Hardly Harvey, cont.

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I seem to have miscounted. There’s a little more “Harvey” left than I realized. Rather than dump it all on you today, I’ll finish this up with a Saturday post; then we can get on to something else Monday. Or Tuesday. Thanks for all the guidance on the tee-shirt project so far. Depending on costs, which I’ve yet to learn, there will be three designs: the car logo (yes!), a new piece depicting Arlo and Janis in repose, and a cat design. I know the cat people here, as everywhere, are a minority, but Scott the tee-shirt artist and I both think the “Ludwig” shirt might be a sleeper.

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  1. Thanks Jimmy. I guess that I will have to buy all three! Glad to see you do this. It is not just the commercial aspect (although that is nice for you) but a chance for all of us to declare our love of Arlo and Janis. I am sure that it will make a nice conversation starter.

  2. Good morning, Villagers! Great run this morning, I am feeling really good about my marathon coming up next month.
    Debbe, sweetie, when you passed eight hours without stitches you passed the Red Line. No reputable surgeon would suture a cut on the hand this late. Faces up to 24 hours but not hands!
    “…short, tight and with sleeves that are barely there?” sounds ideal to me, but I wear tank tops a lot.

  3. Quote of the Day: “The true believer … is a human soul who stand[s], like a mountaineer on the summit gazing out over a limitless horizon. The true believer is a poet and a pioneer and a pilgrim. The believer stands on the brink of unknown worlds and his human heart opens to eternity while his feet remain firmly on the ground. His life is an open ended experiment, a launch into the unknown, he is a water walker, a miracle monger, a chevalier of the spirit and a valiant warrior in the cosmic battle. He is a romantic on a quest and a lover in search for his heart’s true love.” -Fr. Dwight Longenecker

  4. Three shirts? Yes, please! Large on all of them. Or maybe I should get the Ludwig one in an extra large, so that it will, indeed, be a “sleeper shirt”. 🙂

  5. How do I convince my lady love that I need not just one, but 3 new tshirts? Jimmy you just conscuplated my life. Maybe I can justify 2, but I really want 3.

  6. Ok so I am in for two of the shirts I am sure…but as for the “sleeper”…mmmmn not me, I am not a cat person. (I am certain that that will ire a few people)

  7. Does your grocery store have the Brach pick a mix (the individually wrapped pieces, caramels, etc) where you can drop a quarter into the little box and take a few pieces? The Kroger near me is remodeling and removed the whole section !! Why Why ?? NO aargh ! … … I mean sure, admittedly I probably owed them a couple bucks… …. … … re: pet ownership stats above – come on people, let’s get those guinea pigs numbers up, remember when guinea pigs are born they’re just little adults already running around, not unformed Vienna sausages like rabbits and hamsters; much nicer that way

  8. Not any more, John. They got rid of it when they expanded the produce section. It was a win-win for me. I hate sweets anyway, bar carrots, and that Pick a Mix thing looked tawdry and nasty to me. More veggies and less candy? Sign me up

  9. Bryan & Lily:

    Interesting what a simple curved line on white paper will signify. Or a dot on a distant tee. ’97, of course, is before the weekday colorists arrived. Now it would be pink, unless they didn’t pay attn. to what was going on. Colorists have been known to do that.

    Peace, emb

  10. I’m looking forward to seeing the two new designs! I, too, hope I can order a size that would be useful as a nightshirt, along with a regular size tee-shirt.

  11. I used to use a Tweetie Bird nightshirt but now I wear regular Victoria’s Secret jammies in the summer and Lanz flannel nightgowns in the wintertime. I like the Lanz ones because everybody says how unsexy they look 😀

  12. Okay, somebody solve a mystery. We were going through all our flashlights and lanterns tonight cause there may be storms in the area. I came to a Mag-Lite that I had from my Daddy long ago. It wouldn’t light, so I replaced the battery. Still wouldn’t light, so I changed the batteries for a fresh pack. No joy. I took the thing apart, bulb looked fine, no chemical corrosion. Put it back together, still wouldn’t light. So, in frustration I banged it on the counter. The Boy In My Life laughed, “Real mature!”. Lit right up. So what happened?

  13. Den: ‘discreet’, of course. Thanks for catching that.

    Lily: I drink 3-4 beers a week, good beers, preferably < 5.5% abv. Or an occasional glass of dry wine [not champagne]. Avoid all hard liquor. De gustibus, and limited capacity. Capacity has lessened with age. OK with me.

  14. It is pouring down rain and we have a full boat shop of sailors being spellbound by boat designer/builder/adventurer lecturers and slides of boating trips. We have a complex mix of every type of boat possible I think, canoes, kayaks, power boats, trimarans, catamarans, sail boats of all sizes and shapes. Several scaled down electric tug boats, as well as several micro cruisers, the most beautiful wooden shanty/river cruiser ever built, just on and on.

    Amazingly, only a couple of people cancelled and two who did cancel emailed me just now they were coming anyway! Couldn’t stand it.

    Tomorrow is supposed to stop raining about 10-11 so we can go on with sailing activities again and our concert. We may have a surprise add-on guest, as one of our bands invited one of the Scruggs and Flatt family members to come along. Kelly McGuire is our headliner but the other band does reggae-blue grass mix, which sounds weird but is great.

    Love, Jackie

  15. No rain yet, here, though we are all watching the radar. We are not so dry that we are panting, but I sure would love it to be cooler. I have a ten mile run for in the morning

    Good luck, Jackie, it is nice and quiet here and the bar is wide open.

  16. Clear as a bell here, 32F, probably froze last night. There’s been frost on the lawn last several mornings. High expected in the 50s, 20% rain this evening. Has been in the 40s last several days, often with a strong W wind.

    Raining hard in the YNP geyser basin, Friday’s last prediction still posted.

  17. EMB, nice eruption of Old Faithful in dawn light at 0700 MDT. No one in the park, but someone on duty to adjust the camera angle. Morning light makes a nice backdrop. It’s convenient that I have a two-screen setup– I’ve had the webcam up all morning on the second screen, watching the geyser in the dawn.

  18. Good morning, Villagers. We had a great rainstorm last night and I had a great ten mile run this morning. I am feeling really good about this marathon coming up. I really hope that woman in the blonde braid shows up that beat me out of my medal last year shows up.
    John, when that happens, we throw the batteries into the junk drawer so that in a pinch we can try them. Maybe they’ll work.

  19. Had the Tshirt discussion with my Lady. I started off slow and built up so she has ok’d three, just let’s leave enough in the account for doing the drive way. My part which I did not tell her is to eat out much less this month. For 3 Arlo and Janis shirts I would fast for a month, diabetic and all.

  20. Rain finally stopped. Back yard looks like Boatstock all right. We went and picked up 16 bales of hay/straw to put on mud to stop the potholes.

    Band coming in tonight and I have to pick up fried chicken, etc. in a few hours People are learning incredible amounts, these guys are happy as pigs in mud.

    Love, Jackie

  21. Lily:

    ‘And autographed clothing does not compute with me.’

    You might make an exception for clothing for events you or dear ones participated in. Wife was active in community theater: acting*, singing [in chorus], stage managing [I think], props, ticket-selling [in costume at least once, for ‘My fair lady’], officer, etc. When the did them, she bought a tee and 3 sweatshirts, all 4 with all participants’ names on the back. They fit me. I wear them with pride and gratitude.

    *She achieved a life’s ambition as Eulalie Mackechnie Shinn, the River City mayor’s wife, in ‘The music man’.

    Peace, emb

  22. Heh, good for you, emb, but my clothes get thrown into piles on the floor and washer too often for me to revere them much 😀 When I finished my first marathon, some of my supporters did sign my race number, but I think I have lost it

    Jackie, you can have my share of mud. I’m not a fan. Maybe I could sit around and talk history with a bunch of friends in the mud, but we tend to do that indoors with soft chairs and access to a bar. I have to admit I did finish a marathon in the rain once: http://i1306.photobucket.com/albums/s565/Lilyblack1/Running_zpsd93565a3.jpg

    I was wet through but very happy! 😀

  23. Jackie, that reminds me of my second daughter’s wedding, held in our back yard with reception tent in front. We had had a hurricane go through about six weeks prior to the big event, and then numerous rainstorms in the weeks following. After cleaning up and getting the landscaping back in order, the wet weather continued. The last straw was a big rain the night before the wedding. My husband had to run out that morning and get hay to spread under the tent because it was so soggy. Fortunately, the back yard is higher and there was no problem for the ceremony, but when all the folks moved to the tent, all the traipsing around led to some pretty muddy shoes. One of the ladies helping with the food eventually shed her wet shoes and went barefoot. Besides, nothing could dampen our spirits on such a happy occasion!

  24. I am baby sitting while fried chicken gets eaten, Jack finally fell asleep. Bonnie wrapped clean ladles in a trash bag and put them away and no one can find them. They will turn up someday but for now we are improvising. I will add that I own dozens of everything for this event but finding them this year is challenging!

    My band is out setting up in rain and I hope eating, we will carry on some how. Most of these guys do a lot of “adventure” boating so they experience mud and rain and foul weather but this is especially muddy for my yard.

    Love, Jackie

  25. And the band plays on … the guys next door are at it again. My neighbor has a band. The musical talent is okay, but no one has told the vocalist he is no tenor. Paul McCartney and Steve Perry (Well, Perry in particular) are tough acts to emulate, but he tries (and fails) anyway. Happily, tonight seems to be a jam session – no strangled high notes or emo power ballads. Even better, a better than decent guitarist is playing fast and loose with a bluesy rockabilly riff. Too bad I need to head to bed, sounds like it is going to be a good night.

  26. Good morning Villagers….

    Yes, Lily, I found out about that “Red Line” when I went to my Angel of a Doctor. One of her nurses use to work in ER, and said I would of needed at least 10 stitches. She cleaned it, and put a liquid adhesive on my wound and then put these strips to hold the skin in place. Got a tetanus shot too, along with a script of antibiotics. She asked why I didn’t come in when it happened, I said your closed on Wednesday…why didn’t you come in yesterday. Told I thought I could take care of it, as The Boss does not have Workman’s Comp. (We are considered ‘seasonal employees’ and that is how he avoids paying into Workman’s Comp. My Angel of a Doctor did not charge me for the visit, nor the shot. Gosh I love that woman. I am sure though that if I did get charged, The Boss would have helped me out…but last week he was dealing with the death of his Grandmother…so I didn’t want to bother him either.

    So….the nurse handed me a bunch of purple latex gloves and said “don’t get it wet..take baths, no showers, and have Ian wash my hair in the kitchen sink….since I washed his hair in his early years. My doctor is also Ian’s doctor.

    So, I took the weekend off….and I am going nuts. Think I may run into the hen house and check on the teens. Ian said we had a dead count of 22 yesterday…whereas we only had 6 on Friday, but we were in a hurry to get to doctor.

    Jackie….you are having way too much fun, and I love the reference to Woodstock…Boatstock fit well with all the rain you’ve had.

    Lily,,,good luck in your race.

    Imdy Mindy…sound as though you’ve been treated to a good blues jazzy session. B. B. King style maybe?

    and where is GR 😉 ???

    later Luddittes


  27. Jimmy:

    Before you say that there is nothing wrong with Columbus, Ohio, please spend some time there.

    (I will now duck and cover.)

  28. TDS does have their panties in a twist this morning….sheesh, it’s a comic strip, not an editorial, not a history lesson…just a simple Sunday morning comic strip….and a three day weekend for the government, banks….and don’t forget those Columbus day sales…..lol

  29. Good morning, Villagers. Wind sprints done, sitting in my Sunday school classroom waiting for everyone else to get here. (can you tell I am scheduled to talk today?) Nice cool day, I think the weather has finally changed. Debbe, you got me to look at The Dark Side, always amusing but annoying. I especially liked the idiot who was frothing about future generations thinking we were vile “for promoting the torturous conditions of keeping and killing the animals you eat and wear, the poisonous processes you require for products, and the noxious poisons you willingly and knowingly spew in order to move around”. Boy, if future generations are going to be such wussies, I am glad I am not contributing to them, heh. I do agree with the point of not judging people in the past by present day social pieties. “Jefferson kept slaves!” “Julius Caesar crucified pirates”, etc., etc. As Saki said, my fear would be that “one’s posterity would rise and call one amiable. It’s enough to make you sympathize with Herod.”

  30. Thanks to FB I’ve discovered that my daughter’s karate instructor is too gullible for anyone’s good… except a scammer. He’s signing on to “the world is an evil place, secret groups are manipulating everyone—causing wars to line their pockets, suppressing cures for deadly diseases to keep their drug companies profitable, creating diseases for the same reasons—and, of course, the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled explosives. And he’s also begun teaching the kids meditation, sensing their chakras, channeling energy… any day now he’ll probably start demonstrating levitation:


    I’ll be finding someone else to instruct her soon.

  31. Without Columbus how would retailers ever been able to sell sheets? Also, did not know that the Marconi wireless was in use 400 years before its invention. Sunday can be an amazing day for education.

  32. Good afternoon, all. Yay, my talk is over, and it meshed perfectly with the dear Vicar’s sermon on Philippians 4:7. So that is it for the month. TR, I have never understood how those “9-11 Truthers” imagine that the airplanes crashed into the buildings at the same time as the imaginary explosives went off. And how after five years plus of democrat party leadership they didn’t find out about it. Do they think the dems would have missed the chance to announce it with great glee?
    Dumb, even dumber than the JFK weirdos.

  33. Trucker, as my 40 year old “baby” says, “They swallowed the Kookaid.” Ooops, I meant to type Koolaid. Subconscious fingers?

    Still can’t get it right! I am exhausted!

    Lily, I keep telling you, my grandmother over in North Louisiana died believing Jesus spoke English (olde), kept non-daylight saving time and that the moon landing was faked! In Hollywood?

    She wouldn’t move her clocks time hands.

  34. Lily…how did you do in your marathon….10 miles…impressive. I have to drive 8 miles to work.

    Took gauze wrapping off..those strips are still in place, am using a mixed solution of antibacterial soap to keep my right hand washed…need to put on more gauze before tomorrow’s work day. Just called the teens at the hen house…they are still packing…too many egg blocks. When you have at least 200 cases per day, there is no relief in sight.

    Oh, and I will be dropping off some more double yolkers at Dr. Jen’s office. They love those eggs. Said the yolk is the deepest color of yellow they’ve seen….the grocery store pales in comparison. Nothing like a three or four minute egg dropped in boiling water…poached eggs and toast with lost of butter….what cholesterol 🙂 ??

  35. Good advice, Debbe, and I hope Jackie takes it, but I think the festival has another day to run. Then there’s the cleanup, I suppose. She’ll never sit down and relax, it’s not her style! You are such a clever person, Debbe, to see the connection of Woodstock — Boatstock. That went right over my head, even as I kind of wondered what she meant.

  36. Favorite quote about Woodstock: From Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Spike: “I was actually at Woodstock. That was a weird gig. I fed off a flower person, and I spent the next six hours watchin’ my hand move.”

  37. ‘. . . believing Jesus spoke English (olde) . . ..’

    Someplace I ran into, “If the King James Bible was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me!”

  38. Lily…in MPH, how fast were you running? Never been to a marathon, caught news coverage on the big ones in NY and, unfortunately, the last Boston Marathon. Sorry, I’m old school. I, at one time tried to do some research on how many calories I had to consume to put on weight. Had to have a calculator, got the amount of calories (i have it wrote down on paper somewhere around this computer room. If I remember, it’s something like around 3500 I need to consum.

    …heh, irf it’s on the internet…it gotta be true 🙂

    GR ; pray all is well…no problems with your mother…you’re just ‘preoccupied’??


  39. Weird the amount of secondary, misplaced faith is put on the KJV. It is a literary and historical document. Sometimes when I have read a passage in the RSV or the NIV, I look it up in the beautiful leather-clad KJV Bible in our library and am startled by how apt and lovely that translation was. But in others, it is very archaic and hard to understand. Reminds me of a guy in the hospital I used to work at who insisted that “I fondly ask” in Milton’s “On His Blindness” meant “I nicely ask.” I won’t get into “Suffer the little children…”

  40. Jimmy sure did stir up a hornets nest today. The only thing I don’t understand why there weren’t more people riled up over the Columbus, OH comment. There is also a theory that not only did Lief Erickson make it first, but that the Chinese and/or the Japanese made it to the Left coast first. No one dropped that in the pot to stir it up some more. Why do some people takes cartoons so seriously? Wanna take it serious? Go look at the replica Santa Maria, then salute Columbus and his crew(s) for the courage to make an unknown voyage of discovery in such small, leaky, ungainly tubs.

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