Exfoliate This!

Do I ever get ideas in the shower? Yes, sometimes I actually do. This oldie from 2001 certainly was based on true-life events. You might as well keep a cheese grater in the shower. I admit to having very thin skin, and here I am, a cartoonist. The loofah “sponge,” of course, is not a sponge at all but the dried guts of a vining gourd that is related to the cucumber. That’s zero for two in my book. Thankfully, there also is the watermelon. That makes it one for three.

7 thoughts on “Exfoliate This!”

  1. I use something like a loofah. I like it as it foams up the soap and I can see where I have washed.

    Went back into Mexico today. Walked through a very state of the art plant on the edge of town. A lot of military and police presence. One of the persons traveling with me asked what the police and military are looking for. I told them it is like owning a big dog. They may not seem to be doing much, but it wards off undesirables.

  2. I’ve never tried to use a watermelon in the shower. Never even taken one in there with me. My wife bought watermelon scented shampoo at one time. Does that count?

  3. The only good thing about a cucumber is that it can be made into pickles. Polish dills and bread and butter for my personal preference. I have found that I like the sponge balls made of plastic net to shower with. To me, they are easier to handle than a washcloth and they certainly bring up the lather better. Never tried a loofah after feeling the texture of one. I’m with you Jimmy, no interest in using a cheese grater.

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