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Today’s oldie is from May of 2009. I enjoy woodworking myself, but like Arlo I don’t seem to get around to all the projects I envision. My father had mixed feelings about my woodworking hobby. A man who worked with his hands himself, I think he took a bit of pride in my aptitude for carpentry. However, he repeatedly admonished me to be careful around my saws and various whirling blades. He worried that I’d injure my hands and jeopardize my career as a “draftsman.” He also took pride in my career, I’m sure, but he never could quite bring himself to call me a “cartoonist.”

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  1. In today’s A&J, I think Janis just made a faux pas. Or maybe Arlo is not surprised. Also, I’d be derelict in my duty, esp. to fellow prancing, leering billy goats, if I did not repost this which I posted at the tail end [!] of “Next.”

    TIP BlogSpot, back to a favorite category again. Nicely proportioned, IMO.

    Simply titled Eve, not hard to figure out what stage in the legend, but unusual not to have hubby along. Don’t see any figs in that woods.


  2. Jerry in FL, note the banner below the strip. Drawn by guest artist with print to be auctioned for charity.

    emb, I think it’s possible that Eve may be sneaking to the apple tree, so without hubby in tow. Or that she is hiding from God, leaving Adam to answer first. Either way, as you say, nicely proportioned.

  3. Actually, KJV left out words re Adam, best translated as “[who was] with her.” He tried to shift the blame to her, then she to the serpent, often thought of as the first joke in the Hebrew Bible, but really the second. Peace,

  4. My paternal grandfather was a carpenter all his life. He built barns, many of which still stand and are in use in the area around our old hometown; wooden bridges for the county; and many houses, including the large farm house where he reared my father and nine other children. Their house still stands today, soundly, and is occupied. My father was also good at carpentry, although he never pursued it as a career. I like to work with wood, so apparently I too have some sawdust in my blood.

    I’ll note in passing that I have a urologist friend who also says to be careful around saws and various whirling blades. 🙂

  5. Hi, Jean dear. Sometimes it’s a long interval between your posts, and it’s always good to know you haven’t gone Tango Uniform on us. 😉

  6. books are like DVD’s and CD’s, they’re on the shelf and you have to ask yourself, how often do I look or listen to this? I’ve gone through some downsizing and have realized, that if I gave away a certain DVD, and if I really wanted to see it again, I could find it online or somewhere. Same with books I could get on Kindle, but I have a lot of picture books, like old hotels, Route 66, trains, etc, that I do like to pick up and hug occasionally

  7. Side: NRSV, Gen. 3:6.

    “So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate; and she also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate.”

    KJV says simply “. . . and gave also unto her husband with her, and he did eat.”


  8. Curious as I’ve never seen it (or don’t recall it) – what is the Bible verse that says Jesus was a carpenter? I know his step-dad was one – is it just inferred the (step) Son would learn/practice the same trade, or is there a specific reference? Thanks.

  9. Assumption, I think. “Is this not the carpenter’s son?” Common: blue-collar workers putting down others because they’re of the same “lower state.” And who will they vote for?


  10. Steve From Royal Oak, MI:

    As a former teacher of composition and English literature who supports Shaw’s suggestions for a more logical language, I like “bookshelfs.”

  11. Harrison Ford is in the Bible? Come on, he’s not that old. Elvis and I just took our little evening walk and saw a beautiful spotted deer fawn in the woods on the north side of the house. The weather has been very nice. It’s a big difference from north Michigan where we had some pretty heavy snow after which we finally saw plenty of Amish. I enjoyed the Henry Ford Museum and we ended our trip by staying in the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, the old train station, and a very interesting place. We also did a riverboat cruise there. If I get back to Chattanooga I would like to stay longer.

  12. Jerry in Fl, if you get back to Chattanooga, go to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Fascinating place. You might even get lucky enough to get a ride behind a steam engine.

  13. Debbe 😉 Your story this morning about the “quips” reminded me of this old joke.

    Two middle-aged businessmen were in their club’s locker room one afternoon after work, changing clothes to hit the links for nine holes of golf. When one of them took off his suit trousers and revealed he was wearing a pair of sheer pantyhose, his friend did a double take and asked, “Ah, how long have you been wearing those?”

    “Every since my wife found them wadded up in the glove box of my car,” was the reply.

  14. Good morning Villagers….

    Well, that colored egg is getting closer to coming in. Yesterday, the teen that was working with me was pulling the lift with a skid full of eggs. He got his boot caught in the wheel and immediately let loose of the lever….making it stop on a dime. Which then caused the top slip (6 cases) to come forward and then a case and a half of eggs (that’s 540 eggs) to hit the floor. What a mess….but the teen is ok…I did not care about the eggs, just that his foot was not hurt.

    Jackie, but sure to keep yourself hydrated in that Texas heat.

    Old Bear…good memories of what I can remember 🙂

    …and I am dangerous with a hammer….

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  15. Rick: Thanks. I really was not sure which to use there (NOT They’re lol)

    Jerry: You left your weather when you left our state. Could you come back and get it? First time to use the A/C in the new house. The condenser looks new, but I can’t get the temperature down below 78° It’s suppose to be in the high 90’s for the next few days, so I’ll try to get someone out. I’m sure they’re busy. I know that it isn’t quite summertime hot yet, but it is warm enough to disturb sleep.

  16. Hey, I had several workmens comp cases of male anatomy injuries including one where attorney and I had lengthy correspondence on definition of a scheduled member and another where correspondence involved whether loss of earning capacity had occured.

    What the heck is Janis doing? Dream sequence like on Dallas?

  17. “But how could I forget that kiss?”

    That’s almost enough to make a (more cynical than I) person wonder just exactly what was going on between Janis and Vince twenty years ago. And if after-work rum and colas were involved.

    But then, it’s been amply demonstrated on a number of occasions that Janis has an active fantasy life, so one can hope that’s all that is involved in this current story arc. (See Jackie’s thought, above.)

  18. Steve, from what I infer, my doc friend has seen much, much worse genital trauma than a “simple” amputation.

    I know a funny joke about the Bobbitt case. But then, who doesn’t? 🙂

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