched paint dry. Many would just classify me as a showoff, but maybe that’s a prof’s job, in part.

    I expect when our ancestors stayed up all night guarding sheep or whatever, everybody knew the regularities, but not why it worked that way. Still amazes me that many knew the sun was up in the daytime, but were not clear for centuries, nay millennia, about its also providing the daylight. We take so much for granted. And the church once opposed the idea that Earth was a ball. Flat E. Soc. still does.


  77. emb:

    The wealth of knowledge can be a double edge sword. As you say, sometimes people can think that you are a showoff. Part of that is their own insecurities. My Dad was a Farmer, then studied electronics and worked for a radio station. He always kept up on thinks and was a wealth of information. But the greatest thing that he taught me was to be humble and that you can learn something from the simplest people. Sometimes especially those people. If you can teach someone by letting the person “learn” it on their own terms, you can be a very special teacher.

    I indeed have learned a few things here and even with JJ’s strip, but with the wonder of the internet, I keep investigating the things that I learn so that I learn more. Does that make sense?

  78. emb: I’m guessing “Phallic Portraiture” is Melcher’s “fall back” for the days the creative juices are not flowing. I’d also guess that Jimmy has fall backs for when that happens to him. Some of us might say that would explain a lot of the cat cartoons. 🙂

  79. With a nod to Rick, I will comment on the 5/24/16 strip by quoting both Anakin Skywalker and his son, Luke:


  80. Reading the comments led me to a series of A&J strips culminating with this:

    It contains an important truth: There’s more than one person out there you could/should/might have married instead of your spouse because there’s no such thing as the “one and only” perfect match for you. Wisdom consists of knowing that’s true and devoting yourself to making your marriage the perfect marriage for both of you.

  81. So, Arlo had an “Office Wife”. Heck, I’ve got an office full of them. Not that uncommon and usually, as with Aro, doesn’t really lead to anything but reflection. I’ve always resisted any sort of romantic involvement at work, though. A business mentor told me many years ago that it is not wise to fish off of the company pier. Actually, he told me, “Don’t get your —– where you get your paycheck”, but you get the idea.

    The last time Janis was mooning over an old flame, I believe it was The Guy That Died. Don’t know where if anywhere this is going with Vince, but Vince should be careful not to get dead, also.

  82. emb-

    I knew the Church opposed heliocentric for a while, but did it also oppose the idea of the earth being roundish? The Greeks proved the earth was round well before Christ and even casual generations previously could tell the earth was a spheroid. I guess some pockets argued that the Creation Story proved the earth was flat, but anyone with an education knew otherwise.

  83. On another blog I follow, there was mention of rumors (whether serious or just Twitter Twaddle, I don’t know) that the next James Bond could be Gillian Anderson, FBI Special Agent Dana Scully of the X-Files. My thought was “Yeah, no.” While I think she could be very creditable as the current iteration of Agent 006, or some other numbered “licensed-to-kill operative”, either in a Bond flick or a stand-alone film, I just don’t think she is, ah, properly equipped to portray the James Bond we have known and loved over the years.

  84. So I settle in for a late lunch, and both cats are circling. Blacklight wants my lunch, and Thunder wants my attention. After Blacklight got her cut of my food, she promptly wandered off for her mid-afternoon nap. Thunder settles on my sandles. As I was finishing, Thunder became aware of a vehicle parking in front of my house; Thunder got up and planted herself against my leg, putting herself between me and the door. After the vehicle left, and crisis averted, Thunder got up and flopped on my shoes again. I swear this cat thinks she’s a dog. (And smells like one too. This cat can pass some seriously terrible smells.)

  85. I avoid old boy friends like the plague. They usually have turned into something that the grim reaper has or plans to visit. There is really only one I might enjoy seeing again but he’s on multiple wife number. Just idle curiosity in truth. I never go to reunions or even back to anywhere I lived.

    Although I have been joking my three workmen are like three sons or husband’s without sex or legal ties, sweet, kind, take care of me and my honey do lists really get done. And I write them paychecks and thank them.

  86. One of the first girls that I had a serious crush on in the 6th grade died of cancer about 12 years ago. It really bothered me and it was a little awkward explaining why I was crying. I was not just crying about her death but for the loss of my youth. I took my wife to my reunion last year and she was surprised that she “knew” so many as she had met many of them via Facebook.

  87. Evan, it’s gotta be the pipe, but everytime I see that strip I hear Bing Crosby speaking the line for the neighbor.

    Speaking of squirrels, has anybody else noticed the two chasing one another around the backyard in the Bond-style Geico ad? They are more entertaining than the actors. I just mute the sound and watch the chase.

  88. Steve from Royal Oak, MI. I have to agree with that line from Kodachrome by Paul Simon. Where the singer says if you got all the girls he’d known together in a room for one night, the reality would never match the sweet imagination. I did not date till over 30, and then it was very few. I know where a couple are, I think, but I have no interest in contacting them. Better to let them remain memories, whether good or bad.

  89. Blinky: Here’s the other one.!topic/alt.christnet.christianlife/Tn54xR5Ck3Q

    Its creator, Bob Schadewald [do a search if you want to learn more] was an eccentric, bright, outspoken anti-creationist and anti-flat earth author who died in his late 50s or so. Lived NW of Mpls. Was a useful source to me re Henry Morris who I was tricked into a debate with in ’82, I think. Morris got more than he expected; a tape that was made of the debate mysteriously disappeared, and Morris lied re my presentation the next day in the Twin Cities [Schadewald was there.

    Morris also lied in the next edition of ‘Acts and Facts’, the periodical of the Inst. for Creation Research. He said I spent my time deriding religion. I mentioned religion briefly, arguing that faith and science could be reconciled or integrated, and spent 95% of my time on scientific evidence. Peace,

  90. Spent the day with my friend Susan working on sanding and shaping two bird’s mouth masts. We have to be at boat shop at 7 in morning to start. It is too hot here and we had to quit today from heat. Good night all.

  91. The above reminds me of the good friend of 16 years at which point we decided that we are best friends, both unmarried or otherwise committed and had this long term interest so let’s give it a go. It ruined a very good friendship. She is now, last I heard, married to a very old guy, happily I assume. Still resting although I have many projects waiting. I’ll try to get back on track tomorrow.

  92. Jerry in Fl, welcome back. Hope your Minnesota trip was enjoyable.

    Anonymous, who was that masked woman on FB? Sander Claus?

  93. Sorry, that’s a state still on my bucket list. On this trip I added Michigan and Ohio to my list of states visited and was impressed with both. While I’m thinking about it I will throw this in. The Grande Hotel has a great lunch buffet and it is true that they require a tie for dinner (yuck). That is easily avoided by dining elsewhere, although they would have had to, at gunpoint, ordered me to remove my new Mackinac Island sweatshirt to check for a tie.

  94. Mark:

    Mark: emb, was this it? .

    No, but I’m honored to be in the same category as Ken Miller* of Brown U. He and I belong to at least one org. in common, NCSE. I am a dedicated member of the UMC, Miller a devout Roman Catholic. Though dedicated, I’m relatively heterodox but they like me anyway. I’ve no idea how doctrinally pure Miller is, but would happily discuss theology with him.

    My ’82[?] debate with Morris is a long story, and I’m time-constrained through this coming Sun. [Will actually have to miss BUMC to take daughter to airport.] Don’t know if I’ve cc’d. my ’82 text to cptr. file. Remind me to look next week.

    *Good writer, one or more books / evol. for laypeople, specializes in refuting ‘Intelligent Design Creationism.’ Testified for the plaintiffs at the Dover, PA trial. There’s also a good book on that by a now-scientifically savvy reporter for a local daily paper. Highly recommend both.

  95. Jerry in FL

    Reminds me of the church bulletin about the couple getting married “and thus
    ending a long friendship”

    Mark iTT
    Made think of old girl friend and realize she is a grandmother now.

    “Marriage changes passion.
    Suddenly you’re in bed with a relative.”

  96. Good morning Villagers….

    I wouldn’t go there, Janice! I don’t “what if” when it comes to past relationships….sad to say, though, they laid to rest “my private audience” a couple of weeks ago. No regrets here.

    One thing about SIN is if the heat doesn’t get you, the humidity will…..especially if one has to wear a hazmat suit at work.

    The Corp was in to weigh and candlelight eggs yesterday. We got to talking about the room they’re going to build for changing into our ‘uniform scrubs’….then he asked “when are you going to put in a transgender bathroom?”…..and it didn’t stop there, Ian and him had me laughing so hard…Ian asks “have you seen my panty hose? Oh, there they are, next to my bib overalls.” There were other quips, but I’d be put in moderation.

    And that blasted, colored egg still is out there….it has to be the “midnight snack” they are giving them…lights come on at 2 am for half an hour…..205 cases yesterday.

    Jerry, they didn’t have Mackinac Island ties to buy?

    Happy Hump day!!!!

  97. Sorry to be so late. Prayers for all who need them, especially Gary.
    Yes, 75 is not so bad and neither is 76 or 77, as long as you are healthy. I’ve been blessed and if the Good Lord is willing, I’ll be 78 in late July.

    God bless us every one.

  98. Good morning. Apparently I typed but did not send the post. We are up early to go work. Susan lost her car keys last night and is frantic searching. I am lending moral support and Dickens is sleeping again.

    It is hot in Texas and the heat and humidity bothers me. I have given up idea of sailing Texas 200, the heat and problems would land me on a Life Flight tour of coast I suspect.

  99. emb-

    Technically, the universe does move around the earth if one uses the earth as the fixed reference point. I don’t think that is the point geocentrists are arguing, though!

  100. Jerry: Did you skip the dinner at the Grand? Breakfast and Dinner are included in the price of the hotel and at those prices, I wasn’t going to eat somewhere else. The breakfast buffet was so nice, that we just had a snack later in the day.

  101. With a nod to Rick, I will also comment on the 5/25/16 strip by again quoting both Anakin Skywalker and his son, Luke:


    Dang, this is going to be a long week at this rate. Going forward, simply take it as a given that I like neither Vince nor his reappearance in this venue, especially under the auspices of Janis looking for him. Apply an appropriate exponent to that sentiment and we are set.

  102. Steve, no thanks. The lunch buffet was enough to do me all day and we wanted to try other places. Scott, I really, really dislike the new look of Dilbert. I hope that’s temporary.

  103. Simply titled Eve, not hard to figure out what stage in the legend, but unusual not to have hubby along. Don’t see any figs in that woods. Peace,

  104. Jerry in FL-

    Scott Adams has been using guest artists on and off for the past several months- this week it is CNN’s Jake Tapper.

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