Great Expectations II

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A quick update: the wayward shirts have been located. I still have not seen them, but I will this morning. Someone asked if I ever considered a sibling for Gene. Yes, I did. Knowing the way I work, I probably didn’t know myself when I started this little story line so many years ago whether Janis would be pregnant or not. (Spoiler! She isn’t.) The way I work, again, it was never “decided” as such; it just never happened. A sibling would have expanded the strip, to be sure, but I think maybe I didn’t want to be tied to several years of baby jokes.

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  1. One of you who knows my email tells me the “girls are all worried” because I haven’t posted lately. Long story short: 2-3 years ago I had two severe angina episodes, but both turned out to be esophageal, not cardiac. Mon., while working out, very moderate chest pains sent me to the ER [after emailing kids and others] from 2-8 pm, again no cardiac involvement. Perhaps related to anxiety re a talk to the local Adventures in Lifelong Learning [A.L.L.] scheduled for 10 am Tue. [yesterday] on “My Life of Faith and Science” Being on edge in the ER took a lot out of me, and there were still occ. moderate pains, so was not sure Mon. at bedtime if I’d have to cancel. Woke up feeling fine, gave the talk, apparently passed w/ flying colors. Got an email from Lois, secy. at A.L.L. Emailed fam. and friends, excerpted that email below.
    All: A guy could get a swelled head. Peace, emb

    From: Lois Sent: Tue, Oct. 27, 2015 12:57 PM, To: Undisclosed-recipients: Cc: emb

    Reports and Comments October 27, 2015: emb: My Life of Faith and Science [ @ Bemidji Adventures in Lifelong Learning]. 50 in attendance/about 12-14* faces new to Lois. 26 comment sheets 8 new emails, several are from area ministers (Fosston* & where else [I spotted only 2, both UMC] ).*UMC and BSU fans. Comments on Today’s speaker/topic:

    “Good sense of humor on a serious subject.”
    “Professor emb’s presentation was interesting and engaging. Most importantly, it was thought-provoking.”
    “Very thought provoking and interesting;’ would love to hear more from him!!”
    “Very well thought out and presented.”
    “Stimulating; excellent presentation and topic. Appreciate handouts for further readings.”
    “Different but good!”
    “Interesting perspectives.”
    “Amusing speaker, enjoyable to listen to, knowledgeable but a rambling presentation. Per- haps I am not bright enough to follow his thought process.”
    “Excellent: full of examples, excellent answers to questions.”
    “Wow! Great topic with a well-informed speaker.”
    “Oh, so much to absorb, ponder and figure out where to go from my childhood faith that is no longer satisfying. This fascinating info was very enjoyable.” [Think I know this one. She thinks I walk on water.]
    “Refreshing! My kind of evangelist…!”
    “I have regular conversations with Evan, He has a wonderful and curious mind.” [Most likely my pastor at BUMC. The Fosston [+ Erskine and Crookston pastor = his wife.]
    “Very enlightening, thought provoking.”
    “Very insightful, yet kind.” [This is the one I savor most. I’ve no idea who, but am guessing female.]
    “Best Ever, Great.” [Presumably in comp. to some other A.L.L. speakers.]
    “Outstanding! I enjoyed having intelligent discourse on religion. I found myself in agreement with this speaker –Thanks! (fellow scientist and colleague). [BSU Chem. emeritus, 70ish]
    “Well thought out info for a mixed audience! Thoughtful. Excellent.”
    “It was very uplifting and interesting. Learned new words today.” [Including ‘None’ = a person who answers “none” when asked religion on a form. emb]
    “With thanks for 85 years of pondering and studying both faith and/or religion and science for us juniors to benefit.” [Not sure how much pondering I did before I learned to talk. If all goes well, I’ll be 86 next mo.]
    Had a good solid 2 hr. nap after lunch. Haven’t yet looked at TIP today. Btw., we’re having our first snow, less than 1″ predicted. It’s the pebbly rather than flaky sort, typical of barely freezing weather. Will likely melt w/in 48 hr.

    Peace, emb

  2. Since I missed the previous posting (making apple butter with my younger daughter) I will add one small comment to the “bi-uni-sexual” conversation: those who watch Doctor Who and Torchwood will remember Captain Jack Harkness, who was said to be “omni-sexual”-‘he would go for humans or aliens, and even once a French poodle’.

  3. Actually, Anonie, I believe 2.4 children is what was used as an average for some time, whether actually accurate or not. My sister and I called our four-tenths sibling “Shorty”.

    So The Weather Channel is selling off the portion of itself that has real value. Sounds about right for them. Oh, and “Internet of Things”…is that what they are calling Skynet now?

  4. So here’s a little inside-baseball question…

    I think a lot of the strips that syndicates are looking for today have their content dictated by the syndicate, so that they can be niche-marketed to target a specific demographic. “Childless couple” strips, to appeal to that demographic. “Office humor” to appeal to another. “Family humor,” “Retiree humor,” and so on.

    Comics have always had such niches, but nowadays I suspect they’re actually contractual. In an environment like that, a creator might not have the leeway to add or subtract characters – or even to pursue whatever storyline they wanted!

    Has A&J ever had that kind of limitation loom over it? Or have you pretty much had free rein to go be funny as you saw fit?

  5. sand, considering the WS game lasted 14 innings, you likely could have pitched had you been there. Hope you are just joking about a torn shoulder muscle. If not…ouch!

    I once pulled a groin muscle…but it wasn’t mine.

  6. This beta keyboard does strange things.

    I type NORAD and it hands out NOWADAYS. Have to wonder if it knows about an ultra secret government project.

  7. sand: Ouch!

    Just heard a media report that the runaway blimp is filled with “highly flammable” helium. Therefore I’m rooting for the blimp over the media.

    Run, Blimp! Run like the wind!

  8. Having lunch and breakfast (I can hear Ghost all the way up here scolding ) sitting next to creek and waterfall in bar of my favorite restaurant listening to The End of the World as we know it.

    Lobster bisque and Bleu cheese salad with strawberries. Rough life.

    Funny thing Sand, next week I have to see my orthopedist for MRI but I know I have torn rotator. Question is will I repair it?

  9. Must be serious, they interrupted my lunch with an emergency alert on phone. Of course they have no idea where I actually am.
    Tahlequah, OK the Capitol of the Cherokee Nation. They think I am in Tennessee for some reason.

    Why would what seemed to be a commercial in large capital lettering come on television asking if you suspected your mother was having sex with your husband or boyfriend? There is some sports commentary show on and I am on opposite side of dining room by choice so I’ve no idea.

  10. Anonie, that was probably a recruitment ad for “guests” to appear on Jerry Springer or one of the other piece-of-dreck shows that seem to infest daytime TV. Sadly, there seems to be no shortage of people whose family trees don’t branch to fill that bill.

    Of course, a case could be made that sex is better for you than lobster bisque and bleu cheese…as long as one doesn’t go fishing in the family gene pool. 🙂

  11. Won’t send you the photo of the triple chocolate cheese cake with fresh black berries then.

    Yes, I would agree there is no cake better than sex no matter what the church ladies claim.

    Every once in awhile I do something like this
    I still lose weight, I don’t feel denied, the rich food makes me sick, I enjoy it but don’t feel guilty that I have sinned and fall off wagon.

    On course I feel that way about other choice too.

  12. I have heard of a dessert called death by chocolate. There is a drink known as sex on the beach. Have never heard of a cake better than sex, which denomination bakes it?

  13. Waiting for someone to come up with a “Death by Sex on the Beach” concoction, whether it be a cake or a cocktail.

    Just funnin’ you, Anonie. Nothing at all wrong with rewarding yourself by occasionally not just falling off the wagon but jumping off and landing on both feet. Just not too regularly, of course.

  14. Sadly, Bobby the Blimp’s (sorry; I just couldn’t help anthropomorphizing the big guy) taste of freedom has apparently come to an end. He’s reported on the ground in PA about an hour and a half ago. Of course, he had little chance of escaping, being tracked and out-gunned from the get-go by two USAF F-16s. And you know how much a couple of AF fighter jocks would have hated to have to shoot down an unmanned Army craft. ::wink::

  15. Pssst, GR6. Bobby belong to NORAD, a part of the 11th Airforce. He was just living at APG, probably TDY. Would that have made him a target drone? Or a deserter heading for the border?

  16. OK I Googled and three versions came up immediately.
    Better than sex cake, by Paula Deen, Food Network and Allrecipes, with a total of over 1000 women rating and reviewing it, average rating was about 4.6.out of 5 possible.

    That is probably more and higher rating than they would give sex if asked and I doubt they’d write glowing reviews. I think it is often served at church socials but perhaps not funerals?

    Chief ingredients are rich chocolate cale, condensed milk, whipped topping, caramel sauce and chocolate bricklayer candy.

    As penance my really rich lunch breakfast dinner combo is making me deathly ill and preventing me shopping with my BOGO coupons.

  17. I heard of and may have sampled a “better than sex” cake many years ago. If you search that name you’ll find several variations. The one with yellow cake, vanilla pudding, pineapple, and coconut is the one I remember. It was good – but not THAT good 🙂

    There was another trendy cake around that same time called a “hummingbird cake” that was more work to make but that I liked better (as long as someone else made it). Just give me a good brownie and I’ll be happy.

  18. The only cake I bake is Rum Cake.

    You are correct, sand. A media report ID’d Bobby the Blimp as an “Army” aerostat, probably because it was tethered at Aberdeen Proving Ground in MD, which I believe still belongs to the Army. At least that may explain why the fighter jocks didn’t shoot. 🙂

    If further proof is needed one should take anything the media reports with a 50-lb bag of salt, I’ve heard two more reports of concern the helium on board would explode. Lord love a duck. Too many reporters are not only ignorant but too stupid to do research before they open their pie holes.

    Hint: Google “helium”. Additional hint: If you still don’t get it, google “inert”.

  19. Is “ert” the opposite of “inert”?

    Speaking of pie, three more things I’ve found on the InterWebNet (by following an Indiana blogger):

    – that the sugar cream pie Lady Mindy mentioned the other day is in fact the Indiana State Pie
    – the blogger’s recipe for same
    – that the pie is indeed made with lots of sugar and cream

    I may have to settle for just reading that recipe, as I suspect one bite of the actual pie would equal about 10k on the treadmill.

  20. The chocolate version is one I remember from pot luck dinners. Look at Paula Deen version. Like the poor woman doesn’t have enought sins on her crown prongs.

    One can tell I don’t go to many potlucks.

    And yes, Ghost, gastric pain is divine retribution for sin of gluttony.
    Mine, not yours.

  21. Sigh.
    Repost as I forgot to make sure the soapbox was in the right spot:

    Mark – Thanks for the Shakespeare and genealogy links! I am going to share the insult generator with friends on Facebook. May use one or two on them first. 🙂
    Work has been … work. Retail is life, right? As much as I love Halloween, I now wish we could suspend its arrival. Nov. 1 starts two months of Christmas. Bah humbug. Autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving(!) decor is already in clearance. I am already getting “don’t shop on holidays” bit on Facebook. As much as would rather be somewhere else on the holidays, I like to point out 1. I’d rather be elsewhere ANY day. 2. Some jobs have to get done, no matter what day it is. 3. Not everyone *wants* or can spend time with their families. I don’t understand to attraction of Black Friday and “Grey Thursday,” but hey, not everyone is me. I’ve learned to appreciate first responders and medical community, the truck drivers, hospitality (how much thought do people give to pilots, housekeeping, and baggage staff when they travel on the holidays?), and as Debbe reminds us, food production. In short, I don’t rely on a calendar to know when to count my blessings or when to spend time with my loved ones. I count my blessings every day and celebrate family and friendship whenever I can.

  22. Interesting, Yelp thinks I am in Seattle, Weather Channel thinks I am in Murfreesboro, TN and Google alert thinks I am near the dirigble location, all simulraneously. Makes you wonder how the cop shows on TV find anyone so fast?

  23. Very well said, Lady Mindy. As one who has worked jobs where “weekend” is just a continuation of “week” with a suffix added and where “holidays” were nothing more than red number dates on a calendar, I certainly appreciate and support you and others who are still doing those jobs.

    I have a real problem with the every-growing group of people I call “Know-Betters”. These are the folks who feel they “know better” than others when, where and how those others should work; what they should eat; how they should think and vote politically; how they should spend their spare time; and basically how they should live their perfectly legal, moral and productive lives. Even worse, they have somehow decided it is their duty, obligation and destiny to inform everyone of those feelings of theirs. A not-unsurprising number of them are to be found in government, in politics, in the media, and constantly hanging out on social media. Modern day versions of the Village Scolds of past centuries, they should bend their efforts toward making their own lives actually useful.

    Thanks for the loan of your soapbox.

  24. Anonie, I’m not sure what device you are using, but based on how my smartphone works, it’s probably necessary for you to activate/authorize something like “location services”, so that your apps will know where you are and can tailor their services to your location. Some people do not choose to permit that, of course, as they feel it will make it too easy for the NSA; the CIA; the FBI; the IRS; and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Really Big Fires to find them. Not to mention the black helicopters and the reverse-engineered flying saucers from Area 51.

  25. That was the reason for 20 years everyone in this county opposed 911 locators and street lights and street numbers.

    Sitting in my back yard listening to two male opera singers out singing each other for last 45 minutes. Am I the only one with an over whelping desire to go see a really good opera with a really great male lead?

    That and start back riding horses after 50 years. I have to not give in to every impulse.

  26. Okay, soapbox is up for the night. For anyone’s audio enjoyment: a call that came across the scanner here a bit ago. I don’t own a scanner, but a local group monitors the calls and recaps the activity on Fb and twitter; they are mindful not to interfere, disrupt, or otherwise hinder leos. They will not post a call until it safe to do so. They’ve helped catch a few young punks who posted “their calls” on their Facebook pages. I check to monitor criminal activity around my store and neighborhood. Anyhow, some aren’t quite as serious as others. Yesterday a man called in because the missus took away his dinner and refused to feed him. This one is just as *unique*.

  27. Anonymous, your phone has got you again. An over whelping desire? I think you mean overwhelming. The Daily Telegraph website often has links to live opera and stage performances from Great Britain. And there is a new service starting to stream live/recorded Broadway stage shows to your computer/tablet/whatever.

    gerund or present participle: whelping
    (of a female dog) give birth to (a puppy).
    “Copper whelped seven puppies”

    One of my pet peeves, especially when written in charts by doctors and nurses who should know better. As in, he was covered in whelps, when they mean welts.

  28. Yes, this is the very latest Samsung Galaxy From Outer Space in the Third Sun version to replace the earlier that I didn’t ever understsnd.

    I saw that whelping and it made me wretch. Wait, no that was the overly rich mid-afternoon lunch. And I am going back there tomorrow, they called me during lunch to confirm the appointment I had not written down. That is the best restaurant in town but I will look for fish and a steamed veg with a plain salad.

    It’s a nice historic town with a good university, so they have music, plays, book shops. But as I was pulling out I looked at the tattoo shop on one side and glanced over at the Survivalist Boutique. It was what it sounds like.

  29. Jerry, No I did not; I will have to look for it tomorrow, as bed awaits. I used to have an older employee (72) working 3rds in my questionable neighborhood store who would grab a hammer and start swinging it around and beating it on the counter. There were several calls about him scaring would-be troublemakers. If a call came for that location, the police always asked “hammer involved?” first thing. Poor counter-top though.

  30. Ghost, I don’t drink, but I haven’t met a rum cake that I didn’t like. Fortunately there is a great young lady from Michigan who makes one for my birthday and one for Christmas.

  31. I may have mentioned this, but one night when out carousing with some female managers at a dance club, one of them let me taste her Slippery Nipple. (Taste her drink; what did you think?) It tasted much like the rum cake I make.

  32. So the guy had a Pole Fetish, Lady Mindy; it could have just as easily been a Hungarian Fetish or a Romanian Fetish. And remember, when hammers are outlawed, only outlaws will have hammers. 🙂

    And speaking of scanners, Anonie, I have an old one I use to monitor the pager frequencies of the area volunteer Fire-Rescue companies. Weekend before last, I heard a first responder page-out for a 50-year-old male who was unconscious after falling from a horse. So perhaps only ride horses short enough you don’t mind falling from them?

  33. GR6
    Those apps let ANYONE see where you are – saw some cautions about taking pictures
    that record location.

    emb – how could you not garner such accolades – as your presentation here shows we would expect nothing less.

    Worked 5pm to 5am for awhile –
    but then cows and chickens don’t take a day off so we didn’t either.

    It is not just the media I worry about – an engineer on the 3 Rivers Gorge Dam project
    while explaining the barge elevator said “they had to calculate the weight of the water AND
    the weight of the cargo vessel.” or words very similar.
    The guy that slopped the bath water had something to say about that – a few centuries ago.
    What are they teaching in school today? And didn’t anyone review the content of the program
    before they made fools of them selves?

    There was a Professor that was called on the carpet for flunking too many students –
    (he should mark on a curve) his answer was they know it or they don’t. Would you drive over a bridge they (the failed students) designed?

    Which puts me in mind of The Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the I35W bridge over the Mississippi.

  34. Perhaps those media idjits that were worried about a helium explosion thought that a “helium bomb” would be even more powerful than a hydrogen bomb. Hint: Wrong.

  35. This question is for anyone building muscle which may mean Ghost. I was reading and article at lunch from Limestone (I am a subscriber to their health program) Anyway, it was about getting 20 grams per meal of protein and doing it at least cost in both calories and money.

    Eggs were listed as good cheap source but if 6 gm. Per egg is correct that’s over 3 eggs per meal. Listed can salmon, beans, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, cheeses, sardines. I may have to look that up.

    Anyone doing this or like it?

  36. Good morning Villagers…

    Good to see eMb back….just like Old Faithful, I look forward to your thought provoking posts, and yes, just how did they get seven cats to stay that way…..

    Re: work, it’s a living, just like the song posted above. But these eggs are driving me nuts, the shells are so thin, the hens are spent. They are scheduled to ‘go out’ the 8th of December. New pullets coming in….December the 22nd….three days before Christmas I will have new ‘chicks’, and I’ll be there Christmas too.

    Indy Mindy and GR 😉 , liked your posts.

    Loved today’s strip.

    ya’ll have a blessed Thursday

  37. Debbie, thanks for the kind words. Also, thanks for the Javkson Browne links. I have always been a fan of his and have a fondness for his solo albums.

  38. Good morning, Village.

    Anonie, 60 grams of protein per day seems a bit high, especially for a sedentary female who is not pregnant or nursing. The recommendation for her would be 46 grams per day, and for a sedentary male, 56 grams. (More if you are very active or are engaged in weight training.) The rule of thumb is that at least 10% but not more than 35% of your daily calories should be from protein.

    A mistake many dieters make is cutting too deeply into their protein sources. Good and economical sources are Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, eggs, 2% milk (in that order) and, of course, meats and seafood, though they are less economical. Navy beans and lentils are on the list but rank below meats and seafood in protein content.

  39. In meetings all morning. Eisenhower’s Priority Matrix divides everything into one of four categories…

    1. Important and Urgent
    2. Important but not Urgent
    3. Urgent but not Important
    4. Neither Important nor Urgent

    Guess where “Meetings” fall.

    emb, peanut butter has 4 grams of protein per tablespoon, so I suppose one would have to decide if the 8 grams of fat is worth that. Note: “Low fat” peanut butters just replace the fat with sugar, so it’s not really recommended.

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