It’s French for ‘gooey!’

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen this A&J from 1993. Have you ever noticed how many of those quickie casserole recipes on Facebook include potatoes, cheese, ham or bacon, corn, sour cream and a variable ingredient or two? Of course they’ll be good! Most of the Kickstarter rewards that were scheduled for delivery in October have been sent. The T shirts did not go out until Monday, the last day of the month, so if you’re expecting a T, it might not have arrived yet. It should soon. However! The original sketches have not gone out yet. They will be sent by this time next week. I apologize for the delay; I’m sure you won’t have much trouble speculating about its cause.

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173 responses to “It’s French for ‘gooey!’”

  1. I had a different impression of today’s strip; something along the lines of seeking the “thousand sunsets” scene….

    My tribe of resident fuzzy-tailed rodents seem to be communicating with sounds almost like a kitten. As best I can, it’s like “uuuunnnhhhhh” and seems to be a warning to get away from the food while one’s eating. Not anything like a chatter.

  2. In defense of casseroles, back when I had time to prepare a meal for my all-female staff once a month or so, they seemed to enjoy them. Perhaps because I made them from scratch (as much as a casserole can be said to be prepared from scratch). This one seemed to be a particular favorite, along with some “culturally appropriated” side dishes.

    A Recipe from Ghost’s Kitchen

    King Ranch Chicken Casserole

    1 (4 1/2- to 5-lb) whole chicken
    2 celery ribs, cut into 3 pieces each
    2 carrots, cut into 3 pieces each
    2 1/2 to 3 tsp. salt
    2 tablespoons butter
    1 medium onion, chopped
    1 medium-size green bell pepper, chopped
    1 garlic clove, pressed
    1 (10 3/4-oz.) can cream of mushroom soup
    1 (10 3/4-oz.) can cream of chicken soup
    2 (10-oz.) cans diced tomatoes and green chiles, drained
    1 teaspoon dried oregano
    1 teaspoon ground cumin
    1 teaspoon Mexican-style chili powder
    3 cups grated sharp Cheddar cheese
    12 (6-inch) fajita-size corn tortillas, cut into 1/2-inch strips

    1. If applicable, remove giblets from chicken, and reserve for another use. Rinse chicken.
    2. Place chicken, celery, carrots, and salt in a large Dutch oven with water to cover. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat; reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer 50 minutes to 1 hour or until chicken is done. Remove from heat. Remove chicken from broth; cool 30 minutes. Remove and reserve 3/4 cup cooking liquid. Strain any remaining cooking liquid, and reserve for another use.
    3. Preheat oven to 350°. Melt butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion, and sauté 6 to 7 minutes or until tender. Add bell pepper and garlic, and sauté 3 to 4 minutes. Stir in reserved 3/4 cup cooking liquid, cream of mushroom soup, and next 5 ingredients. Cook, stirring occasionally, 8 minutes.
    4. Skin and bone chicken; shred meat into bite-size pieces. Layer half of chicken in a lightly greased 13- x 9-inch baking dish. Top with half of soup mixture and 1 cup Cheddar cheese. Cover with half of corn tortilla strips. Repeat layers once. Top with remaining 1 cup cheese.
    5. Bake at 350° for 55 minutes to 1 hour or until bubbly. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.

    Not necessarily heart-healthy and a bit labor-intensive, perhaps, but good eatin’ and well worth it.

  3. In the South many casseroles begin with melt a stick of butter. They usually involve Campbell’s soup, pasta and cheese.

    You should try putting together a cookbook for a church, school, ladies club, garden club or similar! You get a hundred identical or near identical recipes! And when you don’t put Mrs. Wilfred van Snickles tuna surprise recipe in and choose Mrs. Charlie Jones tuna shock you WILL set off a war of the casseroles.

  4. My favorite instant casserole is not heart healthy, as far as taste is not super yummy, but tasty enough.
    1 box of mac n cheese
    1/2 cup frozen peas
    1 can of tuna
    3/4 cup shredded cheese
    Cook the peas with the mac
    Mix mac n cheese according to instructions
    Drain tuna
    add tuna and shredded cheese

    It takes about 15 mins to make and raises boxed mac n cheese from ick to something tasty. Just pick a good quality Mac n Cheese, which may not necessarily be the most expensive. If you have some extra time and inclination put in a baking dish add another 3/4 cup shredded cheese on top then bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

  5. My late MIL could not cook. Her recipes came from backs of cans. Her tuna casserole involved tuna, green peas, cheese, mushroom soup and crushed potato chips.

    My late husband loved it. I did not. Tuna Surprise.

  6. Survived getting myelogram to find out what my car crash has done to my back. Now to see how cooperative family can be with my lying flat in bed the rest of today while my thecal sac reseals the punctures made by the doctor. I learned two things to remember for next time: 1. Have someone trim the hairs on my lower back so bandaid(s) don’t pull hairs and 2. Tell the doctor to inject the dye one vertebrae higher next time! Having someone fruitlessly poke into your spine in the “optimal” spot is no fun.

  7. Another good one! Are you this clever in person or more so Ghost?

    Trucker, I hope you follow instructions. That is a serious test fraught with danger that does not end when needles are pulled out. Be good and if you can’t be good be careful.

  8. I use leftovers in soups usually.

    The chili was good for semi homemade. Which means I followed neither a recipe nor a mix. Had no masa to thicken with but it worked. Threw in what I found and combined it all. The cornbread morphed to bollilos which I had.

    I need to stop cooking for workmen. We laugh too much and have fun and I gain weight.

    Told them I was opening a bottle of wine and cleaning off my bedroom desk, going through mail. They said that was worse excuse than saying I couldn’t go because I was cleaning glove box.

  9. If I could would have had an MRI, but having 3 wires threaded into the heart made that impossible. 🙁

    I have no desire to risk the headaches or need for medical intervention. I’m rescheduling my one appointment this evening even though the doc said it should be no problem.

  10. I once saw a recipe for green bean casserole without the Campbell’s mushroom soup and so I decided to make it for Thanksgiving. Basically you make a rue with flour, butter and cream, then add the saute mushrooms and mix with blanched green beans. The recipe calls for making your own topping, but I used the canned fried onions. Anyway I made it 4-5 yrs ago and now I have to make it every year.

    A few times we have gotten hungry for a casserole and usually we have cream of celery in the pantry. A couple times I would start it without double checking to make sure that I had the canned soup and I ended up having to make it from scratch. It is not that more time consuming and it usually tastes much better. Less sodium as well.

  11. ”Mrs. Wilfred van Snickles”. That’s the way it was when we came here in ’58, and through most of our first decade. There were no women’s first names under a group photo in the paper except for spinsters. And in next decade or two, when short skirts were de riguer [sp.?], you wished they weren’t. Now, they mostly wear slacks, preferably not low hung.


  12. I believe Alton Brown did a couple of “Good Eats” episodes on making casseroles and potluck dishes using fresh/homemade ingredients. Looked pretty good, as I recall. I need to see if I can find those recipes on-line.

  13. Jeez, AND he cooks and likes Alton Brown, my favorite food personality. Where have you been hiding? Why you weren’t the ghost haunting my bedroom is a good question for the almighty.

    Just scored a van load of hosts and ajuga for the shade beds in yard. They will be beautiful next year hopefully. I have a good crew now.

  14. My daughter informed my SIL #3 that her mother had never made nor served a green bean casserole which is tradition in his family she hates. So she made Alton Browns from scratch green bean casserole including her own fried onions. No one would eat it.

    My late husband swore he saw my in laws with their backs pressed against the wall to avoid a fresh dish I had made that had too much green in it, afraid it would escape the container.

  15. That was hilarious! Loved 3rd Rock and actually watched most episodes. John Lithgow was fantastic but rest of cast was equally good, especially Sally.

    Hey, it was cool here this morning and I was wearing one of those new European bras I found online, under a knit tunic and tights. Discovered you need to check for location of pokies and align. Hadn’t thought of that!

    Now it’s hot again since I made chili and corn corn cheese muffins.

  16. Just noticed classic guitar album I am listening to is called Air on A G -String. Grab your attention?

    Yes, I think casseroles were more of a Midwest thing. My relatives from Indiana do a lot still. Could be thrift or not liking to dirty dishes? My granny put so many vegetables on table you had trouble finding room for plates and silverware. Heavy tables, like Amish but they do casseroles and combo dishes.

  17. Yes, I remember the g-string. Back in the day, worn on stage by female strippers when they performed.

    These days, worn by various and sundry females for work, casual wear and, one supposes, to church…now known as “thongs”.

    That assumes they are still as popular as they apparently were a few years ago. Are they?

  18. Unsure. Usually only wear bras. Probably should revive girdles. Own drawers full of lingerie but don’t buy what is euphemistically called body control.

    It does eliminate what are referred to as panty lines though.

    Think I should skip the wine in the tub routine. Tonight I knocked wine glass into tub. Luckily had drunk most of wine. Maybe I need a plastic cup?

  19. Ghost, you can find Alton’s recipes at

    Back when I was young, I used to use boxed mac and cheese, canned mushrooms and tuna to make a tuna mac and cheese casserole. Not bad, but way too many carbs for me now.

  20. Good morning Villagers….

    So we ‘fall back’ tomorrow night, I love the way Jimmy kindly reminds us. I wondered when it was coming, then I noticed the sunrise time on the ten day forecast ‘fell back’, going to get a bit nibbly tomorrow night…..39 degrees…..

    …..and the ‘purge’ has begun. They’re not coming back until Monday….feedings gone since Thursday….my Miss Prissies are starving to death. All Hispanic work team, when we left yesterday, one was standing on top of them in the truck trailer packing them down….I wanted to cry.

    Got a lead on a job. Sewing uniforms. Going into town Monday and put application in, will take Ian also, he needs job too. It’s a contract job with the government and also offers health insurance, I need that too. Can’t find my prescription eye glasses, but I did get a pair of reading glasses at |Dollar General, will need them to work.

    gotta go

    …as Jackie said TR, be careful, pray you recover soon.

  21. Mark is home, new home that is. Things are settling out, but the new internet provider is causing some problems with employer’s software. IT is working to find out whether problem is on their end or mine.

    Good luck with job search Debbe. Hope you find something even better than the last job soon.

  22. Good morning all. It is overcast here and I just woke up. This is day I have sworn to go through my desk, mail and accumulated piles. I think I will take cork out of that wine and have it for breakfast!

    Wait, it was last night I was to do that. I didn’t and I have a sink full of dirty dishes. Hope dishwasher is empty! Everyone loves my cooking but no one does dishes for me. I miss Glen, my deputy. He cleaned if I fed him. But he had four wives, past, so he had learned either with or between wives.

    By the way, I discovered one of my old and most serious boyfriends is actually alive, looks good and has all his hair according to his brother. He has so many ex wives his brother is unsure how many, thinks more than my ex housekeepers seven! I would just have been one of many!

    Funny, that.

  23. My question is why do they keep marrying them? My ex employee said her longest marriage was a little over two years I think? Or maybe that was just an average?

  24. Arlo should know by now that the best use of that extra hour is to sleep, or maybe to read in bed.

    I came across this just when I needed it most: “One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you cannot change.” ~ Unknown

  25. Ghost and Jackie:

    Yeah Alton Brown’s recipe is the one that I followed…for the most part. It was a hit.

    About a week ago I mentioned that I received an email about being on a television show. Have not received a follow up, but I can say that the show will be on the Food Network. Still early in the process, but I will let everyone know if it happens.

  26. “unsure how many, thinks more than my ex housekeepers seven!”

    I’m ‘Enery the 8th I am;
    ‘Enery the 8th I am, I am.
    I got married to the widow next door;
    She’d been married 7 times before.
    Every one was an ‘Enery;
    she wouldn’t have a Willie or a Sam.
    I’m an 8th Old Man named ‘Enery,
    ‘Enery the 8th I am.

    Stanley Holloway [singer; author online?]

  27. Funny. I remember Enry the Eighth. Had not heard that quote. Stuck it out, even in bad times, although I often threatened, including a premature Viking funeral.

    Has anyone here heard a tradition of putting a green light bulb on front porch to signify support for veterans? The Ace Hardware sold me one for Veteran’s Day or to leave up year round. They said blue lights to signify support for police force.

    OK, remember the song House of Blue Lights?

  28. Alton Brown’s green bean casserole was one my daughter does. I agree, it is delicious.

    My cousin, bless her she has passed, used to make a really barfy one called a Vegall casserole, named for brand of canned mixed vegetables. I ate one spoonful so memory is vague but Campbell’s soup, Velveeta cheese were definitely in it.

  29. Here is Veg All casserole recipe link.

    Or not. It involves stick of butter, onions, mayonnaise, cheese, two cans of mixed canned vegs, canned soup and Ritz crackers.

    My favorite casserole, if it can be called that, is Oysters Bienville, omitting shells and cooking big pan of the oysters as a side dish with toast points. Used as appetizer, in pastry shells or on buffets as dip. Rockefeller can be done same way.

    My favorite sweet potato casserole is more of a souffle with raisins, currants often in it and a praline topping. I once took cooking seriously, veryou seriously.

  30. From a previous post: French spelling = de rigueur. Last line of above song should be:

    “I’m an 8th Old Man named ‘Enery, / ‘Enery the 8th I a-a-a-am, ‘Enery the 8th I am.’ ”

    The song is on an LP, ” ‘Ere’s Holloway [or ‘Olloway]” and is one of a few in a “Harry Champion Medley”, author Harry Champion. Our kids grew up singing those and similar songs, some German, on car trips, and listening to 4 or 5 Holloway LPs, + Gilbert & Sullivan, My Fair Lady, Chad Mitchell Trio, German drinking songs [Eric Kunz?], Sing Along with Mitch, and multiple classical LPs.


  31. emb: I remember the song from one of the ’60s British Invasion groups, Herman and the Hermits. Wikipedia says the song is from the early 1900s – wow!

    Good comic relief ditty.

  32. I recall the “House of Blue Lights” and, even more, “‘Enry the Eighth”.

    Today’s strip, “The Buckets”, is right on!!

  33. Lunch was delicious, cream of mushroom and wild rice chicken soup, big chopped salad and fresh baked sour dough bread and left over corn and cheese muffins.

    Now slicing peppers, onions and squash to cook with the grilled Chipotle sirloin steak. With Naan garlic bread and some beans and rice, sort of Cajun style. Dinner and leftovers.

  34. emb, you had some lucky kids!

    Jackie, I believe green lights to show support for our veterans is a recent tradition, but certainly a worthwhile one.

    I’m making a casserole of sorts tonight: slow-cooked pulled chicken, onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, rice, and seasonings. And a little Monterey Jack and cheddar melted on top at the end because, well, it’s good that way.

  35. Thinking about casseroles as I drove. I remember my aunt from California teaching us to make goulash, a former of casserole, and another that involved elbow macaroni, ground meat, corn, black olives, tomato and cheese. So, a form of casserole. The only two I remember.

    Actually we thought them quite exotic. I cannot remember name of latter but I can still cook it I bet!

  36. Here, Friday night is frozen pizza night! Today, it is pepperoni with additional pepperoni to cover all the surface, plus a load of extra cheese on top. Yumm.

    Dietetic? Somewhere there MUST be a diet which prescribes cheese/pepperoni pizza.

  37. OK, who’s got a recipe for pepperoni pizza casserole? Oh, wait; that’s deep dish pizza, right?

    I never did get my Oysters Rockefeller I was jonesing for.

  38. Ever have Rockefeller as a casserole? I used to bake them in individual shallow ramekins, about six per, serve them as appetizers with buttered French bread toasts.

    When we had big parties I’d serve them in silver chafing dishes and you had to serve yourself.

    Bienville is good that way.

  39. There is a local pizza emporium which makes ’em a lot better than I do, but the costs are several times as great and the time factors in, too. Had we gone out to eat tonight, I would have missed winning an auction lot in which my bid of $52. won over $111. in mint postage.

    In truth, I likely have more postage on hand than I and my heirs will ever use, but I do love a bargain, and the old stamps make my greeting cards [& bills] rather more interesting to the recipient. Sending wrapped gifts affords a greater usage of old stamps, too – sometimes to the bemusement of the postal clerk.

  40. Ended up with mushroom ravioli in a pepper, spinach, kale and marinara sauce, mixed new greens salad and sour dough bread for dinner. Having second glass of red wine and planning tomorrow’s dinner and lunch. Did lots of prep tonight to make putting together easier.

    I often feed my workmen if I am around or leave foods they can put together for lunches. If I am here I eat with them. Am really enjoying the outdoor living room on the enclosed patio and they are too. It turned out beautiful.

    The butterfly garden makes us all happy. They flutter and feed constantly, so many kinds, unafraid of us.

  41. Llee, if I came and got you, would you be able to travel here? You would love the flowers, birds and butterflies and could draw or do photos to work from. And cats.

  42. ^^^^^^^^^ home pizza baker. Make scratch pizza dough, top with: sauce, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, and pizza cheese blend. If I haven’t mentioned, find cooking very therapeutic and relaxing; plus I see results in a reasonable time frame. Most of my work is long-term projects or components of something I am not party to at the finish line.

  43. During the Vietnam War I baked cookies. Thousands of cookies to be shipped to the hospitals and Red Cross field units. It was the thing I could do to stay sane from my job of paying for death and ruined lives.

    Cooking is always therapeutic if you approach it that way.

  44. Tonight’s common casserole; maybe I’ve described it before. Get downtown Chinese takeout: pt. of egg fried rice, pt. of eggdrop soup. Mix in large nukable bowl. Add small can mushrooms and small can waterpack tuna, with canned fluids.

    Steam one sweet pepper, chopped; one onion chopped; some cauliflower [pok choy is good, if on sale]; 1/2 or 1/3 cut up zucchini. [C’flower and onion, 13 min., pepper 9-10, zucc. 5-6. Sweet pepper was red, so did not add a half [28 oz.] can of diced tomatoes.

    Nuke mix already in bowl at ‘reheat casserole’. Mix together with veggies, parcel out into 3 1-serving bowls. Ate one, put 1 in fridge, other in freezer, = supper every other night. Pulled chicken or other meats or w-pack sardines, or other source of protein, or none.

    Accompanied with a Summit Finnegans Amber Ale [‘All profits go to feed the hungry’]. I’d prefer ‘Finnegan’s’ but they didn’t ask me. Decaf while reading the online Strib. Later, 8 oz. of ‘extreme moose tracks’ ice cream. Bed

  45. Above, corrected and clarified:
    Tonight’s common casserole; maybe I’ve described it before. Get downtown Chinese takeout: pt. of egg fried rice, pt. of eggdrop soup. Mix in large nukable bowl. Add small can mushrooms and small can waterpack tuna, with canned fluids. Sweet pepper was red, so did not add a half [28 oz.] can of diced tomatoes. Steam one sweet pepper, chopped; one onion chopped; some cauliflower [pok choy is good, if on sale]; 1/2 or 1/3 cut up zucchini. [C’flower and onion, 13 min., pepper 9-10, zucc. 5-6.] Nuke mix already in bowl at ‘reheat casserole’. Mix together with veggies; parcel out into 3 1-serving bowls. Ate one, put 1 in fridge, other in freezer, = supper every other night. Pulled chicken or other meats or w-pack sardines, or other source of protein, or none. Accompanied
    with a Summit Finnegans Amber Ale [‘All profits go to feed the hungry’]. I’d prefer ‘Finnegan’s’, but they didn’t ask me. Decaf while reading the online Strib. Later, 8 oz. of ‘extreme moose tracks’ ice cream. Bed

  46. Jackie
    It is time to cut some logs –
    The first scan I read kale and (that funny leaved plant)
    Hear ‘Enery often on “Sirius 60s on 6” at work.
    Green lights have been going on for over a year (2?) here.
    Have to order extra this time of year. + for Christmas.
    Have a few green lights year round in the neighborhood.
    For a different Pizza try a 4 Cheese and add chopped Sliced Roast Beef
    and grated Smoked Gruyère cheese.

  47. Smigz, that fatal fascination is what drew me to Loon, though I confess it twas not sleep back in those years.

    GR6, you are cut from the Dos Equis Man’s cloth, interesting in your own right.

  48. Small hairy sleeping companion has a foot fetish and is down licking my right foot. Has stopped to scratch a personal itch.

    Moved up to cuddle against my left thigh and butt since I was doing leg stretches. Sounds human doesn’t he?

  49. I stopped to breath and he woke up, rushed to kiss me, stopped to scratch again and moved his position to my shoulder. Back asleep curled up. Sounds human doesn’t he? Settled on upper right thigh after another scratch

  50. For me, it was what may be the last beautiful Saturday of the fall. I got to watch wife & daughters trimming hedge for last time this season and raking leaves. I love hard work; I can watch it for hours! 😉

  51. Found two gigantic Chuck roasts in bottom tray of kitchen freezer and have them out defrosting with intent of cooking them in crock pots. I own a number of crock pots but am not sure I ever actually used one?

    May put one in pot with the instant crock pot sauce and cook all day tomorrow (half a roast actually) and put one on top of stove in big pot and slow cook it traditionally (other half) if I cut the two huge roasts in half I will have four pots of around three pounds of roast. Maybe I will do third one as beef stew which leaves a fourth chunk to use up.

    Any suggestions?

  52. My one use of Crock-Pot (brand) seasoning produced a roast that was too salty to eat. This recipe is just as my sister sent it to me.

    A Recipe from Ghost’s Kitchen

    Beef “To Die For” Roast

    2 lb. boneless eye of round roast (see note)
    1 packet brown gravy mix
    1 packet Italian dressing mix
    1 packet Ranch dressing mix
    1 cup water

    Mix packets with a little water to make a paste and rub over roast. Place remaining water in bottom of crock pot then add roast so seasoning will not “wash” off. Cook 6 to 8 hours on low. (Canned whole potatoes and fresh baby carrots may be added. Place vegetables in bottom of crock pot, add water then place roast on top.)

    Note: Eye of round is sooooo expensive. This recipe should work well using less expensive beef roasts – such as chuck. I’ll bet it would be good prepared with Boston butt pork roast.

  53. The big problem with crackpots in my experience is the cleanup afterwards. From the website:

    Slow cookers are designed with a glossy interior finish to help keep foods from sticking and make clean-up easier. However, over time the finish will wear off and foods will start sticking to the side walls of the cooker. This will be very noticeable and certain foods like acidic sauces can wear off the finish quicker than other foods.

    However, if you spray or grease the interior of your slow cooker with a cooking oil spray before placing the food in it, the finish will last longer and foods will be less likely to stick to the interior.

    To that I would add: When the food’s done, remove leftovers and put them in the fridge ASAP. Don’t leave it sitting there mostly empty with the heat on for several hours!

  54. OK Mr. Ghost, I will try that one. Since I have no recollection of ever using a slow cooker or sauce, I am open to suggestions!

    Have you cooked your sisters roast? Do canned potatoes work better than fresh? I seldom have potatoes around anymore so will have to buy some to put underneath.

    Am trying to use up a lot of frozen stuff I obviously bought in an optimistic mood. Freezers were overloaded and could not open for ice for drinks.

    By reading net I discovered my favorite French vintner Joseph Drouhin is now an American vintner as well in Oregon. Have you drunk any American reds by Drouhin?

  55. Goal is to cook big pieces of meat to work at emptying freezer. There is a pork roast and a turkey or turkey breast too. I think there’s an entire boneless pork loin as well. I did not intend to eat these alone obviously.

    Plan is to feed my help of course but perhaps label and freeze precooked meats as a convenience food? I must have been intending to feed a number of people or cut these into smaller pieces? Who knows.

  56. It came out well. I did use canned potatoes. I use potatoes so seldom that typically four pounds of a five-pound bag will go bad before I use them.

    I have not had the Drouhin. I will see if it is available in this area.

  57. One of my fellow managers was given a bottle of the latter by her VP for Christmas one year. I gave her a suggestion for a wine she could have given him, but unfortunately I cannot repeat it here.

  58. The French Drouhin wines are all superb. They were really nice people too. It seems they are in fourth generation now and currently own the company that once represented them, established vineyards on West coast. I will go look in Tulsa as well.

    My favorite reds. I christened Stella with one of their Beaujolais Villages. And drank some.

    Drinking a mediocre Italian sparkling white, dry and not too fruity.

  59. ‘Joseph Drouhin is now an American vintner as well in Oregon.’

    Bass Pale Ale [English] is now also bottled in the states, and Guinness Stout [Irish] is now bottled in Canada. Both seem identical to the OW products. I happen to like bottled Guinness better than draft.


  60. Not sure I can copy this one but I will try. There is a label from New Zealand called Thorny Rose which has now also migrated to Oregon with extensive varietals, all under identical Thorny Rose labeling. I had bought the NZ label and now Oregon one as well. The Oregon ones were so so but not impressed with NZ ones too much.

    But the label is beautiful and a joke about me, a Thorny Rose. Labels have become instrumental in selling wine, like the bitch ones.

    Nope, not linking here.

  61. There are liners to place in crock pots before cooking to ease the cleanup. The ones I tried worked pretty well. Nothing stuck to the pot and cleanup was quick.

    Just cut up any veggies you want to add and cook them with the roast. Gives a wonderful taste to the meat.

  62. I think I own some of those liners. I thought about them when I read that post. I will look in paper and bags locker for some. Or cook traditionally in a pot on stove top or in oven. Threw Skipper out into breezeway and moved frozen roasts out of reach of Voodoo and Charlie. Dickens can’t reach a counter top without a ladder!

  63. Jackie: Looks like the most common answer to your “where did everybody go” was outside to enjoy fall. I suspect that another answer might have been “as far away from election coverage as possible.” Again, give thanks that you do not live in a swing state!

    TR and other slow-cooker users: We highly recommend Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners for easier clean-up. Another tip, start your food on High and switch to Low after about an hour and a half (assuming you’re home to do that); adjust the time to about halfway between what the recipe says for High vs Low. The cooker we got as a wedding present in 1978 had a setting that did that automatically – the new ones, even the programmable ones, don’t.

  64. Good heavens, are they that old? I MUST have owned at least one before one would think. I believe I have several now because of all the foods we did for Sail Oklahoma but I also had a tendency to tell people to take one if they needed one.

    Will get liners if I don’t have them. Thought I might blow out electricity in kitchen using four at once to cook up twelve pounds of Chuck roast. Cajun pot roast po boys are delicious, if not particularly healthy. My help might like those.

  65. Slo-cooker cleanup is a hassle? I must be doing something wrong; soap, hot water and a little scrubbing are all that is needed. Thanks though for reminder. Loon is out of town week after, great time to do cornbeef. Something I like that she hates.

  66. Stuck big chunks in oven to defrost away from dogs and cats. They were family packs and are already cut into two pieces. One is Round roast, other is Chuck.

    Love corned beef, New Orleans style, a tradition there. Called boiled dinner as I recall. Like pot roast but corned beef and cannot remember restaurant famous for it?

  67. Steins Market & Deli on Magazine?

    In addition to a traditional 8-qt Crock-Pot brand cooker, I have the “Stay or Go” 6-qt Hamilton Beach cooker with the gasket around the lid and clamps to hold it in place. Handy for when I slow cook something for those ravenous beasts I call my all-female staff. In fact, I have two of them, one still new in the box that I found on sale at Target a while back.

    I’m so old I can remember when brisket and corned beef brisket were cheap cuts of meat, relatively speaking.

  68. Good morning Villagers….

    OK….how many clocks does everyone have to set back?

    GM Old Bear

    I believe Fall has come, so nice out yesterday. Stopped by the ‘homestead’ yesterday. My sisters
    and stepsister and all my BILs worked very hard on getting the home ready for the realtor. Now how soon the place will sell, don’t know, pray quickly. Be a nice Christmas if it did sell by then.

    Still pulling in eggs. My poor Miss Prissies are hungry and cold. Been there personally, so know how they feel.

    Have a blessed Lord’s Day.

  69. If you’re reading this, I only got the Delorean up to 87 MPH when the lightning bolt struck the clock tower last night, and unless Doc Brown can come up with another plan, I’m stuck spending my vacation back in the mid-twentieth century.

    He did rig up a version of his Flux Capacitor that connects to my laptop, but the electrical power requirements are so high that it caused an area-wide brownout (or “Doc Brownout”, as he called it) when I used it to connect to the InterWebNet to show him a cat video. (He didn’t get it.) Therefore, responding to blog posts may be a bit sporadic for a few days, and that assumes I don’t do anything in 1955 that prevents Jimmy from creating this blog in 2008.

  70. Debbe, I was surprised by how many clocks I still had to adjust:

    2 Microwave ovens
    2 Cars
    1 Clock radio
    1 Wall clock
    1 Glucometer
    1 Watch for wife
    8 Total

    All the computerized devices handled there own adjustments.

  71. Debbe, ten manual sets, pc and phones do it automatically.

    Jackie, my 6-qt. slowcooker is from 1979, and they had been around several years before that. Mine is neat one. The top is a regular metal pot with glass lid and Bakelite handles, which can be used on stovetop (great when you need to brown before cooking). It sits on a nonstick base which doubles as a griddle. Dial settings from 1-5, but no programmable timer, Ruth Anne. Similar to this current model, I think:

  72. Hey, my post disappeared! DOGS went bezerk around 9 a.m. and I thought to myself, dang! I shouldn’t have missed my hair appointment yesterday, that is back to the future ghost in my driveway and I look awful. Turned out to be my rock mason working on flower beds. He has seen me in pajamas and bad hair more than anyone else probably.

    I was disappointed however. PUTTING on a ball cap to go get crock pot liners and then going to get hair done anyway.

    Hal appears a little beserk himself.

  73. I love Randy Newman. Thank you Ruth Ann. I got the liner bags and loaded six pounds of round roast, two boxes of sliced fresh mushrooms and two bags of tavern pot roast sauce made by Campbells. I hope there is no limit on how much that you can do.

    SWORE I was not adding more to food inventory, planned to cook up stuff in fridge and pantry. STILL came home with $260 worth of miscellaneous.

  74. Found a brand new slow cooker in appliances locker beneath microwave. Put Ghosts sisters roast in that one with a layer of canned whole potatoes and canned carrots, added a fresh sweet onion. Everything else same I think. FANCIER one with time settings.

    Cutting up other half to cook as beef stew or homemade beef and barley soup perhaps. Turning meat in my freezer into precooked entrees for my knee replacement approaching . I have to confess I am me tally trying to chicken out again and just live on with knees , which while a mess as orthopedic says, do not hurt that much.

    Wish I had someone to talk to. Doctor says to plan on being out six months with each knee, so that is a year and same with the two rotator cuffs. That is two years from a life that may not be that much longer, even if all goes well. I am asking myself why I want to bother doing it.

    And also asking myself what dream world I am living in with the boats, thinking of donating some and selling others and just stay home and garden, cook and read which is more than it sounds like I will be doing. YOU can tell I am a little more than depressed, Have heard nothing on Trigger, despite phone calls and messages. I fear a bad ending there as well.

  75. Hey JAckie! Hang in there, dear. Take it one step at a time…. get the one knee done that is scheduled. It will help you enjoy the boat and the truck. Then decide about the other one or about the arm(s). Don’t make sweeping decisions while you are in this funk. Remember Ghost’s advice on that! And we’re here for you, too. {{{Hugs}}}

  76. Bought new cookbook magazine from Cooking Light so no sticks of butter nor cans of soup or Velveeta. All scratch recipes for slow cookers. I have Ghosts cooking, the Campbell’s bagged sauce in second and third is Drunken Beef and Vegetables Stew for which I am lacking butternut squash, parsnips and a red onion, so that goes in tomorrow with other vegetables.

    Found two good pork loin recipes for the seven pound pork loin. CUT in two, one gets dried plums which is euphemism for prunes. OTHER gets ginger, fennel and apple. Luckily I have doctors appointment where fennel can be found in large grocery store.

  77. Llee thinking of coming to see you soon if you are feeling better. I will pack a big container of one of these entrees I am cooking up aND something like breads, salad and wine and come have a picnic with you. I may even spring for baking a cobbler since it is fall.

    Anything going on next weekend in Carthage? I have tickets for Dwight Yokum on Thursday night and an Italian string quartet on Sunday but Saturday is open. I want to see you too.

  78. Es gibt at least 6 Carthages in America, all presumably named after the N. African [Tunisian] city that Rome defeated 3 x, the last one apparently just for spite, leveling it to the ground. It is just ruins now, not far from Tunis. I mentioned it once in a column on camels, though camels were never used as work animals there.

    In contrast, I can find only 1 American Pompeii, named after the city buried by Vesuvian ash in 70 C.E. [or after Our Lady of Pompeii, an R.C. church at the corner of Bleecker and Carmine streets in the Village in Manhattan, NYC]. Pompeii is smack in the middle of Lower MI, and less populous than most or all of the Carthages, USA. Extract from web below. There’s no justice.

    Pompeii has a total of 174 people and of those residents there are 85 males and 89 females. The median age of the male population is 30.8 and the female population is 35.3. There are approximately 534 births each year and around 427 deaths. The race breakdown of the population in Pompeii varies per year, but currently 173 are one race and 1 are two or more races.


  79. Jackie: ‘CHECK the numbers emb on your statistics.’ About Pompeii or the Carthages? Cc’d the P. bit straight from a stats website. There are several C. sites, but also 1 or 2 w/o sites, so don’t have stats for those. Which Carthage were you referring to? Have not been tracking you, and more than 1 are in the South. Peace,

  80. Jackie, were were in Utica, NY over the weekend and I am late passing on one of my favourite ways of dealing with slow-cooker beef: my Hungarian Goulash.
    Hungarian Goulash (Slow cooker)
    2 lb. Stewing beef
    1 cup Diced onions
    28 oz. Can diced tomatoes
    ½ cup Water or stock
    1 medium Diced green pepper (seeds and membranes removed)
    2-3 medium Diced potatoes (about 1½ lb.)
    1 tbs. flour
    3 tbs. Sweet paprika
    2 tsp. Garlic powder
    1 tsp. Salt
    ¼ tsp. Ground black pepper
    Brown meat and deglaze pan. Sauté onions until transparent. Add everything to crock pot, bring to boil (on high) for at least 1 hour. Simmer on low for 4-6 hours.

  81. Pompeii with 89 females had over 500 births and over 400 deaths sounds weirdly odd, kind of like the numbers of murders in Midsummer exceeding number of residents.

    Llee lives in Carthage, MO which I asked about. Hal is capitalizing now, not me.

    Have been to Carthage, Texas. Not sure about others.

  82. Back from the game in Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL. Tough win but a “W” is a “W”! It was military appreciation day. Many real heroes present. God bless them all!
    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  83. Jackie, that sounds like some pretty good advice Llee has. You don’t need to commit to everything right now; you can take one step, then decide when and if you want to take another. It sounds like a great idea to do some household prep work ahead of time, too, as you are doing. You are one smart and capable lady!

    Gary, thank you for that delicious-sounding recipe; I’ve never made goulash before, but I will now!

  84. Did I miss the goulash recipe? Have to go back. I love goulash.

    The Ghostly roast is cooking away, as is the mushrooms tavern roast. The drunken stew gets more ingredients in morning and got turned off but it is so tender it is falling apart. I cooked it on stove. .

    We had a 5.3 earthquake tonight and a friend on Puget Sound had to tell me. I blamed the neighbors.

  85. Gary I will make goulash with next chunk of beef out of freezer. They are all cheap cuts if anything can be called cheap today!

    Sounds like a good recipe. I was looking at paprika tonight and thinking goulash.

  86. To prove we did eat casseroles in south, I located the recipe for first one I remember eating, courtesy of my aunt from Fresno, California. It is called California Casserole on and I tried to copy it here. It is pretty identical to what we cooked for years since it was about only one we knew!

    She also made a delicious dessert called Fresno Pudding which of course was a raisin pudding. I found it online and began making it again until I discovered it had about a thousand calories per serving of fat and sugar.

  87. emb & Jackie: Mayhap the births mentioned are given as a rate rather than as an absolute number. That is, maybe the births occur at the rate of 534 per 10,000 persons. If so, then, for 174 people, there’d be about 9 births per year. That number is reasonable, albeit not a perfectly integral number.

  88. Good morning Villagers…

    I am procrastinating on going into work…..the ‘kill’ team is there today and tomorrow.

    So much to do in ‘shutting’ down an egg laying building….still work to be done.


  89. Smigz, the flour is to thicken to sauce a bit. I don’t coat the beef before browning. I like to get a lot of brown residue in the pan and deglaze it to add to the sauce. Lots of flavour in that deglaze.

  90. This Saturday, Jackie? Ummmm there is a beautiful exhibit at one of the local galleries, variety of mediums. (My niece and I saw it last Saturday- we both were actually feeling good enough to leave the house!) Also, there is a weekly sing (& sometimes potluck) at Red Oak II. Not a lot of stuff- everyone’s resting up from month of Maple Leaf Festival. And getting ready for Christmas, I suppose.

    Rest up. Dig in the garden. Breathe.

    And have a few bites of that delicious sounding food for me! 🙂

  91. Got up and putting roasts in containers and fridge to finish cooling. My gosh, there is a lot of shrink! And juices. But meat is tender. If workmen show up today they get rice, corn muffins and the drunken vegetable beef. After I go buy some parsnips and butter nut squash to add.

    Perhaps I will stay home Llee but if I come I will bring dinner! Going to put the pork roast in crock pot. The liners kept everything clean until I spilled gravy boxing it up.

  92. Checking in with Gene and his family makes my heart feel at peace. I love these people, Jimmy.

    Gary, thank you for clarifying the goulash method for me. That’s very helpful. Anyone have a beef stroganoff recipe they would like to share?

    Missing Jerry (who popped in for a moment), Galliglo, Charlotte, Ghost, and several other long-standing contributors. Some recent or returned folks, too. Some posted often, some occasionally; all were a part of this Village of souls Jimmy has created. I wish you all very well.

    Debbe, I can’t imagine what you are going through must feel like. You once posted this. I’m reposting on the chance that someone may need it:
    ” Important List:
    . The most destructive habit. Worry
    . The greatest joy. Giving
    . The greatest loss. Loss of Self-Respect
    . The most satisfying work. Helping Others
    . The ugliest personality trait. Selfishness
    . The most endangered species. Dedicated Leaders
    . Our greatest natural resource. Our Youth
    . The greatest ‘shot in the arm’. Encouragement
    . The greatest problem to overcome. Fear
    . The most effective sleeping pill. Peace of Mind
    . The most crippling failure disease. Excuses
    . The most powerful force in life. Love
    . The most dangerous pariah. A Gossiper
    . The world’s most incredible computer. The Brain
    . The worst thing to be without. Hope
    . The deadliest weapon. The Tongue
    . The two most power-filled words. ‘I Can’
    . The greatest asset. Faith
    . The most worthless emotion. Self Pity
    . The most beautiful attire. A Smile
    . The most prized possession. Integrity
    . The most powerful channel of communication. Prayer
    . The most contagious spirit. Enthusiasm
    . The most important thing in life. God”

  93. What Smigz said. All of it.

    I have a long held theory that people participate in sites ike this in times of need. When that need ends they leave either because things got better or worse.

    What they don’t think of is that others become fond of them and care or may still need their contributions. We seldom hear the end of the story whether happy or sad and are left guessing.

    Silly idea isn’t it? A cartoon evoking such emotions?

  94. Wonderful idea. Opportunities for civil community are good things. BUMC’s adult forum just finished a difficult but insightful book mostly about this, ‘The active life’, by Parker Palmer, an anti-violence Quaker, good speaker, and delightful person. Don’t know him well, but have encountered him at a few conferences. May have mentioned him before.


  95. What Smigz said, and also what Jackie said. There are a couple of comics that tackle serious enough issues at times that I find myself getting upset if things are bad and have to REMIND myself that they’re not “real” people!

    Re clocks and DST: We just counted 12 clocks around our house that would have to be re-set if we had to do that–but we live in Arizona and stay on God’s time all year around.

  96. Nancy Arizona and my Granny. She refused to move clocks ahead or backward, said it was man and the devil who did that! Clocks were always the same on the farm and we’d be trying to remember which way to adjust to get to “real time”.

    My best frIends grandfather pastored the largest AME church in New Orleans and embarrassed her terribly by delivering a sermon on the devil and daylight saving time.

  97. Obviously one of the life-changing events in my life was my Mom’s fatal car accident. So many things that she did not finish or that was in the middle of, made me, after a sufficient time of mourning, really work and trying to do more things in my life.

    But it often made me wonder, what if someone had to walk into my life and “pick up the pieces?” Would they discover the things that I said here at A& Would they find clues about my life that would better understand me? Trust me, I spend little time thinking about it. Just live life to it’s fullest.

    Then again there have been people that have written here and then picked up their toys and gone home. That’s OK, I already went through High School once.

  98. Steve you are of course right. Sometimes when people vanish abruptly, even from something like an online forum or blog like this, we assume the worse as we may know they have been ill. But then they may just have dropped out for some totally different reason.

    Personally I wish people would say folks I am dropping out and have other interests. That way we don’t worry that they are passed as we say in south.

  99. Sand you just happen to be a favorite of many of us. We must all be of the age we lose too many we love.

    Remember when Denise vanished? Jerry is still upset. And now Jerry is in hiatus himself. And so Debbe and Smigs worry. It is a domino effect.

  100. I’m aware of one regular poster who suffered from severe depression and became abruptly non-functional for several months, then didn’t know if they could face returning. We can only hope the best for each other.

  101. True totally. We often do not fully or even partially reveal the hells we may walk through daily. Or the courage it takes to walk at all. Some of you I know. I will say without reservation the admiration I have for each and every one of you here in the Village.

    Wish I could meet all of you personally. Those I have met or that I have had personal exchanges with have not only brought me joy but taught me life lessons. Thank you.

  102. Sure GR6 and others remember Mindy and John. I occasionally wonder if they still live on their mountain, battle kudzu, and what became of the preacher.

  103. I’m a regular reader here, but don’t contribute that much because I only write something when I feel I have something worth saying here. However, I would like to say that I’m glad that this year’s campaign is ending tomorrow, although I’m sure that millions of Americans will be shocked and horrified by the outcome.

  104. Lost in A**2, that’s so true…many of us drop in from time to time and share views on what catches our eye or our mind.

    sand, I remember Mindy and John fondly, too. I’ve read the blog for quite awhile.

  105. From what I remember of John and Mindy, they were too far north (somewhere in western Virginia) for kudzu; their battle was with bamboo. Anyone who has ever tried to get rid of the stuff would be totally justified in fearing that the bamboo won the battle!

    Symply, if you’re lurking, didn’t you have contact with them?

  106. Same here… I pretty much read daily (but, living in OZ, am now 14 hours out of sync with Central time…), but I only post occasionally. No drama, as they say down here… 🙂

  107. Speaking of casseroles, I found the following on my Shakespearean Insult a Day calendar for Dec. 3 & 4:

    Money-Saving Tip: The next time you make a casserole, double up and make an extra to put in the freezer for an easy meal later.

    I doubt that Arlo and Gene would like this tip.

  108. Ruth Anne, I stand corrected, twas bamboo. Just saw so much kudzu in Mississippi it scared me for life. I first battled bamboo in Vietnam and years later on our property outside of Memphis.

  109. Lawdy lawdy, y’all have inspired me! The drunken stew was good at lunch and big container in fridge for more meals. The other two r oasis are c in fridge and the apple cranberry pork roast in crock pot cooking.

    Just found good herb basting mix for turkey breastfeeding and two pork loin recipes, one wi t h sweet potatoes and another with garlic gravy.

  110. Sorry to be so late. Busy day and a bit of a sinus problem due to a cool front that passed through BR. Not much to say except:
    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  111. Hal has had a field day. HE and tablet are preparing to be part of election chaos. I wrote that after lunch and have just eaten part of the pork and apples for dinner. Everything is turning out tender and juicy and delicious but it won’t win any presentation award for looks. I need to put apple pork away and cook whole big pork roast next.

    May have to freeze stuff soon. Ran out of fridge.

  112. Have turkey breast in one crock pot and half a huge pork loin that I swear weighed 10 pounds. Looked in trash, it did. It looks like thanksgiving already here. Put sweet potatoes with one. Stuck third one back in fridge. Overfill ed dishwasher.

    Tomorrow I must go vote for a candidate I do not want elected and go to dentist. The dentist out scores the candidates by a long shot. He is a Native American who serves weeks each year as a medical missionary and has done so for the 22 years I have gone to him. He is direct line descendent of one of the founding chiefs of the Five Civilized Tribes. I admire him a great deal, plus I have beautiful teeth.

    Wish I could vote for him.

  113. Good morning Villagers….

    Thank you, Smigz, for posting that list. I have that list taped to the wall here, but rarely see it since I don’t turn on the above light. It is titled rightly, ‘important list’.

    This cold front is going to be a factor in cleaning…. brrrr….

    Speaking of missing people, where has Indy Mindy been??

    May the Lord have mercy on us today…..Amen.

  114. Mindy is fine, over on Facebook today. Miss Charlotte is too, replying to a post Mindy made about finding a missing ancestor in a genealogy search. Galligo is there on Mindy’s page liking something, as is Mark (and others perhaps?)

    Sand is right, we need a like button here.

    My alarm which I had NOT set went off mysteriously and loudly at 7.30 a.m Someone is controlling Hal and is NOT me. George Orwell, where art Thou? Big Brother arrived a long time ago.

  115. I went to a wedding 5 years ago for my niece and unfortunately the marriage did not last. I became friends with my niece’s in-laws and decided to stay friends on Facebook. I posted today’s Blondie’s cartoon on her Facebook wall as it was about Pickle-ball, which is one of her passions.

    She thanked me for staying friends even though it would have been easy to have dropped each other. Both she and her husband are classy people and I saw no reason to drop them. I guess that is a message that needs to get out on this particular day. Stay classy. Stay friends even when there are differences.

  116. One of my friends, a retired attorney with the nickname Lawless, posted a similar essay which I just shared too. Not political but human, he asked us to be kind to each other.

    Guess I will get dressed and go vote.

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