Island Fantasy

Whenever you see a desert island cartoon, do you think, “What’s so funny? These people are going to be dead inside a week!” Or is it just me? A short post today: I have an early morning drive to make before the traffic gets too heavy. Thanks for coming!

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  1. These poems that we all call limericks
    Are seldom much more than just gimmricks.
    With serious thought
    They seldom are fraught.
    But Jimmy’s are always good whim tricks.

  2. I have thought of being on a deserted island. Maybe it started with Gilligan and then CastAway brought it out even more. The biggest thing is water but shelter and food are right behind it. Plus unless you at least had a radio, it might get kind of boring.

  3. Caution Janis! Those island dreams are fraught with problems. Plans, permits, delays, and utility re routing add months to an innocent idea.

  4. Old joke about three women asked with whom they would want to be stranded on the proverbial deserted island. One wanted interesting conversation, another a good provider of food and shelter. The last said, “Personally I’d settle for a good obstetrician.”

  5. … But I’m not “Anonymous”. My name has always just been there already. I haven’t had to type it in since I got this laptop.

  6. TruckerRon,

    Was puzzled by the distinction in your quote, so searched “venomous vs. poisonous”. Turns out that, if you eat it and you get sick or die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you get sick or die, it’s venomous. I’ve learned something.

    It’s thunder-boomies out, has been since late am, but we’ve had only light rain. Our mostly sandy glacial outwash soil could use more rain.


  7. A couple of months ago, we purchased magnetic signs reading “Steals and Deals” for “True Grit”, Jackie’s Ford F150. Today I finally got around to trying to put them on the truck. No luck. I knew the bed was aluminum, which is why Jackie’s former truck, Trigger, was totaled out after the drunk hit-an-run driver hit it from the rear. It never occurred to me that the entire body of the truck…cabin, doors, hood, roof, and side panels…were ALL made from “military grade” aluminum, as Ford calls it.

    That belated realization occasioned a good bit of military grade cursing on my part. I told Jackie we should consider changing the truck’s name to “Beer Can”.

  8. From the “learn something new department”: We went to the zoo and noticed that the tusks of the rhinoceros were cut off. A co-worker hung up a picture of a rhinoceros in his office as he had recently gone to Africa. I mentioned seeing the tuskless rhino and he said that in some cultures the tusk is an aphrodisiac and people when kill the rhinos and sell the tusks. So zoos have taken the tusks off so that they will not be harmed by someone sneaking in and killing them.

    BTW, my spell check was not working on Chrome as I wrote this. I will have to check with my IT department as to why. Maybe that seeting was taken off by accident.

  9. Decorah north eagle nest has a new hatchling as of a few hours ago. This was the place where the sole egg remaining of the first batch was broken too soon. We now know that bald eagles, faced with a loss of potential offspring during the springtime, can and will lay more and carry through to hatching.

  10. Two different boating friends have reported alligator attacks in their marinas this past week one in New Bern, N.C. today. Think other in S.C. but maybe Cheasapeake area?

    Global warming? One today was estimated at 10 feet.

    Thought I could join the jungle adventure

  11. Newsweek ceased paper publ. years ago, but may still have a [less reliable?] online survivor. I believe DNA shows cephalopods to be good, Terran mollusks, but the following tardigrade report looks legit, just a new sort belonging to a well established invertebrate group. Kinda cute.


  12. We’re having one of those dreary grey days where you can’t tell if time is passing. It has been drizzling most of today. Yesterday we had a sunny morning but it has rained every day this week – over 5″ on our rain gauge so far – and the pattern is supposed to continue through next weekend. At least we won’t have to worry about drought for a while.

  13. Wonder if the magazine cover artist knew the title, “The attack of the 50′ woman”? That 4 lane roadway is more than 75′ wide. Peace,

  14. Perspective. Arlo sees a caterpillar that is a garden pest. Janis sees a ravening monster bent on destroying her efforts/

  15. Jimmy, I loved today’s cartoon. I don’t mind most insects, but I can’t stand the tomato horn worm or the potato bug. They look that big to me too. When I was a kid, I’ d make my brother pick them off the plants.

  16. Today a dress came up on my feed that was the costume for The Attack of the Octopus Woman i swear. A fitted white dress with super real tentacles
    Printed all around the flaring circular skirt.I

    Very real looking, on sale for $39.95.

    Ghost said he enjoyed that movie at 13.

    If it showed at the drive in i never saw it but i never saw any movies at the drive in.

  17. Just read the hard copy funnies. In the “culprit” photo, those three tiny b&w things back of the head are the hornworm’s true insect right legs. The claspers on each abdominal segment are not true legs. I hadn’t noticed it online this morning, but Jimmy’s has four right legs. We love him anyway. Must be a fat spider in disguise.


  18. I have several friends out in Pa ific northwest who are professional wildlife photographers who shoot birds. Camera. One posted photo of adult eagle nurturing baby fuzzball just now but I don’t know how to post here.

    Eagles live and nest in their yards there

  19. When “coming up for air” at the drive-in, I often noticed that what was going on in nearby vehicles was much more interesting than what was on the screen. Wonder if others felt the same about what was going on in my vehicle…

  20. When driving a certain divided highway in Oklahoma, I often see raptors swooping down on unseen but presumed-to-be-there prey in the grassy median. Sometimes they pass so close to the front of True Grit that I shudder to think what would have happened had I been driving as fast as many others do on that stretch of highway. I hope the raptors’ reaction times are as good as their vision.

  21. Ghost, I know what you mean. I told Jackie that I had not seen as many hawks in one place as the highway between Eufaula and Muskogee. Seemed like every 3rd or 4th utility pole had a hawk perched on it, watching for a meal!

  22. Driving from Oklahoma to Colorado several years ago a large hawk dove into median like that and I hit and killed it.
    I was crying and hysterical, thought it was eagle. Was not happy to kill anything. Wanted to cancel trip convinced it was a spiritual portent of a disastrous trip.

    It was.

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