It Could Happen!

It Could Happen!

July 23, 2013

From this date in 2013. Whom would you want to accidentally butt dial you? I think I must’ve chosen Jeff Bridges, simply because I’d want to hear his voice over the phone! I don’t have a lot of time today, or lately. I won’t go into my situation, but here’s a hint: “Move” is a four-letter word.

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    • I think we just need to go with the flow on this one. Who can keep up with how technology (which seems to change with every passing day) actually works? I don’t know who I’d want to receive a butt dial from. Maybe a guy who’s on my fantasy list. *wink*

  1. I sent 124 text messages to my son when I went out for a walk. They all came with a bunch of strange emojis. He had to block me until I got back. I also accidentally called my wife and she heard me talking to myself. How embarrassing. Reminded me of a classic A & J strip where a guy has a Bluetooth hooked up but no phone…

  2. I’ve had a couple of times where I thought some stranger was talking to me in a public place, but when I answered they gave me the strangest looks. And then I noticed the little earbud. Like a comment I read put it, “These days you don’t know if the guy talking to himself is off his meds or on the phone.”.

  3. A few years back She asked me who I thought should play her in the movie of our lives; I said Meg Ryan (there is (was?) a certain resemblance. I asked her the same, and she said Jeff Bridges; I was quite proud to hear that, because not only is he a superb actor, I am an ordained Priest in The Church Of The Latter-Day Dude.

  4. So am I. A granddaughter had a COVID-19 wedding a few weeks back: bride, groom, & tall, attractive clergywoman at the end of a pier in a S IL pond, all stepping carefully around the Canada Goose sign. Weather looked iffy, & GD’s shoulders looked cold. Figured it was IL because CG read, “by the powers invested in me by the state of IL.”
    GD had made a stole for CW. They were actually doing the ordination party that evening, but ordination requires no ceremony, just application + assent to not-very-difficult credo. Not sure if MN recognizes Dudeism ordination or not; IL does. Anyway, I applied, & now have a certificate they can display at my funeral. Doubt that I’ll leave MN in this life, so may never use it. D’ism bills itself as “world’s slowest-growing religion. Not sure they have a procedure for simply becoming an official adherent, layperson, or whatever. Feel free to search “Dudeism” [ ] . You need not buy anything, but you can.
    Peace [& may the Latter Day Dude be with you]. emb

    • I think – I’m not 00% sure, but I think -that if you show them your Certificate Of Ordination and Letter Of Good Standing, they have to recognize it; First Amendment and all, ya know.

      I also think – and I’m much surer about this – to become an adherent, you simply have to agree with the tenets of Dudism (though it can’t hurt to watch The Big Lebowski repeatedly until you can summon an appropriate quote for any occasion (my 2 younger sons & I have been known to hold entire conversations, about many topics not Dude-related, consisting completely of Lebowski quotes.

      And BTW, is the a way to italicize on this board?

      • You can use italics by inserting the HTML italic tag, which is less-than sign, the letter “i”, followed by greater-than sign. To stop italics, use the same less and greater brackets with “/i” between them. For bold, use b and “/b”

        This should be italics.
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        This may be bold italics.
        Other types of basic HTML markup may also work…

        • Also,
          If you are like me, and like to have space between paragraphs, you can add the “special character” that is a blank, non-printing, space by holding the “alt” key and typing “255” on the numeric keypad.
          It leaves spaces like that. ^ A less elegant, but still effective approach is to put a single period on the line you want to be left otherwise blank as a gap between paragraphs.
          Like this.
          (This concludes the Internet blog reply keyboarding lesson for today) 🙂

  5. Along with the usual junk, I’ve seen a couple of good posts on Facebook. Here’s one – Just wait until the conspiracy theorists discover that they’re part of a conspiracy to use conspiracy theorists to spread disinformation via conspiracy theories.

  6. Also this –
    Grant me the serenity
    to not read the comments;
    the courage
    to not read the comments;
    and the wisdom
    to not read the comments.

    • When I was in grade school, having no Latin skills available, several of us (most of whom were RC) made “Pax vobiscum” into “Pass the Nabiscos”. We all knew it was incorrect, but we thought it hilarious.

  7. Too bad Raphael Semmes of the confederacy didn’t bother to study theology and become ordained. Imagine the string of honorifics he’d have had:
    Reverend Honorable Professor General Admiral Semmes! That’s in reverse order of attainment. Although his generalship wasn’t totally formal, he was, indeed, admiral, professor, and judge….

  8. From Life in the Slow Lane: I have discovered another shortage in the local stores, although I don’t know if it’s also regional and/or widespread…distilled water. More people at home taking up doing their own laundry and needing if for their steam irons? Doubtful. People sleeping more and needing it for their CPAP machines? Possibly. I actually don’t know.

  9. I question The Church of The Latter-Day Dude claim to slowest-growing religion in the world. As I am the founding and only member of the WWCPA, Worldwide Church of Procrastinating Agnostics© for over forty years.

  10. Credo?
    It can wait? It’ll work itself out? It’s all predestined; nothing I can do to change it? Almost everything is better in the morning. [q: Lewis Thomas, MD.]? There are 2 kinds of people: those who know they are agnostics & those who don’t?
    NB: No religious assertions there; just suggestions for a possible WWCPA creed.

  11. We have squash blossom end rot and downright blight.
    Yet we have harvested beautiful pattypan squash.

    Lots of tomatoes on plants and even some corn. I have not gotten out of bed recently just alept through gardening hours.

  12. Re 7-27-20 real-time cartoon: So, do we now have a clue as to the appearance of Jimmy’s atelier? (And no, that’s not a dirty remark.)

  13. RE today’s(7/28) real time comic. Looks like Arlo needs some mine timbering to hold up the ceiling. And maybe a hard hat? Thanks for everything Jimmy.

  14. It’s our 58th anniversary this afternoon, between 3 and 3:30 pm. Took three ministers to unite us…the glue seems to have set well, though. We’ve outlasted my MBH’s hometown [site of the wedding], which went out of existence (by merger with neighboring town) in 1964.

  15. Happy Anniversary and thanks a bajillion JJ. But I’m dismayed and a little sad that all that fabulous original art stored in boxes (probably just tossed in) is deteriorating, as paper products eventually do. What condition will it be in for the Smithsonian?

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