Habitual Offender

I apologize for missing a few days, but I am traveling this week; this morning I am in Demopolis, “the City of the People.” For your perusal, I have pulled from the files an old A&J from 1989. There was a lot of this sort of interaction in the early years of Arlo & Janis. Janis’ self-image was not very strong, to say the least. She matured considerably over the years and, as a result, began to be drawn better.

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  1. I am happy to see that Our Fearless Cartoonist has opened the gates of the Village and we Orphans can come back and visit with our friends!

    Good morning to Debbe, I have really missed you. Ghost, are you out there? Emb, please post the link to the Eagles’ nests again, I want to see them too. And the Giraffe; hope the cameras are correct now.

  2. Well, I have had the chance to revive the habit of being kissed after four decades of not being kissed. I found meaningless or meaningful kisses to be equally enjoyable.

    And I seem to have rid myself of any insecurities I may have harbored. Apparently I am good at kissing.

    Must be like riding a bicycle? Maybe I should try riding a bike again? Maybe I could ride one even of I couldn’t before.

  3. Good Afternoon Villagers…

    What happened??? Came back later in the evening and the Village Door was shut….oh well, it’s opened now….Amen

    Finally got my email account opened…..

    Ian, in his infinite wisdom shut off antivirus per Window’s request when upgrading….he forgot to enable it…….so deeply embedded was this virus….laptop went to doc. 🙂

    And happy belated birthday Miss Charlotte.

    Has that giraffe given birth yet??

    Dad is doing fine, just shuffling alone. He rolled out of bed the other morning and hit the corner of the night stand….bruising a couple of ribs. So he’s not been sleeping well, so for now he’s sleeping in the recliner.

    Some sixty degrees here…and snow on Saturday…..hahahahaha….in like a lion and out like a lamb.


  4. On the subject of critters, my daughter went and got a cat about 8 years ago from one of the organizations similar to the Humane Society. She was spayed. So here we are 8 years later and she is dropping kittens. What the heck? Is there a time limit on spaying?

  5. Strip of 03.08.17:

    Some years ago, I decided that, if a job is worth doing right, it’s worth paying a pro to do it for you.

  6. Permit me to add that, if you have something nice to say to a person, DO it! You never know when it’ll be too late. I am so thankful that my HS friend who died just before Halloween lived long enough to read that she was held in high esteem. Flirtatious? No; a simply statement of facts. By the time she was diagnosed with glioblastoma, she was already less able to comprehend & death ensued 13 weeks later. There was no other warning, and we had reconnected less than 2 years earlier after a gap of 57 years.

  7. You are so right. There is no way back and we may have no tomorrow’s, we have today to say and do what we can. I mean this in a positive way my friends. Just don’t keep putting it off. If ever you wanted to live, do it today and make today the best day of your life.

    Tell someone you care, you are appreciative, you respect them. It doesn’t have to be huge. I do this every single day, try to connect with those I encounter randomly even. You can change lives but the one who benefits most is you, for your life will truly change.

  8. Good morning Villagers…

    Going to get up to almost 70 here in SIN today….then it’s all down hill tomorrow…….rats!!!

    Have to prep Dad for doctor’s appt. today, and that’s not fun. He fusses while I sponge bathe him, and I just growl back at him. I try to soak his feet is warm sudsy water a few times a week all the time he growls. The foot doctor said it helps with circulation.

    My friend Wilma is taking us. Maybe we’ll take a little road trip out by the lake afterwards. Dad like’s road tripping.

    Oh, and he has this clock that on the hour the clanging of bells, train whistle, and the power of a locomotive goes off. It is light sensitive…Amen. Heard that clock go off one morning at five am and about hit the flipping ceiling….Dad was up.

    Going to start back on my cross stitching again…have put it aside for several weeks now.

    Love today’s real time…and there is a lot of truth to that…a purring cat on your lap does help with stress…little Miss Fluff and Puff is one of those here.


  9. Mark, thanks for the links….saved them under ‘stress relief’ 🙂

    What I enjoy about the video of ‘While My……’ was the energy Prince put into that song. And also the fact that George’s son was playing guitar….he favors his father in more ways than one.

  10. Debbe, one word for that cat video: Ouch! I was working yesterday and one of the kittens decided it would be fun to leap at the back of my mesh-backed chair while I was in it. I nearly jumped out of the chair when those claws hit my back.

  11. Good morning all!!

    Debbe, my mom did not hear alarm clocks, so Daddy got her one that went “woop woop” and got progressively louder. It would wake up everybody else in the house, but not Mom.

    I haven’t been working on my cross stitching lately, either. I have several projects I need to do for friends, but I had to order the fabric to get it big enough. And I have several pieces started that I have put back for one reason or another. As the saying goes, if God lets me live long enough to finish the projects I have right now I might never die!

  12. Jean, this clock would wake the dead, but as I’ve said it is light sensitive and does not go off at night unless the light is on.

    Yeah, I’ve had this cross stitch project going for well over 30 years 🙂 Do I hear the word procrastinator???

    Good morning Jackie 🙂

    Dad’s bath is done, feet soaked and I’ve worn him out….napping now. Time to do a little cleaning in the kitchen.

    Dad has a very little appetite…one time he left some food on his plate, and wanted a cookie….I looked at him and said if he had room for a cookie, he could finish cleaning his plate…yes, I feel like the parent here, but I would not have it any other way. On the wall hangs a little sign that reads “Be nice to your children…they pick your nursing home” 🙂

    There are times I use that leverage to get him to eat and drink more liquids….works for me and more importantly for him.

    Mark, hope you don’t get cat scratch fever (there’s a song there somewhere)

    Think I’ll check on the Iditarod…..mush on.

    later friends……

    has that giraffe been born yet?

  13. Good morning. Up early for me. It is a beautiful day in Oklahoma. Lay in bed not wanting to get up. Walked out on private patio and decided to be inspired to replant that area where many of herbs live with herbs and annuals today.

    It is that kind of day. But first I must go buy bird seed, a 100# to refill feeders, cat and dog food, go to post office and hardware store.

    There are a lot of friends who will want to hear about travels with Dickens.

  14. Hi, sand! Missed you!

    Debbe, I used to have a hard time getting my Mom to eat and drink, too…but she would always remind me when it was time for her tea and cookies. I used to tell her that she was lucky I was a better kid than she was. 😉 She agreed.

  15. Here’s an inspiring video for all of us who might be thinking of slowing down. Shot in 1982 and 35 years ago, Tina Turner and Proud Mary. Still touring with a great body and totally awesome legs.


    And this by the way is one of her longest versions with lots of dancing and legs, both slow and easy and fast and rough. Wake up call.

  16. I agree. I fed my mother a far more fat laden, calorie laden diet than I would eat. She was so malnourished and dehydrated when I moved her to Oklahoma that I decided that if she’d eat it hardly mattered at her age and went for stuff like bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits and gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried chicken livers.

    Not my diet but mama was my mama.

  17. Back from the doctor…Dad has gained two pounds, blood pressure 127/73, and oxygen level was at 92….Doc told him that what ever it was I was doing….to keep it up.

    Steve, I do give him his treats…his favorite is the devil’s food, chocolate covered cookies from, you got it, $ General…hey, $1 a box, and I have to hide them. He drinks two generic ‘Boosts a day plus a multi vitamin….doc approved of that.

    Oh, and Steve, thank you so much for your input…it is very much appreciated.

    Chicken livers!!! Oh my cat…I’ve got to get some tomorrow…local Marathon/eatery has them frying all the time. Wilma, my friend, works there on a part time basis…she just celebrated her 67th birthday. She’s been my life line here, and I do compensate her, I never take a friend for granted…never.

    Jackie, I had heard Tina has her legs insured for a million dollars…..”proud Mary keeps on burning”….if one has the bucks, vanity is not too far behind 🙂

    ….AND YES, it was about time the Sandman dropped in….and how is Loon???

    …gottta go, the Five is on

  18. Jackie, when growing up we had a cookie jar that was a chicken. The lid was the hen laying on her nest, and the base (where the cookies were stashed) was her ‘nest’. Think I’m going to look for a pic of it…..

  19. One of the centers we have looked at for my father-in-law, whose dementia is progressing distressingly quickly, said that they always allow AND have sweets. In many cases of dementia, the sense of taste is altered and many things lose flavor. Apparently sugar/sweet persists the longest. I’m told that frequently a couple of teaspoons of sugar might be added to vegetables or even protein!

  20. Just gave Dad his treat…a chocolate, devil’s food cookie and his ‘boost’. Have fillded up his cup with chocolate milk for those middle of the night ‘runs’….he does love his chocolate milk.

    And David, I do believe you have a point there. I’ve tried juices such as the V8 smoothies (love them) and anything with a little bit of fruity tartness he does not like. Decaf tea and electrolyte fortified bottle water is what I keep next to him.

    Used to reuse a bottle to keep on that table top, then I switched to just a glass…..until I saw little ‘Fluff and Puff” drinking out of the glass 🙂 Dad said she’s the Queen and she can drink out of anything she wants…I now keep a bottle of the water (with lid) and a glass of water on his table.

    Hey, if it brings joy and a smile to his heart….I don’t care….I only told him NOT to drink out of the glass, the bottled water was his….told him I didn’t need to be cleaning up his “fur balls” !!!!!

    Little Miss Fluff and Puff is short legged, beige and white semi long hair with little tufts of fur sticking out of her ears and paws…she is a beautiful cat with a great, curious personality.

    Good night my friends…..

  21. It been a long time since there’s been a golf joke here (have we ever had a golf joke here?), so…

    Two women were playing golf. One teed off and watched in horror as her ball went directly toward a foursome of men playing the next hole. The ball hit one of the men. He immediately clasped his hands together at his groin, fell to the ground and proceeded to roll around in agony.

    The woman rushed down to the man, who was lying in the fetal position, and immediately began to apologize. “Please allow me to help. I’m a Physiotherapist, and I know I could relieve your pain if you’d allow me” she told him.

    “Oh, no, I’ll be all right. I’ll be fine in a few minutes,” the man replied.

    At her persistence, however, he finally allowed her to help. She gently took his hands away and laid them to the side, loosened his pants and put her hands inside. She administered tender and artful massage for a couple of minutes and asked, “How does that feel?”

    “Feels great” he replied. “But I still think my thumb’s broken.”

  22. emb, a comedian once pointed out that while in the company of other men, most men will pretend an injury does not really hurt, while if they lightly bump their heads on a cabinet door at home, they will act like they have been hit by shrapnel.

  23. Debbe 😉 I seem to recall seeing a video of Chrissie performing on stage while wearing a very short, but not tightly-fitted, skirt. At one point, she turns her back to the audience and bucks her hips, flipping up the back of the skirt and giving what must have been an interesting view to those in the front seats. But I can’t seem to find that video. Since you have undoubtedly seen every one she’s ever made, can you help a Villager out?

  24. Janis’ tub habits look a lot like mine. I came home from this trip to find my helper had put up a bath rack to hold book, wine, snacks, candles, any little things like sponges, scrubbers, things not already on tub.

    I did say my house resembles an up market bed and breakfast or maybe a girls’ dorm room in a private college?

  25. Good morning Villagers….

    It’s a chilly 33 degrees out there, and the chillier it’s going to get too….The dandylions will need to be covered, I just love dandylions (in voice of Bugs Bunny).

    Dad slept in his twin bed last night, Ian must have shut my bedroom door during the night so as not to wake me. Sweet child of mine (there’s a song there 🙂 ).

    My friend, Tracy, called yesterday, she’s broken her right wrist…fell off the step stool while trying to hang drapes. Had a fifteen year old girl, and paid at that, to come in and clean and such….it didn’t work out. Tracy is a neat freak, she is the type and does hang her clothes out on the clothes line in the dead of winter.

    Anyhoo, she’s wanting Ian to come in a couple of days a week to clean and such for her….she knows I’ve trained my son well.

    Dad’s up…gotta go…

  26. Dad got dressed and wanted to lay back down for a little while….he is very short of breath…damn asbestos. He’s not smoked in over 40 years. I did tell you that the railroad paid him off before the ambulance chasers started advertising on television. They knew then.

    He’s up…time for breakfast and meds……


  27. And a good morning to you, Jackie.

    I’ve always been an early riser. Actually, sleeping until 5 am is a luxury (I’m in bed by 10 pm), Dad starts stirring around 6ish, and I like to have a little time to myself and a couple cups of COFFEE. He’s had his meds, breakfast and is now taking his ritual morning nap in the recliner.

    Actually it’s 7:46 here. The blog is an hour behind me.


  28. Debbe, for what railroad company did your Dad work and when? My Dad worked for New York Central, which became Penn Central, from 1952 (’53?) till his passing in 1971.

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