Frequently Questioned Answers IV

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I told you a few days ago: near the end of this series there’d be a little pay-off for regular visitors to As I remember, this is the first appearance of the Cobra-like sports car that prominently and incongruously appears at the top of this blog. In the strip above and every day on the Web, we are left to wonder, “What is Arlo really like?”

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  1. What’s to wonder? Arlo is pretty consistent in most things that are routinely depicted. Turns out, he also has that sports car.

    How he AFFORDED such a car is perhaps something to wonder…

  2. I explained last night on Facebook that the Cobra is not real but part of Arlo’s fantasy world. Like the boat was all these years. The realization of that boat fantasy ended Arlo’s constant sailing and the real boat sits at a dock unsailed, just as they usually do in real life.

    Jimmy runs deep.

    Love today’s Real Time. My Pagan friends world wide have been celebrating IN large and small ways. I learned last night it is a three day holiday. That pagan was in Australia. It isn’t over so still time for that special gift for the pagan in your life. A other friend in another country told me if he hadn’t offered up that chicken my surgery would have ended differently.

  3. What are any of us really like? Hmmmm. Tr, as one who IS wired, I appreciated the phone cops. BTW, whatever happened to Gary Sandy? And BTW, here’s a crazy idea. If you don’t want pictures of yourself making weird faces printed in the paper then don’t go on tv and make those faces.

  4. A little while ago I stumbled across Miss Charlotte on the Facebook page of Jimmy Johnson Door Number 2. She was looking for JJ but I was not lost as she was. This Jimmy Johnson is an absolutely fascinating and MOST well rounded person. I suspect if they are not the same person they would like each other

    Anyone besides Charlotte and I know about this? I have been following ND eating him all yesr.

  5. I am here and have looked at the site several times thru the late afternoon and evening, wondering where everybody had gone! Many explanations come to mind: shopping, baking, parties, concerts — we know there’s lots to do this time of year. They will come straggling in tomorrow, I reckon.

  6. Lovely little story from the ‘net. Could be by several folks I know who’ve also retired from truck driving:

    So after landing my new job as a Wal-Mart greeter, a good find for many retirees, I lasted less than a day….

    About two hours into my first day on the job a very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman walked into the store with her two kids, yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance.

    I said pleasantly, “Good morning and welcome to Wal-Mart. Nice children you have there. Are they twins?”

    The ugly woman stopped yelling long enough to say, “Hell no, they ain’t twins. The oldest one’s 9, and the other one’s 7. Why the hell would you think they’re twins? Are you blind, or stupid?”

    So I replied, “I’m neither blind nor stupid, Ma’am, I just couldn’t believe someone slept with you twice. Have a good day and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.”

    My supervisor said I probably wasn’t cut out for this line of work.

  7. Jackie’s comment appeared after mine, so I am interested to read it. Actually this was two or three months ago (I think) when we were all worried about Ghost when there was nothing from him for weeks, remember? I wanted to ask JJ for help, and he did reply, but said he hadn’t kept the real names and addresses of the Villagers, no help there.

    I did not find this other JJ that you speak of, Jackie, so know nothing about all this! Maybe there is some other Miss Charlotte out there? (Kidding … impossible!)

  8. Ghost Rider 6 has Romeo Tango Bravo. Earlier this evening, I went to my favorite Italian place* in the city I was visiting for fettuccini Alfredo and chicken parm. My companion wanted a glass of white wine so I ordered her a pinot gris. When it came, I looked at her seriously and intoned, “Ah, pinot gris…which means…peanut of the twilight.”

    Maybe you had to be there.

    *Actually, my favorite Italian place would be Giada’s…well, never mind.

  9. Miss Charlotte, there are two Jimmy Johnsons. One is our JJ who lives in Mississippi and whom we know to be brilliant, erudite, chsrming, talented and very broad interests. Love him.

    Jimmy Johnson two is similarly endowed. I have never met either but even. Their appearances are similar. He lives in Alabama. Teaches at university, has a law degree and very, very interesting “stuff” on Facebook. Easily onfused.

    Someone named Charlotte wrote this week asking what his Christmas cartoon was going to be? He replied he didn’t know but Jimmy Johnson would and gave JJS link. Must happen a lot.

    Why can’t I meet some charming, funny, erudite, educated men like this but unmarried and not interested in such? I guess I may know some among the hundreds to thousands of guys I have met in last ten years. Maybe I could mark them? Like they do in sheep roundups? Or I could not bother.

    Mark obviously Hal has struck again.. It was probably following and reading, not what Hal said.

    The heavy rain and thunderstorms are rolling through. Dogs want back in. I need to see if we’re having tornadoes.

  10. Good morning Villagers….

    Looks to be some strong storms coming in today and tonight, with strong winds. Going to be an unusual warm day…mid sixties. I think that is why they made three trips yesterday delivering ‘chicks’.

    Andrew came packing in the smallest chick that had been put in with the roosters to be ‘culled’. So many different words to use when meaning ‘put down’. I immediately took her, petted her, wrapped her in my flannel jacket. Got her warm, then put her in my ICU cage.

    The Boss wants me to move my 2 ICU cages. He doesn’t want them in the front, suggested a place…then he teased me about me being a PETA member…..but, he appreciates my efforts.

    Going to work Christmas morning with the Boss at the other hen house….should be interesting.

    Then it’s on to my Sister #3 for a family gathering. I didn’t want to sit here Christmas morning waiting to go to my sisters, to much time to think. Mom will be there with us in spirit. The first Christmas is the worst, is it not?

    have a blessed day……

  11. GR 😉 most of the workers that bring the hens in are Hispanic…the other morning, one came in whistling, I asked if he was whistling some Christmas. He just smile and nodded his head, not knowing what I asked, so I said ‘Feliz Navidad”, and he replied the same.

    For those not familiar with TSO’s Christmas Eve and other stories CD, God sends an angel down to earth to bring back to Him the one thing that best represents everything good that has been done in the name of this day, since it had been nearly two thousand years since the birth of his Son.

    He returns and places in the Lord’s hand, the wish of a soul for the happiness of another.

    This is TSO’s “An Angel Returned”

  12. Debbe: The 5th [or 6th, depending on how you count] is just as bad. Wife [25 July 1930-28 Dec. 2010], not mom.

    Trucker: That was a hoot.

    OB: Had to go back to find out why. First thought meters/cubits/feet [that could be a deep poo], but then Providence, where my USPS zipped here from.


    Elder son pastors a UMC east of Brainerd. Don’t know if he’s seen the ice circle. Can’t do the math for you, but not hard to envision a mechanism. Easy to see why it’s a rough perfect circle, and why it won’t last long.

    Debbe: What is that kitty scared of?

    Peace, emb

  13. Debbe:

    “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40

    I’ve always felt that “the least of these brothers and sisters” includes animals. And no, I don’t belong to PETA, either.

  14. Ghost: I’m an omnivore, but will eat neither whale, primate, nor elephant. Of course, don’t have access to the latter two, but did try whale decades back ’50s.

    All: Brooke has a new strip, Wahoo Terminal, on the Pibgorn site. Sent the flies one 2 days ago [Brooke’s flies are quite well done]. Here’s today’s, and you can arrow back as far as you want.

    Peace, emb

  15. Jackie: ‘Why can’t I meet some charming, funny, erudite, educated men like this but unmarried and not interested in such?’ Because you’re unwilling to travel this far N. [Also, I have someone else in mind who loves winter.] Peace, emb

  16. Love the retro strip. I myself am a fan of the Cobra make and that makes Arlo’s interest in the car that much more enjoyable for me. Chances are if you see a Cobra on the road it isn’t original. There is a big industry in replicas. I can see them owning a Cobra replica. Both of them had professional office jobs, Gene is out of the house. A Cobra replica is well within the income of such a family. Arlo seems the type. Driving through curvy mountain roads is indeed something you would seek out if you owned such a car. Janis isn’t there, but so what? They give each other their own space. I am sure she is doing exactly what she wants and not missing Arlo. That may be part of the reason they still make sparks fly when they are together is that they give each other time alone.

    But of course, it is just a comic strip. We tend to put more into them than Jimmy intended.

  17. Which has a flag that is not a rectangle? [Easy.] One [maybe more] of its colleges is on a river; many of its faculty live across the river because housing is cheaper there.

    Peace, emb

  18. Suppose I will settle for married ones then, since I’ve no interest in being married. Once was enough. Although I do like Ghosts slogan Millionaire Widow Lady for my business cards.

    Starting to get wheels in gear for my spring which begins first week in February. Actually have been working.

    Probably need something to eat as I am shaking.

  19. For 48 years and pinned engaged living together for two more so we made it to 50. Wrote a tribute to my mother and put it on one of my pages, it seems to have touched many, a few paragraphs. I was her daughter for 70 years, an only child. She died six days before Christmas last year, Mike on Christmas eve last year. I am writing in my mind for tonight, I do this a capella and unedited, first try a take. Habit I learned long time ago. Making every word count where it matters.

    Editor didn’t know I had done that, was on my personal page, he was reading when I called on something else. He says he forgets how I affect readers when I write like that. He is back wanting me to write The Book again, I promised to talk about it by New Years. He has a good point.

    One man for 50 years, I never cheated. Love, Jackie

  20. We are going to start work on a fund raising calendar for next year sales featuring real women boat builders and sailors who are also good looking REAL women. My idea was sort of in style of Calendar Girls. Have four in US I am thinking of, one in Australia. Photographer donating services is a sports photographer who shoots women too.

    So I have to scout for women fast among acquiantances. First one freaked at no clothes like Calendar Girls. We are on less clothes now. The boat building part is essential probably but we aren’t locked in there. Maybe some that do both, some that just paddle and-or sail.

  21. OHIO’s flag is shaped like a 2-tailed pennant. OH has many little rivers and streams and lots of colleges, so one would expect some colleges to be located near/on flowing water. Oddly enough, the state has no natural lakes!

  22. We are going to use mature women, well known and respected as boat builders and sailors. The idea isn’t just pinups but the beauty of the boats as well.

    Photographer is my cousin, like my baby brother, and deal is I’ll pay his expenses if we go to foreign countries like the Aussie one. He and I have been traveling together since he was six years old.

    He was on the circumnavigation of America at high speeds in a Ford Fairlane convertible with the top down

  23. Jackie, if I understand correctly, you need to find a dozen mature female boat designers/builders/sailors who will agree to be photographed either skimpily clad or not clad at all. Too bad you don’t know anyone who would be willing to help you in your search. Someone who, for instance, has experience in getting women to take off their clothes. 😉

  24. cx-p: Across the Ohio R. from Ohio’s Shawnee State U. is Kentucky, where housing is cheaper than in town. I assume there is a bridge. A BSU English prof. went there to be provost a decade or more ago. He and wife are now retired in middle of FL. They visit some summers, stay with the 3rd member of our Hon. 100 team, retired psych prof. and his wife, a retired Women’s Studies prof. Their house [they didn’t build it] = geodesic dome, wood heat, ideal party space.

    Speaking of heat, we will almost surely have a totally white Christmas. One-3″ on most ground, a little drifting and enough wind for stubble to show through on some lawns. No temps above 0 C expected, and only a little sun. Low tomorrow night predicted +10 F.

    Merry, emb

  25. Ghost when I am on Florida next month we are going to do some publicity shots of me to use for things like writing author photos. Logs, a pesky business card.

    I am letting my builder friend have the new Wooden Boat he’s been building for me for a year. He fell in love with it. I am thinking of buying a new boat my friends from Spydeco are bringing out, the Sage 15 catboat.

    Was planning to name her Footloose because I will never build the original Footloose and I have her carved Wooden name plate.
    But Millionaire Widow Lady has a certain ring to it.

  26. Love Spydeco and I have to go see her again because she was just a glass mold when I saw her last summer. Of the ice is melted I am suposed to go sail with Sal and Gail and go out to dinner. I probably need a better GPS because I got lost and never found the restaurant.

  27. Jackie, you could name her Boat Widow. Or perhaps Milady, so as not to advertise the money aspect and avoid problems. That has a nice sound to it too. You could even name her Cherokee Bingo, in honor of one of your favorite songs. Have a bingo card with markers painted on the stern.

  28. My goodness Mark you are better at naming boats than me! Boat Widow will be my blogs name. We are turning the page into a commercial site to allow for member participation. Excellent ides.

    Never paint a boats name until you are positive. Or even paint the jull.

    Anyone in small boat world, a small, small world, recognizes Cowboy Cookies. Boat Widow is same.

  29. Jackie, tell Mr. Glesser you have an InterWebNet friend who is a minor customer of his products (currently five; six if there is any money left after Christmas). And that his company does good work.

  30. You could go along Ghost, Sal takes me around in person for tours and he and Gale are the most amazing people, I love them. And I get very special prices. They want me to stay long enough to go sailing with them this time. Meeting them would be the wonderful part. The Sage Marine sales manager is a good friend for years, I am on first name basis with his cat who travels with him, Mama Kitty. The 25 cent tour Sal does is the most impressive thing, he is so charismatic I look like Ed Sullivan in comparison.

  31. Here’s a thought: We see Arlo and Janis talking about the reader’s question, ending the scene (It’s a wrap?). So, that’s not Arlo, it’s the dude who plays him heading off in the Cobra. And the actress portraying Janis isn’t really Janis and probably isn’t married to the male actor… My mind is boggling.

    That’s what I get for staying up so late wrapping presents.

  32. Good morning Villagers…..

    Love today’s strip…..I wonder what some 79.000+ little chicks will have to say this Christmas Eve. Guess I could go there and eve’s drop 🙂 or is that eaves drop? The house is full.

    Jerry, thank you for your kind words.

    GR 😉 Love the scripture, and it speaks loudly…..PETA can be too invasive though.

    Emb, I think the hand is playing with the cat and using a reference to the new Star Wars movie that has just been released. My cat, Snowee, loves to play with me when I make the bed. She hides under the covers, I scratch the sheets, lift up the covers and she does the same thing…rears up on her hind legs and I ‘attack’ her with my hand, rubbing her ears.

    Old Bear, you are a sweetie….and what do I owe you for your trouble? I can’t wait to give it to the Boss, and tell him I have a new enterprise…..and we are literally ‘sitting’ on a fortune!!!

    My favorite Christmas Eve… was the first Christmas my Mom spent in the nursing home. I always volunteered to work the second shift, front desk, at the hotel on Christmas Eve. I had earlier dropped off a pillow and blanket at the nursing home. When I got off work, I went to the nursing home, and spent the night with her. I was not going to have her wake up Christmas morning with no family around. Got up, went and got us some hot, white chocolate coffee, and homemade cinnamon rolls from my Sister #3. It made us both warm and fuzzy.

    But you know what, we should celebrate the birth of our Savior everyday. I just wish people would remember that it’s not all about gifts.

    I’m stepping down now off my soap box.

    Everyone, have a blessed day.

  33. Debbe,

    My eyes definitely teared up with the story of your mom’s Christmas away. You are a good daughter and, I suspect (as Old Bear said) that you are a good person.

    For all, my best Christmas wishes to everyone! I’ll close today (family in town) with this:

    “And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

    That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.”

  34. I see Snoopy standing on his doghouse with a shephard’s crook, watching over the flock. Have a great day Debbe. Thanks for inspiring us every morning.

  35. Either the Day family is vacationing far, far away, or Luddie has been taking language lessons.

    Neal, yes Hungarian. Rough translation,”Merry Christmas, God bless is all”

  36. Thanks Debbe… you ARE an inspiration! We don’t need a lot of money or things – we just need love. And tonight is the celebration of when Love came down to us.

    I have a roof over my head… clothes on my back… food on my table… wonderful and loving family and friends… and Love in my heart.

    And these cyber friends in the Village – what can I say? You brighten my every day! Thank you, Jimmy, for bringing us together. Love all of you!

  37. Debbe 😉 My purpose in quoting that passage of Scripture was not to preach a sermon but to merely point out that an act of kindness is an act of kindness, whether tendered to a baby girl or a baby chick. But I’d expect no less from you. If anyone ever asks if I know an angel, I’ll tell them yes, I know Debbe. Merry Christmas, hon.

  38. Yes, Jackie, I do believe that travelling with you would be the opposite of dull. Actually, I have a cousin who is the travelling companion of a wealthy widow lady. Of course, it wouldn’t be quite the same, as she is 96 and he’s gay. 🙂

    For what it’s worth, I too can be respectable and mannerly… when I want to. 😉

  39. My next post was going to be “Probably no one here but sandcastler knows what Ludwig is saying”, but by that time he’d already proved it.

    Feliz Natal!

  40. For the whole village: Here is my CHRISTmas card: God bless us every one.

    And the angel said to the shepherds, “Do not be afraid, for behold I bring you good news of great joy which shall be to all the people; for today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you, Who is Christ the Lord…And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will.”


  41. Family is what you make it. I have family that I am kin to by blood, and family that is made of friends I have made over the years, and children that have wandered in as my own children grew up, and then I have my family here in the Village. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

  42. TIP BlogSpot and comic are the same today:

    “If anyone ever asks if I know an angel, I’ll tell them yes, I know Debbe.” One obvious shortcoming of scripture is that all the angels mentioned, both Hebrew Bible and New Testament, are male. Most of the ones I’ve known are female, many of them wives [mine included], others students, nurses, pastors, etc. Many were of course recognized after the fact; epiphanies are like that.

    Many of you realize I do not regard the Christmas stories, nor the creation stories [at least two and fragments of others], as fact. Nonetheless, as an unorthodox person of faith and active BUMC member, I join you in your joy and your hope for the peaceful world that Jesus and earlier prophets envisioned. Just finished annual rite of listening on MPR to 9 Lessons and Carols broadcast live from King’s College Chapel in Cambridge, England. Actually slept through my alarm, missed first half-hour, will hear the whole thing rebroadcast at 1700 CST. Expect you can find it / a search: “King’s College 9 lessons”, or some such should work.

    Christmas dinner noon tomorrow at Evangelical Covenant Church [“St. Lambert’s”]. Rotates among larger churches in Bemidji, as does free TG dinner. In Deerwood, Cascade UMC does free TG dinner every yr. Don’t know about Christmas. Will try to remember to ask Cascade’s pastor Tue.

    Peace, emb

  43. We can respect the beliefs of others and celebrate them without fully accepting them. That is what spiritual life is about, if not religions. So, may those among us find peace, love, happiness., personal fulfillment at this time. No matter whom you worship, what faith, what writings, make sure it is yours and that you live it, believe in it, use it for the good of others and the world without personal motivation. And I will say that is a true believer.

    My wishes for each and every one of you, my Village.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  44. Knowing several non-believers who nevertheless appreciate the Holy Bible as literature and as a source of moral guidance, I suspect that at least some of them also appreciate and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

    Thought for the Day: Re-gifting is fine, as long as the gift you were given was Love.

  45. Sand
    I WAS going to disagree with you about Commonwealths but
    I can’t – true there are 4 within the contiguous states but there
    are 2 territories.

    PM me about what you said – you will know how shortly.

    To the Village – believe what and who you will but according to
    Albus Dumbledore “Love is the greatest magic”

    “Love one another as I have loved you”

  46. Christmas is a time for remembering, and thinking of what is important to us. Also for great nostalgia for past Christmases and the friends and family we shared them with. Also for great music, that restores our tired spirits and makes us whole again.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, all you dear Villagers!

  47. Great link Ghost, and thanks. A hearty agreement with all of the above. We are all friends who just haven’t met as yet. And remember, if we don’t try to have peace in the world, who will?


    Thanks guys, now I’m blushing, you made me feel very special. I just love coming here, I love the friends I’ve made here, each and everyone fills some void in my life. I often think of you all while working, the things one says, and the journeys you take, whether it be long or short.

    Working today with the Boss, at the other hen house. After that, I’ll come home (it’s only about a five minute drive from my house) get cleaned up and go to Sister #3 for some family love. Ian may not make it today. He has two jobs and has to be at work at 9 in the morning. But he’ll be with me in spirit….

    I also realized I didn’t post the cheezeburger link:

    Have a blessed day with your loved ones.


  49. Eating my usual breakfast…P&J on homemade Amish bread.

    Mark, yes it does…..

    Indy Mindy has been MIA lately, hope all is well with her.

    Old Bear…don’t understand your PM……

    …now I really got to go 🙂

  50. Merry Christmas,

    Ages ago, I think not in The New Yorker, there was a seasonal cartoon. A shepherd or someone calling out from the entrance to a stable, “It’s a girl!”

    Today’s Frank and Ernest: [Try it as is. If it doesn’t work, delete the ? , which I don’t remember being there.]

    Peace and Happy Boxing Day, emb

  51. I fell asleep typing as I went to sleep finally, just as Debbe went to wake the chickens, I fell asleep. That post is under me somewhere because I dug phone out from there.

    Merry Christmas, OMG look at how early it is, those cats won’t let you sleep in! I had four hours sleep!

    Mindy from Indy is fone, she had some photos and posts on Facebook yesterday with her family.

  52. I fell asleep typing as I went to sleep finally, just as Debbe went to wake the chickens, I fell asleep. That post is under me somewhere because I dug phone out from there.

    Merry Christmas, OMG look at how early it is, those cats won’t let you sleep in! I had four hours sleep!

    Mindy from Indy is fone, she had some photos and posts on Facebook yesterday with her family.

  53. Jackie, I expect Mindy is fine, and hope you are, too.

    Debbe, You are a blessing to all of us, not only because of your cheeseburger postings:

    “I also realized I didn’t post the cheezeburger link:

    I just worked left arrows from that one, and came to one featuring a cat and a bald eagle. Short videos, eagle seems bamboozled. Have to scroll down for 2nd view. Locale is most likely Kodiak Island, where wife and I spent 3 nights at a former student couple’s home. Had scheduled only 2, but Kodiak airport is often socked in. Bald eagles are at dime a dozen there. Seafood is fantastic. We checked out their crab-pots, had crab and stuff 2x, once on an oily beach upwind from a smallish dead odontocete whale, picnic Elaine had help put together [she made the crab salad], accompanied by world’s finest dark beer, Taddy Porter, which we found in a grocery, I think. AK is fascinating, but I wouldn’t . . .

    Now in my Arlo speelczech: odontocete and Taddy. Peace, emb

  54. A most Propitious, Blessed and Merry Christmas to all. And to all the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coasties, LEOs, EMS folks, and Fire/Rescue folks (especially the volunteers), I wish you a double measure of same, and give my thanks to you for helping keep us safe on this Holiday of Peace.

  55. I keep reaching for the like button JJ.

    thanks Ghost for giving Thanks. Here it is noon and I am about to put on clothes to pot amaryllis after I clean the kitchen and the sink, got most of morning routine done sort of. Breakfast was a Glucerna shake and brie double creme with an unsweet iced tea.
    Have six months to get the final 58 pounds off before I sail one of the Saturday Night Special down-up the Texas coast. No way am I doing that with any spare fat. Too many cameras pointed at you.

    Did I wish you Feliz Navidad earlier? Oh my, Def Leppard is playing Pour Some Sugar on me. Bath time!

  56. A Christmas miracle. About half an hour ago a large doe came up behind our house. She just stood there looking at the house for several minutes and then turned and slowly walked into the woods.

  57. Food prepared; meal consumed; leftovers stowed. Praise the Lord for his bounty, and also for Tupperware®.

    And it *is* warm enough to break our your favorite “tee” here in the Deep South, Bob. Pushing 80 degrees and very humid locally. Free Christmas Eve Light Show here for part of last evening, then it began to look more like the night Dr. Frankenstein was jump-starting his monster. Possibly some more of the same tonight.

    Deaths and much damage from storms in parts of the South, and our county Fire/Rescue has responded to two fully-involved house fires in the last 12 hours, all reminding us once more to be grateful for what we have.

  58. Merry ho hos, and all that.

    That facebook picture is a couple years old Jackie. The woman in purple on the left is my mother. This is the last Christmas I spent with her. I was too sick to go the following year, and she passed two months later. She had wanted to come visit in January, but I was having a terrible time with the store I had back then, and didn’t want company; I was too tired and miserable. I honestly have no idea when I had seen my mother last before she went into the hospital. One of many, many regrets. I really don’t mind working Christmas any more; I have a built-in excuse not to be anywhere. This Christmas has been rougher than last year.

    Gee, this is depressing. I’ll do better next time. I sincerely hope everyone is right where they want to be, with the people they want to be with.

  59. The mantle has been passed from my late wife to the kids for the food, we’re about to eat. I hope I can keep it together, the morning with the grandkids was a little rough for me without granma

  60. Had bowl of low fat cottage cheese with fresh raspberries and now I really am going to clean my bathroom and change sheets on bed. I am worth it, my new mantra.

  61. It may not be traditional but pulled pork is done and home Apple BBQ sauce is ready for those who want a little extra kick.

    I wish we were feeling better. My wife and I both have really nasty colds. I think mine peaked a day of two ago so I am starting to feel a bit better. I don’t think my wife has peaked yet. The worst is yet to come.

    No matter. I hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday.

  62. Whatever happened to “When you get old, you don’t catch colds, because you’ve already been exposed to and developed a fair amount of immunity to most of the varieties of crud.”?

    Oh, wait. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cold. Does that mean…nah, couldn’t be.

    Jackie, changed my bed linens last night (800 TC; yours are probably 1000 TC), had low fat cc with pineapple as late night snack. Beginning to think we are running some kind of parallel life-lines. Except for the part where I like to travel through the air, and you like to travel over the water.

  63. Ghost I was hired by both Delta and Continental as srewardii the same week got hired as bunny, had tickets to train, didn’t report. Remember I worked for Flee man and got free flight time and lessons from the flight instructors and air traffic controllers. All I needed was navigation and instruments to be licensed. Commuted in planes from age 6 on, literally. No objection to flying. Flew with Lindbergh. Too young for Wright brothers.

    Just had a honey crisps apple and a stuffed bellpepper of 180 calories for dinner. It would make meals simple.

    Back to donating communist feminist magazines to a worthy doctor’s office.

  64. One thing I said today that I don’t think I’ve ever said before. “Baby, I think your strawberries slid off.” Favorite present: a throw pillow for the bed with a cat on it that says: “A cat. A purrfect excuse to not make the bed.”

  65. The communist feminist magazines were subscriptions I took out for mama mainly, Good Housekeeping, Rachel Ray, Taste of Home,All of You, National Geographic, Inc.

    Kept some Southern Livings, some Real Simple, some Martha Stewart (although that might be the worst), )Birds and Blooms, Smitsonia Health,p Cooking Light.

    Boxes and boxes and I am tired and shoulder hurts.

  66. Merry, our two cats are a double excuse for not making the bed some mornings.

    Must make an inquiry on ” communist feminist magazines.” Are we referencing the liberal ones instructing women to birth in the field and return immediately to the harvest. Or, one of the more conservative that teach how to feed an entire commune with a single cabbage.

  67. Natl. Geogr. = no longer a comm./fem. mag. That rightish guy in Australia bought it. Of course Australians have a broader perspective / top-free and such, I think. May bring back 1930s-’40s sorts of N.G. illustrations.

    Don’t think we’re in much danger from those other mags as well, esp. since most ‘communist’ nations today are more like fascist: a totalitarian govt. in cahoots with approved private enterprise. Only lip service to Marx. Lovely.

    Happy Boxing Day, 26 Dec. Also Feast of Stephen. emb

  68. Mark
    I used to listen to Jean Shepherd in the 60s while driving.
    He was an engrossing story teller.

    Jackie – You ARE worth it

    Mindy – no recriminations. We work with the knowledge we have at the time.

    Christmas Eve there was a story of the “First Silent Night”
    From when it was a poem through most of its permutations to today – the most sung
    and recorded Christmas Carol

  69. We have 4 cats, plenty of excuses. Best time if you must make the bed-when your wife is not in the room. Don’t smooth out those sheets, Just hide them under the comforter.

  70. Good morning Villagers….

    And a Happy Boxing Day to our Canadian friends….I looked it up once to see what it meant, but I forget. Guess I have to look it up again.

    Have I told you all how much I love my flat screen….reading is much easier. Still keep the magnifying glass near by though.

    Emb…thank you, you too are a blessing to this Village…you are a wealth of information, and I enjoy reading and learning from your posts.

    Didn’t work much with the Boss, as he had his nephews packing, and I walked the aisles breaking up egg blocks, running down loose hens, and pulling the dead, then I went over to my hen house to chick on my baby girls….found one whose leg was backwards….she’ll never make it. Put her up to drink some water, she didn’t…bad sign. But my little Miss Peep, she’s still a little nervous, wrapped her up in my jacket and took her into the packing room. Just sat there and petted her. Left at 1ish.

    Ian called and said for me to be home at 1 o’clock, I waited, I waited and I waited….finally he showed up at 3. I cried. He only stayed until 5:30, that’s when his ride back to E’vill showed up. He looks good, has lost weight (belly fat). And he’s changed, more grown up, more assertive…everyone agreed he has changed. He is in the restaurant business and they are a breed of their own….just like night auditors….just like poultry workers.

    I didn’t make it to my Sister #3…but will run by there today after work.

    Funny thing the Boss said the other day….he thinks I need to rest more, he said he didn’t want to use the term “going postal on me”, so he said “going scrambled egg on me” 🙂

    Going to be in the sixties here today, tonight and tomorrow. Lots of belts I need to work on, going to test that tacky glue today Old Bear.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…………….

  71. Debbbe, I clicked on the link and was just going to listen for a minute, I watched the whole thing. They’re great even at this time of the morning. As always, you start everybody’s day with a smile.

  72. Ah, the joys of the Day After Christmas…wondering why the decorations haven’t taken themselves down; planning the next three days’ menus around leftovers; talking to the fraud prevention specialist about the attempted unauthorized use of my primary credit card on Christmas Eve…

    Several years ago, I realized I had a double handful of charge cards in my wallet and came very close to closing all the accounts but one. Then I thought better of that and retained three cards. Getting a lost, stolen or compromised card replaced can take two to four weeks, so having two backup cards for emergencies (the only reason I actually need one) has turned out to be a good idea.

  73. Trucker I have always considered that a hymn. I have played it a lot this season. Thank you for the words.

    Just found solution to many problems including unwanted evangelists. My just let go minion came in with rehired girl friend and plopped down on living room sofa and I stood up,from my desk in my Marilyn pajamas to his shock and informed him it was my house, he didn’t work for me any longer and I was a nudist. If he was bothered by my nudity he should leave, otherwise it did not bother me at all.

    Lest this horrify anyone, I am thinner than either of my two daughters and 90% of the population of Oklahoma.

    Think he left taking girl friend and their toddler child whom he had brought to work with mom too. This is a full time job. It is noon. No one has worked since day I got out of ICU. I have two applicants one on list for a long time.

    Ghost, travel with me is never boring but I don’t break laws like chaining myself to trees or pulling my clothes off in department stores, not even in dressing rooms. Strictly pacifist.

    Off to get hair done and go buy a pickup truck for Christmas. For me, no one else.

  74. Their was a door-to-door religious person who happened to look just like Conway Twitty. It happened often that he would ring a doorbell, a lady would came to the door and exclaim “”Conway Twitty!” He would then explain who he was. One day a lovely young lady had emerged from her shower and wrapped herself in a towell just as this preacher rang the doorbell. Forgetting how she was dressed she went to the door and opened it. Throwing her arms wide she exclaimed “Conway!” “Hello darling” he replied.

  75. Sun Bowl? Ha! I swear it was sleeting there a few minutes ago.

    The cheerleaders are still managing to look fetching in snuggly-fitting raingear, though, so there is that. 🙂

  76. Mark, send the Internet link for those trailer hiches and the stickers. I am dressed now. Fetching tights, long tail tunic, bohho fringed croce shawl with sleeves and LARGE holes, beige ballet slippers with perforation and some handbeaded cuffs. Now to find appropriately accesorized purse with checkbook.

    Did mention I turned down job right out of college of writing social news?

    Earlier I had been wearing REAL Marilyn pajamas with dark gray bottoms and a pocket tee, Marilyns bust shot of her face with beauty mark, red lipstick to go chase Dickens through neighborhood. Bust shot, not breasts shot

  77. Something I don’t see every year on December 26th but just did today…two very fit young ladies wearing string bikinis walking across a neighborhood yard.

  78. Some places that’s more likely than others. BTW, we did and do have a white Christmas/Boxing Day. 1-4″, depending on how the wind blows. Supposed to be sunny Sun., but hi only in the teens F.

    Peace, emb

  79. We are having flash flooding and tornadoes here. Crossing my bridge from street I went in over slippers just before creek broke to go a foot deep across road and crashed into my retaining wall.
    Standing on bridge and waterfalls poring into mill run is beautiful sight and mesmerizing to listen to.

    How are we in the southern states? I know bad Christmas tornadoes.

  80. Wet Christmas Eve and Christmas Day/night here in Tuscaloosa. Birmingham had a small tornado that wrecked 3 houses, but no one killed or injured there. Massive flooding in northern 1/3 rd of the state. Governor has declared state of emergency for those areas. Finally got to see the full moon tonight as storms have now left. Sunny day for the first time in 3 days. And had to run the A/C for the last 3 days too. Too rainy to open windows and too hot with them closed.

  81. Msrk. Shaun the Sheep was funny. Yes, I can relate to that. I am glad you and cats and family aren’t floating away. We are supposed to have two more days of this. Voodoo the Louisiana tri-colored Catahoula Current has moved onto my canopy bed in case the water gets in. Tomorrow I have to go make sure the new doghouse is dry and secure for elderly two. We tried to move Charlie the fox hound out there too but 20 year old pit took exception.

  82. We are on high ground here, not near any streams or anything. Water pools in the yard but nothing that would endanger us. I bet there are areas near the Warrior River that are having troubles, though. Haven’t heard if it’s nearing flood stage or not. Might take a day or so for all pouring in upstream to make it here. On that weather link I posted earlier is some video of a flooded waterfall. Story with it says that area got 20 inches of rain in 24 hours.

  83. A paragraph that could have been better written: “A police officer shouted ‘Get back into your house, there has been a gas explosion’.
    “Two or three minutes later the police officer jumped into his and drove away. After he gave the warning he evacuated himself.”

    From the London Telegraph

  84. Somehow missed that little aside up there, Ghost. For the rest of you, nudists or naturists are nice people who like to take their clothes off, usually for reasons unlike Ghosts favorites but not excluding them, in privacy. Most nudist resorts are more boring than a Sunday school picnic and activities not unlike summer camp. Me, I like pools and sun, skip bingo and karaoke. You are safe in our presence.

  85. Well, my personal club is hosting both regional and national conventions this year Ghost if that really interests you and yes, they do. Not sure about legality in Mississippi even with consenting adults who participate in child like activities sans clothing.

    Although sans is what some get in their swim suits when they go to beach.

  86. Oh my, just read weather report. We are in a flood warmed area. Well, I can see that out my front door but the list of cities with life threatening flooding includes McAlester just south of me where I planned to truck shop. Forget it, truck can wait. So can hair and nails wait a bit longer. Then after up to a foot of rain, weather turns cold down to mid 20s at night, so freezing.

  87. Good morning Villagers…..

    Looked at the radar, there’s a whole lotta rain out there and it’s coming our way in about an hour….temps to drop from 68 degrees to about 50 degrees by noon.

    Worked all by myself (there’s a song there somewhere 🙂 ) yesterday. And yes, I did wear a dust mask, those little chicks can sure raise the dust. Good temperature inside should be about 75 degrees, it was 67 when I got in there. May have to go out and manually turn fans off at the toggle switches…when it get light. Working alone again today. Andrew was told by the Boss to take the weekend off and spend it with Brooklynne Rose. They are having their Christmas today.

    Jerry, glad you enjoyed the whole song. I know that song by heart, I love the lyrics.

    I read on where Dallas got hit by a tornado….didn’t click on the video, so if any of you Villagers live there….prayers are with you…….Amen.

    Have a blessed Lord’s Day

  88. Yep…when the computer implanted in you brain uses Wi-Fi (or whatever they’ll be calling it then) to unlock your car; activate its fuel-cell powered motor; download your customized environmental and comfort settings into its computer; and give it its driving instructions.

  89. Ghost, I don’t want any computer implanted in my brain. Gives me the shivers thinking of such a thing. With both rogue and assorted government hackers trying to get into the existing nets to steal your data, why would anyone with sense even contemplate allowing them direct access to your brain?

  90. I have a computerized implanted pacemaker/defibrillator in my chest that communicates wirelessly to transmit data to the doctor’s office. It is NOT password protected. None of them are, and over 100,000 of them are implanted in folks in the US each year.

    I’ve thought about drafting a murder mystery where someone uses that to randomly kill innocent folks to mask the motive for killing a specific person.

  91. Mark, I’d bet good money that millions would jump at a chance to get a “brain computer”, so they could listen to tunes, watch videos, and Tweet in their heads; place delivery orders from their neighborhood cannabis emporiums via the InterWebNet; and keep their Libro delle Facce pages continuously and instantaneously updated, 24/7. They will be called “Cyberslackers”.

  92. There is a reason my phone is named Hal.

    But I wouldn’t mind a computer chip so hospital would know I was diabetic and was missing my uvula. And I know where your mind just went, Ghost.

    I thought they had some that, they kept pointing a “gun” at my arm every time they came into room. Like a pricing gun at Walmart.

  93. Hospital bracelets are bar-coded now, Jackie. Scanners read and compare numbers to make sure they have right patient before giving meds, etc, to avoid mistakes.

  94. David: Yeah, but then they’d be like the rats in the Skinner boxes and die from Too Much of a Good Thing™. They would be called “Cybercadavers.”

  95. Ghost, but that would be the solution to the drug problem. Direct stimulation of the pleasure centers and who needs any of that other junk? Somehow the various levels of government would have to figure out how to tax it to replace all the “sin taxes” they would lose as tobacco and alcohol disappeared. Farmers would have to grow food crops instead and there would be a huge number of displaced workers as cigarette factories, distilleries and bars close. And gas stations would have to sell gas again, Gasp!

  96. Jackie, it would be nice if they could eliminate all the wires and monitor everything wirelessly with one of those handheld scanners. There’s a money-making idea there for an inventor. Get on it quick before the durable equipment folks beat you to it.

  97. We were talking about conditioning through stimulation of the pleasure center in 1970 as a means of controlling heart beat, blood pressure, etc. It’s still being discussed as a means of treatment for depression, addiction, etc.

  98. I have no real choice in being wired, but I don’t think that I will be microchipped or have my DNA tested by I”m sure that no such agency knows what books I’ve ordered from Amazon.

  99. The first non-medical feature they’d add to the implanted and scannable medical chip would be the ability to read your insurance coverage and your bank account balances.

  100. And yet they didn’t know I was a diabetic because I didn’t have my testing supplies with me when I checked in?

    Have to go in and sort clothes that are going to make me decide to fire someone else AND MY LAUNDRY reeks of cigarette smoke. Where tons of my clothes reside both stored, clean and dirty. I hate smokers!! Hate smokers!! I am cleaning this end of house except it is a mud pit out in yard and I have cats in and out like pin ball game.

    The missing uvula resulted from a high priced university physician convincing me he could magically make my sleep apnea disappear. He rebuilt inside of nose and removed uvula, sleep apnea worsened. I am a high risk for choking and can self administer heimleich so if you tell me you are trained ems, don’t smoke, are good healthy cook, do dishes and laundry and like to drive vehicles with large motors and don’t mind nudity, apply away. I’m tired of this nonsense. Sailing not necessary.

  101. If you’re diabetic and don’t always need to carry a test kit or insulin, get yourself a MedicAlert bracelet. Over the last thirteen years, I’ve woken up in four different ERs, largely because the paramedics read the back of my bracelet and knew I was diabetic.

  102. We’ve been using those bracelets for some years now. As Family Waiting Volunteer, I always get a censored* patient list [*operation not listed / HIPPA] from the surgery dept. and check it against waiting patients’ bracelets. Only once did patient’s bracelet and list # not match. Patient didn’t get out of the surgery, but Admitting had to do some online ‘paperwork.’ Because of a ruptured right bicep, taking bp on right arm hurts ~ blazes and, of course, raises my bp. So I get a ‘LIMB ALERT’ bracelet. Kept one as a souvenir.

    *Of course, I know Dr. x does mostly joint replacements [roughly 2 hr.]. His more minor operations take less time [times listed on form]. Dr. y is most likely doing a hysterectomy or some such, Dr. z does dental surgery, and a civilian male in blue from head to toe is likely there because his mate [I never ask particulars] is there for a C-section. But if somebody I know, other than a hospital employee comes in or out the outside door, I immediately forget I saw them.

    If it’s somebody I don’t know, but they* come over to see me, chances are it’s a former student who was in my 400 student freshman bio class 30-40 yr. ago. If this were Bellevue or Mayo, that would be less likely.

    * Anu Garg says ‘they’/’them’ are now acceptable gender-neutral singular pronouns, which is likely a reasonable way to solve that problem.

    Peace, emb

  103. Jackie, I can check all those boxes except “trained EMS”, although I’ve had extensive advanced first aid and CPR training. (I carry a full “blow-out kit” in my range bag, and a small one in my car, for treating GSWs.) I also did minor surgery on a lady friend, which I will not go into because 1) the details would get me banned here, 2) the statute of limitations for “practicing without a license” have probably not run, and 3) you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. (Although you might, come to think of it.)

  104. Jackie,

    Hopper’s humans are not very. The ones in the all-night café don’t have to be, and aren’t close up. But his mastery of light and shadow on bldgs. is unsurpassed, both in paint and drawing. He may not have been a particularly nice man. He married another artist, and I think they stayed married, but some have written that he discouraged her from further painting.

    Peace, emb

  105. I remember studying Hopper in art classes long ago. I took both art where you created art but also art appreciation where you learned how to visit galleries and museums and like and understand art.

    Interesting about fact he mastered artificial light. I remember going to the big Thomas Moran touring exhibit and he was billed as master of light but much more majestic light.

  106. Also, he has one, with a customer or two in it, which depicts a second story Chinese restaurant, the bottom of a vertical Chop Suey sign outside the window. Love it, but have not seen it in the online ads. Peace, emb

  107. Good morning Villagers….

    Meanwhile, twenty four hours later….it’s still raining. Flood warning everywhere. And it’s Monday. And looking at the ten day forecast, I do believe winter’s here…but on a positive note, at least it’s not snow!!!!

    My husband and I received Christmas gifts from Brooklynne Rose and Kyler. I got perfume, which I like as I am very picky about perfume…my passion is Cinnabar by Este Lauder. My husband got two small wooden bird houses which were hand painted by Brooklynne…they were beautiful. Come spring, they will hang on the front porch.

    Emb…again I learned something…had to look up doppelganger too. And Miss Dietrich’s performance with the military was so unselfish….she was a ‘trooper’

    Back to the hen house….still have not made it to belt repairs as I have been “all by myself”.

    Be blessed on this day….

    Old Bear’s been missing a couple of days…hope JJ changes the retro soon, or we’ll be locked out of the orphanage soon.

  108. GR 😉 I believe I’m starting to like Jennifer….she can belt out a song. Curiously, I clicked on her performance of The Boss”s “Glory Days”…she does good….but poor Mrs. POTUS, she just doesn’t seem to get it…..I don’t think she even knows who is sitting to her right. Not crazy about Harpers contribution on the second song though.

    Oh, and it was orange…remember….those were my glory days 🙂

  109. Debbe 😉 No, I didn’t forget that “it” was orange; that detail is fixed in my mind. 🙂 Oddly, I used to correspond with “debbie” here about her decision to retire the lavender and white bikinis she wore. (I was opposed, in case you can’t guess.) Strange what gets fixed in one’s mind. Well, my mind, anyway.

    Here’s another old song I love, with that younger singer I love. And I may have figured out where her lung-power comes from. 😉

  110. Debbe
    I’m here – Just don’t have computer access (or is that excess) Sat & Sun mostly.

    About 5″ of the white stuff – 7-10″ by tomorrow night?

    “These days about half the stuff

    In my shopping cart says,

    ‘For  fast relief.’”

  111. Hospital bracelets are interesting. I had noticed that my bracelet had the wrong first name on it (Greg). I brought it to the attention of the nurses before surgery but they didn’t seem interested.

    They were trying to wake me after surgery using the name Greg. When I finally opened my eyes and told them they had the wrong name on the bracelet, that is when the poop hit the fan as they scrambled to make sure the correct surgery had been performed.

  112. One advantage of a Medic-Alert bracelet or necklace, Gary, is that it can list multiple conditions, including medicine allergies. And, each person who registers gets an ID number that you can use when you call the (800) number on the bracelet to get current info. Of course, that implies that you keep your data up-to-date with them, something that I’ve probably got to do RSN.

  113. Jackie is fine, got up around noon, missed the sleet and snow. Have changed locks again after both front door and breezeway to kitchen had damage from attempted breakin, putting more and better lighting around yard, deputy did that and cleaned my laundry all day from ex-minions, I am washing my own clothes, months and months worth, figure minions doing another skip run. My god, I am sick of this. Anyway, I went down town and made my local small town Ford dealer happy, they had one each of the pickup I had picked out, I said what’s the difference? I don’t need leather heated seats so that settled that and saved me $4,000 ALONE, plus rebates, hold backs, invoice pricing and discount to finance through Ford with early payoff without penalty. After market of Rhino liner sprayed in and a tonneau cover to match paint, all to match Cowboy Cookies my sailboat.

    Private plates of Cowboy Cookies and Boat Widow, covers two genres in case I decide to take barrel racing back up again. The salesman just walked me to credit and I was out in 30 minutes. He said he hoped he was like me at my age, I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying you wish you were like me at your age. Your flies been unzipped all this time.

  114. I walked into Dollar General and they were playing nothing but Willie by various artists. I said Oh no, has Willie died? My computer was out, cell phone, television, all dependent on satellites on my roof or buried flooded lines, towers. Debit cards out, went to bank and their lines by AT&T down too.

    Turns out they had limited music to play at $$G.

  115. Jackie, ex-minions would have been good enough reason to change locks. After all, they had enough time alone in your house to figure out what you have and where it is. Anything goes missing I would suggest your deputy check them out first.

    Glad you are ok.

  116. Lost it darnnit but Randy Newman Louisiana 1928 and Stevie Ray Vaughn Texas Floods?

    And yes, someone has at least been playing games on my computer. Tomorrow is another day, I change credit cards, bank access, some other stuff.

  117. c x-p: Have another tucked away in some file. Equally good, but different voices, somewhat sexier-looking alto. Couple of others I should look up. There’s something about no electric guitars. De gustibus . . ..

    Heading slightly S tomorrow, family fling [Granddad picks up tab; that’s what we’re for, no?] 100% snow cover, but cold enough for careful winter driving. No high winds predicted. They blowing across 4-lanes + cars to pack it down can yield glare ice. Several cars zipped us once W of Fargo; most were stranded in the median before we turned S onto 2-lane Co. rds; one van was bottom up.

    Peace, emb

  118. I had always associated Offenbach with singing automation ice. Irish at Disneyland and World but I somehow remember seeing it with a full cast so it is still a favorite. Somehow I thought male female?

  119. So, yes I have seen Tales of Hoffman onstage more than once and Ghost I just watched enough combined cleavage to make a really bad porn video, the last two divas had an estimated 600 pounds combined weight. I am watching Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe right now from 1988. With light sabres from the conductor and candles in audience. That lady is about a 54Ggggg if not more! Freddie is beautiful.

    Need to watch more divas, I ate a small apple while I watched. Motivation supremo. I reached another low this morning on scales. That is a high of it’s own. Freddie is singing Who Wants to Live Forever.

  120. So, ate the rest of us living forever? No but we can live now, no one should put off doing the things they want to do because we have today, we are not promised tomorrow and not a thing we can do about yesterday. I for one are heading in to fold more laundry and wash another load. Putting off is obviously what got my laundry over the top. Found lots of pajamas, rugs in washer, comforter and sheets in dryer. Some of my sheets are a STRANGE color now that I don’t recall. Who the heck doesn’t sort by colors and materials?

    Off to the Village bubbling cauldron………..oh wait, wrong holiday. Witches can boil, bubble and trouble any day they like.

  121. Yuck! It’s 24 outside, one dog is on sofa with her favorite cat, one in my bathroom snarling fiercely and Adventure Dog is in my canopy bed defending it or keeping my side warm. Cats are distributed around except for three freezing outside who won’t come in.

    I am going to be washing clothes for days. And thinking mean thoughts all the time.

    Week is to be 40s in day, 20s at night. I get to start wearing winter wardrobe, put on tights and boots tomorrow, along with layers of sweaters and a hat and gloves, throw a Ruana over entire thing. You could peel me like an onion.

    Good morning Debbe, you should be up soon. You and I are like mongeese and rats in Hawaii, different shifts.

  122. Good morning Villagers…

    I would have been here sooner Jackie, but I’ve been trying to log into my email account.

    In their infinite wisdom, my ISP (which is also my landline service, it’s a co-op, and we get a royalty check every year 🙂 ) …anyhoo, they decided to switch email service. They now have ‘Pronto’, which I have a devil of a time logging in….getting communication errors….then there are times I have no problem.

    We survived the swatch of the storms, got a little scary since I was “all by myself” in the hen house. I plugged the windows (that no longer work automatically shutting and opening on one side), with the plastic egg trays to cut down the wind coming in….finally got the inside temp up to 75 degrees when I left yesterday.

    Jackie, who in the world would put rugs and pajamas in the washer….together? Believe it or not, I like doing laundry, and I am very picky about it, nothing sits in the dryer, it gets hung up (all T shirts are hung) and folded immediately.

    gotta go…….

    ya’ll have a blessed day….and I hope to read ya’ll tomorrow with a new retro.

  123. Old Bear……I got it, and the Boss came by and fortunately I happened to be in the packing room when he came by. I smiled and told him to wait, he said he was in a hurry. I told him. “In a hurry, in a hurry in a hurry…well then you won’t get what’s in this box.” The look on his face, priceless. Thanks

    He also gave me a nice ringed, hardback journal book and some gloves that came with it, said he thought I could use it. I keep a work journal.

    And I will persevere in getting my email account up….oh, I love the mail label. 🙂



  124. Old Bear……I got it, and the Boss came by and fortunately I happened to be in the packing room when he came by. I smiled and told him to wait, he said he was in a hurry. I told him. “In a hurry, in a hurry in a hurry…well then you won’t get what’s in this box.” The look on his face, priceless. Thanks

    He also gave me a nice ringed, hardback journal book and some gloves that came also in the mail, said he thought I could use it. I keep a work journal.

    And I will persevere in getting my email account up….oh, I love the mail label. 🙂



  125. This stinking computer. I didn’t even hit submit, wanted to change something I posted to Old Bear and the next thing I knew I was back on the Arlo and Janis strip…..I know, get a new one….get a lap top…..

  126. Morning Debbe, a woman that knows how to do laundry! What a rarity. You should have something better too keep the wind out. Tell your boss that a tarp is very cheap,lasts a long time and would do a much better job.

  127. Steve, has it come down to where you have to draw directions for the surgeons….but, it is a good idea. I’d hate to wake up and find I had a shoulder cup replaced when it was a hip replacement!

  128. Debbe, you don’t know the half of it. I wear good clothes, a clothes horse fanatic actually. I pulled a beaded jacket from Talbot with the tag still on it for $238 crammed in a garbage bag thrown in pile of dirt on floor which she took out of a closet to do. Glen my deputy worked all day and got the chaos under control, I washed all night and I will let you know, not only piles but plastic bins, over ten of them full of dirty clothes, laundry hampers full of “clean stuff” dumped so I will wash it all. I am excellent laundress.

    And why do they start like Martha Stewart and end up like Roseanne Barr? Or Honey Boo Boos mother, whatever she was?

    I deeply resent paying for work not done. And people with five children on welfare before she is 22. I am liberal combined with Old Testament leanings toward pillows of salt, death penalty and staking out miscreants on ant beds,

  129. About Arlo’s sports car in the logo and wayback strip:

    Some of you might recall that I was considering purchasing a Mustang a few years ago. I decided against it.

    Instead, this past April, I bought a new 2015 Camaro RS, a car that I have wanted since I was 14 in 1967.

    I know exactly how Arlo feels as he speeds down the mountain road.

    Sheer bliss.

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